Monaco offer Mbappe BIG money to snub Arsenal move

I will have to eat my words and a big slice of humble pie if Arsenal do win the race to sign Kylian Mbappe from Monaco this summer, but I will be more than glad to do so if it means that one of the hottest prospects in football comes to north London to play for the Gunners.

When the Arsenal transfer rumours about the young France international forward began I thought it was a complete waste of time for Arsenal fans to hope that we would get him, with some of the biggest clubs around, including the Spanish champions Real Madrid, wanting to sign him.

However, the rumours have grown and the Gunners still seem to be very much in the hunt for the highly rated and lightning fast striker. Now there has been another development, according to Metro, and it is not great news for Arsenal, with his current club reportedly ready to make Mbappe the best paid player in their history.

When you consider that they were throwing money around on the likes of Radamel Falcao and James Rodriguez recently that salary is going to be huge. One of the reasons for Arsenal being able to challenge Madrid for this transfer, apparently, is the young player’s desire to play and keep improving so could this offer from Monaco persuade him to stay put?



  1. I do not see a single reason why he should cone to North London. I do not know why some of our fans expect a magic of having Mbappe play for us.
    Arsene and all other personnel involved in transfers know we can not have him. They want to re-paint an old picture of “we tried to sign him”.
    Well, if we get him, I will gladly roll on the floor and fall in the gutter.

    We had a more balanced squad than Liverpool and United last season, a more tactically aware and technically sound manager would have given us a better season. Arsene appears not to know what to tell those players to motivate them during the course of a whole season anymore. Until our players can show determination in 32 of the 38 games, even if they do not win all, we will never compete.

    Anyway, we are stuck for another two years. I just hope we are not too far off by the time Arsene decides to leave. He should have left when he won the FA Cup in 2015.

    1. A more tactically sound and technically aware manager would not have given us a better season. He would have delivered the title. This squad is good enough for that with no additions if we had the right man calling the shots. I can’t believe they extended his contract.

    2. word man arsenal fans are easy to manipulate nwdays a day never goes by without a Mbappe article…like seriously which arsenal fan thinks we cud sign Mbappe,people are living in denial this club aint great anymore…fans have already sold Sanchez saying he is overrated and they already have Mbappe in their line ups haha

    3. you say Arsena doesnt know how to motivate them and yet they wkn what 9 out of last 10 matches including FA Cup final against premier leagur champions !!! It would have been very easy for Arsenals season to completely fall apart after 10 -2 debacle against Bayern Munich but even with all the hateful vitriol at that time Arsene changed the format and got them winning again
      So to conclude.. youre wrong that he cant motivate the team… !!

    4. personaly i appreciate the deal sinc the young generation is our back born
      and he can do xomething so far

    5. You can’t think of a single reason why he would come to Arsenal? You’re deluded. We are absolutely hands down the biggest club in the world that he’d get to 100% start in. We’d be willing to pay high wages. He probably has some sort of affinity for the club as Wenger and Henry both were at Monaco and both have gone on to be Arsenal legends.

  2. I really would take anything the metro reports with a pinch of salt they got to be the most unreliable source of Journalism out there! Only last week the metro reported Alexis Sanchez transfer to Man City has been completed.. I honestly think they hired clowns from the local circus to write their bullsh*t articles. Mbappe won’t be going to Arsenal I’m confident of that any realistic fan knows it won’t happen Arsenal Wenger would need a brain transplant to spend anywhere near the money Monaco are asking! I doubt we’ll even sign a striker we’ll probably hear offensively we’re extremely strong we have Giroud, Welbeck, Lucas, Chamberlain Iwobi and Theo Walcott! Notice how Wenger always adds midfielders to his forward line when asked about signing a forward? His way of saying we’re signing no one.

  3. I can see into the future and what happened is –

    Linked to Mbappe and then signed Niang

  4. Yes I agree we need a marque striker,a world class striker, a 30 goals a season striker or whatever you wanna call it…But has always been Arsenal’s problem??

    Over the years, it has always been defence and then a soft midfield, last season for example we scored a good number of goals with Sanchez and we still finished 5th…

    We lost to Everton and City on the spin even after taking the lead, we lost 3-0 to Palace even Watford at home but the defence became stronger after the switch to a defensive formation…we will win many games if we can sort that defence out….

    So buying Mbappe or any other strikers will be good but if we leak goals anyhow we would still remain the same unless we will always outscore the opponent which is not possible

    Although, apart from a good defence, we of course need great commitment, determination and grit to win this league, but then DEFENCE is the foundation….

    1. You do not win games without scoring more than the opposition.

      We did go through a period of time where we was just letting in goals like it was in fashion yet we ended the season conceding only 2 more than Liverpool and 5 more than City.

      Imagine if we… I dunno… swapped to the formation as soon as Cazorla got injured and then we played with our end of season performance from an earlier period.

      Would we have conceded as many goals? Would you be saying the def is an issue?
      I personally do not believe so, we had a solid def at the start of the season after the liverpool game and we ended the season with 4 clean sheets from that formation change and that includes a clean sheet against UTD while limiting City to 1 goal as we knocked them out the FA CUP and the same for Chelsea who had scored the 2nd most goals in the EPL…

      We kept 5 clean sheets up till Oct, Oct is when our little magician got injured :'(
      10 EPL games and 5 clean sheets.
      50% clean sheet.
      Formation change, 4 clean sheets in 8 EPL games.
      50% clean sheets again.

