‘Money talks’ – Daniel Ek told to quit rally celebrities and increase offer

Finance expert Kieran Maguire insists that Stan Kroenke would be willing to sell Arsenal for the right price, and that he should stop making his public appearances with celebrities in order to get the deal done.

The Spotify co-founder made a public offer to buy the club from the Kroenke family last season, but it is unclear whether the parties ever sat down to discuss the ins and outs of what was on offer, all that is known is that the offer was rebuffed.

Ek was spotted at the Emirates with Thierry Henry last weekend as the Gunners went on to beat rivals Spurs 3-1, sparking talk of a revival n their bid to gain control of the club.

One expert claims that the public displays are unlikely to be helping his cause however, and he should simply talk money with the current leadership because ‘money talks’.

“Money talks in business, and money talks to Stan Kroenke,” finance guru Kieran Maguire told Football Insider.

“If Daniel Ek comes up with an offer that is irresistible, Kroenke will accept. He is a businessman and understands value.

“What Ek has failed to do date is come up with something acceptable. If he does, I’m sure Kroenke will consider it.

“He has ambassadors like Henry and Bergkamp but he would be far better operating behind closed doors.

“What he’s doing now, it just seems like he’s trying to get celebrity endorsements.”

I find it hard to disagree with this, especially with the ‘money talks’ comment. The Kroenke family may enjoy the project that they are involved in, but they hardly feel emotionally tied to the club, and I struggle to believe that they instantly rejected the previous offer.

If Ek is serious about taking over the club, then it may cost him, but the club will appreciate it all the same.


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  1. A sensible article, containing some actual wisdom! Kroenke never says anything but he must be haemorrhaging money right now and with most of his sports franchses too.

    He must be trying to take the longer view and trust that things will soon pick up, financially.

    But he is no financial fool, even if Ek MAY be right now.

    I would not be trying to buy a major club right now if I WERE A BILLONAIRE WHO HOPED TO KEEP OR INCREASE MY WEALTH.
    On the other hand though I would certainly be looking to sell one that is losing money in the short term, even though probably not in the long term.

    It comes down to whether or not the Kroenkes will wait and for how long. I suggest that, though that are appalling humans, they are not financial idiots.

    My gut feeling is that EK is not ABLE and NOT WILLING EITHER to much, or even at all, increase his offer. I do not see him ever owning us therefore.

    1. Stan Kroenke has increased his wealth by some $500 million since the pandemic started. And his wife has increased her wealth by about $250M.
      So the Kroenke’s has not suffered the last 2 years.

  2. Ek was Told that he wasn’t in need of cash, ek Said om here of you change your mind. Im sure he will increase the bud. If it was possible to convince him to sell… but cant overpay to much due to his finances. Would love him at arsenal

  3. I just wish Ek takes over, and the Arteta brigade will be in a jiff. Is Henry considered a celebrity? I hope he’d say former Arsenal player. Or Arsenal legend

  4. Kroenke said he will not sell. Kroenke is worth $ 10.7 billion, his wife, a Walmart heiress, another $ 8.6 billion. Daniel Ek is worth $3.8 billion. He has not very much chance of buying Arsenal as I believe the Kroenke’s are in it for the long haul and certainly do not need the money. I suppose this story, together with Aliko Dangote’s name will continue to surface from time to time.

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