Mkhitaryan snipes at Mourinho ahead of imminent Arsenal debut

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has spoken out about his excitement to get started under Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, whilst having a sly dig at former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.

It has been claimed that the Armenian international struggled at Old Trafford due to his previous manager’s negative tactics, and he is now looking forward to a free reign in creating and attacking for his new side.

Mkhitaryan is set to make his debut tonight against Swansea City, and is expected to start the match alongside fellow creative maestro Mesut Ozil, which should be a dream come true for any striker to be able to rely on for service.

The 29 year-old is full of praise for Wenger, and pinpoints the possibility to play under Arsene as a key factor in his move.

‘Of course it’s very important to have respect from your manager. I know that he’s demanding and he likes his players to explore,’ he said.

‘He was one of the [reasons] to join Arsenal as well because everyone knows he’s a great manager.

“I’ve known him for a long time and of course it was not very difficult to make this decision to come to Arsenal, because I think the way that Arsenal play [make] it a dream for every player to come here and play offensive football.”

Will Mkhitaryan relish the attacking freedom and flair granted by Arsene Wenger’s system? Will he hit the ground running tonight?

Pat J

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  1. GB says:

    It’s squeaky bum time for us waiting for the Auba deal to be finalised.
    Mentimewhile, spuds have signed a proper goal scoring winger in Lucas Moura.

    1. Lewboi89 says:

      More like the Brazilian Theo

  2. Will says:

    Not really a dig though is it?

  3. Thenry says:

    Lucas moura is not a proper goal scoring winger he’s been pants in a inferior French league get your facts right before taking up players from other teams over our own signings miki is on a different level to moura

  4. jon fox says:

    Off this threads topic but I can’t surely be alone in thinking all the signs are that Aubameyang is a rotten apple. Falling out with Dortmunds fans and teammates, late time keeping, loads of flash cars, taking time off from training to make an unauthorised(by his club) visit abroad. “All about me” attitude. Now looks likely to sign for us but do not expect plain sailing . My long life experience of human nature sets off warning signals a plenty. You have been warned. We do not want another nutter like the Italian twerp Man City finally got rid of, MARIO, SOMETHING OR OTHER. Mercifully I can’t remember his surname but I DO remember his team disruption. Rotten apples are poison in a team sport, however talented they be.

    1. Alkali says:

      He can walk around the emirates naked if he can score 35-40 goals per season for all i care

      1. Edu says:

        That was savage

      2. Sven says:

        35 – 40 goals in Premiership? How?

        He’s aging and moving to one of the 2 top leagues for the first time.
        I’ll be very glad if he scores 25 – 30 in all competitions.

  5. Phil says:

    Totally see where your coming from Jon.I believe he has become frustrated at Dortmund as they have not progressed as a club over the past 4-5 years and he has previously touted himself for a move to Madrid that never materialised.This is his chance to play for the biggest club he is now ever likely to play for so you would trust he recognises this and proves he is the talent his build up portrays.The EPL is a much tougher and more competitive league than he has ever played in before so he has a lot to prove both to us and to himself.He appears a confident player so let’s hope the hype is worth it

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