Monaco v Arsenal review – Away goals kill Gunners again!

It was a tough start for Arsenal as Monaco began well and for the first 10 minutes or so, it was the home side that looked more likely to score. But we had not thrown all caution to the wind and defended well befoe gradually getting a grip on the game.

Cazorla was linking up the play well in the centre and our three forwards were starting to give the Monaco defence a lot to cope with. They did for most of the first half, with a bit of luck going their way as well. But our tempo was much better and the chances kept coming for us while Monaco were not really threatening at the other end.

It really was game on after 35 minutes when we forced their right back to give the ball away and Welbeck found Giroud for the French striker to fire in after his first attempt was saved. We were so close to a second minutes later with Abdennour having no idea but getting a lucky block on a well struck Welbeck shot.

There was also a penalty claim before the break which may have been harsh but there was no call to book Alexis as he was touched. So we had 45 minutes to get two more.

We came out with real intent and were pushing hard but Monaco have not got a great defensive record by luck. An Ozil free kick was tipped over but we were struggling for clear cut chances and the more we pushed forward the more open we were to a counter. After we survived one or two and Monaco were looking comfortable, Wenger brought Ramsey on for Coquelin.

It was a throw of the dice and it nearly paid off. Walcott came on as well and hit the post which let Ramsey double our lead with just over 10 minutes left. We were camped in their half but even with five minutes of stoppage time we could not get that crucial third. Out in a blaze of glory again!!

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  1. Same thing every year. Still can’t believe how poor we were in the first leg. We’ve been knocked out by the tax dodgers…

      1. Too much respect for Ozil. When will Arsene take that guy off in a game for tactical reason?

        1. Agreed mate! Seems wenger feels the need to play him every game all game, no matter what form he is in! Well tonight though gunners!

          1. If we were allowed one player from any team in the world for tonight’s game, who would you guys pick? For me it’d have to be Yaya Toure, we needed more power tonight. Someone to throw Kondogbia to the ground and wink at him.

          2. he can’t put 42 millions on the bench
            Ozil will play all games and we will blame Mert for counter attack

            1. We all knew what was going to happen. Ozil and Cazorla would start. Ozil would no be subbed and we would not get enough goals. I love Ozil too, but he takes up space during the big games and doesn’t get it done. I’m so frustrated by Wenger. Start Ramsey. Give us some Rosicky at the end. The poor mans Barcelona. This is your legacy Wenger. Too bad your dragging all of us through the mud

          3. In my opinion, Santi will be more effective in that role than Ozil. Santi can shoot with both feet. Santi is more agile. Santi is a better dribbler and tackler, even a better passer. Why not take Ozil off, move Santi up, bring in Ramsey?

            Or take off Ozil and Le Coq (that’s if at all Le Coq should come off), bring in Ramsey and Theo?

        2. Y’all going for the wrong thumb.

          Come on, guys!!! We did play very well, but how good is “very well” if it can’t take u further?

        3. Ozil did play well,the guy is a magic passer,that what he does better than others,others defend better or score more.
          Gutted we have past but proud of the team on the night.Anyway we would never have won the CL this year.We need a Kondobia style in our team with Gabriel playing with Kosc,Mert cannot make it for CL,he is a liability.
          Wenger must reinforce the team seriously next summer and please sell Wilshere,we are so much better without him.

          1. Ozil played ok. As for magical passes most of his tonight were sent 2nd class.

            Rambo is and would have been a far more effective threat ithan his or wellbecks was and should of Beene in the starting lineup. Easy to say with hindsight but it’s these calls that make a top coach.

            My opion not Wengers

    1. they really arent that good.
      watched them today an wasnt at all impressed.

      just reinforces the fact we are a third tier european team.
      well done tho lads – very good performance

      giroud wont get anymore lampost/donkey jibes from me.
      well done olivier πŸ™‚

      1. @muffdiver
        Hes not a donkey. He’s a camel, because dude “humps it” big time for us…

    2. Arsene has hit his ceiling with us.

      New blood needed at Management level, remember it’s not just one man who comes with a management team. There’s half a dozen guys need replaced to stimulate the players in training, tactics, match prep. Players are all but there. Got get Klopp and his staff to freshen things up.

      1. how the hell do you guys blame wenger for the 1st leg disaster? did he tell our players to miss sitters? what about telling mert to have the worst game in an arsenal shirt?

        yes wenger was at fault he couldve done some things differently but you guys always seem to put ALL the blame on wenger

        1. i dont blame wenger for first leg-

          whole team werent motivated an i agree per mertesacker destroyed us in that game

        2. Maybe because we don’t look at one-off games, and instead make a judgement based on trends throughout a season. He has taken us as far as he can, no shame in that. But the game has changed massively in the time since his last genuine success.

          Nobody’s blaming him for the first leg game and making sweeping statements. But we didn’t challenge for the league again, got knowked out the carling cup at home, came 2nd in an easier group AND eliminated by a far easier team. That’s not one-offs.

          You tell me why we’ve made no progress this year to last? or the last few… PLEASEEEEE say injuries, just so I can laugh at your idiocy.

          1. Personally, I think we stutter forward because we never quite have ‘the team’. We’re always a player (or two) short. However, we have most of the right players now (they’re good enough) and many deadwoods (but not all) have gone. IF, Wenger makes the necessary moves in the summer (it does, look more likely than ever) then we can win the big competitions. With what we have we are nearly there…progress has been made.

            1. How has progress been made? Progress is measurable.

              Last season: we got top 4, won the FA cup, got knocked out both the Carling and CL, roasted by the top 6 teams.

              This season: at best will be top 4, winning the FA cup, knocked out both the carling and the CL (but the manner this year is THE issue), and terrible vs the top 6 teams again.

              Carbon copy. To claim “progress” is pure delusion and fantasy.

              1. Well actually we’ve most certainly improved against the top 6, beating city and Man u, we are on track for 3rd maybe 2nd, and we’ve got a good chance of winning the FA cup again… so I’d say we most certianly progressed. of course we’ll have to wait and see what happens finally.

              2. Says it all. Blinkers well an truly on, laid it out as clear as day and the usual mob STILL show their opposition with the thumbs. Hilarious.

                No competent argument against, just thumbed down to hush an actual voice of reason. Exactly why we’re not elite, the mentality at this club is woefully self-important.

                1. The hilarious thing is your silence when we are on a nice run. The only people to keep bashing with consistency are Hafiz & Haywill.

                2. We have the 3rd most points in the PL – the only sensible measure. Man C/Man U and Chelsea have accumulated 14 points each in their Top 7 games and we still have to play 2 of them again plus Pool at home. Granted 9 out of 27 looks pathetic but some context wouldn’t go amiss and let’s tot up the numbers at the end of the season. Chelsea have won 3 of their 9 “Top 7” games – Chelsea, the benchmark for greatness, the Mourinho juggernaut – whoopi do eh? Try flipping the argument and ask why so called top teams drop so many points against the bottom 6 clubs? Surely a greater crime than dropping points to those around you. City, Pool and United have dropped 9 points each to bottom 6 clubs compared to our 4 dropped points.

