Mkhitaryan return to put even more pressure on Ozil?

Mesut Ozil is finding it very hard to get a start in Emery’s first team at the moment with the boss seeming to think that he simply doesn’t fit into his system. The arrival last week of Denis Suarez could have pushed Ozil even further from Emery’s plans as the boss is desperate to use a winger. But now today we have the injury news from Arsenal and the boss now has yet another option.

Emery told when asked about the team news: “Mkhitaryan also played 45 minutes on Monday with the under-23s. Today, Aubameyang is sick but I think he’s okay for Saturday. Also yesterday, Laurent Koscielny was sick but today he is training well. I think the other players are well and will be OK for Saturday.

And when asked about whether Henrik was ready to play, he said: “We thought last week that with two training sessions after six weeks being injured, it was not enough to play against Manchester City. But after this week, playing with the under-23s and working with us, I think it is the first time I can think about him being with us.”

Before his injury, Mhkitaryan was usually used as a winger, and although Suarez has practically just got off the plane, Emery thinks he is also a good option at the moment. “The first day last week was adaption to us and also with 25 minutes against Manchester City. But already from the first day with us, he was already with good performance, but this week he worked Monday with our coaches and also yesterday. Today he is working with different adaptation and better than last week. I hope he will continue, he is improving every day with us. Then I hope he can show in the next matches how he can help us better than in the first match against Manchester City.”

So with now the Armenian and Suarez to choose from, does that lessen Ozil’s chances of playing today even weaker?


  1. Dan kit says:

    What it does do is it gives emery even more excuses not to play ozil .
    Not sure what his problem is with ozil but leaving him out is only damaging his own job makes no footballing sense to keep omitting him .
    But I suppose as long as we got 10 outfield players willing to put their body’s on the line we should win this comfortably ,because like we’ve seen the last few weeks ,that’s really worked out well for us ??‍♂️

    1. gotanidea says:

      Maybe Emery thinks Ozil can only play well as a no 10 at home and he has seen that Ozil is lousy as a winger

      The problem is Mkhitaryan is also not consistent when playing as a winger and I don’t think Suarez can work there too

      If Emery wants to use winger as part of his strategy, he should use the specialist one

      1. We have done poorly away from home. Is this possibily because Ozil has been left out?

        1. RSH says:

          same thing was happening last season when he was playing away though

    2. Goonster says:

      @Dan kit
      You the Ozil fan club are besides yourselves.
      Under wenger ozil took a monkeys knowing no matter what he will play and you guys loved it while some of us kept asking for more from him.

      I am so glad we have a new manager that will not take any nonsense with our primadona players. Emery might not have the results I hoped for but as I said, this was a write off season for me, next season when he has more of his own players then I will start to expect more from him. But right now I am just happy that he is trying to get rid of the wenger under achievers or make them earn their money and place in the first team.

      1. Dan kit says:

        @goonster ,where does it say I am in the ozil fan club ?
        I’m in the arsenal fan club and want to see the best players out on that pitch ,and the results we have had recently pretty much speak for themselves .if you’re happy watching this kind of football then you’re welcome to it ,but until emery starts backing up what he is paid for then i will criticise as I see fit .hes been along enough now to get his style how he wants it ,there’s no need to have this wenger excuse everytime something doesn’t go our way .”oh weve lost it must be beacuse of wenger “.wengers gone get over it

        1. Sue says:

          Nice one Dan kit ?

          1. ken1945 says:

            Dan kit, also well said sir!!!
            It gets so boring and repetitive blaming someone who has been gone for over ten months.
            Why people think that there has to be this fan club or that fan club is absolute rubbish.
            If one supports AFC there should be no divisions, opininos yes, but not made up divisions.
            What is the purpose of it all?

            As for Ozil being under pressure. what pressure?
            He can only keep himself fit, make himself available and wait for UE to select him.
            The laughable thing is that he is being criticised for doing that!!
            Just what in heavens name is he supposed to do?
            Meanwhile the club pays him his salary for sitting on thebench (if he’s lucky!) and we have performances like the City game.

      2. All time Gunner says:

        Pls chk the player selection for the 1st half season when we not loss all game. Ozil toreira xhaka play all the game. We need 2 player like toreira & ozil who can play the game with their creativity. Xhaka can assist these 2 player with his long range pass. When emery drop ozil and replace with clueless guendouzi we not win any game. Only lose or draw bcoz guendouzi have no creativity at all. Only pass back or parallel pass. No pass to striker so how to score how to win.

