Money will still play an important role in football when it returns

There have been suggestions that less money will be moving around in football when this pandemic is over.

Some experts have even predicted that teams will struggle to sign players and that there would be more swap deals and free transfers.

While these predictions could come true, we have to be honest with ourselves and understand that money and football cannot be so easily separated, especially if you want success in the game.

Teams have been hit differently by this pandemic. While some teams are struggling to pay salaries, others are getting players to sign new deals.

That is just a glimpse of how this summer could be. When football finally returns and teams can sign players again, I am sure we will see money flying around and I reckon that transfer records may still be broken.

When the next campaign starts, the teams that are better equipped to compete will be those teams that are financially fit.

It won’t surprise me if Newcastle United buys its way to success like Manchester City and Chelsea have done before them.

Arsenal seems to be one of the teams that may make this pandemic an excuse for not spending in the summer. That could see us struggle again next season.

If we hesitate to spend money then the likes of Newcastle United could easily overtake us as one of the big six, in fact, so could Everton. Arsenal simply cannot afford to be penny-pinching.

Make no mistake, money will still be a very big part of football.

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  1. Martin thinkjs that “money will still be a very bigpart of football”! Well yes and no ! At core level allpro sport is playerd for money andonly thr fans support for love alone of their sport. Not the owners, not the players, not managers. That does not mean the owners(someof them) players and managers etc do NOT also love thegame but it does mean that as PROFESSIONALS, it is their living. So yes, money is a very big part of football and hence my “YES”!

    But I also contend that from now onwards money at all levels is going to be much restricted for the foreseeable future anyway and there will be far less to go round. Hence my “NO”! So, in that context, money is from now on far less a big part of our game. I fervently hope and expect that this vast reduction in all round money will prove to be the best thing to happen to top level football for decades past – I exclude lower leagues from this comment, as it does NOT APPLY TO THEM – and will ultimately be the saviour that drags the Prem, albeit reluctantly, while hanging on and screaming, OUT of the mire it is wallowing in and dying!

    I truly believe that truth and thus is entirely the reason why I urge ALL fooball fans to firmly seize this shining opportunity to rescue our beloved sport from the wicked clutches of such as Kroenke, Sheikh Mansoor, Abramovitch and so on.

    The final part of my morality series on todays football will soon appear on this site with my own proposals as to how WE can help rescue our sport and be it’s life savers.
    Finally, I predict that not a single penny of kROENKES OWN MONEY WILL BE USED TO STRENGTHEN OUR TEAM THIS SUMMER. Sigh!

  2. I don’t think you seem to have and idea of the severity of the recession we are now heading into. It will be significantly more serious than anything we have ever known and many clubs will struggle to survive without government support. Arsenal could see a drop in revenue of close to £150 million which is much more than an excuse . Football will have to change radically and the idea that some clubs will carry on obliviously splashing the cash is ignorance in the extreme . Please don’t write this sort of silly piece again

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