Momentum gathering for Mikel Arteta to be named next Arsenal manager

Reports are coming in thick and fast that Mikel Arteta could be named the next Arsenal manager.

It has been widely reported that Arsenal chief executive Vinai Venkatesham and club lawyer Huss Fahmy were photographed leaving the home of Mikel Arteta in the early hours of the morning.

Sky News are reporting that Man City are seeking clarification from Arteta over his future.

You really do not need to add the dots together to work out what is transpiring here. I am confident enough to predict that Arteta will be named the next Arsenal manager within the next 24 hours.

Lawyers do not attend these sort of meetings for no reason, they are there to sort out all the legal stuff, like contracts.

This is not idle speculation, there is photographic evidence and the bookies have also reacted slashing the price on Arteta to odds on.

I am not sure that Arteta will be universally welcomed. He is far from being the big name a lot of the fans have been demanding.

He lacks any sort of management experience and being an assistant has never been a guarantee that one can step up.

Once Arteta is named, as I now expect him to be, it will be interesting to see the reaction from the fans. I am expecting a very mixed response.

The timing makes sense, it would have been foolish to wait until after the transfer window. It would also be just as foolish if the club does not back Arteta up in the transfer window.


  1. Perhaps in the end he said no to us, no one knows at present.
    Having seen how awful we were yesterday he may be thinking this could harm his reputation for ever.

  2. We just need to appoint a manager ASAP. We should also buy 3 players in January. Rakitic, Thomas Partey and Lewis Dunk.


    Bellerin Chambers Dunk Tierney

    Torrera Rakitic Thomas Partey

    Pepe Aubameyang Martinelli

    Loan out Guendouzi. Sell Sokratis

    Welcome to Arsenal Mikel Arteta.

    1. Not sure about Chambers…. especially as a CB, and isn’t Rakitic already old. Other than that, I like your line-up.
      I’d have preferred Ten Hag or Pochettino, but well…… I can’t complain about Arteta…. for now.
      We really should be concerned about our board though, rid ourselves of the Kroenkes and their inept appointees, and that in my opinion is more important than anything else.
      we probably would start complaining about Arteta too in a few months, as most of our players are just $#!+ and the board most likely would not find a overhaul. So, first things first, we should get a owner that actually cares about the club, or if the fans could own at least 40 – 50% of the shares, and appoint a president to represent us on the board or something. I’m scared for us as things stand really

      1. i agree with you.

        We need to get Thomas Partey and Lewis Dunk in January. Dunk understands the league.

        Partey is a beast. Very strong on the ball.

        we have to invest in January.those 2 players are a must.

        Pay athletico Madrid the right price and get Partey.

        As for Arteta. we just have to support him.

      2. A lot of people wanted Dunk this summer as well, but instead we got David Luiz. Passing up on Partey, if true, is criminal and proves these guys have no idea what they are doing. As much as I was a fan of signing Pepe, it was blatantly obvious we needed midfielders and especially defenders even more than a winger. Seriously, if we had kept Iwobi, he would probably have similar stats to Pepe right now, but that is with hindsight I suppose.

  3. Arsenal are at the moment rudderless, and given the toxicity in the stadium yesterday things are spiraling out of control. It doesnt matter who comes in, the Arsenal faithful will always be divided on who should get the job. Who ever they (the Board)choose needs to make one thing clear to the Arsenal fans from the outset. Do NOT expect miracles. This club needs to rebuild, and this means shifting out a lot of overpaid and less than committed players. Start with this new batch of extremely talented youngsters, and build a team and ethos for the future. This may result in us disappearing out of Europe for a couple of seasons, but id accept that with open arms if i knew that would happen.

    1. Then we better start Kroeke out campaign by emptying the stadium other wise he may not be ready to splash cash for rejuvenating the squad some thing the new manager might need to do emedietly after taking the job.

    1. it said board wanted Rodgers but afraid negative action from fans and look how it has turned to be, club need to act things as they are coz sometimes we fans acting emotionally

  4. If we appoint Arteta, then what is the point anymore? We are in one of the biggest crisis of the club’s history, and we’re on the verge of appointing someone with no managerial experience?

    Our defending is the number one priority to fix by a country mile, and the board want someone who spent his last 5 years as player under Wenger, and has been learning off Pep ever since? Wenger completely abandoned defending, and Pep’s teams (even Barcelona) have never been good defensively. None of us know what type of manager/head coach Arteta will be, but I find it highly unlikely he is the man to solve this most chronic of problems.

    Arteta will simply be a “yes” man, and an extremely unambitious appointment. I honestly think Simeone is the only one who could really get to the core of our problems.

    1. Like it has been pointed out ad nauseam – mentioning Simeone is like mentioning Messi or Mbappe.
      A waste of everyone’s time as there’s no way he would come to Arsenal any time soon.
      And leave Atletico mid-season???

