Monaco star and Mahrez to give Arsenal double transfer delight – SOON

Ever since Arsenal announced the early summer transfer of the Bosnian international Sead Kolasinac from Schalke, the Arsenal fans have been eagerly awaiting the next piece in Arsene Wenger’s jigsaw puzzle for next season, but apart from a massive number of Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with almost every striker on the planet and players in every other position besides, we are still waiting.

That wait may not go on much longer though, as reports suggest that the Gunners are close to completing two signings which I think most Arsenal fans will be more than happy to see. The two players in question are Riyad Mahrez and Thomas Lemar and if they do come to Arsenal it would offer us plenty of goal threat and creativity on both sides of our attack.

Lemar is the 21-year old left sided player from AS Monaco who provided 17 assists as well as 14 goals for his club last season to help them to the French title and those numbers are almost as good as those of Mahrez for Leicester in their EPL title winning campaign.

Metro is reporting that Arsenal are confident of capturing the Monaco youngster for around £30 million and could announce it next week, while The Mirror and others are saying that the Algerian international is ready to sign a four year contract after giving up on a transfer to Spain’s La Liga with FC Barcelona.

How good would this double transfer be for Arsenal?

Sam P.


    1. If they come in Alexis is going. And Ozil will be offered a more reasonable pay packet, which I think he’d sign because he’d still be top earner. Marhez stats don’t be too dissimilar to Alexis. Similar shot accuracy, similar created chances. Good at dribbling, not as good as AS but he can do it well. He created same amount as Alexis last season, and scored more than Ozil. Though it was the season before that when it really compared best. CL he scored four last season. Lemar plays along the midfield, but mainly AS side.

      Yeah, if they come in it’s a big player leaving. I’d love if it was Walcott Giroud, or with Santi in mind. No way Arsene will have Ozil, Alexis, Lemar and Marhez, then what about Iwobi, Oxlade, Nelson and Bennacer. Willock is already leaving. It’s just not how Wenger works.

  1. Only way this happens is when Alexis goes to City or Munich…. they are replacements for Sanchez, both of them should calm us fans down abit then add on Aubameyang & we are ready to go. I like Lazazzette alot but Lyons Chairman is a tool to work with… one day its on the next the offer is vreat then finially hes stayn at Lyon.

    Front 3 of Lemar, Aubam, Mahrez when we use the 4-3-3 system. Sell Walcott & Perez, Loan out Iwobi & keep Olivier Giroud for a plan b. Ox can go in middle to rotate in this formation though i like him in the 3-4-2-1 system on the RWB position,Bellerin also! Be Good summer if we can bring in those 3 along with a Defensive midfielder, Sell Elneny & Give wilshere pay as u play deal. If he loves the club as he says he does shldnt be a problem, we have alrwadyade him a multi millionaire.

    July 1st round the corner. Cmon arsenal get these transfers in.

    1. Why is it that alot of gooners seem okay with sanchez joining man city…am i the only one who think it wud be a BIG mistake if that happens?!

      1. Many gooners are not okay with it and I also think it would be a big mistake, but nobody can stop a player from stepping up to another level.

        It is obvious that Arsenal’s football level has been declining over the last thirteen years, and it has dragged many players along with it.

        If I were Sanchez, I would not sacrifice my career to play for a manager that lacks of confidence and does not want to improve from his old management system. I also don’t want to play with low level footballers that always like to play safe in the field to avoid injuries and to avoid the blames for losing the ball.

        Unless Sanchez likes to be in comfort zone or likes the salary increment, I doubt he will stay.

      2. I have just accepted hes leaving just like i did when Cesc left, who was & still is one of my fav players. If he doesnt wana be here then away you go, dnt need that bs. Ur either committed to the Arsenal cause ot not… Simple as!

        1. I like that – yes Sanchez is important but the club will fight irrespective of whether he stays or leaves. I would have preferred if he left abroad. Remember if we are out of CL both Ozil and Sanchez need to share the blame.