            1. No. League title and champions league is genuine success, FA cup and Carling cup are moderate.

              Portsmouth and Wigan have won the FA cup the last decade, do me a favour and name the last small team to lift the premier league the last decade? Or CL?

              1. so why do you keep eluding to the fact that we got knocked out of the carling cup this year? kinda contradicts yourself dont ya think?

                1. Not in the least. It highlights that even moderate success is a struggle to come by with the current regime.

                  It must be lovely having your ever present convictions that stand to back the team regardless of what’s in front of you. I wish I could be as ignorant.

                  I wish the very best for the club, but crucially I EXPECT the very best from all departments as we’re at that particular echelon of the game. We fall short in some departments and I call it as such, you choose to ignore it and instead criticize those who demand more.

                2. but when we win the fa cup its not success. then when we lose, it highlights the fact that we struggle to win such competitions?

                  sounds like a lose lose to me

                3. It’s not GENUINE SUCCESS. Read what I say before you reply. You just sound foolish. Stop deflecting from the obvious point that Wenger is no longer man for the Arsenal job. Your hero-worship is suffocating the club.

                  The evidence is all there to prove he cannot deliver genuine success in this era. You can present no reasonable argument against, you’re simply going on blind faith.

                4. im sorry man your calling me foolish but you keep using this term “genuine success” like its gods word and we need to live by what you classify as ‘genuine’ success.

                  im willing to finish the conversation tomorrow i gotta study right now

                5. Well how else does someone present their opinion other than coining a phrase and explaining it’s parameters?

                  Genuine success to me is the Prem or CL, FA cup and Carling are moderate success – I explained why.

                  If you see that as foolish I’d rather the convo ended cos you clearly can’t comprehend much if that’s the case.

        3. So by this you mean blame all the players/team for the bad performance.

          Obviously wenger is in no way responsible…

          Wakey wakey

        4. I will keep blaming him for playing Santi and Ozil in the same game. Hasn’t worked in the big matches. Not playing Szes in the first game. These are trends. Playing Gibbs. Not putting in the right subs at the right time. I felt like the Manu game was decent from Wenger. Good tactics and subs, but here we go again. The guy doesn’t get it. We will lose to liverpool in fa final. Not beat chelsea this year and its not because we can’t, it’s because of Wenger. Thumb me down, but I’m sure most of you all are frustrated too.

    3. Arsenal lost the tie in the first leg mate.. no point bashing them for this match performance which was excellent anyway. It had to be a history if we had gone through.

    4. there is a saying in our country that goes like ” never kill the murderer of your father, just try your best to make him an arsenal fan” because eventually he will die of blood pressure , heart attack blood glucose.

    5. Relax people ….. We are gonna win all the trophies next season and yes it would be an invincible season for us yet again!!!!

  2. We always give ourselves too much to do. We have to work on our mentality in big important games. Always give ourselves too much to do. smh.

    But it was a good effort at the end..

    1. Dude, it’s called “Near Success Syndrome” and there’s an evil spirit behind it. This club needs an exorcist.

    2. If we ALWAYS give ourselves too much to do surely that implies we need some kind of structural change???

      But NAHHHHHHH, let’s all call it bad luck and bury our heads in the sand. “Next year it’s ours” right??

        1. Look we were always gonna be on the wrong end of a good result and progress as it’s been for the last 5 years or more.

          A good effort was given but strength, skill and will without vision means nothing.

          time to change, for new ideas, and a greater winning formula

          1. Exactly. I can”t believe the stock people are putting in a system/management that continues to deliver mediocre results. The only argument seems to be “next year we’ll do better”, incredibly warped logic.

  3. pass passs passs passs pass pass it was looking like that we had more goals lets hope that we will win the fa cup

    1. We hardly use the flanks effectively and we never shoot. My poor tv, so much serliver on the screen.

  4. Were better would have deserved to go through.. Well played Gunners but again the first leg killed us. Anyway lets concetrate on EPL and FA Cup!!!

  5. Big ups Fellas. You tried damn hard and put in a damn good shift. Just weren’t clinical enough…

    1. danny welbeck is same player he was at united.
      the one that hurts most for me is mesut ozil,

      1. @muffdiver
        Him and Theo do not impress me in the least. We really did need Ox in this match…

      2. I actually thought Γ–zil wasn’t that bad today.. He had a hand in the second goal, played some good passes and it was the first time he really fought for the ball (at least in the end).
        I’m not an Γ–zil fanboy at all and know how frustating he can be. But tbh Sanchez was our worst attacking player today. He kept losing the ball…

        1. sanchez was easily the worst. hes tired.
          but weve seen enough to know hes absolute quality

          but mesut is a player – we DO NOT need
          sell him while his stock is high-
          two seasons- weve seen enough

          1. seriously what did you want ozil to do today that he didnt? i thought he played well my only criticism would be his crossing today it wasnt at the required level

            1. my point is we do not need him.

              he doesnt dominate games- he drifts-
              he is not a gamechanger-
              hes not clinical, he doesnt fight to get involved.

              i expect more from someone that good- have done since he came-
              stop justifying him cos he had a ok game-

              he is not denilson hes mesut ozil- ok in parts is not good enough

              1. how do we not need him, who can do what ozil does? granted there are parts of his game he needs to work on but thats EVERY player this isnt fifa.

                hes NEVER dominated games thats not his style and his vision and passing are game changers seriously what are you on. i dont need to “justify” him (whatever that means) cause his performances since hes returned from injury speaks for themselves

                1. so no one else on the team can pass the ball through eye of a needle?
                  can assist?
                  can push play forward- no one? lol right

                  this isnt fifa pal, living off ur name is not enough.

                  yes justify why he gets in the team ahead of certain players who i still consider game changers.

                  i dont say hes crap- i say hes absolute quality an shows only 60% of it- that pisses me off

                2. Rambo!

                  Has more attacking drive, is a better defensive player (AW:), can score goals and generally effects a game more.

                  Ozil is pretty. Makes the occasional nice pass (out of three) but will never score a goal (even when in front of it he chooses to cross to the opposite wing). Jesus!

                  I like Ozil but I don’t think he fits in Arsenals mould. Nice touches and the occasional pass just don’t cut it.

        1. really wtf? did u see his first touch?

          how many times were his touches too heavy? or too weak?
          he had to show more

        2. No they didn’t see the game. If arsenal lose find a scapegoat as soon as possible. If arsenal win find a hero as soon as possible. And now arsenal win, and we still find who’s playing worst??

          1. @ randy87

            you seem new to this site, the majority of the “fans” on here are the most fickle ive ever seen. and thats exactly what they do, except when we win they still berate wenger or our players.

            1. bro everytime something doesnt go our way you see it as an opportunity to slate our players. seriously we didnt get the rub of the green today (even though the damage was done in the 1st leg) and on another day we couldve progressed.
              So instead of applauding the players on there performance and heart they showed you choose to slate them and start whining about how we need to change so much as usual. and your not saying where we need improvement you are simply belittling our players big difference

              1. really?

                my first comment said well done lads- that applauding enough for u mr kipling?
                seeing as i pay season tickets- have done for 9 years, am a gooner thru an thru if i question a player its my right as a fan

                i dont insult him as a person- just question the performance
                as a fan thats my right

                its armchair fans like u who act high an mighty from ur pc somewhere in no mans land tellin people how to comment on a blog site.

                mate cut it out, ur always talkin smack an show nothing for it-
                i will do as i please

                1. whaaaa when do i talk smack? cause i dont like it when people constantly berate and belittle the team we all support?

                  and you are entitled to your opinion of course and so am I so why are you telling me to ‘cut it out’ for speaking my mind.

                  and im sorry but your exactly whats wrong with some fans. because you pay season tickets you think your opinion trumps all? So now what i say doesnt hold true because im not a season ticket holder?