      I wonder how well we could do at keeping clean sheets if we had Cazorla in the new formation change 😛

      Or… If we had a Vieira?

      Point is, is it really the defense?

  5. Honestly, I believe dressing room issues and maybe fans protests coupled with uncertainty over Wenger’s future affected us a little bit…

  6. Arsenal have more of a chance to sign Mbappe than most believe. The competition out there is PSG and RM for the most part. At both of those clubs, Kylian is not likely to get as much playing time as at Arsenal with competition in the likes of CR Cavani and a host of other (Benzema etc). Mbappe would spend much time on the bench at those places. With the WC coming up and Mbappe keen on securing a spot with Les Bleus, he’s not going to want to sit on the bench. At Arsenal he would feature in almost every game. Then add to that, playing with Ozil and Sanchez (yes they are not going anywhere this summer). Their contracts still have 1 year so the club holds all the cards. Refuse to sell them and they will have to play (yes I know they risk losing them for free transfer if they do that). But that is a rush the team must take.

    Add to that the following:
    1. Mbappe is French and having a respected French coach in the PL teaching him (like he did Henry) is attractive.
    2. Mbappe’s idol is Henry. I’d imagine that following the footsteps of his idol is appealing
    3. Arsenal is (was) Mbappe’s favorite team growing up. He’s been pictured as 8-12-14 yrs old wearing Gunners kit.
    4. Arsenal have offered to build the team around Mbappe and pay a huge transfer fee and high wages. As I understand it Arsenal are offering a large portion of the transfer fee “up front” and in one lump sum to Monaco as opposed to over many years AND they are offering a portion of that fee go to Mbappe as a bonus.

    All of these are serious reasons to choose Arsenal over RM of PSG or any other big club.

    Having said that, I predict her will either go to Arsenal OR he will stay at Monaco. There is an outside chance that he signs with RM and gets loaned right back to Monaco.

    1. Fully agree with you, Dory. I would add that Mbappe is only 18. Not playing CL for a year is not as critical for him as for a 28-years old. He will have plenty of other opportunities to play and win it.

      1. Good point to add. Hadn’t thought about that. But it’s true. He had plenty of time. He’s too young for RM. 5-7 more years then he can move to RM.

  7. Atleast Arsene is showing change and ambition: I just hope this materialises. Much as I love my club to bring big names into our system; I will care less aabout doubts mounting upon many fans on this forum; rather, I will continue talk positive about this ssummer. Apparently, am not a typical mourner I this forum only a happy gooner who enjoys every moment in this club.

  8. I agree with Dory Sater and the reasons that you have mentioned are in our favour. I also think that if we signed Mbappe we could nurture his talents in the premier league and prepare him for the biggest competition, the champions league by playing him in the Europa league this coming season. He is after all only 18 years old and has lots of time to perfect and improve his game and what better place could there be than at Arsenal? He can gladly leave the gunners after 5 – 7 years and sign for Real Madrid when he has become a complete player but in the mean time please come to Arsenal and get the best coaching and tuition in a well known ‘French’ oriented environment with lots of history and exciting hero’s like Henry, Petit, Viera, Anelka, Koscielny just to name a few. Arsene make a huge statement to the football world and use the cash available to you for once and get Mbappe’s signature!!

  9. Most of the stories on these tabloid are speculation and mere imagination of writers begging for recognition. The important thing for us is give Wenger the support he need, though I don’t think he deserves it ; building a team all year long begs for questioning, loosing at 2nd round stage of UCL for 7 seasons, strengthening opponents for so many seasons with our best legs , buying deadwood (silvestre)from MCU, loosing by same margin(5-1) to bayern thrice are enough to castigate his reign but who paid the price if we continue in this manner. He made our team suffer this season by refusing to decide on his future, yet he got an upward review and we got the worst season. Pls let consider the best cost-benefit approach and ignore this Monsieur.

    1. The bid for Mbappe are confirmed facts, not speculation. And Wenger signed a 2-year contract, after winning 9 games out of 10 in PL and the FA Cup. Get over it and support your team FCS!

    1. Thats it mate will anyone stop supports Arsenal if we got relegated dont think so and if they did stop there not ture supporters we all want whats best but in the end we will follow anyone who plays for us .
      l think we have gone as low as we can cause couldnt be as bad this year again so i expect much better this year especially with EL to rest players in.

  10. If Arsenal should sign Mbappe, Trust me the Sale of his Jersey would have been up to the amount paid for him, The sale would cult across Europe, African , Asia, Middle East, Americas

    1. Oh dude, that is a big point and one I don’t think I have read yet, what would his shirt sales be like?

      “Paul Pogba may have cost Manchester United a small fortune, but the French midfielder has already started repaying his ginormous fee after it was revealed his shirt sales have reached £190 million in just three weeks.”

      I dunno if MBappe would get as many but even half of that would pay largely for his transfer.

  11. You guys are putting the cart before the horse.get the player first before before dreaming of how much his shirt will bring.give winger your support if you truly love arsenal,we may or not get mbappe but not for trying.I believe arsenal will be great again.long live the gunners!

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