Missing – Mikel Arteta haters where have they all gone?

There may not have been any huge banners or making fun of someone’s accent and lack of English skills but make no mistake Mikel Arteta was hated and derided by a significant number of the Arsenal fan base.

They were all over Youtube building their channels off of Arsenal defeats or looking to make a name for themselves, they were in the mainstream media giving their so-called “expert” opinions, they were former players now on punditry duties saying he was out of his depth.

Where are they all now?

The silence is deafening which in itself is very telling and no doubt they will rear their ugly heads once again if Arteta stumbles but right now, they have gone into hiding. There is a word for that but I will not use it, I am too respectful for that.

Arteta said it was a process and he was ridiculed for it, he said it would take time but oh no, not at Arsenal, success must be instant, they expected the All or Nothing series to be embarrassing and they were convinced Arsenal would not finish in the top four.

There have been no apologies or mea culpa, no acceptance of what the Spaniard has achieved with a club that was in disarray when he was hired.

The poor things are all missing but we should not be worried for them too much, they will be back at some point at the first opportunity they get but their numbers will have dwindled and that reflects very positively on the manager and what he has done so far.

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  1. After 5 games?
    Even the greatest of managers face criticism, in arteta’s case many of the criticisms are current but that is not the point, more so i believe there are vast majority of arteta fans than haters. Win 3 in a row it’s all arteta boys flaying with articles lose 3 the critics i wouldn’t call them haters will surface one thing this have shown me is that there are more arteta’s fans than haters. For me I’m all arsenal i criticise when i see reasons to and applaud when they are doing okay. All the same the season is just at an infant stage hands folded it will be an enjoyable ride

    1. @Gun down
      RealTalk. Just because people criticised Arteta doesn’t make them haters. I criticised his failings, just as I praised his accomplishments. He has my support, due to the fact he’s the coach of the team I support. Simple as…

      1. Arteta’s fans are even more vocal than his critics as i have carefully observed here, it’s good for his confident though, he needs all the support he could get, i just wondered why articles like this one is flaying just days before the united clash, i smell the arteta boys are not very confident going to old Trafford on sunday so they have to come early to try and still the waters before the wave, outside that i can’t see why articles like this is coming up one after the other when the team is doing great, i am still confident we can get atleast a point on sunday, I’m just not confident sambi longonga can handle the heat at old Trafford, remember what armfield did to him and taveras the later wasn’t even able to recover after the Liverpool game, personally i believe our best option is ben white since tomiyasu is available and fit to play

      2. Just remember guys….

        Good times = less comments / debating / arguments which means less site visits which convert into less ad revenue from sites like this

        Hence the reason for divisive articles like this.

        1. And to think that, until now, I thought I was one of the few TRUE REALISTS on here. Seems that PJ-SA is one too.

          Or in more simple terms, controversy sells, while agreement tends not to.

    2. Have to disagree with the post
      Don’t believe they are haters just what they on front of them at the time.
      At times they had every justification to call out what was happening at the time.
      Exactly what happens on here it’s all about opinons and you have to respect it no matter if you disagree with it.
      I have always been a MA for but at times I was questioning
      I am so happy a lot of people on here are being turned around but football is a funny old game as one great footballer said and you judged by your next result
      MA looks like a great coach but still learning his trade as a manager which I think he is grasping it very well.
      I have always seen the progression but it counts for nothing if you can’t get the results. We seem to be in a rich vein of form now so let’s live for the now and enjoy the moment
      Who cares what other people say about our club
      Only the true fans opinions matter

  2. What a ridiculous and meaningless article to put out on a, supposedly, Arsenal website that caters for every view and opinion.

    AdminMartin, what is the purpose of this article and what do you hope to achieve from it?

    1. Ken,this article will get a lot of comments,as the writer set out to get.i think it is shortsighted because this is the type of articles which in the long run may lose JA readers,you can’t keep antagonising people and expect them to keep coming back for more or can you??

      1. @Sianois
        Guess what? If this article antogonised you, then I guarantee that the next one won’t.
        My philosophy is ALL opinions of Arsenal fans are valid, and that differs completely depending on who sends in the article.

        Should I have two sections? One for Pro-Arteta posts and one for Anti-Arteta posts? I’ve run this site and lived through the AKB and AOB factions, and I KNOW that every post will annoy someone in some way.

        You can annoy all of the people some of the time…..

        I have also known many commenters that judge JA on the contents of ONE post, but simply ignoring the other 499 that we post every month. Would you call those short-sighted?

    2. KEN, the honest answer to that question , in the most basic terms, is “MONEY” , for JA and thus for Martin too.


      1. Jon, if it was obvious to me, I wouldn’t be asking the question.

        I’m not sure that antagonising a section of one’s core following is an obvious thing to do and, from the way Martin has weitten the article, he obviously took great delight in doing it!

        It’s pleasing to see that most have seen through the smokescreen and given it short thrift.

        1. Oh come on Ken! We have both been on JA for many years, so I cannot accept or agree that you are naive in life matters. You must have surely noticed, as I and many other Gooners have , how BOTH JA Admins write Devils Advocate articles very often!

          It is rather difficult at times to work out what they ACTUALLY AND PERSONALLY TRULY think about the many subjects they tackle; so “other ways round” are their many articles.
          Not because they are in any way unsure, but simply as both are keen to get as many posts as possible for their site. I do not say that is wrong either but I DO, at least notice it.

          1. Ken, I should have added , that essentially, I agree with almost all MARTINS piece said.
            The fact that you did not, is entirely in keeping with OUR two very different ways of thinking about Arsenal matters. Somewhat reassuring in its way, I think.

            1. Perhaps Jon, you should have let Martin answer my question, then we could have had it from the horse’s mouth so to speak?
              That was the point of my question and I am not surprised in the least that you agree with him, but I am surprised that you seem to have forgotten that you were a Arteta Hater, having called for him to leave – after all, the definition of a Arteta Hater it seems, is if you disagree with anything he does!!

          2. @Jon
            I am ALWAYS honest in my articles and replies..

            And I don’t write as many articles as your daily total of dergatory comments on the articles!

