Mkhitaryan is one very happy chappy after coming to Arsenal

Henrikh Mkhitaryan hardly got a start under Jose Mourinho at Man United, so it must have been a great relief when Arsenal asked for him to be included in the Alexis Sanchez swap deal. But he is not just relieved, he is ecstatic, especially as he gets the chance to play with one of his best mates from Dortmund, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. “We did not have too much time to train together [before the Everton game],” Mkhitaryan said on “He came a bit late, like two games before the game and he had been training only twice.

“Two days wasn’t enough to remember all the stuff that we did together but in the game it worked very well.

“I thought it could only be in a dream that we could join another club other than Dortmund but I am very happy for that. I know him very well, he is one of my best friends and one of the the best team-mates I have every had.

“I am very happy to have him here and I think all the fans are happy to see him in an Arsenal shirt. What can I say? I love playing with him.”

But not only Auba, he is also over the moon about linking up with Mesut Ozil. “Everyone knows that Mesut is one of the best players in the world,” he continued. “It is only happiness and joy to play next to him because he understands very well the game and has great vision, amazing technique and he is the best in his position.”

So I think we can all be certain that Henrikh is very happy to join the Gunners, and it sounds like he was extremely keen to leave Man United as well. “Of course sometimes you need some refreshing,” he said. “And I think this was the best moment for me, because there were a few things that didn’t work out in Manchester.

“Because I was 29 years old, I wanted to play more, because I know that in a few years time I’ll be able to end my football career, and it’s very important for me to make my name bigger.

“That’s why, maybe, it was the best moment, and the best time to change something and to get a new challenge, a new club, and start everything from zero.!

Well let’s hope tha Mkhi makes us as happy to have him here as he is to join us!



  1. gotanidea says:

    Good if he is happy, but he has to improve his performance when playing under heavy pressure and bad weather. If he can’t play well in the left wing, he had better play in the right side

  2. Phil says:

    Mikki is a very typical Wenger type of player.Good workrate,technically very good,seems to enjoy the game we play when going forward.THAT IS EVERTON AT HOME.
    What he needs to understand is that under Wenger he will have more SPUDS AWAY team performances.
    Let’s see how happy he is in May

  3. McLovin says:

    No matter how bad Mourinho turned him into, I am 100% certain Wenger can ruin him even worse.

    1. Phil says:

      As he has proved so many times in the past

      1. Thomas says:

        Wenger is an amazing manager a consistent winner most managers get to a club the club signs all theses big players for him and say please win and the manager wins if luckey on to three seasons then fired cause the players got old and the manager did hardly a thing we habe a loual great you sad sack maybe arsenal fans we beat spurs on aggregate this season again thanks to mr. Wenger and if we didnt get another poor official call would have been 1-0 up the sad thing is we should be 3rd or second in table but stikers have underperformed regardless of beating united as we dominated them but lossed the players fell off in 5 games swansea westbrom stoke city watford bournemouth and lets mention horrible officiating this year we have a great manager its just this year the bounces and calls havent gone our way i mean i love watching us constantly beat chelsea lets have a real assessment for once those games are the difference in the season right now and thats not wengers fault the players faild to perform from winning positions

        1. Phil says:

          Thomas my old son-go to the DOCTORS NOW

          1. Thomas says:

            We all have our own opinions but look at those five matches 4 of which we were up one nil and then look at the table we win three out of five and were tied for third win three and draw one were in third and win 4 out of 5 were in second thats the difference between praising glory glory and where were at now and 4 of them we were up one nil which we normally win thats not our managers fault its finishing and two bad penaltys we are right there those 5 matches are the ones we regret

          2. Thomas says:

            Even if we won two from winning positions were right in the thick of it and i think. Were good really good this just seems to be the season that slipped away in 5 winnable matches 4 we had the lead but we still beat spurs on aggregate and that makes me happy

          3. Phil says:

            Thomas you seem to be in a WENGER WONDERLAND and not the teal world.
            Good teams do not lose points the way we do.They find a way to win.We should not be 6th on the league but we are due to Wengers failings.You can not defend the INDEFENSIBLE as the points we have will tell you we are where we deserve to being my Aunty had Bollocks she would be my uncle.But she’s not

