Modest Mesut is confident of driving Arsenal to EPL title

Once again it was the Arsenal and Germany international who was at the heart of Arsenal’s latest Premier League win, with Mesut Ozil providing his 15th EPL assist of the season for Olivier Giroud to add to Theo Walcott’s opener against Man City. And it was Ozil and Walcott that faced the Sky Sports cameras after the game.

One of the most noticeable things about our creative genius, apart from the fact that his English was a lot better than I expected, was his modesty, something which the England striker spoke about after Ozil played down his own part in this vital win.

The German said, “We have played a lot of games in the last few weeks but we are happy to beat Manchester City. We will take the three points and all of us are happy about it.

“I’m happy to help the team. You see on the pitch that my team-mates help me to play my game. I just help them in return so today was another important game for us. I tried to give my best and we won the game, so we take the three points and that’s the most important thing.”

And Walcott added, “It’s amazing. He’s very modest. The thing about Mesut is that he sees things that most players don’t even see on the pitch. He knows what he’s going to do before he does it, you just have to make that run. We’ve got special players on the pitch who provide special moments in the match, and that makes our jobs so much easier.

“It’s a team game but you need these players in your team if you want to continue to play as well as we are at the moment. The amount he gives to this team, the threat going forward and also defensively, he puts a shift in and people don’t see that side of the game which has changed in the whole squad. Everyone’s working hard and I completely cramped at the end when I was chasing Yaya, but it just shows the amount of hard work that everyone’s put in this week.

“It’s difficult when you don’t play for eight days, to be able to get yourself up for it. The guys are going to be totally knackered tonight and they probably won’t get any sleep either.”

It was right of Theo to remind everyone just how much hard work Ozil has been giving to the Arsenal cause all season and his efforts last night became even more remarkable after Arsene Wenger revealed that his number 11 had been suffering with illness all week.

Despite the public modesty of Ozil, however, I can see a firm belief in his own ability and I think that may be why he has added such determination and desire to his game, because he knows that he and the team have the quality to win the league and that they deserve to as well.

Ozil said, “If you see the games against the big clubs, we won against them so we know our quality, if we play our game we can win the league. We will give our best all the season so we will earn the title in the end.”

Notice he doesn’t say that we might get the title, but we will, and if he keeps playing as he has been doing, who is going to stop us?

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  1. Yea bloody hell..someone should please tell Ramsey to stop trying to impress us..Ozil doesn’t score, he assists and we are all proud of him. Ramsey had two clear cut chances to pass the ball to Walcott but he chose to go for goal himself and wasted two goals.. his goal against Aston villa i am willing to bet if it was Ramsey in the position Ozil was before he passed to him(Ramsey) that he wouldn’t pass that ball. Lampard has said it, he needs to learn discipline and focus more on the defensive side, thats how Cazorla became boss even without goals.
    last month i came here and said Gibbs is a player who shouldn’t be in our team but i got thumbs down.. why did i said dat? i gave my reason..the dude has been with us over 8 years but hardly improves, he’s the same Gibbs of last three two and last season. saw it against City? i am a guy who praises whoever deserves it and slate who deserves it.. monreal had a poor start but look at him today, massive improvement. don’t give me the Gibbs has less playing time BS..if he improved we wouldn’t have gotten Monreal to replace Santos and he’ll be our first choice.he needs to be sold. Ox should be loaned. Of all our English players only Walcott has been and is the only player fulfilling his potential, wilshere is being killed by injuries. Campbell hasnt gotten a quarter of the chances Gibbs has gotten,Ox has gotten yet fans slated him when he started. please Gibbs should be sold and replaced. i’ve been hearing he will improve he will improve since six years ago yet he’s still the same bloody boy he was, he’s 25 now he should be sold while we can make a little money frm his sale

    1. Sell Gibbs for what? Honegrown, English, a bit part player on average wages. Why on earth should we sell him if he’s happy to be second choice? Absolutely brainless claims.