  2. Eddie Hoyte says:

    We don’t have wingers FFS!! The only winger we have is Iwobi and though he’s bang average, you can say he’s trying and needs to put a lil more in.
    Mhki ain’t no winger, the guy was playing so badly and poorly also before he got injured but he kept his place on the team, I don’t think this has to do with Ozil not defending or marking, I think it has to do with Emery’s personal view of Ozil.
    Last month we had people inside the club coming out to say Ozil was working really hard and determined to get back into the team, if it was about working hard and proving to the coach, Emery would’ve given him the chance or a run of games to see what has changed but he hasn’t.
    I won’t be surprised to see Suarez a constant name on the sheet over Ozil, the man prefers his old players no doubt.
    That being said, you guys can’t say after everything that Ozil hasn’t been training well or putting in extra shifts to impress Emery.
    I still think Ornsteins comment on Suarez is a bit worrying, but still I’ll love to see what he can offer to the team.

    Ozziegunner an answer to your question
    “Which highly credentialled well respected coach/manager with an equivalent or better CV to Unai Emery would follow him to the Emirates given the quality of the existing squad, the available transfer budget, Arsenal’s self sustaining financial model and Scrooge Kroenke as owner?”

    I think the answer is it’s not a must we get a coach with better CV to Unai Emery, as long as it’s a young driven, success hungry coach who can handle the team same time as building the team spirit, while also utilising them to their strength.
    I don’t think if Emery is to leave that we must get a coach better than him or similar to him, who the hell was Tuchel when he replaced Klopp at Dortmund first? Or who was Arsene Wenger when he replaced Pat Rice? He had just a single league win at Monaco before going to Japan but look how he turned out.
    Take a look at OGS at Manchester Utd, people would’ve questioned his appointment, but he’s getting the best out of his players and attack, something world class Mourinho failed to do.
    It doesn’t have to be a world class coach we get, I hope you get my drift?
    I think my point is I don’t believe we’ll need a Luis Enrique or Allegri just because they have better or close CV to Emery.. Whoever comes in whenever Emery moves on should be a coach who’s hungry for success, and really wants to prove something.

    1. McLovin says:

      We need 2 wingers in the summer..

    2. gotanidea says:

      I have never said Ozil is lazy. Because according to his stats, he covered a lot of distance

      Nonetheless, Xhaka also has dazzling forward pass statistic, but this is normal for a deep-lying playmaker and a DM, since there is less pressure in the back. However that impressive yet deceiving stat will not change his inability to dictate the tempo and make risky passes/ movements

      Similarly, Ozil has amazing stats but he is unable to control the game and unwilling to make high risk passes/ movements, maybe due to his fear of losing the ball and the opponent’s harsh tackle. I believe Emery has assessed Ozil’s tendencies during some EPL games at the beginning of this season and only play him in easier home games for the strategy purpose

    3. Th14 says:

      Iwobi isn’t a winger, if you say he’s average when playing as a winger then I won’t argue with you because he is only filling a position we lack.

      Another thing is You can’t ask a coach to change his pattern and style he is accustom to just because of 1 player. The players are payed to take instructions from the coach and not the other way round. Emery is not known to play a 4231 which accommodates a no10 and he won’t start now because of Ozil. Now I ask, Eddie do you want Ozil playing as our winger??

      Victor Moses was in a similar situation at Chelsea, under conte he was arguably the best wing back in the world because of the 343 formation that allowed the use of wing backs and when sarri came, he played a 433. Moses became useless in that system but you didn’t hear the Chelsea fans calling for sarri to change his style to 343 just so he can play Moses did they?

      My point is asking Emery to change his style to accommodate Ozil is like telling Phil to give up his season ticket or Dan kit to love and appreciate Iwobi. I hope you get my drift.

      1. Dan kit says:

        Iwobi isnt even a footballer let alone a winger .
        In all seriousness iwobi as no chance as a number 10 ,his passing is useless ,his shooting is useless,so I’m not sure what’s left for him to use as a number 10,
        I can honestly say I’ve seen 15 -16 year olds that are more advanced than iwobi is now .
        TH14 just look up iwobis stats as a forward player ,they Are not good reading

        1. Th14 says:

          I guess Arsenal fc is now a cricket team, that justifies why Iwobi is playing for the club eh Dan? and to say “I’ve seen 15 -16 year olds that are more advanced than Iwobi” is laughable ? what about 10 year olds, or new born babies? Lmao ?