    2. Selling Elneny and giving Wilshire a game time is tantamount to suicidal. U clearly wants arsenal to become a championship team.

    3. Auba is one dimensional – barring pace I don’t see anything special in him. We don’t play like Dortmund on the break and for me Lacazette is a better striker but honestly not worth 65M. He is max 35 but the market is crazy. Honestly for a striker we want someone who has pace but who is also intelligent and can improve our overall play – much like Sanchez

      Mahrez coming in does not mean Sanchez has to go. I would try the option of playing Sanchez as CF and Mahrez in the wings. However I am not really sure about Mahrez – is he a one season wonder ?

      1. In fact there is another option to try – try Perez in the left wing. He likes to get involved in the play and is more of a second striker. The guy has pace and is a fighter much in the mould of Sanchez – yes he does not have Sanchez’s world class ability but we will always have a player who will give his 100%

  2. I will believe this when he’s passed a medical and signing is agreed….if either come.then ozil can go. I’m really hoping for lacazette as well, though it seems lyon president is playing games with us again!

  3. There is interest in mahrez and has always been from arsenal. However mahrez hinges alexis’s decision.
    Lemar and lacazette are done deals. #LACALEMAR
    Mbappe situation is exactly as the media states. Arsenal are open to the deal 100% regardless of other transfers. He has only three options real,arsenal or monaco.

    1. I never believe it when people come out on this site with insider info, and I know I should be sceptical, but I so want to believe you. I really hope you actually are in the know lol

    2. You can’t be too certain with Arsene and Arsenal, remember, Higuain was “in London airport” and “only medicals away from being a gunner”…he was seen in London and was unveiled in Napoli….such a thriller movie.?

  4. It’s good if it is realized, but I will not believe any rumors until the transfers are done. The good news is the competition is less, because Barcelona is not really interested in Mahrez and no other big European clubs seem to be interested in Lemar, except Arsenal and Tottenham.

    But if these players really come, this means either Sanchez or Ozil will go away. If Lemar and Mahrez arrive, I think Sanchez will go, because no other clubs seem to be interested in Ozil.

    I just hope the new players are not the ones that like to play safe in the field. We already have many players that like to play safe by just touching the ball with one or two touches, then quickly releasing the ball to the back, to avoid injuries and to avoid the blame for losing the ball.

    I also hope the Rafinha rumor is true, because he is used to play with Barcelona’s football level and has been playing alongside Messi.

    1. I see ur name and I just know there’s gonna be something about “making two or more touches on the ball” or “playing safe… ” (lol).

  5. Will believe when announced but if the case it would be a great continuation after Kolasinac of a so far underwhelming window.
    One would make our RW far stronger than it is right now and if his championship campaign is anything to go by surrounded by top quality might see us have that version of Mahrez at the emirates. One that can lighten the burden on Özil and be a creative hub assisting for others and creating for himself.
    One the other hand Thomas Lemar has been superb and would be a steal at only 21. He has a similar profile to Cazorla just a bit taller and stronger. He will come in and cover for the unfortunately crooked wilshere and a Santi that doesn’t seem to get a break with injuries for the past 2 years.
    I am.ok with missing on Lacazette, 10m more and you get Aubameyang…
    Let’s wait and see confirmation.

  6. As long as that idiot remains in charge nothing will ever change.
    Its time started people started understanding this instead of hoping that things will change..

  7. if Mancity sign Alexis, thats aguero, bernardo silva, De Bruyne front 3 which would guarantee them the title. Alexis shud leave to Bayern if he does

    1. I think Pep will eventually get rid of De Bruyne. He had him behind the strikers, he doesn’t suit Peps vision. Or he might put him back out wide. He got Bernado, can play all along the midfield. He got Silva already who can play wide and centre. Now he wants Alexis, who also plays along the midfield. I think it’s De Bryne that Pep doesn’t want, or he’ll be a bench player next season if Pep gets his targets. He’ll keep Stirling because of home grown rule.