                2. @goonsquad8

                  im tired of this (muff tries a different angle)….

                  goonquad truth is your just too good.

                  i lose…end of discussion.

            2. What improvement do you need after we win the game??? That made us KO was 3-1 defeat at emirates!!! Not performance today. I’ll tell you once more, ox made one goal and made us conceded one goal, that’s made us KO, not performance today!! Just give all of them credits for this performance, and we hope they play like this every game.

      1. It’s like talking with a pigeon banging it’s head up against a reflective window..


        Still, maybe one day.

    1. It was never really going in, it had no power in it. What I’m “iffing” in my head is would’ve Sanchez got some power behind it IF Giroud would’ve not interfered with his foot?

    2. I know that was so painful, alexis would of burried it if he gave giroud a shout! & then the two dodgy penalty calls and countless other chances that just didn’t go are way! So tough supporting arsenal, everything always seems to be against us.

    3. it wasnt a guarenteed goal honestly. If the ref wasnt an idiot and gave us a pen in the 1st half i think we wouldve had a much greater chance. I somehow knew 10 mins wasnt going to be enough after the Ramsey goal.

  6. And they scored 3 on emirates, is this for real? Im out of words, what a shitty team, we are even more shittier when we lost home to this garbage, cant belive this

        1. Seeing as we’re all in a piss poor mood after a 2-0 win that has ultimately resulted in a loss–the loss of another 30 minutes to try and push for the CL QFs–why don’t we imagine if we had only lost 2-0 at the Emirates? We would’ve gotten that extra 30 minutes to try and push on. So, I say, while we’re slating everyone and recalling how crap Wenger and Ozil are, why don’t we also blame the Ox. If the Ox hadn’t scored and then immediately conceded in the first leg, we might be having a very different discussion. Down with the Ox! That damn exciting player. Boooooo the Ox booooooo

  7. Okay it’s time to find a scapegoat today. Who is it guys?? We are very unlucky today, and great performance at all.

      1. Yeah you’re right. And the scapegoat awards today goes to sanchez, ozil, and giroud (for miss one golden chance). I really dont understand, they were play great IMO, they try harder and make a 2 goal to the less conceded team in CL.

  8. Thought most players were brilliant, Sanchez clearly needs a rest though, added nothing to the game and lost the ball or ran into people too much.

  9. Same sh*t, different season. Bottle it at home, win impressively away just to look good on paper, like “we went down fighting”. Matters none, again out before quarter finals.

    English football clubs are currently a laughing stock.

    1. chelsea arent – one early exit, but usually semi’s and finals
      england have one elite european team thats the chavs

      1. you are joking, right? now, not to sound like a fan boy, but i’m pretty bloody sure the pool have a stranglehold on being england’s elite team in europe, claiming, by far, the most european titles. and if we’re talking modern, then even manure gets that handle over the crap team in west london. that crap team in west london have gotten lucky in their one and only cl win.

        1. Agree. But think one day the statisticians are gonna have to differentiate between EC wins and UCL wins. You’ll get a harder draw in the League Cup than the old EC. Liverpool normally only had 3 two-leg ties to get to the final and with the comp only being “champions” meant 90% of the teams were there to make up the numbers. Liverpool probably only played 5 or 6 decent teams in the entirety of their 4 wins. UCL is completely different ball-park. Probably only MU have gotten close to blazing a trail in the comp in 1999 but still relied on an extra time prod in to win it. CFC stank the comp out in 2012 and won on pens.

  10. well done lads.
    2 goals away at monaco is not easy.
    some of u had the cheek to say sell ramsey cos he had a dip in performance even though he was amazing all of last year, an some of this year…
    yet, mesut ozil the luxury player we dont need is left alone like some golden child.

    wake up

      1. Give me the Welsh Rambo anyday.

        Far more effective. Makes assists: runs all day: has skill: scores goals & has better hair and a beard.


    1. Haha really??
      ‘some of u had the cheek to say sell ramsey’
      I want to go back and count the number of players you’ve slagged off in this post alone but can’t be bothered so i’m going to guess 4..
      You were constantly on the Giroud’s not good enough train but my guess is that’s momentarily stopped for now??
      And Ozil… What are you talking about?? Luxury player… Keep spewing bullsh$t you’ve heard others say. He was a ‘luxury signing’ in the fact that we signed him for a position that was already covered and we needed other positions strengthened a lot more.. The ‘luxury’ train set off with Gabriel, Coquelin’s emergence and Ospina.
      We now just have an exceptional player who does exactly what he’s in the team to do like few others in the prem can and that’s create space and chances for his team-mates.

      The incredible hypocrisy in you’re comment is downright dumbfounding… I’d bet my left nut you’ve said the words ‘sell aaron ramsey’ before, yet you bring that sh#t up as though you see things others don’t.

      1. @josh

        hahah josh i know, muffidver is honestly SO fickle its as if hypocrisy and two-facedness is what he lives for.

        1. why are u so on my nuts?
          do u just like the taste of pubic hair?

          how many times on how many posts are u gonna say cute sh*t to me

          mate im flattered, but no just no- ur face ur life NO

          1. ahhh is muff getting butt hurt cause i called you out when its clear as day that you are fickle as sh*t?

            and i dont understand, ive been responding to your comments and weve been conversing back and forth. should i reply to other peoples comments then address them to you?

            1. yes please , we must use a mediator to communicate-

              a homing pigeon perhaps?

              u any good at smoke signals…im rusty πŸ™‚

              1. or lets have the high and mighty admin be the mediator!

                BOB get in here, tell muff i dont agree with what he said

          2. because you actually seem like a kind of smart dude. i mean yeah, there’s hafiz who says sell the entire team and buy 1billion dollars worth of players and other examples. but cummon…
            You ALWAYS have a player that you needlessly slag off with no basis whatsoever other than you don’t like them or feel they’re up to your evaluation of ‘Arsenal quality.’
            We are on an exceptional run of form at the moment and Ozil has been a key part of that more often than not.

            1. i hear u josh. infact i agree with u…everything except me being kinda smart…im thick as pig sh*t believe me

      2. Ramsey is very good when in form and quite poor when not who happen to be a lot,that what is very frustrating with him.Ozil even when he plays poorly you can feel his class,there is time Ramsey gives you the feeling he is rubbish,what he is clearly not.
        Is there any way to make him a consistent performer.

