Moaning about VAR just masks over the catastrophic Arsenal performance

Some Arsenal fans are blaming VAR for the first Watford goal today and while strictly speaking Gerard Deulofeu had a foot in the penalty area when Leno passed the ball to Sokratis it is really getting desperate if this is what we are reduced to.

It has nothing to do with VAR or Deulofeu’s foot and everything to do with the shocking defending from Arsenal that cost us two points this afternoon.

To try and deflect from what actually occurred is to bury one’s head in the sand and I for one will not be jumping on the bandwagon.

Arsenal was lucky to escape with a draw in a game they were winning 2-0 and you have to remember, that lead was against a team without a win this season, rock bottom of the standing and under new management.

Arsenal fans must be honest with themselves and acknowledge the awful state this team is in right now, we are talking multiple players, experienced players making catastrophic mistakes that are costing the team dearly and even if Arsenal get some VAR decisions go their way, if you think that is the difference between Arsenal being a genuine top-four contender and one that is not then you are only kidding yourselves.

We will not be able to hope that VAR gets Arsenal out of trouble because it won’t, the only thing that will is highly paid professional footballers doing their damn job right.


  1. Lol…Here comes the excuses..
    I’m also waiting for the Emery needs 6 transfer windows squad to come with theirs tho, not to forget the Emery inherited a crappy squad gang??..
    Oh BTW, I wonder where we’ll be if Emery inherited the likes of Santos, Squillaci and Chamakh instead

  2. Enough said and well said , we can’t hold a 2-0 lead , we simply don’t deserve to be in the top four . I couldn’t t agree more .

  3. Emery have lost confidence after EUROPA final,he graciously submit the trophy to Chelsea befor the final…..Arsenal can’t boss any team our midfield is like Sunday school team in fact we look childish every match…new DVD error of Arsenal

  4. Jose in emery out. Best option we have to get anything from the season now. If emery stays I think we might struggle to stay in a top four fight

    1. If Jose is the alternative I think I’ll stick with Emery lol….. Not only is parking the bus not for us but there can’t be a single Gooner who can honestly say they didn’t mock that man mercilessly whilst he was at United. Why think he would do any better with us?

      If/when Emery does go i’ll personally be quite happy for Freddie to be given a shot – not only does he know what it means to be The Arsenal but he did wonders with the U23s and seems to have Raul and Edu’s backing along with all our youngsters.

  5. Please Arsenal fans what is Emery doing??? Some said coaching and some said experiment while some said try and error…..we look ordinary with Emery that’s all.

    1. Remember who was in charge at PSG when Barcelona reversed a 4 – 0 first leg loss in UEFA Champions Leave in March 2017?

  6. I saw many people blaming Emery today.

    Why will you blame Emery for today’s game when we should be happy we draw the game and not lose it since Watford is a Semi-finalist.

    The only problem is I don’t know in what competition.

    Liverpool= The world champion
    Tott= The Finalist

    Watford must be the semi-finalist. Don’t you think.

    I have problem with using Xhaka but Xhaka is even blocking and trying with no real impact and not even close to worst player on the pitch.

    My pick today is Emery and he needs to leave the club before he made all the players lose confidence.

  7. I have never seen emery as somebody that will take arsenal to the top four right from the day he was appointed and everything is playing out now.I now believe the story I saw on net that the player don’t understand him. He should leave.

  8. Arsenal fans take long to see things but slowly they’ll realize that these 3 decisions made by this clueless manager were plain mistakes.

    1. Selling Iwobi was first shot in foot

    2. Selling Mkitaryan the only player in arsenal midfield who can play at a high tempo. No wonder arsenal fans only criticized him for only missing chances.

    3. Sitting out Mustafi who is a better defender than Niles and Sokratis.

    4. Then comes the bogas captain Xhaka who even has the guts to say that arsenal were scared in 2nd half?? This guy is a true reflection of the coward manager.

  9. The Watford-Arsenal game was reminiscent of the 2008/2009 Spanish Super Cup match between Real Madrid and Valencia, then managed by Unai Emery. A nine-man Real came from a goal to beat Valencia 4-2 in spite of Valencia fielding players such as David Villa, Mata and David Silva.A leopard does not change its spots.

  10. The manager is responsible for results
    and is accountable. Emery is solely
    However if the gunners continue to lose he will have to bite the bullet.
    No ifs and buts.
    Losing to AV could be the final

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