      Some fans used to say De Bryne is better than Alexis, I called BS, wonder what they’d think now. Maybe De Bryne and Aguero for Alexis. I’m sure some would like that. But we really missed out by not putting certain players around Alexis, we had too many players standing still, we still have too many.

  8. I still want a very active ball winner in the midfield some one like gueye and then add the attackers if Sanchez insists on citeh then bring aguero… So Lemar aguero mahrez good enough LOBATAN!

  9. Arsenal need to SHAKE THE FOOTBALL WORLD with a statement of intent – Lamar is a step in the right direction but we have to see the release of some of the statistically poor performers in the squad – bye bye Theo, Debuchy, Ox, Wilshire, hello Lemar, Kola, Rodriguez with Marquis signing MBAPPE; #COYG

    1. Theo Walcott and statistically poor doesn’t go in the same sentence. He’s Arsenal’s second top scorer this season with 19 goals and played fewer games in the last quarter of the season. When healthy he is sure to score 15 goals and above, his major deficiency is work rate and on the ball skills.

      1. The point why he’s statistically poor – he’s thinks he’s effective as an arsenal striker but given the opportunities he had he showe no potency – he been over 10 years in arsenal shirt and must be counted among those responsible for not weighing in with a consistent or acceptable goal tally. I rate him but im old enough to recall a real potent no14 and he cant measure up.

  10. My fellow let’s wait and see what happens at the end,I love the both plays ,they will be very nice addition to arsenal squad. But Sanchez want to leave he should think about what happened to Alex lahb and fabrigas

  11. Mahrez is a poor player. Leister only won the league due to kante. Vardy and mahrez have proved they were one season wonders. Why not go for a French front 3 with lacazzete lemar and dembele. Walcott over mahrez (19 goals ). mahrez is so over rated and not worth more than 10-15 mil. Iwobi ox are far better than mahrez also.

  12. Lacazette, that chairman is an ass to deal with.

    Reminds me of a song.

    One day it’s fine the next it’s black
    so if you want me off your back
    well, come on and let me know
    should I pay or should I go.
    Should I pay or should I go now
    Should I pay or should I go now
    If I go there should be trouble!!
    If I pay it will be double!!
    So come on and let me know!!!!

  13. Would be two good deals, just need to unload walcott, wilshere, elneny, and give sanchez and ozil there wages.

  14. Funny ow people refer to mahrez as a 1season wonder and still see Walcot as a better player than mahrez.. Theo has already spend 11 years in arsenal shirt and he is yet to had a season like d one mahrez had 2yrs ago.. Just saying

  15. Am tired of hearing rumours my question is what is Wenger doing? We only brought one player in a free transfer to me arsenal has not done any activity yet. Until Wenger leaves arsenal nothing will change.

  16. I will believe it once it is announced by the club. For the moment there are unfounded rumors like every year. As I understand it Monaco has come out and said Lemar is not for sale and Leicester said they have not received an offer for Maherez.

    So let’s learn from the past and jump at speculation by the press. For the moment it is same old Arsenal.

  17. Mahrez and lemar would be a better signing for Arsenal with the likes of oil and Sanchez

  18. I think the problem with not getting the Lacazette deal over the line is because we are penny pinching again.. the Lyon chairman has stated if 57m is paid either 46m upfront and the rest in instalments or straight cash.. regardless of him saying he is staying.. every player has a price.. so pay the money Wenger u daft old fool..

    On the other hand aubamayeng is available for 65m

    Id like to see this lemar at arsenal.. but he was cost more than 30odd mill.. u gonna b looking martial price wot utd paid.. 40odd mil with another 10-15mil in instalments

  19. So the Metro and the Mirror report this is happening , yeh right then it must be true then !! All we need is the Sun confirming this and we can all sleep well knowing this is going to happen. If anybody believes anything these rags print then they are really naive. It’s all about selling papers….

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