      2. Jon. Are you doing your ULTERIOR MOTIVE thing again.
        So when I had 200 visitors a week and wrote stories was it because I wanted a place to discuss Arsenal opinions or because I could become a millionaire??
        But now my MOTIVES have changed have they

        But just for info I work ridiculous hours and get much less than the minimum wage….

        JA is my baby and I nurture it. I hate to see it sick or toxic…

        1. Pat I much sympathise with, esp, your last line. No one wants to see their “baby ” become toxic.

          But you also surely realise that is , to an EXTENT, the price you inevitably pay for having a fan debate suite , esp in this social media age, where everyone has an opinion. That is both healthy and unhealthy, though in different ways.

          BUT OVERALL, MASS COMMUNICATION has to be, in the main, a good thing. Surely!!

          Whats the opposite!!? It has to be CHINA or NORTH KOREA! So thank God for JA!!

    1. Ken, i have massive doubts over Arteta but when you say that, you get called a plastic supporter or hater by some idiot.

        1. Adiva, while Arteta is Arsenal manager we ALL have to support Artetas Arsenal because we want the best. That doesn’t mean we agree or like what he is doing. I really get annoyed with the shallow people who knock you for that. I have my standards i want met by Arsenal and when they are then i dont care who is manager, they will have done their job. When they are not achieving the standards, they are not. Im sorry 5th place and EL football is not achieving my standard or the standard many of us set under previous managers.

      1. REGGIE
        whos calling you a plastic fan. Not I.
        Don’t agree with some of your comments but can see where you are coming from

        It’s good to question things and I do hope he is slowly winning you over.

      2. Reggie, it seems like the good old AKB and AOB has been resurrected – such a pity when everything was positive.
        I understand Pat’s reasoning, but the way it has been presented, was aimed at those who have been questioning some of Mikel’s decisions.

  3. Failing to sign a DM is going to cost us big time will get rolled over on Sun and then watch the slide begin and all the positivity that was around will all be gone very quickly!

  4. Judging by many of the comments on this site and twitter since the transfer deadline closed with no additional signings, the knives may have been sheathed but many fans still have their fingers on the handles.

    Gives me no pleasure in saying that. Isappoiting really given the start to the season. I’m so relieved that we have two ship captains who won’t sacrifice long term success for a quick rush of blood to the head.

  5. As long as they’re still contributing financially to Arsenal, they could be considered emotional supporters who couldn’t see the potential of Kroenke’s rebuilding project

    I guess those noisy people will crow again if we lose at Old Trafford, but it’d be okay as long as they pay to watch or for the merchandises

    1. GAI, why would ANY Arsenal supporter “crow” over a loss?
      What mindset have you, when you think anyone who supports the club would welcome a defeat?

      The only explanation I can think of, is that you are remembering the last two seasons of AW’s reign, when we had fans wishing him bodily harm!!

      As far as I am aware, no one has suggested that for MA, so what are you talking about when you say fans want to crow??

      1. A supporter shouldn’t welcome a defeat, but he or she shouldn’t make unconstructive moan either

        When someone complains, he or she had better suggest a solution. Arsenal might have a different or better solution, but at least the supporter can give them an idea

        I don’t remember about any threat for Wenger, but Emery, Arteta and him got many unconstructive harsh words from the fans. If we lose at Old Trafford, I bet the same fans will make plenty of angry comments without being able to provide any suggestion

        1. There were constructive opinions given – but they were drowned in a hale of not supporting the club / manager posts.
          You can’t remember any threat to AW?
          Someone who posts regularly on here could enlighten you – I’ll leave that up to them.

          So we agree no Arsenal supporters would “crow” over a defeat, that’s progress.

  6. I very rarely criticise an article or it’s writer ,but what waste of my time reading that, what was it ment to do stir up some arguments for the sake of it .
    And all those that have been critical towards Arteta (warranted as well)have not gone into to hiding at all ,still the same posters on here that have always been come rain or shine .
    Silly article when the team is doing well .

    1. You are absolutely correct Dan. Not only silly , it’s pathetic and unthoughtful. Admin should be deleting these

    2. @Dan Kit it’s good times means less traffic on the site which means less revenue.

      That’s the reason for this kind of article.

      1. @PJ SA
        Now you are talking rubbish, how long have you been running your own website that you know all about how my site is run????

        The reason’s for THIS TYPE OF ARTICLE is the same criteria as every other one, it’s an opinion!

        And @ All of you..

        And look at all you self-centered people taking this personally. If you actually READ the article. Martin quite clearly says “They were all over Youtube building their channels off of Arsenal defeats or looking to make a name for themselves, they were in the mainstream media giving their so-called “expert” opinions, they were former players now on punditry duties saying he was out of his depth. Where are they all now?”


        Rant over, now get back to discussing the opinions sensibly please….

        1. I’m not even mildly offended by this article 🙂

          I do find it very hypocritical(and entertaining) that you now mention discussing things sensibly after this kind of article lol….

          1. @PJ SA
            And I find it offensive that you are telling me that you know how to run my website better than I do.

            There you go again with “This kind of article”…. Talk about hypocritical. You only want articles you agree with?

        2. Nothing to do with an opinion,it was posted to start arguments ,which it as done Pat .
          I haven’t taken personally ,I still have my opinion regarding Arteta and I post after every game win or lose you will not see me hiding .
          Just do not see the point of it when as a club we are in a good place .
          And we all know it was aimed at posters on here as well .

    3. Dan, why does Admin want to divide people on this site, when Arsenal has 5 wins from 5, is a question?

  7. Don’t bother taking the bait above, it’s not worth it.

    The reality is that MA’s first 1.5 seasons was full of ego and bad decisions and shifting the blame. You cannot fill a cup that is already full.

    He has dropped the ego and started changing and learning which is great for the club, keeping in mind he has been backed heavily in the transfer market.

  8. Unfortunately there seems to be confusion for some regarding “criticism” and so called “hate.”

    Pointing out errors in judgement, perceived stubbornness, questioning player management, and micromanagement is called hate?

    So with Wenger’s final years and Emery’s tenure it’s open season on managers, but hands off with Arteta?

    If the club comes first it seems natural to question a manager’s decisions.

    If it’s Arteta first then fall in line or be labeled plastic, hater, malcontent.

    Perhaps if there was a guide or rule book on how to act or support your club things would be clear.