      3. @josh …

        mate im always on ozils case cos ive folllowed his career- hes better than what we see week in week out- hate when players dont give there all- he is that good believe me

        the one that i gave a pasting an regret doing is olivier giroud…all that shagging an clubbin leading to poor performces wound me up. he is inconsistent but im happy to hold my hands up an say with him i was absolutely wrong- alot of ppl on here wont admit that.

        i banter other players but its not sinister- dont be sensitive.
        u not been at work an someone said- wake up ur not on form today!- it happens fella πŸ™‚

        1. Thanks for that Muffdiver I can’t count the number of posts that I have written defending OG the past 2 years. It’s nice that you can see his quality that I knew he had.

  11. Ehh… it’s almost as if the script is written every year in the last 16. Credit to Monaco for holding it out, one of the most solid defenses I’ve seen in a long while. Alexis needs to check his boots, he was slipping around more than he was creating chances. Would’ve been a good performance had we lost 2-1 or drawn, but if we’re 3-1 down, this didn’t seem like there was enough attacking intent.

    1. thing is, next year when we make it to the QFs, i’m not going to be happy unless we go on into the SFs. is what it is.

  12. Very very very proud of the lads tonight.. Unbelievable energy and commitment – However first leg cost us again.. Shame we went out but we have to regroup and focus on the magpies game on Saturday and the fa cup..
    Proud to be a gunner tonight.. Excitement right to the end .. Wouldn’t have it any other way..

    1. Completely agree- and yet the pundits were saying no penalty. WTF??? the geezer clearly kicked Alexis. Had it been Hazard it would have been a…. well we know what it would have been. I thought the ref was poor

      1. Well said. Alexis is one of the few players in the world, along with Messi, who actually put more effort in to staying on their feet than they do choreographing their dives.

    2. We were not good enough to score 3rd goal today. I watched the whole game and were struggling in the final third.

      1. Have to agree but as average as Monaco were made out to be they can’t have compiled their impressive defensive stats by accident – no one beat them by 2 goals in the UCL to date nor since August last year in Ligue 1.

  13. Same story every year in this competition. I’m fuking sick of this crap. Thumb down all you want but I wanna win this not be content with playing catchup due to our own discrepancies in the first leg and then be praised for putting a good effort in the second despite the fact that it’s all for nothing.

  14. i seriously think that arsene wenger should run for the uefa presidential campaign and change the away goal rules πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

      1. The thing that Annoys me the most is that we didn’t even lose. WE DREW. The rules need to change

        1. i must be missing something about the rules and why the aggregate scoring isn’t fair? you think we should just be taking a tied up score straight to ET and possibly PKs, no matter where the goals came? i feel that. but i also don’t think the aggregate scoring is a bad method either. maybe it’s a case of not valuing as an important factor playing at home?

    1. Hear hear.

      Scrap past the the group stages, usually second, then either A) draw a world class team and lose by aggregate so we have something positive to cheer about or B) draw an easy team, bottle it, then make it look like we were ‘close’ for a comeback. Tired of this. We’re not Champions League material.

  15. It was a tough task but they tried their best. 2-0 is nothing to be ashamed of.

    I lost Β£50 but the lads gained my respect.

    That Giroud chance towards the last 10 mins was golden…arrrgh

  16. been supporting arsenal since the rvp era still not qualify for the quarterfinal of the champions league im still waitin πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  17. I don’t what you guys think but welbeck has to leave arsenal he has a very poor touch. something you can never learn. We can’t afford to have two strikers with bad first touch as Grioud ain’t any better.

      1. u joking right? next time take a close look at Giroud and you will find that all the passes he makes is a return to the person who gave it to him. u will never see him change the dimension of the play. Great effort today though.

        1. Next time have a look yourself son. He is 6ft 4 and about 16 stone, forgive the guy if he doesn’t have the ability to turn like a fcuking gazel. Watch his game mate and you will realise for a big man he has a fantastic touch

          1. well being 6ft shouldn’t concern us the fact is his poor first touch is not good for our style of play. to get what i am saying go back and watch the highlight our game against liverpool and take a close look on their first goal.

            1. And ill say to you go back and look at his goal at home to West Ham and tell me he has a bad touch. It couldn’t have been more like Bergkamp. Stop jumping down Giroud’s throat all the time because quite frankly he is our ONLY player who can win battles in the air and the floor, score goals, create chances and works hard. Do you need reminding he was the player who scored our first goal with his weaker foot??

              1. like i said great effort by him today. my main point was welbeck has to leave because he ain’t better than Giroud. what we need is another striker with a better first touch than Giroud. as i believe that’s his only weakness.

          1. in dannys defence- he works hard an helped out bellerin
            hes a worker bee- i respect that.
            like danny always have

              1. i get the impression u really like me πŸ™‚

                do u wanna come to my birthday..we can be
                BEST friendddsss πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

                1. i’ll say that breaking the OT drought in and of itself rose Danny to the level of being considered a class player for Arsenal. otherwise, it’s fair to say that he’s not this player i expect to destroy teams. that said, our team’s construct is to kill teams in numbers, not individually.

                2. Mike,

                  Bergkamp = class
                  Henry = class
                  Wright = class

                  & Danny?

                  No touch, no instinct, no real flair..
                  He is a grafter for sure and that’s admiIrable but is that enough (even for a DM)?

  18. Under Wenger, it will always be the same story, we shall always come close! See, it is a fact, if you can not make miracles in Europe, you can never win the Champions league!! please raise your glasses, and drink to 4th place and 18 seasons of champions league qualification. bye

  19. wonder why did away goals rules still exist?

    the same for ffp, 25man squad and 9 homegrown players

    they all should be ban….no one adhere to them

    1. Wonder why we still bother to compete in Champions League? Maybe that would be a better question.

  20. We played and fought well. What makes me so frustrated is the fact that they’re so capable at going all out when they’re away but at home it’s a different story. Such a mentality needs to change. FFS Monaco are pretty average as a team anyway but we give in to the pressure too easily in the knockout stages of the Champion’s League.

    Onwards to Newcastle and FFS Wenger, Alexis needs a damn good rest!!!

  21. truth be told, first leg final goal in stoppage, that was the nail in the coffin, no blame to Ox, but this team tonite showed we were better

    1. NO they were not better!

      They came second. Lost the War (even though they won an important second battle).

      Why? Bad strategy, motivation & execution over two games. Who is to blame…? Napoleon!

  22. Ah well same old story 1st leg puts us out ! Played well tonight it was unlucky !

    Let’s be honest we want at least 3rd in the league this season extra CL games might have hindered our chances. Saying that not happy about going out to a poor Monaco team !

    1. “extra CL games might hinder our chances”

      We’ve been playing midweek games for years and years and years we’re used to it!

  23. Same procedure every year.
    Good performance but for next season we should try to win our home game too.

  24. And see what some of us have been saying about Sanchez, he need to work on his team effort, his passing and link up is so so bad for a player of his status.

    He also needs to stop being this predictable and one dimensional, he always gets the ball and you know he will lose it or give a poor pass, he always cuts inside and it’s not working because defenders have worked him out, vary your game and start going on the outside.

    And Ozil I don’t know.


    1. Agreed. Sanchez was by far the worst player on the pitch today.. And we had only 2 attacking players on the bench.. Shameful.

        1. @muff how many times you gonna mention Ozil in your comments? You made your point, you expect him to get us the treble, he failed yet again. I apologize for him. Now get off it!

