Monaco’s mission is to stop ‘dangerous’ Olivier Giroud

With Arsenal needing to win by three clear goals tomorrow night in Monaco, there is little doubt that our tactics will be to Attack! Attack! Attack! straight from the whistle. We know, Arsene Wenger knows it, and the Monaco players know it as well.

According to the Monaco (and ex-Spud) striker, Dimitar Berbatov, the ‘dangerous’ Gunners will come out with all guns blazing and he thinks that Olivier Giroud will be desperate to make up for his errors in the first leg at the Emirates. “For Giroud, this will be a special match.” Berbatov said in the Mirror. “At the Emirates, he committed errors and now he needs to change that in Monaco.

“Our mission will be to stop him – we need to play without thinking that the score is 3-1.

“I am convinced Arsenal will jump straight on to the attack from the first minute and this is what we need to avoid.

“If we give the ball to the Gunners we will suffer.

“We played a good match in London and the scoreline was deserved, but still this stage hasn’t been resolved. Now Arsenal will be more dangerous because they are obliged to score a lot of goals.”

Since the Monaco debacle at home Giroud has scored in all three League games for the gunners, and I hope the Monaco players have been watching and quaking in their boots. They KNOW Olivier could have had a hat-trick in the first leg, so will be desperate to keep him covered. Hopefully this will leave more space for our other strikers and midfielders to take advantage of!

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  1. sanmi.marvellous says:

    I think we will beat Monaco. Only that I am not sure of the NEEDED scoreline.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      NEEDED scoreline? 3 unreplied goals.

      1. jonestown1 says:

        A goal from them doesn’t fundamentally change the fact we need three. 3-1 after normal time would put us in the driving seat for extra time.

  2. kia_SA says:

    I have never been so anxious for a game… I think we are in for a cracker of a game!

    If we score in the first 15 minutes, we will see fireworks… We all know that the Gunners have plenty of goals in them, but can they score three, whilst keeping a clean sheet…?

    1. Jim A says:

      I still have visions of that last goal they scored. Mert stayed in his lane and didn’t challenge the player going one on one with Ospina. I know his game is positional and he does well because of that but you have to attack the ball sometimes. Funny the next game against Everton, Lukaku finds himself alone with Ospina but Gabriel just picks his pocket with a great tackle.
      That goal they scored makes it extremely hard for our comeback.
      On another note their #5 was very aggressive and he actually went right over the top of OG trying to head away a ball that OG had position on. I hope the ref doesn’t let it get out of hand like the Chelsea/PSG game.

      1. kia_SA says:

        Yeah true… Is Gabriel fit for this fixture?

        As Berbatov said, they have to stop us from jumping into attack from word go…
        We need to attack from word go, and I believe we can do it. Players like Sanchez will show the desire.. Although in hindsight, he should have been rested against West Ham!

        After all, one would realistically think (before the first tie) that it is more likely that the scoreline would be 3-1 to Gunners away than 3-1 to Monaco away… So I still have my hopes!

  3. cheeterspotter says:


  4. red14 says:

    ok, just concentrate on giroud, then sanchez and walcott/welbeck will destroy them. i can see us going trough, but need a bit of luck of course, wich they had at the emirates. monaco won in the emirates by two goals, the place where we only lost ONE game ALL SEASON. i think they lost more at home so we definately have a chance: COYGG! i’ll place 100$ on us winning the game

  5. summerbreez says:

    We kept our cool and tried many approaches at west ham we won We got the players to win we are going out there to win it

  6. muda says:

    I predict goal galore in this game, we score, we concede. Final result: Monaco 2-4 Arsenal.

    1. sevenitti says:

      A pretty sensational bet, seeing how Monaco so far this season have only conceded 8 goals at their home ground. Then again, all you need is a collapse and everything’s possible.

  7. KickAssFan says:

    Gabriel could feature, hope he’s fit enough to start.

    I just hate it when Mertesecker confuses himself for a winger and leaves everything to Koscielny.

  8. YingYang69 says:

    If Gab plays then i think well see Kos getting forward a number of times, he rarely does it when Per plays though which is sad as i love the sight of a centre back charging forward when necessary.

  9. Big Gun says:

    Call me pessimistic but I don’t think we will come away with 3 goals and a clean sheet. Our attack is capable of getting those goals yes, but it means we are going to have to leave our defense exposed quite a bit. Our whole team is going to have to work their socks off especially our back four and midfield. I would rather have a pacier CB than Merts in this one as we are going to need all the pace at the back we can get. No doubt Monaco are going to hit us on the counter and this is why the rhino will have to sit this one out. Hopefully Gabriel is fit for this one to pair with Koss…

  10. Uche Edochie says:

    I am trying not to be pessimistic but Monaco is too good a team to concede three goals in their own home without a reply. I think that the fact we need three goals makes us even more vulnerable. I am hoping for a miracle but like I said, Monaco is not West Ham. I have never seen a more organised team this season. I hope we win though and I am rooting for our boys of course.

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