    My my how the pendulum has shifted, it’s breathtaking. Don’t question or criticize, just sit down and shut up or you are labeled a hater.

    Free speech, differing opinions, and intelligent debate are rare creatures now, just fall into line aye?

    1. Insofar as the article is concerned, the impression given has been that to genuinely critique certain management mistakes is all hate
      There has been hate directed at Arteta and those that have spouted their vitriol have, thankfully, gone elsewhere

      1. SueP
        There were some comments and opinions aimed at Arteta that were emotional responses, not logical articulations of reason.

        questioning his decision making, or timeliness of his substitutions is fair; many certainly did Wenger and when he brought on subs.

        Some had the knives out for Arteta when he took over, very harsh in my opinion.

        8th, 8th, and 5th, no European football after 2 decades is fair to question and criticize. I don’t think that is “hate” towards Arteta, but rather a relevant criticism. 2 previous managers were fired for higher finishes with so called “deadwood” Arteta was removing from the club.

        I agree with you on the context of the article however, a bit over eager and interesting to see if the author would tolerate the opposite perspective.

        Bit early to crow, let’s finish 4th at least then we can start beating our chests while shouting “told you so.”

      2. SueP can you name these so called “haters” that have gone into hiding? And tell us exactly what they said to show they personally, outside football concerns, hated Arteta. Will wait.

        1. Jah son for starters
          And others who just popped in to be unpleasant
          Lcw was another who disappeared into the ether after Ozil left
          I’m not repeating myself again thanks Kstyx

    2. By the way Durand, how many games did Emery win on the trot, but didn’t escape criticism during that period?

      1. Can’t remember the number of wins Ozziegunner, but I believe he had a 22 game unbeaten streak in his first year, and STILL wasn’t immune from criticism!

        Emery had the axe over his head waiting to fall from day one, and was coaching to save his job.
        Compared to Arteta who was safe from the chop in spite of finishes lower twice, and losing any European football.

        Also Emery didn’t get players that he wanted, and was “Coach” not “Manager” lest some forget the decision making that comes with the title. He also never received the support from the board, either with transfers or fighting against the player power cliques.

        1. This is all true but misses the fact that the unbeaten run wasn’t scintillating and ended with a bunch of senior players putting the boot in
          Not great from Emery in dealing with his players

          1. Not saying that the rookie coach was an instant hit but the players haven’t so far downed tools and the executive have supported Arteta so must have a modicum of faith
            Could be misguided but that is how I read it

            1. SueP
              What you have stated is possible, but isn’t it also possible Emery never received the support from the board as Arteta has?

              For example, Emery also had players downing tools, and likely wanted them gone, but didn’t get the backing.

              Arteta was able to send off Mustafi, Sokratis, Kola, and anyone he deemed as a trouble maker, but was Emery ever given the power to do so with that same lot?

              or the backing financially to replace them?

              1. Emery came with a decent CV and he should have had the experience and nous to deal with the team. He clearly lost his senior players and from then it was down hill all the way.
                The club was being poorly run at the top as well and that has largely been addressed since Arteta arrived – although Sanhelli was a con man.
                Such was the manner of the capitulation in Baku and the drop off from the spring that I’m not surprised that Kroenke got nervous
                Arteta was the ultimate beneficiary but I still think that the time he has been given has been worth the it

                1. I think had Emery been given the “benefits” that Arteta has, he would have been successful at Arsenal.

                  Given 350 million to spend, control over players, and changing standards that got 2 other managers fired.

                  Emery fired in Dec sitting in 9th, Arteta finishes 8th in his first full year and failed to deliver European football of ANY kind.

                  As for “being worth it” that depends.
                  Finish 4th at BARE MINIMUM and CL. Otherwise Arteta has to go, 5 tries and no CL means he isn’t getting it done and time he goes.

        2. Exactly right, Durand. In answer to SueP, these were the same senior players, the discipline of whom, Emery received no support from senior management. When Arteta faced the same issues he received Board support to move them on whatever the cost to Arsenal (free transfers etc) and financial backing to bring in the players he wanted.
          The treatment of Emery compared to Arteta was far from consistent to say the least and far from the “class” supposedly associated with the Arsenal.

    3. Durand, Only people who wilfully misuse English, label anyone on JA as”HATERS”!

      What people with polar different opinions actually are , are fans who have a very different take or opinion Not a single regulay person on here is a “HATER”( except in a wilful and foolish common misuse of that appalling word).

      How I wish people would see the immense harm that ELEVATING a mere disagreement ,into “HATE”, is doing! SIGH!

    1. That’s right Dan, it’s looking good so far.

      People don’t understand the opportunity cost of decisions and how it affects everything.

      Given the budget and time, would a more experienced manager have gotten us in top 4 already last season? Maybe yes, maybe no. Even if we do end 3rd/4th this season, could we have ended 2nd with another manager or maybe even won it? Again maybe/maybe not.

    2. And wanting that, Dan, shouldn’t give anybody the right to call you or anyone else an hater. Your standards and those of a few of us here are clearly higher than others.

  9. Every fans are passionate and wants the best for the club, people criticising MA are doing so out of love for the club, we, myself inclusive, that supported him from day 1 through thick and thin, did so based on some quality we saw from him, especially in decision making (choosing to be Pepe staff instead of arsene), and hope that some of the rumours from players he has worked with were true.
    None of us can deny the appointment was a pure gamble, but imo , I feel at the time, the club was in one of its lowest times, and I feel it couldn’t get worse, it’s best to tap into unknown than bringing in a machinery like Conte who will quick fix the problem in 2yrs and leave us in shit , and am happy the gamble paid off, at least we can see the process and the team and club is in better place.
    Am not going to get on some people who has different opinions, it’s a good thing most that had doubts are been bought over and most of them are eating their humble pie. Long may it continue

  10. The Arteta haters have by and large disappeared. The Lego head and Pep’s water boy brigade for example. AdPat has asked us all to be more respectful and a lot of the bile on JA was posted about Arteta during the leaner times

    I’ve never had a problem with a different opinion to mine being posted as it was clear from the outset that Arteta had no experience beyond the role of assistant manager. It wasn’t always easy to believe he could do well

    That said, I did stick up for him the vast majority of the time. You can call it a hunch, but I honestly felt he could succeed even though a lot didn’t. It was at least obvious to me that he wouldn’t get it right all of the time on the pitch, but getting rid of some of the senior players who dropped Emery in it, was a substantial success and it has now begun to bear fruit with a totally different mindset from the established and incoming players.

