Mkhitaryan and Nolito the latest targets to snub Arsenal

If this is true then Arsene Wenger must be wondering where to turn in his hunt for transfer targets to boost the Arsenal squad. Maybe his talk in recent years about there not being any players of sufficient quality available is actually true, or at least there are not any available to Arsenal for some reason.

It could also be the fact that the Arsenal transfer rumours linking the Frenchman with the Borussia Dortmund and Armenia international star Henrikh Mkhitaryan and the Celta Vigo and Spain striker Nolito were nothing more than rumours. If the Gunners were trying to sign these two players, however, it looks like we are going to be snubbed again, a la Jamie Vardy.

The Mirror is reporting that despite Dortmund insisting that Mkhitaryan is not for sale the attacking midfielder is set to secure a summer transfer to Manchester United after they increased their offer from £19 million to £28 million. The player himself is said to have set his heart on a move to Old Trafford despite previously talking in glowing terms about Arsenal.

We also have the Daily Mail reporting That Man City have beat us to the transfer of Nolito and with the 29-year old forward only costing €18 million because of a release clause and seemingly being a great fit for the Gunners, could this be the biggest blow of all?


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  1. Don’t need Nolito too old

    Mkhitaryan was never the priority so don’t care

    We need a no.9 that has the ability to carry this team

    1. It’s hard to believe that City are buying Nolito ?
      that has to be a load of bull?!!

      1. I don’t get why I’m being thumbed down, we have Sanchez so wingers were never the priority, what we need is a goal scorer that can play the CF role.

          1. Why not give Campbell a chance ? And a striker is a lot more important than a right winger

          2. Mkhitaryan is a left winger who has in the past taken issue of playing on the right wing.

            RedLondon might be getting thumbed down but he is spot on. Mkhitaryan isn’t even close to being good enough to take Sanchez’s place, so wasn’t the right target.

            Also he has the agent from hell. He will suck United dry.

  2. Gutted we’re missing out on Mkhitaryan, would’ve absolutely loved to have him as I feel he’d complete our midfield 100%.

    imagine being a striker and have Xhaka Ramsey Mkhitaryan Ozil Sanchez behind you sheesh

    1. @Skandalouz

      If you’re a striker imagine Ramsey playing beside you more like, just saying….

      I’d still like Cambell to be given an honest run on the left wing. He’s more dangerous and consistent than Walcott or ox, and no transfer fee. Someone tell Wenger Cambell is “like a new signing” and maybe Le prof will go for it.

    2. I would have loved him also but before I found out he had such a terrible agent who is obviously taking back-handers to get his players to United, I found out he plays primarily on the left wing and he has an issue playing on the right.

      For the life of me I can’t see him displacing Sanchez and Sanchez loves the LW position.

  3. I’m not disappointed if we do not get those 2 players, it is concerning how at times we are having difficulty attracting players with ambition, Aub has also said he doesn’t want to come here. Vardy having to take time to decide…

    How many other targets have also refused us but we just do not know about?

  4. Arsenal don’t have the pulling power to attract the most established players, anymore! ( For obvious reasons )
    Old Man Cech don’t count, as he was looking to stay in London and our most popular brand players ( Ozil and Sanchez ) are not exactly rushing to extend their contracts.

    The only type of player’s that are interested in signing for us are the youngster’s, as they know that they will be given a fair chance to impress and also that Arsenal fc is a good stepping stone to the likes of Barcelona.

    As for players not being available… Thats just a Wenger myth, that his followers have made gospel.

    Money talks and bull? walks! ?

    1. If Dortmund can find a player like Aubameyang for 12m then we should have no problem finding a top player for the same price. The problem is Wenger only goes for young underdeveloped strikers like Sanogo and gives too much trust to players with not enough quality like Giroud and Walcott.

  5. Why on Earth would you put a CB shooting a penalty when you have David Alaba in your team?

    Team Austria are idiots.

  6. I believe Mkhitaryan going to ManU as much as I believe him coming to us. I’d say the chances of either one happening are slim to none. What I do believe, however, is that he’ll be staying at Dortmund for another year. We’ve seen this happen with Lewandowski, and I’m almost positive they will do the same thing to Miki. And I, for one, completely in agreement with that. No player is bigger than a club. You signed a contract – honor it!

  7. OT: Remember the name Ivan Perisic. Full of confidence. Speed to kill, ask Pique who was lying on his ar** beaten by Jetspeed. Amazing ball control. Forget Nolito, too old. I can only dream Perisic and Sanchez wing combos…

  8. Although the transfer market has not officially been opened, but clubs are allowed to do their bidding for the targets they have in mind and conclude their transfers early before the market is opened.

    Bob, I think Arsenal problem of been snubbed by some of their targets is, 1. Money has come into play where a target who is been targeted by Arsenal will suddenly see another lucrative chance of moving and thus decided to make the move rather than to come to us.

    And 2. Arsenal FC transfer activities are closely monitored by our big rival clubs of Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea who as soon as they’ve heard that Arsenal have activated a player’s clause or submitted a bid or about to for a player, these very rich rival clubs will start looking for a way to hijack the transfer or spoil it for Arsenal. So that Arsenal won’t get strengthened to equalled their team strength or surpassed them as they are always wary of Arsenal beating them to winning the title.

    And lastly 3. Arsenal should embrace a new transfer stetregy whenever they have in mind to do any incoming transfer in a window, they be submitting their bidding early enough at the same time for all the targets they want to buy.

    So the problem of being snubbed by Arsenal transfer targets is a multiple problems that needs multiple solutions.

    Nevertheless, my prayers are Arsenal will finally succeeded in getting the transfer targets they want to buy. Should any problem arisen with any of their transfer targets, there are other good and better alternatives in the market which Arsenal can always switch to. Such as Alvaro Morata in the case of if Vardy transfer to us falls through. It’s only Morata will be a bit costly than Vardy would have cost us in transfer fee. And if Arsenal can pay, we’ll have Morata who I believe Madrid will prefer selling him to us because of the good marketing relationship we’ve established with them. Instead of them selling him to Jose Mourinho’s Man Utd who had as a Madrid’s manager left the club in a sore taste in his final management of the club and with to officials there, I should think.

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