  25. Great effort! I’m not one to be negative but Mert by not attacking the player at the Emirates making it 3-1 was too much to overcome. I really wish we had Gabriel tonight.

  26. Ozil corners were nicely taken but I dont see any players take good position, anyway just my 5 cents opinion.

    1. Allow that.. We want to see Ozil doing these so called killer passes you guys keep going on about. Since he has been back from injury he has been moved into his so called best position everyone has been crying about all season.. I just can’t see these passes.

      May be I am blind, I don’t know, but I don’t see them..

        1. @goonster no my friend you are not blind. Yes Ozil can make a pass but usually it’s 1 of 3 passes that hit their target.

          I think some are blinded by his notariaty though.

          Ramsey is quicker, stronger, equally adept if not more so at assists and killer passes and can score.

          1. Nope, for 1st half season Ramsey was poor. But you have to admit it, playing with ozil, Ramsey performance growing up significant. They both have a very good understanding, they know movement each other. In last season we got 1st in prem’s because Ramsey Ozil in a peak performance, after Ramsey injured and ozil strugled we were going down. But i really dont understand, even ozil did a great job tonight, why do you keep slating him???? Okay, maybe he didn’t play that great for you, but he didn’t play worse tonight.

          2. 1 in 3 passes that hit their target? He has 87% pass completion not 33%. And you do know Ramsey and Ozil are not competing for the same position – so why all the direct comparisons tonight?

  27. I’d be shocked if nobody saw this result coming. Just as I predicted on the night of our 1st leg defeat,we put up a decent performance in the 2nd leg but it’s always a case of “Close but no cigar”’s painful but we are to be blamed based on our abysmal 1st leg performance .See you next year..over to finishing 2nd or 3rd and retain our FA CUP trophy..goodnight fellas. #COYG

  28. The headline should read missed chances killed Arsenal AGAIN.

    But as usual Celebrating mediocrity thats how low we have become. We are freaking knocked out by the weakest team left in Champions league and here we are celebrating the 2 goals scored. How many chances did we have? We should have finished this monaco side. it was not like we were playing some Barca or Real madrid , it was monaco for god sake. We lose each season in RO16 and fans make excuses and try to hide our flaws behind the bush.


    1. we needed to be perfect tonight but were not. And by perfect i mean unrealistically score from all our chances. I think we culdve done better but nobody played bad. Everything just goes back to the first leg honestly. I cant be mad at the team fro winning 2-0 at Monaco, but I can for the disgraceful 1st leg. And I refuse to blame just Mertesacker and Giroud, the whole team sucked and we were deserved losers that day.

    2. Wayne – What do you want us to do to demonstrate we are not “celebrating mediocrity”? Cry on here? Phone Wenger? Put an ad in the paper? Smash up our Sky boxes? Return our season tickets?

  29. Great team effort but sadly too little too late. No major complaints on the night, we dominated, everyone contributed, we remained balanced, but ultimately lost the tie at home. Gotta get our mentality right in future 2 leg ties, whether we’re playing Monaco or Madrid its both ties that win the game.

  30. One of the better players should’ve moved to the right side of th epitch after the second goal. It was all down to Bellerin from the right in the end, because walcott went insdie, only Ramsey came to help him sometimes. It was either the middle or the left in the end where something was going to come from.

  31. should hire mma figheters to kick the crab out of our players when they lose our players only play well under pressure the mma fighters will scare the hell out of them they will be under pressure they will play well every single match and well win the quadruple πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  32. We gave up in the end, as if we had accepted our fate. Great game but I think we could’ve done more.

  33. Sanchez is quality but was awful tonight
    Ozil sorry I just don’t see it
    Welbeck still average

  34. Why everybody in here always find a scapegoat today??? We are win, we plays a great game, nice subs by wenger, but we are knockout today coz we didn’t score 3. If you want a scapegoat, i choose the ox for the scapegoat. Why? Becoz he made one goal and made us conceded 1. And that made us KO.

    1. Sorry it was Mert not attacking the lone player going in against Ospina. He wanted to play his position and not be aggressive. Funny a captain that doesn’t want to go for it. Very safe player.

    2. If we don’t find any scapegoats then we will not improve.. We just can’t stay this way where other clubs are winning big trophies and we are busy sweet talking our players season in season out..

      Look at Madrid this season, they are booing their players and team. I am not saying it’s right, I don’t support booing, but I support criticizing players to make them better..

      1. But cmon dude we win, and play great, made many chance. And why you still find a scapegoat??????? Didn’t they play as all of you want??? If you want to scapegoat, find somebody that made us lost 3-1 in emirates!! That’s made us KO in champs. Not today, they were play great today.

      2. i think you need to look up the definition of scapegoat…
        screw it, here it is: ‘is the practice of singling out any party for unmerited negative treatment or blame as a scapegoat.’

        ergh.. so many glory hunters on this website. i know it’s a harsh term, but if your only joy/goal for the team is to win trophies then yeah, it fits

  35. Atleast I did not watch us lose the gme. I watched bow out of the Champions League on goal difference. Well tried chaps

  36. Performance was magnificient tonight, thats main reason why i am angry, why they didnt play like this every time? put maximum effort, thats how you win things, things are changing we will have to wait one more year, shitt

  37. Honourable exit once again…nothing more nothing less for last 5 years!

    Lets hope nextime its different.

    1. sometimes i feel like id rather be a pussy now and win the champions league now and win it again in an honorable manner next season πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

        1. mourinho is a pussy and win titles…… πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
          honorably glorious pussy πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  38. Welbeck is literally the worst player i’ve seen in an arsenal shirt. Whoever had the idea to spend Β£15m for him has no idea about football and needs to get fired.

    Just because he is black doesn’t mean he can pull a Sturridge.

    If Wenger keeps playing him it means that he has no ambition whatsoever and prefers to keep some players happy rather winning something.

    Also, I haven’t seen more back passes in a single match even from a team that’s winning 1-0 in the final seconds.

    1. Are you kidding me, the worst?

      I don’t know why you’re slating Welbeck so badly. He worked hard offensively and helped Bellerin defend. Do you see how exposed Bellerin got when Welbz was subbed off? Yes, he lost the ball but so did every other person wearing an Arsenal shirt. No need to write him off

      1. So welbz is a defender now?
        And there was me thinking he was a winger/forward.

        Modern game eh!? Giroud sweep up per’s doo doo!

  39. Am I the only one who absolutely hates Mertesacker not able to switch the ball from right to left? I mean fcuk me every single time he has the ball its either to Bellerin or centre mid!! Have the confidence to stretch the play and progress up the pitch. Drives me mad!!!

  40. Don’t care that we won 2-0 tonight. Don’t care that we played well. Overall we lost the tie. Overall we weren’t good enough. That first leg was so awful – unforgivably awful.

    Why, every year can we pull it out of the bag when the pressure is on, yet get smashed at home, where we’re usually so strong? It’s embarrassing how easy it is for teams in the CL to roll us over at the Emirates.

    It’s obvious the players think there’s no pressure in the first leg, they can make up for it in the second… Well clearly they can’t, we should have learnt that by now. How about next year we park the bus at the Emirates in the first leg so we can go into the second leg without a deficit to make up for? Assuming we actually make it that far of course.