    Considering the number of dead average past premier league managers that managed to find employment after getting the sack, and some in the present who look decidedly vulnerable, I’d say the club did the right thing by giving him a chance. Watching AON convinced me that Arteta can succeed.

      1. Well Reggie
        I expect top4 this season.
        It doesn’t automatically follow if you chuck money at the world’s greatest players that the result will be what you want. ManU and currently Chelsea have been mega busy. Let’s see. Chelsea are stuttering
        ManC look awesome but that’s it at present
        Long time to go and plenty of time for 4 of the best managers in the business to turn it round in their favour
        What do you class as success Reggie?

        1. Sue, top four on its own wasn’t good enough 4 years ago, so for me, top 4 alone should not be good enough now. I expect a title challenge and possibly a cup to back it up. All the top teams spend huge amounts of money, the success of those teams now is the manager. City, Liverpool and Chelsea have the top managers and it shows in the way they play, Spuds have had league and CL winning managers and have been above us. Utd have had Olly for too long and it showed. If Arteta is going to improve Arsenal he has to be upto that standard. At this moment in time, i dont see that. 4th on its own would be the absolute bare minimum and even that would bring huge question marks but it would be improvement from where we have been for 4 years.

          1. Well top4 and FA cup wins were all we’ve had for years
            Considering the number of clubs genuinely becoming top4 contenders I reckon it makes it harder and harder to win the league
            The only point I would make is that Arteta is at the start of his journey and I’d class top4 a major achievement to get there. As for winning the league, we all know that only a handful of clubs have ever won it and only a handful of managers too.
            If the level of investment carries on being made by wealthy owners to stake their claim to be winners, then the job can only get harder for Tuchel, Klopp, Conte and Pep. It follows that it will become harder for Arteta.

            1. Sue, you are finding excuses already, i don’t do excuses. The fact is, if Arteta is good enough at his job we can challenge the top 4, including city and Liverpool. We shouldn’t be living in the shadows. If you are happy with 4th, that is fine, i wont be happy but accept that that was the bare minimum we allowed wenger to drop too. The difference between the top teams is the manager, they all have money and all have top players.

              1. I’ll call this quits for tonight Reggie
                You and I want the same thing but expect a different path to getting there. You have, without saying as much, in your heart believe Arteta won’t cut it sufficiently. It then begs the question – who can?
                Name as many as you like but it is all down to the powers that be to make your wish happen

                1. Yes Sue it is but it is all down to the managers abilty too Sue. I think i am right to have doubts over Arteta but as i have said on many occasions, mine or anyone elses opinions mean little when it comes to facts. If Arteta wins the league or EL or CL, it is because he was good enough, if he doesn’t it was because he wasnt. Not oil money, VAR, biased refs or luck, he has the tools to challenge he isnt hamstrung like Vierra or Potter who haven’t.

                  1. You mention Potter who does well with Brighton and yet nobody is clamouring for his services- well at least as far as I can tell. Perhaps a vacancy will arise
                    Vieira is a difficult one. I’m not sure about whether it’s the lack of money.
                    Arteta has been supported financially- considerably more than Potter and PV but various well known managers post Fergie have had oodles of money to spend and ManU haven’t made it count so far

                    1. I brought those two up as managers that will never achieve what Arsenal achieve because they are excellent manager, who dont have the back up or resources to show case it and woll probably finish mid table because of. Given resourses, they could possibly be as good if not better than Arteta, not an opinion, im just saying.

                    2. My point is Reggie
                      Has anyone come looking to hire Potter?
                      Vieira for me the jury is definitely out. Been in management longer and hasn’t cut it yet
                      Of course, Arteta may cock up this season even with the huge investment
                      Would you want either?

          2. Suggest you go support Dortmund oh wait they can’t win their league, how about Marseille oh wait they can’t win either. Valencia the closest equivalent to us in Spain, nope. Given the premier league is more competitive than those leagues, what is the logic. Of course we should always aim higher but claiming top 4 isn’t a success is insane when it’s a 6 horse race.

            I’m genuinely curious Reggie what are you basing you assertions on bare in mind I was very vocal that Wenger was doing a great job getting top 4. So that nonsense about top 4 not being good doesn’t apply to me, was very vocal about it. Not a lot were, plenty of the Wenger out lot are now negative on Arteta as far as I can work out. There is this weird subsection that are mostly annoyed that Jon Fox is pro-Arteta, which is childish at best.

            Sure it was you that said a top manager would win the league with Arteta’s money. Well Tuchel has now outspent him so assume your placing big money on Chelsea to win the title right? Let’s see how they get on, Tuchel took over a more expensive squad that Arteta’s in the 1st place and has spent way more in his 1st 2 than Arteta did.

            1. Angus, I disagree with your opinion. Reggie is right. You said dortmund, valencia and Marseille are equivalents of Arsenal like you were born 2 years ago. Like Arsenal wasn’t a club that won the league without losing a single game less than 30 years ago. Like those clubs you mentioned spent as much as Arteta has done in 3 years. Like Tuchel never won the champions league with the high quality players. Like teams don’t go through rough patches like Liverpool is currently doing? What’s your actual point to discredit Reggie? None in my opinion.

              1. Kstyx, thank you, Angus knows i give him a wide bert and dont reply to his posts. I just dont get what he goes on about, putting it nicely.

                1. You could of course just reply to the points I made. Most negative fans, refuse to answer simple points because they have no answers.

                  Reason I bring up the pandemic with you when I get angry is because it was my first encounter with you, I debated back and forth with logic. You were this belligerent then just as bad as Jon Fox (Sorry Jon but most know what it is like to disagree with you) was on the same subject to me, also completely objectively wrong the season started again and you’ve always replied in that manner ever since, mostly wrong then too.

                  Try to leave it alone and then you make nonsense comments like top 4 is minimum for the 5th richest club in league. I want to win the title but that claim is ludicrous by any measure. Squad value, wages, recent history and according to some quality of managers. What are you basing the assertion top 4 is guaranteed min or failure on? It’s finances or the manager so what? I believe will finish 3rd this year min but it’s not based on money spent because we haven’t.

