Mo Elneny – Return to Besiktas or keep as backup at Arsenal?

The Egyptian midfielder Mohamed Elneny has also been a bit divisive amongst Arsenal fans, with many thinking he is an able backup that produces the occasional bit of brilliance, but does not have the skills to be a regular first teamer.

Now, with just 12 months left on his contract we are getting many contradictory reports about where his future lies.

Obviously we could just let him run down his contract until next summer if we fail to get in good enough replacements, but according to Football.London the Gunners are intending to give him an extension after commencing talks in April.

But I am more likely to believe that the 28 year-old will not have his contract extended and he will be given the option of finding a new club or staying on at the Emirates as a fringe player, which has never seemed to have bothered him in the past to be fair.

Now it is being reported by AS that Besiktas, who are the current Turkish Champions, are keen for Elneny to return to the club after having a very successful loan in the Super Liga the year before last, but again it is only likely to be a loan and would just reduce our wage bill for next season.

Do you think we should keep him as backup, or just let him leave this summer?

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  1. He’s been working hard for the team, unfortunately we’ve got many similar young midfielders waiting for their turns. Willock, Maitland-Niles, Chambers and Azeez can do the same role in deep midfield area

    I think Arteta likes his work ethic and attitude though, so he might get a new contract

    1. Arsenal will never learn from their mistakes. look at Emi Martinez now,
      Elneny is a good player, just keep the guy.

  2. It may come down to the number of non homegrown players on the roster. Otherwise, he has been a capable backup and endless engine, but with only domestic matches this year trimming the squad is necessary.

  3. If Arsenal decide to follow up their Maddison interest they will offer him £200,000 per week and put in a bid of around £60m.

    Marseille’s Boubacar Kamara has been offered to Arsenal for around £20m. He won’t be extending his contract at Marseille and Marseille will need to sell him.

    Onana personal terms agreed but deal not done yet. Ckub may speed up after 5 European clubs push to sign him. His supposed move to Lyon, Inter or wherever is far from done.

    Locatelli to Juventus is now a done deal. Deal struck at 35m

    1. Thanks for the news

      60 M transfer fee and 200 K weekly salary are simply too much for a right-footed CAM. We’d better ask for Pereira’s or Lemar’s availability/ price tag

      We won’t need Kamara if we get Lokonga. That amount of money + maybe another 20 M might be enough to buy Fabian Ruiz Pena, Koopmeiners or Camavinga

      1. Maddison is far better than Lemar…
        And lots of Premier League Experience…
        And Natural Quality…

        1. so glad we dodged that Lemar bullet. I remember when we were all upset the deal didn’t get done 😂

          1. Your obsession with which foot these players use amazes me. You can’t make any statement without stating either left foot or right foot. So in your opinion, a right foot Cam should be less expensive than a left foot cam regardless of what skills they posses.

        2. Maddison seems to be faster, taller and more aggressive than Lemar, but he’ll bench Smith-Rowe, Willian and Willock if he comes

          Lemar or Pereira can start together with Smith-Rowe in 4-3-3 or 3-4-2-1 formation. This will enable them to cut inside and make diagonal passes frequently

  4. Mohamed Elneny is a good player. Definitely keep him.
    Yes. I know we are going to trimm the squad. A lot of players are already going to leave. But don’t let Elneny go. Too many new players can erode the DNA of Arsenal. We don´t solve our issues just by buying a bunch of new players. Keep the best skilled players, and who are ready to work hard for the mangers playing concept

      1. KEN then you SERIOUSLY wish to keep Elneny? I can scarcely believe you agreed with that daft post. Do you not WANT our team to progess then and shed the poor players who have held us back so long! Elneny is nowhere near Arsenal quality and you must surely know that!

  5. Yes, I think despite his being an advocates of the Palestine violent ideological fight against the Israelis, I think for this his serious anti-Israel posture, but heavily pro-Palestine. Elneny should vacate Arsenal this summer to ply his trade and Palestine advocacy elsewhere. Where he’ll be much freer to express his support for Palestine unlimited as he will like to express it.

    But of course it’s all depend on what Arteta and Edu think about if they will to see Elneny remain at Arsenal this summer and possibly beyond it. Or offload him altogether.

    As Arsenal player who is good on the field of play whenever he has played for the club ever since he joined Arsenal, I’ve liked him and support him since then because he has been a competent Gunners.