    Dortmund humiliated us in Germany, Anderlecht almost got the better of us in Belgium and outfoxed us at the Emirates, and Monaco finished the job. Embarrassing show in the champions League for Arsenal this year. I don’t know why, last year we were very good.

  41. Feelinh sorry for myself. I thought we could fcuk them up. With another referee we could have won. Monaco just parked the bus in both the legs. They didn’t want to play football. Anyways what’s done can’t be undone.

    Aaron Ramsey is a fcuking star. Sit down and salute.

    2nd place in PL and the FA Cup will be marvellously good for us. I will brood over this match

    1. No dont worry, we will win the tittle this season by thrashing chelsea, MU and Liverpool and come next season we will win quadruple with Giroud scoring 58 goals in all competition.

      Our optimism will turn out be idiotic.

    2. there were many ppl on here saying ramsey is a joke sell him.
      i was fighting his corner, couldnt believe after what he showed last year ppl would say that.

      i used to say mesut and aaron are the future
      mesut has had nearly two seasons…im done

      aaron is the future

      1. Can you do me a favour.. and list the players in the squad tonight you’ve never said we should sell???
        My guess Ospina, Welbeck, Chambers, Sanchez, Bellerin… ummm that’s about it

        1. nope ones ive said since ive joined this site….to sell …

          giroud ( he has shoved that right down my throat- fair play to him)

          not good but at least im honest-
          u seem mad bro- can i cordially invite u to my pyjama party? bury the hatchet!
          there will be plenty of women with large bosoms an low self esteem πŸ™‚

          1. hmmm, i’m quietly dubious but if you say so.. fair call.
            yeah, i am.
            It’s infuriating to come on here and see you act like a great believer in the team because of Ramsey, but then relentlessly slag others who have actually been playing really well.

            1. come on josh, i merely question there performance, an its a running theme of same players …dont forget one player for u might be doing well- for me the opposite..subjective opinions can cloud judgement.

              i am a great believer…but i strive for more
              for greatness….
              like lance armst..i mean err neil yes neil armstrong

  42. Sanchez needs rest,plus this arsenal will finish second and return the FA cup.use the monaco game as a momentum.we got this arsenal!FOREVER RED AND WHITE!!!

  43. Proud to be a goner fan . the lads tried very hard tonight….ahh that third goal at the emirates….I am so worried now for the effect of the outcome in our players

  44. Huge shame. The better team went out. We absolutely dominated tonight and looked like the Arsenal of old and nearly pulled off a massive upset. We can take positives away from this game, not least Ozil’s second half performance where he was great (maybe best I’ve seen him play) and that once again Ramsey has his form.

    On the downside, we must take away from this result that every game is important and we can never switch off. That first leg was lost by poor play and lack of passion for the match. We are clearly not a two leg team because all it takes is a little complacency and we bomb out. That said we should come away not slagging off our team because we went out, but trying to learn from it.

    On a side note: Wenger should have taken Alexis off. He wasn’t playing well and clearly needs to rest his legs and get his head back together. The guy is class but he just isn’t himself right now, his passing is woeful. Just needs a bit of time to readjust. Use him as a sub for a couple games – he’d kill teams coming on for the last 15!

  45. Shame….. I said this would happen after the 3-1 home defeat. We would go to Monaco and get a 2-0 win and still not go through.
    Still feel at times we could be having more shots at goal if players were to get a bit selfish for once.
    But having said that we showed we can bounce back.
    Let’s hopefully lift the FA cup once again and finish as high as we can in the league


  46. Expected more from Ozil and Sanchez. They’re supposed to be our star players, no? Koscielny was a boss. Walcott should have come earlier for Welbeck. Was Coquelin injured? Same story year in year out. We flunk the first leg and miss out on qualifying by the odd goal.

    1. coquelin was fine, we just needed to attack and take the risk at that point. Remember, even if Monaco scored 1 it wouldve just gone to ET

  47. Just send Wellbeck off to loan at Italy or whatever country wants his average performance. Wenger is finish. What momentum ? said that little prick and he was right.

  48. No really, every player was awsome tonight, but you cant score when 11 monaco players are in their box, no space. Welbeck was good tonight, i dont know what game you guys watched, but he had great game alexis too, we just couldnt find space, they done chelski on us FFS

  49. i want bayer leverkusen to win the champions league now…. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
    they make medicines good for humanity πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  50. Don’t know y welbeck was subbed, Walcott did jackshit, just stayed waiting for the ball no link up or hustle. It was like playing with 10 men, iknew we weren’t gonna score again when Gibbs came on for monreal dat guy can’t cross a ball to save his life. Those two guys should have never come on.

    1. But Walcott gets in the box and creates openings for shots.. Welbeck will run and run and run but he will never be a goal threat.. Look at the amount of chances Walcott has missed since he has been back?? To me that is a big thing, at least he is getting into those goal scoring positions. When he is back sharper and more confident he will put them away for fun..

      Welbeck is not a goal threat, he can play 120 minutes and not not get a single chance, but Walcott can read passes and has that killer instinct.

        1. Welbeck isn’t good enough for Arsenal. I dont know why you’re fooling yourself. Hard working player but thats about it. He cant score goals like Walcott can. I do like hard working players but honestly, you have to have something more to offer in front of goal as well…

          1. Yes, I like hard working players too but they are usually DMs, not forwards who should have CONTROL of the BALL, TOUCH, A knack for SCORING, or SKILL/TECHNIC!

            maybe I expect too much…?

            1. by hard working player I mean track back, which Welbeck does. Besides for tracking back he just makes useless passes and runs into defenders after taking a horrible touch. Messi is hard working because he tracks back to win the ball, doesnt make him a hard tackling DM, thats not the comparison I’m trying to make…

        2. if Welbeck were more like Milner he’d be useful. Milner isnt world class or anything but hes a solid squad player and scores meaningful goals as well. Welbeck is not even that.

          1. Really? Milner – 9 goals in 5 seasons. Imagine DW’s goal last Monday was more meaningful than any of Milner’s 9.

            Serious question RSH – have you any idea why Mourinho plays Willian? Doesn’t score, doesn’t assist but JM loves him playing wide right in his 3 behind Costa – where DW often plays. Jeez imagine the s**te he would get on here if he played for us?

  51. It was an honourable exit. 2-0 win was a good score even if we didn’t go through

    We need to focus on Newcastle now.

    Alexis doesn’t seem to be the player he was in first half of season. Bit worried

    Anyway, lets try to win the FA Cup and do well in PL

    We can still have a good season

    1. We just need to finish in 4th and we will be considered to have good season, so no issues there. Also, we have already won our mini trophy of beating MU so this season has been a success.

  52. Am i the only one that saw a golden opportunity when Wellbeck decided not to put a pass to Sanchez so he could just hit it to the net??? How blind can a player be to miss that simple stupid move. I’ve seen what Alexis did for Barcelona and the way Wenger make forces him to do. There will be no surprises if he wants to move after this season.