              2. Yes Kstyx, Tuchel came straight in, turned Chelsea around and won the CL with a team struggling under Lampard. I dont get Angus at all.

              3. Dortmund play champion league every year and have no competition to their top 4 status in what world does that make sense.

                My point is why would top 4 not be considered a success in our competitive league when clubs around the world guaranteed CL football can’t challenge for the title. That was my obviously my point.

                Valencia relates to my days defending Wenger. Often said our fanbase was becoming the Valencia of England expecting thing our finance can not deliver, that was in defence of Wenger not Arteta. We are that equivalent, decent history not as good as Real/Barca (United/Liverpool) recent enough success, a fanbase that expects title challenges. That was Valencia, nobody consider them now but it was even as recent as when Neville took over.

                My point on spending was direct people said give Conte/Tuchel Arteta money they win the league. Tuchel has been given more. Believe Reggie said that. Let’s watch.

                I expect all teams to go through rough patches that’s point, what do you think I’m saying?

    1. SueP, that’s always been my point, Emery was doomed to fail by lack of support from the Board (not appointed Manager, minimal say in transfers, expected to coach players selected by others, lack of transfer funds, lack of support in discipline of recalcitrant players etc). We have to wait and see if Arteta achieves more than his initial FA Cup win, given the support and financial investment by the Board. I hope for Arsenal’s sake he does.

  11. It will take a very long time to complete the rebuilding process. Some people may have a doubt on this statement but that’s the reality. There are tougher teams now building around the premier league besides the top ones and those teams usually give arsenal hard time.
    Secondly, when a player becomes superstar in arsenal shirt, he becomes so big and wants to leave for better places. All this so-called rebuilding process is just to mould these current arsenal players for other big clubs because as soon as they become good players, big clubs will penetrate them with huge weekly salaries and arsenal will no way hold on to them. So, if this is the case, where is the rebuilding process and when shall it end?
    Finally, arteta, failing to make addition to the team will surely hunt arsenal, no doubt about it. I knew arsenal will buy any player again until maybe January when the team will be derailed with injuries. This is the same tactics Wenger usually do to convince arsenal supporters.

  12. You criticize people because they criticize, you call them haters, then what are you? 5 matches into the season and you already want to stir up a senseless argument.

    Don’t expect me to applaud Arteta when he messes up, I criticize him because I support Arsenal and not Arteta.

    Till now I still rate Unai Emery more than Arteta, one was given a second chance while one wasn’t. To be sincere, I admire the job he had done so far but don’t forget we are yet to be tested and I believe Old Trafford would be one out of many to come.

    I wish my team Arsenal the very best, I support Arteta 100% but please don’t gloat as if we’ve won the league already, we still have a long way to go.

  13. Have I see the light? No! Do I still hate Arteta? Never did, just didn’t like his footballing, lack of style? Do I think he will take us to better things? The juries still out but the football has been a revelation.

      1. I wanted Arteta to replace Wegner immediately SueP, so I wasn’t upset when he got the job post Emery. Thought last year was wasted, what with boring football and head scratching decisions. I do tend to over react because I’m often watching our games at 3.00AM. Still not sure if Arteta is our man, but it’s too late to change horses especially if the new man would only take us in a similar direction. Hoping we’ll just scape into top four this season and a serious title challenge next time around.

  14. Hate is unwelcome wherever it arises. Critique though is the basis of all rational, reasonable life. Hate is the undoing of all positive human things. Criticism is a positive human attitude, it enables growth. So sad to see someone split supporters into ‘Haters’ and whatever the others are. Just Arsenal has attempted to upgrade it’s articles, but this one is divisive and primitive to say the least.

  15. For me, I don’t really think anyone hates arteta rather his approach to games. I would rather suggest that the die hard critics of arteta are the reason for his success so far. Even now it seems that he is getting it right, he should expect criticisms whenever he is doing well. When he took over, he was not taking suggestions. He has changed by playing the right players, substituting players when necessary and ofcourse, been fair to all his players. As a human, he is bound to make mistakes. When corrected, he is equally bound to take corrections not claiming to know it all. All fans especially, those that says it the it is are working together for the success of the club. So, calling any fan arteta hater is rather taken it to ridiculous extreme.

    1. @Henson Gunner
      You wrote:
      ***I would rather suggest that the die hard critics of arteta are the reason for his success so far. Even now it seems that he is getting it right, he should expect criticisms whenever he is doing well. When he took over, he was not taking suggestions. He has changed by playing the right players, substituting players when necessary and ofcourse, been fair to all his players.***

      You think that the diehard critics of Arteta are the reason for his success so far? Lol 😂 🤣
      Talk about cringeworthy mental gymnastics here. If that was correct then Arteta would have been sacked in 2020. He should have been sacked in 2021 and sacked in 2022 if your suggestions and criticisms were ever listened to.

      You guys wanted him gone as recently as the May. His so called die hard were besides themselves when he was rewarded a contract extension at the business end of last season.

      I see you have all the corners covered here. It a win win situation for you. If he succeeds you take the credit. If he fails and gets fired you also take the credit for having seen his incompetence long times ago and wanted him fired from day 3. Isn’t it. 😊
      You can’t have it both ways. Can’t have your cake and eat it.🤣😂

      Arteta has never listened to you his so called diehard critics whatsoever, hence why many can’t stand him and labelled him an authoritarian dictator that never listens.
      He has never listened to you guys. Starting with many crying for him to reinstate fans favourite Ozil. He refused. Dropped another fans favourite (Auba), even with all the crying from you guys he stuck to his guns, exiled him in January. Even the Saliba saga, I was one of the many that were not happy with Arteta locking Saliba out. But he stuck to his guns even if we all were screaming at him.
      Got rid of other fans favourites (Guendouzi and Mav). Refused to barge. Etc.

      People been crying about how Xhaka should be sold but Arteta keep refusing to listen to you his die hard criticics.
      He has made and keeps making unpopular decisions that he stands by even if his diehard critics get triggered by them..

