BREAKING – Monaco WILL NOT sell Thomas Lemar to Arsenal this summer

According to 50% of all Arsenal transfer rumours are saying that the Gunners are wearing Monaco down with higher and higher offers for their 21 year-old midfielder Thomas Lemar, but according to the Ligue 1’s club vice-president Vadim Vasilyev, Monaco have sold all the players that they intend to sell – and Lemar is one of the core players that will not be leaving this summer.

The French Champions have already sold far too many players ahead of their defence of the title, but their are still lots of rumours regarding the teenage phenomenom Kylian Mbappe, Lemar and the Brazilian Fabinho. Vasilyez says that they are currently in talks with Mbappe over a new extension with the club. He said: “We are discussing an extension with Kylian. I hope we will get there.

“This is a very important decision, especially for Kylian. We must give him time and not rush things too fast.

“Today there is no agreement. Monaco’s wish is to extend it.”

Regarding Lemar, Arsenal’s supposed Number One target, he said: “He stays with us, we talked together, he has a tremendous talent, he is also a must for our team.

“We have kept all of the key players that we intended to keep.”

As for Fabinho, he is another that is staying in France.

“Fabinho stays, he is an essential player in the midfield.”

So is there just lots and lots of smoke with absolutely no fire at all? It looks like it……


Updated: July 26, 2017 — 5:58 pm


  1. Yawn**…Maybe He will stay with Monaco but we experienced all this before we signed Lacazette. The Lyon president made several statements or maybe the media before we got our striker. So maybe Lemar will be with Monaco next season or with Arsenal. We shall see

  2. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f###

    We should go all out for a slide that goes directly into Tottenhams ground

    Imagine what we could.roll down. That slide….

    1. Roll Fatboy down it and we’ll take out the whole squad.

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

        Hahahaha ?? you’re going to need two cranes to put me up on to that slide ?? I’m game, since it’s in aid of a good cause. ?

  3. maybe if as a “main target” the club had treated him as such and not reverted to being the skinflints we know , made a proper offer when they asked for 60 they would have maybe taken 45 or 50. Now the club has been pillaged it could well be too late.
    Get the business done , they do have email and phones in aus and china

    1. How could you possibly know how this particular transfer negation is going down? Stop using claims that you have clearly just pulled out of your arse and then use them as if they are something to criticise Arsenal with.

    2. Yea, we would have gotten him, almost the same suarez issue. And these so called AKBs will keep talking.
      I wrote about how important he was in their team a while ago, he’s the one starting their attacks like Wilshere, rosicky has done for us when they played, he creates many chances with his one-twos and direct dribbling from the center.
      Now it’s too late, arsene or whoever it is has bored them with their penny pinching bids and dithering, same old arsenal and arsene. Wenger has lost his tactical ability and selecting players for games, if not: arteta, mertesacker would never have been CAPTAINS , monreal, ospina, jekinson won’t have been first class players in his sight, ospina would have left instead of szesny, we won’t have gotten gervinho instead of hazard, ozil whom noone wants when he wants an upgraded contract won’t be a starter, e.t.c the list goes on and on and on. I just hope Wilshere is fit this season and wenger uses him where he should.
      Yes, the Perez issue, wenger managed it badly, that guy was good, remember him and Chamberlain against southampton5-0 , they created chances upon chances, I won’t stop if I continue to write of his failings

  4. Let’s hear what Resource has to say

    1. As his deputy I can confidently tell you it’s a done deal.Don’t be bothered by the vice p’s words at all.

    2. Lets not.

      If fans want to be gullible well then leave them to it, have at it.

  5. O ye of little faith.Just trust me on this one.How many times have owners/presidents come out to say players won’t be sold bla bla bla.What he said is just for formality sake.Have you forgotten what Aulas said about Lacazette?Listen Thomas Lemar has his heart completely set on a move to Arsenal.What has even made him firm and influenced his decision the more is the fact that are lot of Monaco players have left and likely more will be leaving.The guy just doesn’t want to stay and will likely be an Arsenal player in the coming days.One thing slowing down the deal is Monaco want to be assured they can replace him.The deal is basically a done deal.As I said insider sources are twice as fast as the media.So whether the vice p. likes it or not he’ll become an Arsenal player.Mark my words.

    JUST IN:Lucas Perez will be moving back to Deportivo La Coruna.It’s now a matter of when and not if.
    Jadon Sancho has agreed a 5 year deal to Arsenal and will be earning £30,000 a week.The fact that he’s 17 years old and earning that should tell you how good he is.Jadon is regarded as the best player born in 2000 in the UK.I’ll keep giving you guys more updates from time to time.As I keep saying Lemar to Arsenal is a done deal.

    1. Lol…you now know more than the vice president of Monaco?

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

        Kev is That Resource fella lol ?? he’s got a few characters on here and often replys to himself too. I can’t help but feel sorry for the likes of him… Not! ?

        1. Hahaha.Honestly speaking I’m not Resource.I’m his deputy.I just get latest info from very reliable people.They are in touch with insiders and tell what’s happening at a specific time.A lot of deals were reported far before time by some of my sources.Lacazette for example was reported to be a done deal 5 days before when people were in two minds whether the deal will be sealed.Trust me I won’t disappoint.

          1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

            Okay, so you must know that we are signing Pepper Pig instead, right? ??

      2. I just joked at that part but I can confidently tell you Lemar will be an Arsenal player.I can understand if you doubt but trust me eventually everything will fall into place.

        1. You really don’t have to have multiple usernames to buttress your views on inside info. Some will believe you, others wouldn’t. That is perfectly normal.
          See you later ‘Remember Resource’ sorry I meant Kev.