    In my thinking, Israel were magnanimous enough when they gave Hamas the Gaza Strip as their own country or nation to live and dwell there. But it’s soon turned out to become a case of, he who gives a Nigerian Ibira man a glass of palm wine to drink to quench his thirst has asked him to speak grammar. For, he’ll say, give me another tumbler. The Hamas Palestinians were given Gaza. But they refused to be satisfied with their getting it. As they have ever since their getting Gaza been demanding to have the whole land of Israel.

    1. SAA, please study the roots of the Israel/Palestinian conflict more deeply before slating Mohammed Alneny for expressing his freedom of speech.
      A player should not be expected to forego his human rights just because he plays for Arsenal FC.

        1. Ozzie: in the country I come from we would say he read very little and thinks he knows a lot!

        2. Unfortunately there isn’t much water in Gaza and the Isreali settlers are snweaking in and taking everthing they can grab. as much as religion this conflict is about water rights. Back to Mo. a nice guy, his heart’s in the right place and loves to play, but Arsenl’s goal is top four, or at least I hope it is.

    2. AAA

      So we should sell or let go of a player because of his Religion or which political side he supports? I thought we were talking football and football tactics/skills here.

      MO might not be the most skilled footballer, but one can’t question his commitment. If we let go of Xhaka en fail to get a replacement, it makes sense to keep a hold of MO….but if we still have Xhaka or his replacement, we can offload him given that we are not in Europe so we play less games.

    3. Incredibly under-researched perspective. This is not the place for the debate, but you’ll find that, outside of Israel, this stance is thankfully in the minority.

      1. I agree i am surprised to say the least that his comment was allowed to be posted in the first place but to remain.

        1. It isn’t uncommon for similar posts to remain Siamois. I remember Ozil and his support of the Uighur muslim community by China. Human rights are an incredibly important issue, but it is best left out of a sports website where not all the comments are well researched and understood by those who post them.

          1. Strangely to me I actually DID delete it, but obviously forgot that Samuel nearly always posts twice. It’s a bit late to delete this one so I’m just glad it didn’t get out of hand…

            Politics are a personal issue and have nothing to do with Arsenal, …

    4. A ridiculous shameful political outburst on a football forum.
      Why bother with admin.!!!

    5. SAMUEL Usually I prefer not to comment on your posts, though I do read them. But why on Earth bring the Middle East conflict into your post? I take no particular side in this and find both sides inflexible and typically” male”, meaning far too aggressive in general.

      Elneny has his views and he is entitled to them. But whatever they are is not a reason for either keeping him or selling him. I have long wanted him sold, though simply because he is well below Arsenal needed quality . Hoqwever, I find him pleasant and committed to our club, though both are irrelevant.

      But please do not confuse his Arsenal situation with your own views on the Middle East debate and so why mention them at all?

      JA is not the right platform for this, SAMUEL.

  6. omg, please get rid. we dont have extra games this season. bang average player. name one of our rivals who would even think of taking him as a squad player??

  7. Samuel, peddle your rhetoric elsewhere…as for Elneny, the player, I’ve always respected his work ethic and his incredibly positive demeanor…unfortunately, those qualities aren’t enough to justify his continued existence in North London…with a much less demanding schedule on tap, minutes will be at a premium, so it’s time to cut ties and inject some young blood into the lineup now and again…wish him nothing but the best in all his future endeavors…on a side note, congrats Emi for your glorious Copa victory…it’s great to see that all your hard work is finally paying off

  8. Elneny is useful to have as an available DMF especially if Xhaka finally leaves, but it all really depends on what happens overall with transfers in/out & loans. So much is still up in the air.

  9. I think if we get an offer to sell it is better to sell MO. I love him and I think he outperformed Partey last season, scoring some bangers in the procees too. But as we are not in Europe, and as the minutes are less it is sensible to give them to players like Willock or Lokonga or Azeez. I just hope someone can replicate his long rangers on a more consistent basis. Also we do need a player that can play further up the midfield more urgently, and I dont think winning the Champions league in three years applies anymore because of a wasted first year. So may we try our young players more frequently in the middle to see their development and not bring too many outsiders? 2 middfielders, one Acm and one cm/dcm and we are good to go to realistic heights this season in my humble opinion.

  10. Mo got his first 11 chances on merit last season and I think he will do so again next season irrespective of who we bring in or younger guys that we give opportunities to

  11. I was trawling through a website that publishes the players’ salaries. Elneny is on £50k pw. I admire his work ethic immensely and he did well last year. Pay more, pay less or let go?

    1. I think if he can sign for a couple of years on 50-60k/week, it is a good deal for Arsenal. The guy works tirelessly for the team, and has great attitude. And he can for sure do a job when called upon.

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