      Arteta is still here because of his personality, attitude. He is still here because he has managed to keep the dressing room united and firmly bought into his propaganda. He has shown mental strength and leadership hence why the fans and the owners gave him a chance. He is still here because the people at the Top believe and want to give him as much leeway as possible. And on top of that the vast majority of our fanbase has been behind him all this time.

      I think it’s got absolutely zero to do with these so called diehard critics..

      Can you clearly show us “The Cause and Effect or The Correlation = Causation” syllogism that’s backs up your cringeworthy pronouncements regarding Arteta being successful because he listened to you guy’s critics?

      1. Believe you are right when you say “the people at the Top believe and want to give him as much leeway as possible. ”

        They seem to have lost the belief with Wenger with 5th and 6th place finishes. Had little belief with Emery (Europa final, missing 4th by 1 point) and sacked when he was 9th in December.

        Glad to see that we appear to be in ascendance and long may it continue.

        Not many managers would have survived 8th, 8th, out of European football after 2 decades, and then bottle it and finish 5th.

        1. @Durand
          What people fail to understand is that each and every situation is judged on its own merit.
          Wenger had had more than 10 years of constant stagnation, just about making up numbers in 3rd or 4th places the majority of the time. He then dropped out to 5th and 6th consecutively. He pampered his toxic underperforming primadonnas and they let him down.. He had to go, he was not taking us anywhere anymore. We had to move on.

          Emery came in and showed absolute weakness leadership skills as a manager. He let the primadonna players dictate the narrative, which is always a recipe for disaster. He lost the respect of his own players, owners and the fans base. He was not taking us anywhere with such poor leadership skills as a manager. And to top it off the same Arteta doomers were the same people that were making fun of Emery, calling him all sorts of disrespectful and degrading names. They were cheering on a weasel called Ozil to continue disrespecting for Emery in person and on social media. He let all this get out of control so he had to go. The whole club had become a circus joke..

          Enter Arteta. After the Wenger and Emery mess I do think the club took a hard look at the chaos and decided to back the manager instead of pampering these ungrateful/ underperforming primadonnas. The manager became the most important figure and whoever was not performing or following the managers directions / demands was to be forced out of the club even if it means making huge huge financial losses.

          I do think that the club knew that they had a very massive clearout to make. They knew it was going to need more than half a season. They knew that there will be ups and downs in that process. I do think they first wanted Arteta to stabilise the team, then see if he could salvage a few players from the dead weights we had. Then start to flush out the unwanted player while replacing them gradually. Then move back into the Top 6, then Top 4 then start challenging for the title. I think they have achieved 60% of the plan so far with Arteta making the Top 5 hence why his contract was renewed / extended at the end of last season. Now the remaining 40% is for Arteta to achieve solid Top 4 finish this season and title challenge next season.

          And about these 8th and 8th finishes. I always felt that the club had already made up their minds about overhauling more than 80% of the squad within 2-3 season hence why the owners did not barge when the so called diehard critics got on their “Arteta / Peps waterboy Out” campaign.. The club had clearly agreed on this rookie manager gamble and were willing to give him as much time, leeway / support..

          1. How could Unai Emery show strength with no support from the Board? He dropped Ozil and was forced to select him for example.Selective memory me thinks, Goonster.

        2. @Durand
          Not many managers would have survived finishing 8th twice if the club owners plan was different. Clearly Arsenal wanted to go a completely different way as compared to other clubs. Every club has its own philosophy and plan of what they want to do, achieve and how to go about getting there.

          Clearly Arsenal wanted to go Youth (Rookie manager), wanted to overhaul the overly bloated wage bill, wanted to clear our the underwhelming dead weights and were willing to be as patient with that process as possible.. Wanted to clearout and start afresh. Rebuild from the bottom..

          That’s what the evidence clearly shows..

        1. @Dan Kit
          How come that out of all the individuals i mentioned you only focused on the Ozil name alone.?
          And I will keep referenceing your cult hero Ozil every now and then when his name is appropriate to the points I am trying to make.
          I know mentioning him gets you all into your feelings and emotions but there is nothing I can do to help you. Gotta get used to it..

          That slimy weasel (Ozil) was the most toxic individual I have ever known in my decades following Arsenal football club. A little trouble steerer everywhere he goes. Germany, Spain, England and been causing mayhem in Turkey (Fenerbache) too..

          He let Löw, Wenger, Emery, Arteta and the Fenerbache manager down..

          If me mentioning princess Ozil’s name hurts your little feelings then you need to toughen up sweetheart, life is hard.. Gotta fasten your seatbelt..
          🤞😇 😉

  16. Long term success is actually a myth. You need a team at the top to slip up while you are capitalising on it to get to the top. Don’t ever expect Arsenal will consistently be on the rise and other top team will just sit and watch in decline. That’s the reality in EPL. If overspending doesn’t guarantee winnnig, not spending enough definitely won’t. It will be unfair to blame any manager of the top 6 teams for not making top 4 as they are all capable but what may not be excusable is if an obvious negligence hurts a team in the long run.

      1. agreed, the margins are too tight now. City and rest of top 6 plus an outlier or two every year makes the EPL what it is.

        Any team, even City, can lose – although with someone scoring a hat-trick a game – I am a little nervous for the invincibles (still, long way to go with a compressed schedule and European football to get in the way).

    1. I would classify not getting a Partey replacement as negligence that might hurt us. Not getting players in last winter hurt our top 4 chances. I believe these are obvious negligences. Wouldn’t you agree?

  17. For me, I don’t really think anyone hates arteta rather his approach to games. I would rather suggest that the die hard critics of arteta are the reason for his success so far. Even now it seems that he is getting it right, he should expect criticisms whenever he is not doing well. When he took over, he was not taking suggestions. He has changed by playing the right players, substituting players when necessary and ofcourse, been fair to all his players. As a human, he is bound to make mistakes. When corrected, he is equally bound to take corrections not claiming to know it all. All fans especially, those that says it the way it is are working together for the success of the club. The just concluded transfer window is a case in hand. Why would he and edu missed out reinforcing the midfield and right wing knowing how injury prone Partey is? Why allowing players to leave knowing that they are not going to buy players to back up those areas? If Some fans question this laxity, they will be tagged arteta hater. This mindset is rather beingtaken to a ridiculous extreme.

    1. That is a tough one Henson, and hindsight is 20/20 :-).

      If we had gotten a player to get us a few more goals then we would have been top four last year (or not). But we also could have spent a bundle on some magic beans.