    2. If that’s true about Sancho, that is excellent news.

    3. @kev how true are the reports linking us to jean michel seri

  6. We do want him that part is plain enough. It all depends on the offer. Monaco believe his value will only increase so want the type of money you pay for a top player. The thing is he’s not nearly at that mark, he’s highly rated potential wise but not yet a 50m player never mind going above. It’s allot of money. If we did offer 45m that is more than reasonable, I don’t think we should go over 50 unless it’s performance related. Mahrez is not the answer if we jump back to that for the umpteenth time. Maybe we should start looking at players that clubs don’t want to sell but also are not potentially very good. This all comes back to that thing about Arsenal being too nice. Forberg / Lemar – We should be able to uproot them away from those clubs without it being anybodies business.

  7. All these guys out here claiming they have inside info should take a seat.

    Others out here are so fragile, despite been disappointed in the past on the Benzema/ Higuini / Calvalho (SP)/ Cabaye / Sissoko / etc saga in the past they still don’t learn. Granted your sources might be credible or have some info, but others just don’t get it that until its on, a deal can break down even when a player is on the way from the airport to Arsenal.

    I wouldn’t blame Monaco for hanging on to him as they have sold a lot of players, however I would blame Arsene for over looking other options like Mahrez / Lucas Moura / Coman (from Bayern) if he wants a winger or players like Seri should he be looking for a CM.

    Only time will tell, lets watch the space without too much expectations.

    1. What you say is very true.Though not all sources are credible I make sure that I give you the best info of what’s actually happening.The insider will tell you what’s actually happening at that point in time but I admit I don’t know the future.

  8. Course they will sell! They all say that. Even our own AW saying Alexi is staying- that’s not gonna happen. I heard that Alexis agents and Arsenal aren’t even talking anymore as the relationship has gotten so bad.

    1. ” I heard that Alexis agents and Arsenal aren’t even talking anymore as the relationship has gotten so bad.” Heard from where? A naked tramp covered in shyte? Cos I guarantee, that’ll be about as reliable as your “source”.

      1. Source? Who said I had a source? Only sauce I have is in my bacon role thanks.

        I don’t claim to have anything….it was in the Daily Mail or Independent this morning, can’t remember which. So for all to see.

        As for naked tramps etc I don’t know any of those either – not really my thing mate, but seems like yours so there is probably a site on the internet that can help you with that.

  9. Someone says he has signed, someone else says he is not going to, this is really getting boring, even more so than the Benzema/Higuain sagas. Why are most of our signings so complicated.

    1. Why, because it’s Wengeeeeeeeeeeeer.
      His old valuations of players, let me play it for you
      Wenger: I want Thomas lemar, he’s a world class player if we have him and he’ll definitely improve the squad
      Bidder: ok, goes to Monaco, or values the player and sees he’s worth 50-60million, tells wenger
      Wenger: whaaaaaaaaaat, never, I can’t sanction the purchase of a young player with that amount, give them, 35, if they reject it, leave them, we’ll get someone else
      Bidder: ok, bids, and gets the response, ‘what are they smoking at the Emirates’
      Wenger then waits for a while till someone else like abramovich spots him and starts a bidding war wenger will run from or searches for cheaper alternatives or when he thinks the player is just too good to be overlooked, he bids a little bit higher
      Monaco: says no
      Wenger tries to convince the player maybe the player could show his club signs he wants to move or
      Wenger: let’s monitor his contract, wait till when he’s cheap and bid again (3-4years) ambitious players will move before then
      Meanwhile abramovich watches the said player the next season to get convinced the player is good and then tenders a that can’t be refused or even bids for him the same transfer window………finish up yoursrlf

  10. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    can we Pls move on..!!!

  11. Sky sports are reporting that arsenal is still in talks with Monaco on the sale of LEMAR

  12. Ian wrights bruva

    Pity, a few years back when the whole Walcott transfer saga was ongoing I did a stadium tour with my dad and a bunch of tourists. My dad and I sat in the team changin room having a chat when one of the arsenal staff (a lady who I guess was keeping an eyeon the tour) spoke to my dad and I, we talked about winning silverware and Theo’s situation. She told us out right that he was going to sign the new contract and that wenger was still very passionate about the club, team and staff at the club. So it does appear some information cascades down through the club to some staff who (on that occasion) was happy to share this info in some confidence with my day and I. I am not sure that other “sources” outside on the a management team would have specific info about new signing from outside if the club especially if the deal was on a knife edge or if this source was part in the a management team why would they risk leaking sensitive info unless there was something to gain (money or winning favour)?

    1. Arsenal won’t pay the money = not getting the player
      Also if wenger wants Seri he will have to pay 45/50mil for him aswell so that won’t happen either coz wenger wants players for the price they were in the 90’s when u look a the teams needs its obvious lemar would be a massive players for us the same way santi was coz we miss real talent so u’d think arsenal would make sure lemar is signed so they can concentrate on a CM but it’s not looking good and I’m sick of supporting the worst club in the transfer market iv ever seen! Do they not realise that there ruining any fun the fans can have by drawing out transfer deals and 90% of the time not even getting them with excuses that really mean “we won’t spend like big clubs” we just pretend to be big club with big ticket prices

  13. The Monaco president gives it large with a lo of statements and isn’t it jus the same as the big reassuring statements Wenger has made in the past about Henry and RVP staying and Alexis staying this summer.?

    Pay the £50m and get it sorted this week. Even AFC Bournemouth have finished their business for the summer and are busy getting ready for the start.

    It beggars belief that we are back a year later sweating over who we might be able to con into signing for us

  14. fine, can we now focus on another player and stop wasting time on a player that wnt be sold.
    ..we still need a CM and CB if we are to stick with 3421.
    if we move back to 4231, we need a CM and RW.

  15. no player is unsaleble wit d right price Monaco will sale.Arsene should stop penny pinching and make them d right offer.they will sale

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