  53. Basically a very decent performance ….. We were never going to win cl with this team … At least two world class players short …. And we don’t move ball around with sufficient speed with the big German the worst offender his time is up… Just need to transfer winning mentality to Saturday and make sure we go in to break on a high … Still if arsenal want to be all round contenders again wenger and board have to go

  54. Even City is planning a squad overhaul….

    with our pathetic squad we will never be able to compete

  55. Can’t researve any praise because of the first match. That was just naive. Played like a one match tie, you can only hope they can learn from this.
    Nothing else left to say, let’s move on!

  56. I’m of the belief that Arsene WENGER has taken this club as far as he can and yet if he could have instilled the belief of tonight into EVERYGAME then our season in the CL might have been different.. But it’s not just WENGER’s fault (but that’s another debate)
    Everyone is pissed we went out but wtf did you expect when we have had a mediocre transfer window or 2 for the past 6 seasons!!!
    You have to remember that it is the boards prerogative to qualify for the CL not to win it..
    However – Chelsea are out.. Man City are all but out.. Liverpool didn’t qualify and Man U and the spuds.. Well, say no more..!
    We have a good team but not a great team.. We can beat the cannon fodder in the prem but always fall short in the top competitions..
    Ok it was Monaco, but they had only conceded 3 in 13 games all season so it was no mean feat..
    Yes we need to put in performances like that week in week out every game against every team right until the end..
    To do that we need 25 quality players not 15 and that is why the club we all love won’t be competitve again until we acknowledge this failing.

    I was still proud to be a gunner tonight because that performance was excellent.. If we played like that EVERYGAME until the end.. Who knows..
    Who knows

    1. Beautifully said…

      Aside from the squad evaluation, I seriously believe we’re a lot closer than people think.

  57. A well played game and in reality its a draw its 3 3 and then we did not concede away
    Well done Arsenal

  58. We also have to consider that Monaco have conceded less goals than we scored tonight in their entire campaign. It was an extremely difficult ask tonight, and we were a whisker away. Where the questions need to be asked is fathoming the first leg performance, as BFG alluded to in his interview.

  59. No scapegoating folks.

    Everyone could’ve done better bar Ospina because he didn’t have to do anything.

    1. theres nobody to scapegoat, we were excellent. Crappy 1st leg killed us just like it has the past several years of this compeititon yet we never learn a damn lesson or do anything about it.

  60. Cheer up gooners it was mission impossible and once again we showed how good we are under pressure. Pride restored.
    In my humble opinion progress in the champions league this season would have meant another two unnecessary games and more team fatigue. At least now the players can rest and be fresh for the run in.
    FA Cup champions
    2nd in the League

    I’d take that this season and expect more next season on all fronts

    1. I thought we were playing to win UCL, not for pride? We’ve played for pride in the 2nd leg the past 4-5 yers. its absolutely ridiculous now. Cant even get past Monaco now… hopeless. Wenger has a lot of good qualities, but when it comes to European success he doesnt cut it. When his time comes hopefully we will have a manager who can take us further, but Wenger is very clearly not that man.

  61. Okay let’s be honest, we are an absolute joke. We celebrated when we drew Monaco in the last 16. Yes we played well tonight but we don’t get a trophy for trying hard, let alone a f*cking sticker to say well done for trying. 5 years now we’ve failed miserably, playing catchup in the second leg. Nothing has changed in that respect. We deserve far better than that. Absolutely sick of this, something isn’t right at Arsenal and changes need to made before we can even begin to think about a serious champions league challenge, our constant injuries are NOT down to luck, our tactics are for the most part non existent, we continue to overplay players until we run them into the ground. As long as Arsene Wenger is the manager of Arsenal football club I will back him 100% but he needs to get whatever is wrong with us sorted out otherwise, it may be in our best interest for him to resign/step upstairs. At least in past years we were put out by the likes of Bayern, today there are no excuses and remember we needed to score 3 today not 2, so it wasn’t some incredible performance as some are claiming. I apologise for the length of this comment and it is most likely post match emotion, but that’s what you do us Arsenal. We want ambition! We want to play our beautiful football and go toe to toe with the best of the best, god Damn I need a drink

  62. Another point: When was the last time we saw Walcott beat a player? I mean actually pick the ball up in space and drive past players with that so called “electric pace”. Quite frankly He may be the slowest player for all we know as he absolutely never takes advantage of his speed. He is more interested in passing it to a player 1 yard away and then walks into the box to grab a poachers goal. Its quite embarrassing really

  63. Arsenal are so unlucky. Everytim, its allways the same. What a birthday it would be forme but what can you do, thats how the cups work. One time you are not up to the game and you are out. The match was decided in the first game when the poor unlucky Chamberlain made that mistake which ended up with the goal. Winning 0:3 was to much, we played good but 3 goals where to much.

  64. When Arsenal play poorly we lose and lose badly. When Chelsea play poorly they either sneak win with a lucky win or lose by close margin. Thats sums up Arsenal for the last 10 years.

  65. Wont say congrats or good effort. Again, we fail by goal because of first leg woes. Pathetic and unacceptable especially to the worst team left in the competition. Same thing every year, its UNACCEPTABLE and tiring to watch.

    1. Wenger has to resign after this season. Under Wenger we will never win EPL or UCL. We are only good enough to win FAcup, Carlingcup and Community Shield.

      1. totally…

        A Major overhaul is a must……

        Out: Giroud, Welbeck, Sanago, BFG, Gibbs, Monreal, Debuchy (injury prone), Flamini, Arteta, Ozil, Walcott, Oxie, Rosicky, Sheez

        14 out!!!

        In: Hummels, Gundogan, Varane, Bender, Lewandoski, Cavani, Isco, Draxler, Reus, Cech, Kondagia, Pogba

        12 in minimum and more…..

        1. I have seriously had enough of your stupidity now.
          @ ADMIN. I am a supporter of free speech but do something about this idiot and ban him

          1. lol come one !!! hes a character-

            ive grown to love him…like the crap son u never wanted
            ahhhh little hafiz…who u wanna buy now?

        2. Flamini, Arteta, Sanogo, Szczesny and Walcott if he doesnt sign contract are the ones I would get rid of. We need a quality GK, CDM has been needed for the last 100 years.
          I would be extremely delighted if we can sign winger De Bryne from Wolfsburg. I would also be happy with a new CB.

      2. exactly. I like FA Cup, but i think its very obvious the club is capable of more. With the players, money, stadium, worldwide appeal we have we are capable of so much more. But I ask you think, Realistically, who would replace Wenger. Thats the main problem. Unless someone like Ancelotti and Pep suddenly became available we would sign an inexperienced manager and that would be risky…. but honestly I really wouldnt mind the risk. The pattern of top 4/R16 knockout has to end at some point.

          1. Low signed a new contract with Germany. Klopp isn’t a guarantee for leaving Dortmund. Out of those available i still think Arsenal should go for Frank De Boer, but doubt its going to happen.

          2. Klopp?? i’m a big fan of his philosophy and what he’s done with dortmund..
            but you’re aware he’s spent a fair chunk of this season in relegation?? how forgiving of Wenger would you be if he did that in a much more competitive league?

  66. Hope our players have enough time to recover for another away game this sat. Hope this game did not waste them out, we still got two trophy to go.