      Maybe Arteta and Edu believe that they have enough pieces to cover the injuries, that what they see at Colney suggests they can cope. Maybe they felt that the price being asked by Villa was just too steep.

      Last year, I would not have given them the benefit of the doubt. Based on how the team has evolved over the past 12 months, I have a lot more faith.

      The other thing that we have to remember is that it is always harder to recruit talent when you aren’t CL. We have a great history, but haven’t been in CL for some time so that makes a difference. Some of the possible targets over the past couple of weeks were already on CL teams – so why step down.

      And I really don’t think that you having a different view than me makes you any less a supporter.

  18. don’t worry, they/we will be back if we hit a bit of a poor spell. They/we are nothing, if not fickle with this club!

    Five games does not a season make, but come on, it is really nice to win the first five and be on top!

    I am naturally a bit of a pessimist so I see where we might fall before seeing where we will succeed. So the injuries and such gives my negative side ammunition.

    But the way the team is playing and how the players are working together really helps on the positive side. I am optimistic that people will continue to step up and fill in – there is a chemistry in this group that I haven’t seen in a long time – that is worth a few points.

  19. What some fans don’t really understand about this season is not about playing 5 and winning it but our style of play has totally changed for better and some rival clubs are now afraid of us..
    See man utd have won 3 in a row and conceding only one goal but most team are not afraid of them but they are not convinced about their game and some are saying that they are lucky with the winning but the way they see us is different even winning (2-1) consecutively, they are still afraid of us because of our style of play and the quality we have now…..

    1. Great summing up of the season so far Wale.
      As one of those who questioned and disagreed with some of Mikel’s decisions, I now have yet another title – I’m a Arteta Hater”!!

      Well, as he has now has Saliba playing, replaced Aubameyang, signed top players, increased the depth of the squad after decimating it, I take great pride in thinking that he personally read my concerns, acted upon them and the results speak for themselves.
      I, of course, include all the other “Arteta haters” in this summing up and thank them for their due diligence when sticking to the criteria of judging like for like.
      Sticks and stones etc etc – by the way, I’m singing Mikel’s song at the top of my voice and he gives me the thumbs up for helping him save his job.

      1. Ken A very sad post to read. But NOT this time because I disagree with it but because I sympathise with you foolishly and wrongly being labelled a “hater”.

        Now I truly fear and also loathe how that wore “hate” has become widely accepted and misused on JA , instead of the correct use of ” DISAGREEMENT” , as in a polar or very different opinions on an Arsenal matter.
        In my view , there ris not a single regular on JA who is in any way a true “hater” of others. Now many of us , myself being prominent among them , OFTEN
        use strong and emotionally charged words to descibe each other , plus our players past and presert , likewise managers past and present.

        Some of these post s are offensive I freely admit. But they are not “hate ” post but free speech, however strongly used.
        The term free speech is itself a subject about which we have a wide spectrum of what it itself truly means.
        You and I have many times had real disagreements on what constitutes free speech. I stand implacably FOR true free speech but that does not include filth nor ACTUAL HATE.

        It does include to the point and strong opinions though. IN NO WAY do either I NOR any fans who thinks properly regard you as a “hater”!

        That accusation in your post is of course a nonsensical accusation and a puerile one too.
        MANY FANS MISUSE ENGLISH, EITHER THROUGH LACK OF EDUCATION ABOUT ENGLISH(or far more understandably, because its not their first language).
        On JA, I have often railed against the harm and foolish declawing of that dreadful word “hate” ,when it is so commonly misused by so many – in fact most fans, on here – and it leaves no word to use for REAL HATE, such as what Putin is doing to Ukraine and the Chinese are doing to the poor UYGHURS.
        You have my sympathy therefore and my support KEN!

      2. @Ken1945 I respect your opinions but I don’t agree with all the time. You have your preferences and I have mine. You are absolutely not a “hater” and it’s a terrible word used in a ball game.

        1. I don’t believe in “haters” etc. but some of these posters are a joke. I now see some have the cheek to claim they “saved” Arteta’s job. This is really something from people who couldn’t wait to disparage the manager after every setback. Most of them simply wanted him gone.
          The simple fact is that many of these fans could not understand what Arteta was trying to do. This is despite Arteta clearly explaining his vision and his approach.
          The squad taken over by Arteta was never going to be able to play great football consistently. It was not good enough and needed to be overhauled. Which is exactly what Arteta has been doing – something that should have been done years ago.

  20. People forget that criticism is also part of fans responsibility, i am trying to imagine how a club without criticisms will look like, it impacts on every decision you make, when you know people are there to jump at your back when you get things wrong
    arsenal is a global brand for God’s sake

    many have trived because they work their socks out trying to prove critics wrong, critism is important as well as support

    1. But don’t you think that we seem to go to the extreme as a group (not just this board but the Arsenal world in general)?

      Having said that, I have been reading some of the MU boards with glee.

      1. Stewart, your correct in saying that we go to extremes – just go back and look at the hate directed at AW and UE (to a lesser extent)…. the problem I have, is that it was, mainly, those fans who did that, are now criticising others simply because we question some of his decisions.
        Funny old world.

        1. Ken1945

          “just go back and look at the hate directed at AW and UE (to a lesser extent)…. the problem I have, is that it was, mainly, those fans who did that, are now criticising others simply because we question some of his decisions.”

          Please sir, i struggle to come to terms with how you know them and for sure?

          you see, these are some of the assertions that will put you in the class of ‘Arteta Haters’. if there’s anything like that…and in a way seems to be an acknowledgement of hate directed towards Arteta since you agree that hate can be directed by fans to managers (you even cited Wenger and UE).
          so how is it that when it is directed at Arteta, you call it ‘criticism’?

          you made an allusion to aa reversal of roles… so its safe to say those who ‘hate Arteta now were Wenger and UE supporters?
          how come it is hate when Wenger was being critized and it becomes criticism when the same hate and ill will was directed to Arteta.

          Truth is many who for some reason did not like Arteta wanted him to fail.

          1. Arteta has had very little of the abuse given to Wenger and I find it very difficult to understand your comparison

            1. Criticism of Wenger would be his inability to change his style of play, or time given to his substitutions, or some of his mediocre signings for example.