      And I remember Gibbs playing quite well last fall, just before Monreal started impressing the way he is now playing.

    2. By the way, he’s an utility player. Forget his goal against Spuds? He saved your face from neighborhood humiliation. No credit for that?

  2. There was an Article on here the other day about who Arsenals greatest signing has been since we moved to the Emirates. Some said Alexis, few said santi, loads said Ozil and I said Ramsey if he gets back to his best for the price we paid for him, and still stand by that…. BUT, atm the way Ozil started the trend for a new era at Arsenal with big signings etc… we have won back to back Fa Cups and Community Shields since he arrived, he has just passed Messi and making POTY “better than ronaldo” Hazard look average (59games fewer to reach 29assists, his creating stats are through the roof). He had broken a few records this season and out on his own now for 7games in a row plus he is on red hot fire, full of confidnce and bang at it… 15assists, 2goals in 16League games says it all.

    At this moment in time best player Wenger has signed and thats over Cech, Alexis, Rambo and Boss!

    1. What would his assist count be,
      If half the chances he laid on, were converted by a better striker?
      And the flip side, no one would be talking about Ozil,
      If we were going through a goal drought.. eg.. Utd ?

      So basically, Ozil is as good as our goal scorers!

      If they don’t convert his passes then he doesn’t get credited with the obvious! ??
      therefore, It’s back to the old drawing board my friend,
      Which came first…. the Chicken or the Egg ? ??

      I better take my medication, now ?

      1. You are a bit under estimate Mesut class dude. He’s the current all European assist king. The best there is at entire Europe. But I understand you are speaking before your daily medication. Very crowded voices inside there eh fatty?

        1. Your not wrong there! ??
          (Regarding Medication)

          But your missing the point!!
          (Regarding my comment on Ozil)

          Where did I state anything about his ability as a player?
          I was just stating the obvious, to be an assist king,
          you need someone to put away your passes, right?

          ???? So?

      2. Agreed 100% on that a better made ST wouldve banged a few more goals in, not all, though Giroud has taken his time he is now becoming one of best ST in the league this season. walcott hasnt played that much and is maturing the way he was supose to… Finially coming into his prime now so we will reap the rewards, also even more when Alexis is back and Walcott can play RW… id take that front line to the camp nou

  3. It’s Not a “who” that will stop us,
    As always…. It’s a “what” … called… IINJURIES!!

    In other news. .. Ozil says “there’s no rush to extend his contract” as there is still 2 year’s left on his current one!
    ? And you know that’s a polite way of saying “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” ? and why not? ?

    Arsenal have apparently agreed terms and a fee of 4.4 mil for Kokorin in January, But it will only go through if Welbeck has another Setback… ? ⏰⏳⌛♿♿♿♻
    So, we can consider that, as a done deal then ? ??

    Danny Setbeck – February?
    Jack Wheelchair – February?
    Tom-as-per-O-sicky – February?
    La Croaked – March?
    Fainti Cazover – April?
    Elastic Hamstring-chez – January?
    Me-can- tell- he Fartbetter – January?

    1. That’s joke right? It sounds like you are mocking our injuries player. All of them. You take wrong pills fatty. Need to change medication a.s.a.p.

      1. There’s no flys on you sherlock!!! ? ?
        Try rubbing some Vaseline onto your dry humour! ?
        Maybe You should try taking some happy pills yourself,
        And stop being a miserable git! ???

        merry x-mass ?
        and keep the change you filthy animal! ?
        (Home alone)

  4. @ Admin, what about creating a group chat on whatsapp ? We can discuss on match day and half time about the match. Would it be possible?
    What do you think gooners?

    1. Hahaha ?
      Whats the point in that?… When thats all done on here?

      If your looking for chat buddies,
      theres a million and one lonely Women on Tango!
      Go knock yourself out!
      Just Watch out for those ladyboys from Thailand ??

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