      Welcome Mikel Arteta.
      He (or whoever else is chosen) should have our unconditional support for about 18 months. After that, however, first fruits of our gradual transformation should be seen.

      1. No way mid-season, that’s why I keep saying Allardyce until the end of the season to save us, then go all out for Simeone in the summer. I do agree however, that probably no top manager would want the Arsenal job though.

        1. Spot on. Something’s very wrong at Arsenal if the so called leaders cant see the wisdom in such a move.Get in a temporary hire in the mould of big Sam to keep us in the top ten. Then go all out in the summer instead of throwing Arteta to the deep end of things.

    2. Appointing Arteta will be a disaster.If we do I’ll give him a season in the Premiership as the following year we will be in the championship.I have supported this club for over 50 years and I can honestly say this is the worst team I have seen during this time

  5. We should have signed Jose….
    Everyone was like Jose is too defensive… His style play is negative… Irony is our defence is leaking…

    1. And even more ironically, Spurs have been banging them in since Jose’s appointment. I would have loved him, and now we could end up with Arteta!

      1. 👍 The bulk of these players have not performed for Wenger, Emery and now Ljundberg and virtually went weak at the knees and downed tools. Does anybody think they will not walk all over Arteta? They would not walk all over Mourinho, Ancellotti or Benitez. As for Guardiola or Simeone, he would have them in tears.
        If Arteta is selected, it will be a matter of penny pinching and wanting a yes man. The whole wage structure will have to change to move on the high wage earners and bring in players with character and professional and personal pride, who will fight for the Club.

        1. Of course they would walk over Mourinho. not right away but eventually. When things go bad it seems to be in the Arsenal DNA now that everybody gives up. I don’t know if Mourinho would have had the patience to reverse something like that when we have seen him blow up dressing rooms so many times. Not that this club could probably do with exactly that right about now I suppose… I think it’s more important Arsenal have a plan for the entire club tho. Mou is always short term thinking. If ARsenal are serious about committing to a long term plan and will back Arteta and not leave him out to dry then I welcome the risk. Unfortunately i dont think they know what they are doing

      2. Yes, a man that has never been a manager and to step up to manage a BIG club like the ArsenalNO WAY we need experience manager. The board want to stop pussyfooting around or pack there bags and do us all a favour and leave

      1. Yeah and loosing against Brighton, Loosing against Frankfurt, Is okay for you??
        We are forgetting that when Jose was Manager of Chelsea in his 1st spell his team was highest goals scoring team and was Lowest goals conceding team in year when they won championship..
        And we call him defensive…
        When he was a Manager of Inter and when Inter played a match against Barcelona at Camp Nou went down to 10 ten men on 20th Minutes yet they defended 1st leg 1-0 win against the likes of Messi, Xavi, Ibrahimovic..

  6. Definitely the cheap option and a shot in the dark. He was never in my thoughts as a manager of Arsenal, i dont see any relationship to Arsenal football club and city in the way the club is run and the type of players they can get. He is the heir apparent to Pep supposedly, so why are city letting him leave and why would he come? If that is the case. Great number 2s dont make great number 1s and that is my take on why we are desperately chasing Arteta. I will give the guy time but i doubt the majority of the fans will give him more than 5 games, he has nothing to back him up.

    1. May be we can relay on the saying that dont judge a book by its cover or title. Its some thing only time will tell so we need to wait and see, other wise Arteta is the only option the quickest one we can have right now.

  7. Being honest with ourselves, Arteta is as likely to succeed as anyone else. A manager’s CV rarely translates when he moves from one club to the next. He may succeed or he may flop. Nobody knows so stop with the hysteria.

    1. But we don’t have Oil Money so we can take risk…
      Our Business Model runs on CL football and if we don’t get it then I am afraid we would be leading to another case like Leeds United or some mid table teams like Bournemouth…

  8. I wanted Jose but not to be, I wanted Benitez but clearly not even on the table, I would have accepted Ancelotti as a stop gap but not to be. If Arteta is to be the man then I’m behind him all the way but I fear if he doesn’t make the impact immediately what will the atmosphere be. Could be inspired or another step down the hill for us. The board need to back any new manager in January with significant funds and be brave in selling the players who won’t sign a new contract.

    1. I think for marketing we have fringe players which Arsenal is keeping as assets who do nothing when it comes to saving Arsenal Orzil is one of the best example of many bcz his good days are already gone and yet he covers what can be used to pay two or three players who can even do better than him. Waste enough the man who hold him and is the one who knows how to use him has long gone thats Arsene Wenger. Lastly when Arsenal resorted to buying benched players because of being chip i new that the after math will be paying the price with club reversing instead of advancing.

  9. Olympiacos in the Europa League

    I believe everyone here would love Julian Nagelsmann as our manager. 3 years ago he was the manager of U19 of Hoffenheim. Before that he was an assistant at Hoffenheim. And now he’s hot property.

    Moral of the story: if Arteta is appointed, there’s no guarantee of him succeeding nor flopping. We DON’T know what’s going to happen but we can hope for the best.

