Mohamed Elneny reveals the secret to one of his goal-scoring skills

Mohamed Elneny is famed for scoring from outside the box whenever he finds the back of the net.

These goals sometimes prove pivotal to Arsenal in some of their matches, and the midfielder has revealed the sacrifices he does behind the scenes to achieve that success on the pitch.

Only a few players can score goals from outside the box, and Elneny is one of them. He claims he spends a lot of time after training, mastering that skill.

The Egyptian midfielder has just signed a contract extension at the club, and we might see more long-range strikes from him.

Speaking about the skill, he said, as quoted by Standard Sports

“It’s what I love!

“I love to score from distance. It’s what I work on every day in training. After every training, I work on it, when I finish training, I keep shooting from distance.

“Because I know shooting from distance can create a winning [scenario]. If the game is level and we need someone to shoot from outside, they can change the game sometimes. This is what I have to do, work on helping my team in every way.”

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Sometimes strikers struggle to break down opponents by moving inside the box, and the team would need someone who can score from outside.

Elneny has the right mindset, and that is why he has often been the difference-maker for the club in games.

In this campaign, hopefully, he would score even more goals from outside the penalty area to help us win more points.

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  1. Isn’t it great to see why Mikel wanted Elneny to stay at the club?

    A dedicated professional, who loves the club and is prepared to be the valuable squad member he is.

    Thank you Mikel for making this decision and let’s hope we see even more of those great goals – just goes to showcase what dedication and hard work can achieve.

  2. There was a vid on Arsenal .com recently showing him practicing and it was quite impressive. Anyway, I’m glad he’s staying too.

  3. I’m not, as I don’t rate him at all and never have! His lowly quality should not be anywhere near our great football club.

    1. Let’s support the manager and his selections. If Arteta deem Elneny good enough for his team why do you say otherwise?

      Whatever has happened to supporting our players? Where is the support?

      By not supporting Elneny and Xhaka despite Arteta extending their contracts, you don’t have the right to

      1. Criticise those who criticise the manager.
      2. Criticise lack of support for the club

      1. No Paul, HH is saying it as it is!!!

        So tired of being told we don’t support the club if we question any of Mikel’s decisions – it’s time to call these fans out!!

        He’s one of Mikel’s signings and we should be supporting his decisions (as is the case with Xhaka by the way) not criticising certain individuals who have proved them wrong.

  4. Really? Can you give me the number of goals he’s scored outside the box since he joined the club and happy to be a squad player?

    Arsenal had an opportunity to allow him to go but chose erroneously to extend his contract. So many deadwood in the team with big contracts. Don’t deserve to be hear. We need better players.

    1. So are you saying that MA has made a mistake after giving him a new contract?

      Second question :
      Name the “many deadwood in the team with big contracts and when they signed those contracts?

    2. For fu**s sake Howard, he accepts he’s not a number one pick for the team and happy to help when needed. Some people accept their limitations. We can’t all be a superstar. By your logic we would not have a subs bench.

  5. Not every member of the squad has to or can be a world class player. Elneny is a capable player who will not let anybody down. I remember in the 70-71 double year we had Eddie Kelly and Jon Sammels in the squad, not world class players but when they played both did not let anybody down and also scored some valuable goals. I’m not saying Elneny is world class but he’ll come in and do a good job.

  6. Eleney is a good player to have in your squad he’s professional about his job and never complains also very well liked at arsenal by staff and players

  7. Eleney is a loyal campaigner who plays with his heart on his sleeve.

    He once got a standing ovation from the Emirates faithfuls, for the shift he was putting in deep in extra time having started the match.

    Like Kante, mobile and humble he deserves that contract extension awarded to him by the gaffer.

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