Mo Elneny explains how emotional he felt when Arsenal gave him a new contract despite injury

Mohamed Elneny is the oldest player on Arsenal’s books at the moment, having been signed by Arsene Wenger from Basel back in January 2016, and there is no doubt that he was fulfilling his dream when he came to the Gunners and has loved being here ever since.

Despite those 8 seasons at the Emirates, he has only actually started in 106 games, with another 48 substitute appearances, but he has never complained and has always been ready to play his part in cup games or when we have been decimated by injuries.

Last year was particularly hard for the Egyptian, as he had only made four starts before he was seriously laid out with a knee injury which kept him out for the rest of the season. At 30 years of age with his contract set to run out last summer, he honesly thought his career with the gunners was over, but then he was given a shock by Arteta and the management, when they offered him a yer extension to his deal while he recovered from his injuries.

He could not believe it and admits he was overjoyed. “It was one of the happiest days in my life,” Elneny said in an interview with the Standard. “The way they spoke to me, the way the entire club was happy about this decision, they made me cry this day.

“Arsenal football club, they know I love them 100 per cent, so much. They know I don’t want to leave. I want to stay and finish my career there, 100 per cent.

Elneny is now fit again, but is finding it harder to get any game time with the plethora to top midfielders at the club, but has no intention of giving up fighting for his place. “I want to finish my career when I’m 37 or 36, so I still have five or six years left to go,” he continued. “I’m working really hard like always and trying to go back into the first XI for Arsenal. For sure, it’s my goal this year.

“I know I’m coming back from a long injury and this is what I’m doing in the training ground; fighting, fighting and fighting to come back and be in the starting XI.

“That’s why I’m giving 100 per cent every day to show I’m ready to play and then when I get the chance to play, I have to show I can still be there and give my everything to this club.”

I really hope that he will get some chances in cup games to show he still retains his talent, and as has always been known as one of the hardest workers in training, I have no doubt that he will get there.

I can’t really see him leaving Arsenal though, and perhaps he could be helping out with coaching the youngsters and teaching them how to be as professional as he is.

I know many fans think that he should never have been given a new deal, but isn’t that what we are proud to call “The Arsenal Way”?

Jack Anderson


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  1. Yes. It’s the Arsenal way.

    And an example of a loyal and hardworking worker rewarded for what he does despite not the very best at his field of work.

  2. I admit that I wasn’t a fan early on but he converted me. He’s talented and very hard working. I’m glad he’s with us

  3. My view will be a minority one but I have never runderstood WHY AW bought him in the first place Secondly, though he is doubtless a popular team mate and seems a top club man, the SHEER UNFORTUNATE TRUTH, is that he is not remotely near the standard of our other rmidfielders. Why MA awarded him a new contract is unfathomable to me!

    He is extremely limited and IMO should be NOWHERE NEAR a club and team of our stature.

    1. I could see why we bought him – at the time he was a physically and technically solid young player who we would have hoped would improve and become a dominant presence in midfield. However, for whatever reason that never happened, and in truth he’s just a decent midfielder – no major weaknesses, but no real strengths either. He can “do a job” for the team, but that’s it. Usually players like that tend to move on and end up doing OK at a middling EPL club, or something similar.
      He seems like a very nice man, but, like you, i don’t understand why he’s still here. Whatever he says, it’s unfathomable he’ll ever be a regular first team player, the best he can hope for is to cover for injuries and play in lesser competitions. I would prefer we invested in a younger player and tried to bring them through instead of keeping elneny, but hey ho.

        1. They sacked the mascot but are happy to pay someone 100x more to stay and train? Something doesn’t add up with this family club

    1. If something is indeed unfathomable, by definition , NO ONE can fathom it. Not you, not I, no one at all. Otherwise it would NOT be unfathomable. Would it!!

      Just to advise you of an obvious truth!

  4. I can’t remember one occasion when Mo let us down. He’s never been the most outstanding player on the pitch, but one that just keeps going from start to finish without flagging.
    He’s recently started his own London football academy, Elneny FC, so it looks like he’s making preparations for when he packs in playing.

  5. I love the guy MO
    His character in training seems to be what the team want the young ones to emulate from him which is a good reason to earn him new contract. ARSENAL IS THE BEST CLUB INTERNALLY. This case of MO says it all.

  6. Every team needs reliable back up squad players who are willing to sit on the bench and come on, if and when necessary. Elneny is one such player, not top notch I agree but has never let us down, never got a smile off his face and never complains. A proper loyal, decent player and decent person.

  7. Some folk seem to think a likeable but extremely limited player has a divine right to stay here, simply becaus he is likeable.

    Can some intelliegent person please explain that “thinking”, as THIS intelligent fan cannot see why anyone who puts the teams success above affection for a very limited player would even consider keeing a player as poor, even though loyal and likeable, as Elneny!

    1. Where on earth would you see a talent like rice,partey etc willing to take a role he takes as 4th choice or even lower, hardly make match day squad and willing to give all anything called upon and has good attitude regardless, even a poor sambi can’t accept such role in the squad

  8. He is the most consistent player I’ve seen. 8 years, 4 managers and still a fan favourite. Hardworking, excellent stamina, great attitude, rarely gives the ball away and odd superb goals here and there. No complains, always happy and gives solid 7 to 8 everytime on the pitch. And still only at 31 years old.

  9. MO is good let him stay. He will be vital when we need to see out games and rest Rice/Partey. Besides, I heard Georginho is on Barcelona’s wishlist so we might be losing him very soon. We will need MO.

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