Money pours on Mesut Ozil to follow Alexis to Man United

This is all very strange as there are reports of monster amounts of money being placed with bookies saying that the Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is set to join Alexis Sanchez at Manchester United.

Last night the Manchester Evening News reported that Paddy Power’s odds has been slashed from 33/1 on Friday down to 14/1 yesterday, as the German has still refused to sign a contract extension with the Gunners, meaning he could leave for free in the summer.

So I have done a bit of research around the other bookies, and the highest price you can still get is 14/1 from the exchange site Betfair, but the bookies themselves are even lower, with Ladbrokes offering only 8/1 and Unibet and 888sport are both priced at 9/1.

Betvictor must have taken the most money as they are only giving a miserly 6/1. So who has been putting on all this money? There have been hardly any rumours at all about Ozil at all this month and he has started the last two Arsenal matches since returning from injury.

This all sounds very fishy to me. What do you think?



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Everyone slagging off Sanchez, but at least we got a player in return! Currently we’re getting nothing for Ozil if he goes. He’s played a fantastic PR game so far.

    1. Kroenke Out says:

      I agree, the ONLY way Ozil stays is if we pay him more than anyone else. It is his final contract and he is going for the money, he is free to do whatever he wants. Arsenal have nothing to offer him except more money than anywhere else. If United want him, they will pay him more than us. If they dont we will have to break all our salary records to keep an aging, disinterested player.
      We have to rebuild and Ozil shouldn’t be a part of that.

      1. JJPawn says:

        Ozil maybe old, but still rather vigorous when it is needed most, as he can blow by defenses. He is unmatched for seeing goals and assisting, the problem has been weak and inept local support (Ramsay, Theo, Iwobi with Alexis contained and Laca finding his way).

        Ozil’s stay depends on how the new attacks works around him. or he would have gone to United for the CL run. If Laca and Auba work with Mkhi, then there is good chance for goals. Meanwhile if they create a better defense that would matches.

        At United Ozil becomes a liability given how Jose plays. It would also upset United players and the roster given Ozil would get 250K/wk+.

        If Arsenal pays Ozil 225 to 250 K/wk or so as the highest paid player with the #10 shirt, he might stay.

        Truth is we need Ozil more than Ozil needs us, but it just maybe that Ozil is so comfortable at Arsenal he might stay with a Sweeter pot and place on the team.

  2. Break-on-through says:

    That’s exactly how they’d do it, spread it around evenly to avoid suspicion. It does seem a bit off, that so many different bookmakers are getting fans thinking along the same line. But as well the thing about utd is that their fan base is a monster size base. Or it could savvy punters taking a long shot on what looks good odds at this stage because the closer we get to ground zero the shorter the odds will be getting. We need our fans to play on Mesuts Gooner tweeting side, he usually says the right things on twitter so we need to try and get him to back himself into a corner, if he mention’s how he’d never do a certain move, not here nor Spain, well then I think he’d stand by that. Like what Poch said even though we know it’s baloney, it’s too easy to make that stance after you’ve cemented a reputation and banked another bundle of millions.

  3. Ragooner says:

    He’s waiting to see if we spend some money in the next 3 days.

  4. gotanidea says:

    I won’t be surprised if he follows Sanchez to MU at the end of this season, because he has a good relationship with Mourinho in Real Madrid.

    There are younger, more skillful and more hardworking playmakers available in the market, such as Lemar, Denis Suarez and Jean Seri, so Arsenal should not be worried if he doesn’t want to extend. Besides, Arsenal have got Mkhitaryan that can also read the game and scores more goals than him.

    I wish Arsenal would chase Denis Suarez:

    1. Tas says:

      Why look far we have two in the team already JW and HM, as I said before if he ( Ozil ) don’t sighn soon I think Henrikh Mkhitaryan should start ahead of Ozil for the rest of the season along side Jack, im shore if Ozil is leaving AW would know by now and bench him, Ozil should be told it’s in the intrest of the club he would understand

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        ?? I thumbed you up buddy ? don’t tell Admin ?

        1. Tas says:

          ? I thumbed you up as well ?

    2. chris says:

      Is that why they had a stand up row in the RM dressing room ” You think if you make 2 beautiful passes that is all you have to do the whole game !”

  5. I feel what arsenal really need is two reliable centre backs and an holding midfielder. With these the goals will come easily.

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    ? ? Who’s been lumping on Ozil to join Utd?… ?? Its Mr Wenger,of course! He needs the money, what with retirement being around the corner. ????

  7. Sue says:

    I hope he doesn’t go there ? please stay with us!:

  8. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Well, at least there’s some good news In the rumour mill, ?? Johnny Evens is injured ?? And it’s a good job that Mr Wenger doesn’t sign croaked players…?

  9. Innit says:

    It will really suck if we lose BOTH Alexis and Ozil to United. We will be building their team and not our own

    Also, i don’t see Wenger getting like for like. Even if he did he would screw it up like Lemar and maybe Aubameyang

  10. Kenny Rolfe says:

    One of the Premier League’s worst referees, Lee Mason from Manchester, a well known United fan has just disallowed a brilliant Manchester City goal, for offside. Terrible decision by the linesman, oops, sorry ladies, assistant referee, but should have been overruled. Just another incredibly bad bias decision by a joke of a referee. Do we need VAR? you wouldn’t think so.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      For those that have trouble with Cockney dialogue, it means YES we definitely do need VAR

    2. jon fox says:

      Kenny, great shout on that “offside”. What bugs me about refs is how they “manage” decisions rather than just give what happens. Time and time again thr final whistle goes when a goalkeeper is taking a goal kick and the ball is in the air. Why? Likewise at corners, if th time is up just before the corner is taken , then it IS up and whistle should be blown . But it never is until corner is taken and not blown til corner is cleared. Why? I say this “managing” by refs is not applying the laws regarding time and should be stopped and refs doing it should be sacked. Also watch how many keepers put one foot outside the box, still holding the ball before hoofing the ball upfield but it is virtually never pulled up by the linesman(who is NOT, in practice, an assistant ref at all). I always ask why have laws at all if they are not applied? There are also several penalties which occur in any game, mostly at corners and wide free kicks into the box, but hardly ever given. It seems the refs are too spineless to properly apply the rules as to what happens. The football authorities only ever want an easy time , instead of curing all the cheating, which they have not the will or ” balls” to act upon. This “I see no trouble” attitude by the authorities and collusion by refs, just keeps the cheating players carrying on cheating, instead of punishing them properly and cleaning up the game. I would give proven divers a ten week ban and make all cheating far more heavily punished , along with abuse of refs too.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Excellent post Jon and spot on as usual. Remember Clive Thomas who in a !978 World Cup match cancelled out a Brazilian goal when he blew for half time a split second before they scored from a corner. Now there was a referee who took no prisoners and had balls

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