          4. Thomas says:

            Well im not in a wonderland he has his failings as we all do and great teams find a way to win good teams sit where we are 6-5-4 but thats besides the point and it would be nice if your aunty had bolocks cause then we d be second but ive watched the games were an offensive team most the time although were terrible in the pissing rain but for the most part the game plans have worked weve created chances quality scoring chances one after the other problem is for me the finishing unless we sit back with 9 man behind the ball or ten when you push forward you will give up a goal if you lousy forwards fail to finish the set ups have been there this year but our strikers have failed to kill the games if we create quality chances and grab leads in the first 60 minutes like we have for the most part and in those games those games should of been killed even if we give a goal or two alongside the strategy but we failed to hit multiple should be goals we tried laca we’ll see abou auba although hes a bit lazy so far but we’ll see but we’ve lacked that quality in front goal a player the chances have been there im looking at the failure of the strikers and maybe that is his fault but monreal has scored as many goals recently as our strikers and thats sad our defenders or a midfielder will score and our stikers cant tally one in th first 60 mins of a game alongside them then were tired for last 40 give them hope there still only down one and we rue our missed chances while they push thats where iv been frustrated with this season not the tactics but the finishing

          5. Break-on-through says:

            Thomas, if you see this post ..but doubtful, you should post in here more often/regularly. It’s good to have a fan of Wenger that can argue effectively. There is a fine line, good point, no actually it’s a great point, and we fans can forget this from time. I still say Wenger had enough time and someone else deserves a shot, but there were seasons when that fine line killed us. But also there were seasons when we looked to have a weak mentality which put us reasonably well over that line.. This season is a joke gotta! admit, we had the benefit of resting players which Wenger said was an advantage other teams would usually have over us. We spent money in both windows, very good money. We made most of it back which tells us we could have done better. And to see how far we are from the third or second team never mind it’s first, it is embarrassing and not very prideful in the least. I used to feel pride wearing my colours around town, even over the last ten seasons, this season however. I feel spiteful, like I’m wearing it to spite other fans.

    2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Haha McLovin. Spot on!

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Unless Xhaka gets replaced and we beef up in a few areas, this team is gonna break hearts. I’m amazed Xhaka hasn’t been displaced well before now. It’s not all on one player, but you count the mistakes that led to goals and they tell a story, also mistakes that don’t lead to goals can be costly because it puts us on shaky ground. Niles should have had a shot by now, I don’t expect him to be the answer but I’d expect him to do better than Xhaka. And if his size or physique are what’s keeping him from getting a shot well then Bielik Shaw are there too. How can Arsene not see that we are weak in this area, it’s unacceptable. Or what about the two young English CB’s, Chambers Holding. Your man Dier was a CB before he got tried in there for Spu. Arsene likes putting players in another position, fullbacks at central defence, CB’s at fullback, strikers on wing, midfielders all over the shop, yet won’t instruct a CB to move five yards further forward to win the ball and protect the lines between CB’s. All Arsene sees for this position is a quaterback making the first ball into the forwards.

    1. McLovin says:

      I’m telling you,

      Wenger bought Xhaka for £35 millions, he will play him as long as it will take to prove everyone he’s not an expensive flop. Arrogance all over the team selection.

      Mavropanos wasn’t a Wenger signing. That’s why he’s nowhere near the first team even though all our CB’s are underperforming at the highest level.

  5. Sue says:

    Well I hope he improves on his performance against the spuds, as it was pants

    1. Thomas says:

      Sue his peformance againts the spuds was not only pants but miserable to even bear sight to we opened him up to play some final balls in and he ffailed with no pressure on him it was like he bet against us it was awful good observation

  6. Franko says:

    We are an attacking team my foot. If I were Wenger, I would play all my attacking options every game for the rest of the season and and give them a minimum target of 20 times by which the opposition keeper should be tested per game. Its a good threshold to check our attacking intent per game. Its really a big shame to play a whole match with only 2 or 3 shots on target for a ‘so-called’ attacking team. Too many slow and sluggish players, no wonder they are not always ready for a fight to win when the oppositionsis all over them. They should get ready cos they will never see an easy away game from any opponent including the Europa League. Bunch of no cojones, sisis and losers!

  7. FrankN says:

    Thomas, you’re amazing. 1543 words and five full stops.

  8. FrankN says:

    Correction, there aren’t any. Needless to say your letters are unreadable.

  9. Thomas says:

    Thanks frank its a comment obviously my grammar wasnt near perfect or close i didnt have time to run through the thing to check every punctuation or spelling but if you can read English its easy enough for a simpleton to understand and i didnt count ?????? but well done lad well done

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