Mkhitaryan leaves out one key reason why it never worked out at Arsenal

It is a common occurrence for players to reveal why they left a club and the reasons it did not work and almost never do they accept that it was their own performances why they were then moved on and Henrikh Mkhitaryan is no different.

The Armenian international has been speaking at his official unveiling as a Roma player following his loan move out of Arsenal and obviously he was positive about the Italian giants and gave an explanation as to why it did not work out for him in England.

“Now I am in Rome and I focus on them, Mkhitaryan told reporters

“This is not a step backwards as a great football is played here. I wanted to change scenery and for me it is an opportunity to be seized.

“I have to enjoy playing football, no matter the place. In England, I no longer felt this pleasure.

“The messages after the two national matches made me happy, but now I have to concentrate on Rome.

“I will never give up and I will fight to the end. I’m not afraid of pressure, I’m used to it having already played with great teams.

“I know that the slightest mistake is criticised while a good performance is exalted. If you agree to play soccer you must be ready to face criticism.

“Serie A is a great opportunity, I accepted immediately with enthusiasm. We didn’t even talk about money.”

So, the 30-year-old was basically unhappy at Arsenal, maybe the £180k per week he was being paid for below performances was not enough, maybe he needed a cuddle or a therapist, who knows.

These footballers never admit the truth, they will dig up excuses anywhere they can find them but if we are being brutally honest here, Mkhitaryan stole a living at Arsenal, he was very mediocre and that is the reason why he was loaned out.

If he put in decent consistent performances commensurate with his huge wages then the club would never have thought of offloading him but he did not, he was woeful for the vast majority of the time but in the pampered world of underperforming multi-millionaire footballers, it is never their fault.


  1. I think Mkhi was never usedin his natural position. He’s an attacking midfielder and not a winger. He lacks the speed and trickery to excel on the wings. He performed quite well in Dortmund with Auba. Playing on the wings just did not work for him. Same thing happened when Ramsey was played on the wings. Arsenal should stop reducing players’ effectiveness by constantly playing them out of position.
    Let’s see how he performs in ROMA

    1. Yes, we all know Mkhitaryan’s natural position is no 10. But he rarely got the chance to play in that position, because that position was reserved for Ozil at Arsenal

      Too many Gunners that can play as CAM, but suck on the wings. This shows the lack of pace and skill deficiency of those players, because a highly skilled and pacey player can play both on the wings and centrally very well

      Mkhitaryan was forced to play on the right wing due to Ramsey’s/ Ozil’s position in the center and it got worse when he had to play as an LW. Maybe a slower league like Serie A would be more suited to him and I believe it’d be better for slow thinkers like Xhaka/ Ozil too

        1. We can see it from his number of assists last season

          Unlike Pirlo and Iniesta in their primes, he rarely made assists from through balls. Most of his first fifty assists for Arsenal are from crosses and set-pieces

          Even Guendouzi showed better vision in this season by creating many excellent through passes. Ozil was excellent in his early days at Real Madrid, but probably he got influenced by Arsenal’s football style to play very safe

          The good things about Ozil are he has an excellent left foot, he is very unselfish in the field, a world class finisher and an excellent crosser. I think he could be as good as De Bruyne in 4-3-3 formation, if he plays as a left CM

      1. @gotanidea
        Well put Gooner. AW put Cams on the wings to help them understand their defensive as well as attackung duties. None of them copped on. Many of our so called CAMs feel their only duty is to attack, but which is why our midfield has for the recent years been so porous, and except on a handful of occasions. He Rick’s dad enough voiced his opinion about Mourinho expecting him to defend, and saying its not in his game. For real…

      2. I really don’t know how and where you atimes get your facts from. Ozil is one of the world’s quickest thinker and ball releaser. Lol

    2. I said this last season .WE had a lot of victims in the name lets play Ozil as a 10. Miki put out better stats than OZil and would have done better , same applies to Iwobi. The past is the past.

  2. Garry Glitter, Sir Cliff, Monsieur Wenger,now Mkhitarian.
    I did not feel the love any more.
    After all I did for them.
    For 20 years results were sh#te I know but the recovery had begun.
    Eventually no one writes about these ex greats so… what to do?
    Write their own heavily botoxed biography and hawk copies
    to any one kind enough to give them the time of day.
    Writing from their modest $100 mill 20 bedroom ten bathroom hovel
    in Provence they espouse the virtues of simplicity.
    “You see I had no time for fame money or glory.
    It’s the simple things.
    I am at heart a humble artist from the old school.
    I devoted my entire life toward creating a masterpiece of outstanding beauty in a universal expose to enlighten and free every individual to reach his or her potential organically”.
    They just don’t understand me.

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