    4. Break-on-through says:

      Those are some excellent points Eddie, about a possible manager position. The main worry is Arsenal fans themselves. Arsene came in and done it almost straight away, I don’t think that could happen with this team facing these rivals, so I’d expect fans to be on the managers back no matter who comes in. Allot of them call for the biggest managers because they have proven records and fans are hoping that it will make a difference. I get what you say about hunger and getting maximum from the players, but that might not be enough, so again it might well come down to giving the manager a fair bit of time so he can slowly build.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Break on through, I agree with you and that was the reason there was such a noise when Arteta was being put forward as a possible replacement.
        No-one really thought about the learning curve he had gained under Pep, or the fact that he knew “The Arsenal Way”.
        Solskjar has proven that you don’t need to have a cv full of trophies, just the backing and confidence of the players.
        I believe Eddie is right in his assessment, but will our fanbase see it that way?

        Anyway, let’s hope that UE will succeed and the need to look further doesn’t arise.
        The first thing UE needs to do, in my humble opinion, is sort out this mess with Ozil and get some creativity in the team.

  3. AlexLaca9 says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that Ozil is being forced out of Arsenal now and isn’t wanted there anymore. I think Emery is looking at rebuilding the squad in the summer and Ozil is not in his plans and he probably feels he could use the 350k more efficiently on getting players that suit his system. Like it or not Arsenal’s wage bill is very high and Ozil’s salary is a huge drain. He’ll probably get the odd game here and then from now on, nothing with too much responsibility or where much will be expected of him, more importantly nothing that would give him hope that he still might have a future here. It’s sad but our lack of ruthlessness is what got us in this situation in the first place

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree. I like the club’s ruthlessness

      It’s their time to act like a big club. It should apply to everybody. If Emery cannot improve Arsenal’s league position, they have to find a new manager

      1. Dan kit says:

        So the clubs ruthlessness will leave us with bog standard players but that’s ok as long as they can run around looking busy for 90 mins .
        Our football as been terrible recently ,don’t you wanna see some quality in there ?because the way we are going all we are going to be left with is players that give 100% ,no matter how sh1t they actualy are with their football skills .

        1. AlexLaca9 says:

          Oh relax. Emery is the manager now, if he doesn’t fancy Ozil then let him sell him and bring in his own players, they can run the whole day I don’t really care much as long as his system works and moves the club forward. If not then I’ll be eagerly waiting for the club to show him the same ruthlessness. Fair enough for you Dan? Could be ozil, could be elneny I don’t really care. He’s in charge, as long as he understands that it’s a double edged sword.

  4. Leon says:

    Mkhitaryan to put even more pressure on Ozil?
    Yeah, I bet it is a nightmare to get a decent parking spot at London Colney…

  5. Pat says:

    We will continue to lose and concede if we don’t have a defensive mentality. This man called Emery has no respect for our defence, he has no respect for what others teams can do, he doesn’t put a maximum pressure on other team’s defenders. Even if we score we will end up conceding if the other team is at it against us. I love Mkhi and I have respect for his abilities but he can be very unreliable most times. If Emery doesn’t fancy Ozil then he should plan for a 0-1 game. At if we can’t create goal scoring chances, then we should be able to defend properly.

  6. Pat says:

    Am watching Man U right now and Ole’s team are defending and attacking. The middle is not very active because Fulham loves to play fancy. He choose is tactics right and quickly two goals came. The game is on going and I do not know what the full time result will be, but Man U is playing very solidly.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Pat you have to give it OGS at United, their attack used to be poor under Mourinho, but he’s certainly getting the best out of these players he inherited. Using them all to their strength, and you can see that even if they struggle at the back, the attack will finish their job and really as long as they score goals, they’re not really pressured at the back.
      The opposite is happening wit us, trying to defend for months while losing our attacking skills and touch.
      Now we struggle to score,been struggling to defend

      1. Pat says:

        Yes Eddie, Emery forgot that attack is the best form of defence. Our opponents can read us like the back of their hands. They know our weaknesses if more than our manger. If we don’t create enough, how can we score, why would any sensible teams not attack us. There is nothing to fear about us, we are Avery fragile imbalance team. Anyone can have us on the chopping board anytime they like. I wish all gunners luck today but I will not lose a wink of sleep over Emery. I wonder why we have to be like this.

  7. arsenal314 says:

    We’ve lost our attractive football…i still don’t get what pattern Emery is trying to play….he has brought in 6 players already,we should be doing a lot better.

  8. Damian says:

    Score-2-1 against a bottom team. A stubborn manager who refuses to play your highest paid creative player. We lost diamond eye and now we are
    Going from bad to worse

    1. Goonster says:

      Ozil is a myth guys. He has done close to nothing in his time here. Where was this creativity from your saviour Ozil in the last 2 seasons where we finished 5th and 6th? Stop deluding yourselves wheh it comes to Ozil. The guy has been finished since Madrid got rid of him.

      We should cut our losses and also get rid like how Germany and Madrid did to him.

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