    1. wengers interview after the match is so annoying. its like he doesnt care and is used to losing. I really dont see the same passion he used to have. i jsut dont see it

  67. i feel we would have done better, 79 minutes plus extra time all what we needed was to shoot perhaps we would hv gotten the much needed goal…..not just tick tack passing as if we were the one winning, i didnt like the spirit in the last 10min would hv been better we won 1-0 than giving us such hope and still fall out….feel very sad

  68. Thought the boys started very well, Arsenal & particularly Giroud looked hungry. Goes to show when you have the momentum you really need to take your chances. I thought Ozil & Sanchez didn’t have great games, often their balls were behind the player. Sanchez to me seems to have the ‘Wilshire curse’ – holding onto the ball too long, and if he doesn’t fix this quickly he will end up with the string of ankle problems just like Wilshire. I thought Walcott should have been brought on earlier too. Also why were Arsenal so determined to play it through the middle? When they spread the ball out wide and switched it they seemed at their best yet players kept turning into trouble because they refused to play it out wide. Sucks we didn’t get the 3rd goal but that’s football I guess.

  69. Good effort from the boys, got what we deserved after that first leg debacle.
    Ozil played very well.
    Sanchez seems below par
    Ramsey seems to have found his scoring touch again, strikers finish. Dont know how he fits in though.
    Kos truly was a boss tonight
    Welbeck is a hard worker, that is it.

  70. The first leg performance was a a real low point for me but I’m over it and still buzzing from beating mu at old trafford. Were we relaistically going to win the cl this year? I think no. So apart from finacial gains and considering the scrap for next year’s qualification spots its not the end of the world in my eyes. The most important thing is that we did actually win tonight and put in a spirited performance with hopefully no injured players. We need to swiftly move on from this and look forward to Newcastle and an exciting tie against Reading. If cl qualification is secured for next year I’m hoping wenger continues to spend and ready us for next year, (starting cb to replace per, genuine left winger that doesn’t cut in on their right foot and a defensive midfield player to rotate with coquelin). I personally wouldn’t mind Jack, mikel, flamini, poldi, sanogo and joel c all be sold to add quality additions to our squad. Keep smiling and look forward πŸ™‚

  71. It is a shame we didn’t get the third goal and the ref was Monaco’s twelfth man. The first leg was actually a disgraceful performance and I blame the players and Wenger for that awful show: the players because,as professionals,they should have been able to control their emotion once they conceded the first goal and not throw curssion to the wind in porsuit of equalizer. When Wenger saw that things isn’t going as planned,he should have come out to the touch line and instruct the players to be patient while they satch for equalizer and not throw curssion to the wind but instead he sat on the bench all day. Well the deed has been done,lets hope we will finish second with fa cup.

  72. so , i take it then that the dream of the treble is over , technically , as somebody suggested on this page tonight !.what a load of codswallop . same old story , wenger the clown will defend his gallant heroes , and we have no intrest in europe , again , for the umppteenth time . wenger is the professor of failure , fair play jose for pointing that out , you are correct .

  73. So sad we r out, but d performance was waoh! Positives, after our monaco bad game, we won Man u away, west ham n now monaco away, not bad. Back to Epl n fA now.

    1. We have such a loser mentality. We always choke in big games. We did the same against AC Milan and Barca. FA cup is the only chance to win again sadly. I am tired of positives.

  74. Tonight was the best and worst of Arsenal. For all the positives, it was criminal that we started the game with Ozil and Cazorla. Neither played well ( although good enough) while starting with Ramsey would at least have given one if them a better platform.

    I get Cazorla and Ozil are great players. But Wenger trying to accommodate both in the same team is becoming a joke. They are different types of no. 10. Wenger needs to get over that. This wasn’t just another game. He should have grown a pair and made a call because two of them on killed us.

    1. Our main problem is a lack of quality winger who can cross and score. Walcott is just a direct player who just runs past defenders. Ox who i feel is player we need fit.

    2. Yeah I thought AW missed a trick not starting Ramsey, or he at least should’ve came on even earlier than he originally did.

      1. I agree the Monaco threat was almost non existent so go for it. I can see Ramsy playing 50% of the time. Especially at home when teams just sit back and defend in the league. The problem is can you get away with that with Mert.

  75. Yes, we have to blame the players, but what about the “man” in charge?
    Again, he has proven to be “clueless” and poor in his tactical choices and strategies.

    2 more years of that “bullshits” and we will may be see some palpable progresses…!!

    This club is just a “money house” and nothing else.
    We will not dare compare ourselves to the “top” firms in Europe… Except when it comes to the “purse”… for that we are number one…!!

    We played at Monaco, and nobody from the Arsenal hierarchy was there to represent the club. As usual both twats (Gazidis and kroenke) were absent.

    Again, winning major trophies is/are not a priority.
    The priority is to qualify for the CL because we have to “get the cash”… And NOTHING ELSE.

    Watching Mertesacker has become laughable and not even worrying anymore as he is so sh*t.

    Ozil and Sanchez (The Chilean basically carried us for the first half of the season when the keys of the team were given to the worse midfielder in the Arsenal squad, Jack Wilshere… He is tired and it is easy to see) have come to Arsenal to get paid because they know they will win f*ck all here.

    We are out, but whom here truly believed that we could even win the CL… That’s right, nobody… This squad could not find her way to the title even if we were dropped to the semis!

    We have to set ourselves to a descent finish in the league (top 3 would be nice) and try to win the FA Cup.

    Hopefully one day, we will have a “proper” manager to guide us to the ultimate glory.

  76. After so many years of saying it, we’re all growing tired of saying ‘next year…’.

    Next year, we should be challenging for the title, though we should have been challenging this year…

    Next year, we should get a good run in the Champions League, though we should have had a good run this year…

    Winning the FA Cup, finishing second, beating United at Old Trafford again and beating Chelsea at the Emirates is the best end to the season we can have now. If we do all that I’ll be content, mildly pleased even, with how our season has gone.

  77. What were Walcott and Ramsey doing on the bench?
    Welbeck, despite his good spirit, is far from being a quality player.
    Wenger likes him because he will give 100% and work like a horse.
    Man sold it for Β£16millions ( Wenger is also a “sucker”)!!
    Ozil…!! Well, it seems that lately all the top players coming to Arsenal are getting worse under Wenger managing…
    Mertesacker got a 2 years extension contract, can someone tell me why?
    Arteta got a one year extension, can someone tell me why?
    Wilshere played 15 games ( we won only 5 of those) as a number 10, can someone tell me why?
    Can someone tell me why people still thinking of Wenger as a tactical genius?

    1. AKB’s will go behind Wenger if we finish in top 4 and win mickey mouse trophy or even without FAcup win they will say its the players fault. Who will replace Wenger and blah blah.

      1. and the doomsdayer’s will come out of their closets to bit$h and moan if we get knocked out of the CL (like 31 other teams… that make it in the first place) or don’t win the prem (like 19 other teams)

    1. LOL. You’d have to say we doing rather well with so many sub-par and crap players? Wenger must be a genius for getting us top 4 with this bunch of losers.

  78. We won but lost at the end.

    ITs better than losing both ties or drawing the 2nd leg. Shows the lad gave it all. We just need to be more wary on the first leg.

    Keep going gunners!

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