  10. Looks like Arteta is happening.I just hope that in that hour meeting he put some demands to the board on buying a world class defensive midfielder

  11. Sorry to divert small

    It’s official
    ozziegunner and Agu eman are Emery fan.

    So funny how Ozzie always refers to Wenger’s match against Man U, Bayern etc as if there is no manager with heavy blow.

    Ferguson Man Utd was beaten 6-1 by upcoming Man city team, Mourinho was beaten 5-0 @ Madrid, 5-1 by Bayern, klopp 5-0 to Man city, many games like that.
    Your beloved Emery was beaten 6-1 with his heavily built team.

    If you think Wenger will be piss poor with this players under Emery, it means your knowledge about football is poor.

    Emery got lucky last season with just a point behind Tottenham bcuz Tottenham were piss poor in Epl last season.

    If you think Wenger will lose that Europa league to Sarri football, then you know nothing about football.

    You believe your Dad Emery was not supported by the club but you think Wenger was supported with enough money cos he was the manager? Nonsense.

    Always finding excuses for Emery.

    Emery can’t win a single match for over a month even when he faces piss poor teams.
    Take it or leave it, Freddie has play a better football than you Dad Emery.

    I’m sure if Freddie has play all dose poor teams for a month, he would have surely got us 4-5 wins from those matches.

    When we are it, you can still fight for your Dad to reappointed.

    Freddie’s ball is far better than Emery. Just simple
    Just compare the shot we face, the possession and pass completion in a single match with Freddie and your Dad Emery.

    1. Bobs, I haven’t read posts from you previously, but to put you straight, I am an Arsenal fan of 58 years standing; not an Emery fan except for supporting him when he was head coach. I, like many others on here, have seen worse league positions than this. What I have done is call out these so called highly paid “football professionals” who have underperformed for Wenger, Emery and now Ljundberg. They are not good enough in ability and character for Arsenal.

    2. Bobs,You really are an poor excuse for a PROPER fan who knows nothing, REPEAT NOTHING, of ozziegunners background as a long standing REAL fan. Get that, sonny boy?

  12. Arteta will be as successful as Lungberg

    I’d prefer another experienced manager. Emery failed but I think the right experienced manager won’t

    We shouldn’t hire a manager who has zero experience as a head coach

  13. arteta is no upgrade at all to Ljungberg. if they need one with arsenal connection, Viera is way better than arteta. he won cups with arsenal, learnt under Guardiola, and has been his own man with a couple of years in management. or they go for the current flamengo coach, I think the guy is a winner.

  14. I would love it that VV and HF were at Arteta`s house at 01:30 in the morning negotiating, but it`s more likely that Arteta was still on his way from London and them two were burgling his house of the trophies Mikel has won at Man C………………come on !………01:30 in the morning is prime burgler time, I should know, I was around VV and FH`s houses doing the same !………..although I found no trophies, just a container of contraband hairy beaver wigs!

  15. Ozil should should just be chipped out for free,Lacazette and Xhaka sold to bring in money for January business.We have the worst midfield in the premier league, our defenders are not helped at all.We need another Martinelli kind of all action forward to compliment Auba and Pepe.Lacazette is lazy,Ozil a dead man,Xhaka and Torreira can only manage Serie A

    1. Warom, I don’t disagree with your basic premise, but Lacazette is not lazy, compared to Aubameyang and Pepe.

      1. My brother Lacazette is one guy who is very highly overrated,when he scores its most likely at the Emirates and starts will suggest that, his efforts level is really low yet that’s a guy who is supposedly at his prime compared to a 31 year old Auba. Pepe is really good and we can’t over judge him playing in this disorganized team, being a new player in the league that takes a lot out of you.

  16. At last we shall go back to Kroekes neck unless he change his attitude of not splashing other wise another empty stadium awaits.

  17. Lets just put this into perspective if we end up with Arteta, just how much a shot in the dark it would be. He hasn’t managed at any level, he hasn’t got a ready made backroom team, that will have to be assembled from scratch and he hasn’t got a good solid base of a team to start with. I still fail to see why the board think he is the one to sort this club out. Another bad appointment? Or are we resigned to being a mid table club and no expectation?

  18. What happens to Ljumberg? Appointing an experienced manager would have seen him return to his no.2 position. I don’t see him agreeing to be Artets’s no.2.

    1. I would have thought he would be the number 2, i think thats what he was doing for the last 6 months and i dont think Arteta has a ready made number 2 being one himself. I think we are in the number 2.

  19. One of my concerns is, if Arteta gets the job, can he attract the top players? Is it worth the risk?

    Ancelotti, because he is available now, would be my choice for the next two years. As an Italian he would understand the need to build from the back, something that has been alien to this club for over a decade and now we are paying a heavy price.

  20. anchelotti could not attract pepe, how then are we guaranteed he will attract top players if appointed.I will go with arteta any day because we really need to go back to basics.

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