            2. Hate for Wenger would be when so called supporters of the club wanted him injured, threatened him with physical violence…. see the difference?

            Now, when we look at point 1, the same criticism has been given to Arteta….. he has had no responses that could possibly be compared to point 2.

            I have criticised AW, UE and MA on points raised in 1.
            I have never hated AW, UE or MA as per point 2 and that is the difference that you fail to see.

            Ask yourself this… why would any real supporter want our manager to fail and, in order to achieve that end, publicly resort to the actions of point 2?

            I base my assumptions on being involved with Just Arsenal for many years and becoming aware of how individual people write and think on this excellent platform.
            I watch how the goalposts are moved to facilitate different viewpoints on the three men (AW, UE MA) and this articles author is a prime example of that….in my opinion.

  21. Excellent observation, ‘where are they for real’? Let them continue hiding even if we are to stumble, or else….!

  22. At the moment, an attempt to categorize any typical fan base appears to reveal three categories:
    1. The positive directed fan (similar to positive direct current), who is always upbeat regardless of the outcome.

    2. The negative directed fan (negative direct current), who is always negative and sees nothing good in the outcome, whether it is good or bad, and

    3. The alternating fan (similar to alternating current), who is positive when the going is good and negative when the going is bad.

    Personally, I believe that no category is deserving of shame, and that no one should be ashamed of the category to which they belong. They should, however, accept responsibility for their decision and its consequences and be proud of it.

    Examine yourself to see which category you fall into, and accept yourself for who you are. Finally, the beauty of our community is defined by its diversity. What a dull world it would be if our world was defined by a single color. Even black can be beautiful!

    As a result, understand your category and be proud of it! And, most likely, all annoyances associated with other people’s opinions (such as this article) will fade away!

  23. I observe that Arteta learns and correct his mistakes…..with the same manager this season Arsenal is playing better….when man u and Chelsea let go of Solskjaer and Lampard both teams started to do better so I wanted Arteta changed and criticized him a lot but later I realize Arteta is actually much better than Solskjaer..Lampard..and Gerrard and did better than other managers with a thin squad and misfiring strikes…..if you support Arsenal support the manager an ex Arsenal player with the Arsenal DNA

  24. Negative Thinking Can Harm Your Brain and Increase Your Dementia Risk. (www.healthline.com)👋👋

    Let’s hope our fragile team can leave Old Trafford with another three points, and go on creating happiness around the World. COYG🔴⚪️

  25. What I find MOST PERSONALLY DISAPPOINTING, about this thread is how many fans, even some who are mature in age, wilfully misuse the word “hate”, when the word they should use is “disagrement”.
    As a Gooner who knows how damaging wilful misuse of our rich and importantly desciptive language is, I urge anyone who can think seriously about this to cease misusing “hate” right now.

    Perhaps , using reverse psychology, you have a “disagreement ” with Putin about what he and his deluded fellow countrynen are doing in Ukraine! That would be an equally ridiculous way to describe REAL HATRED.

    Or China has a “disagreement” with the UYGHUR Muslims!

    Or perhaps you simply don’t care about human suffering on a grand and callous scale? Which is it???

  26. Understand the frustration of the writer. Don’t think anyone who frequents these forums is unaware of my opinion on the negativity that surrounds Arsenal fandom online. That said the article doesn’t actually say anything or argue against anything, it’s kind of a sweeping generalisation of things. Not surprised it provoked the reaction, although as usual nonsense is now being spewed in reverse.

  27. Ken1945
    you said

    “just go back and look at the hate directed at AW and UE (to a lesser extent)…. the problem I have, is that it was, mainly, those fans who did that, are now criticising others simply because we question some of his decisions.”

    Please sir, i struggle to come to terms with how you know them and for sure?

    you see, these are some of the assertions that will put you in the class of ‘Arteta Haters’. if there’s anything like that…and in a way seems to be an acknowledgement of hate directed towards Arteta since you agree that hate can be directed by fans to managers (you even cited Wenger and UE).
    so how is it that when it is directed at Arteta, you call it ‘criticism’?

    you made an allusion to aa reversal of roles… so its safe to say those who ‘hate Arteta now were Wenger and UE supporters?
    how come it is hate when Wenger was being critized and it becomes criticism when the same hate and ill will was directed to Arteta.

    Truth is, there are many who for some reason did not like Arteta and wanted him to fail. you all got to understand that it is not simple being there and calling shots. Many of you wouldn’t know what to do if you are there and you have access to what managers know.

    1. It’s completely false. Plenty of anti-arteta fans that wanted Wenger gone too, Piers Morgan for the most famous version. Likewise like me plenty that have defended all managers equally.

      1. As far as I can remember Angus, Piers Morgan has never posted on Just Arsenal, so your “completely false” line is totally irrelevant.
        I am talking about the JA site and it’s regular contributers… including certain members of the admin.

        I clearly remember you going missing for long periods when MA was struggling, only to become a voice of positivity this season on a regular basis!!

        I also remember you and I agreeing 100% regarding the abuse AW was receiving on JA – would you not say that became a campaign of hate against the man and why Arsene has said he will never return to the club?

  28. Everyone is learning.

    Arteta is learning to be a coach, of a legendary club.
    Edu es just working with Brazilians so far, aside from avoiding not burning a picanha. He needs to start making contacts in Europe. THAT WORK is his weakness , hope he improves that.
    Owners are learning how to get value out of their investment in a mayor football team in Europe (quite cheap the guys).
    Team is so young!! Players are also learning the process with their enthusiastic legs.
    When we will be getting a proved 28 years old player? I guess when Arteta is 50. Long wait.
    Meanwhile, we fans need to support the process. Hope it finished before y die.

  29. In everything you do, trust the process… If you must blame anyone for Arsenal’s “past woes”, blame Arsene Wenger, blame the club management.
    As for Arteta, he’ll make the club greater than what we used to know.

  30. Arsenal have yet to play a team that is currently higher than tenth in the table. Arteta hasn’t proven anything. He bottled fourth last season, and there is reason to believe that he hasn’t build a proper squad despite spending oodles of money. Arteta’s critics — of which I am one — have a very solid foundation for their skepticism. He has proven nothing.

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