Monreal feels Arsenal are about ready to RUMBLE!!

Nacho Monreal has been one of the better Arsenal players so far this season, after the Spanish international was called to fill in for the injured Kieran Gibbs. And the left back believes that the more he plays for the Gunners, the better he performs.

Not only that, but he believes that the whole Arsenal team have now recovered from their World Cup exploits with their various national sides and are just about ready to really push on now. As he told Arsenal Player, Monreal is very confident and upbeat about this season, after a pretty good previous year which was only ruined by injury but did see the Gunners end that pesky trophy drought.

And it is not just having the likes of Mertesacker, Ozil and Podolski back to match fitness and the squad sharpening up that excites the 28-year old, because he thinks that the Gunners have done some really good business in the summer transfer window, with his new full back colleague Mathieu Debuchy and the attacking talents of Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck. It is young Calum Chambers, however, that gets a special mention as he has really surprised the Spaniard with his ability and maturity.

Monreal said, “Calum has been a good surprise for me because I didn’t meet him too much and also he’s younger. He’s played like he’s played for a long time in the Premier League. He’s a good player and an important player for us now and in the future because he’s younger.

“I think we need a little bit more time because last summer a lot of players were playing in the World Cup and they came back late. We have signed four or five new players so maybe we need a little bit more time for the players to feel better and their fitness can feel better. I think in the next weeks the team will play better.

“I think Arsenal has done a good job [in the transfer window] because now we have five or six new players who have a very good level. I’m happy with the club and Alexis, Ospina, Calum… we have a lot of hopes for them so I’m happy with the team.

“I feel very good and I feel so happy because I am here and playing very well. I only want to keep doing the same.

“I am playing better [this season]. One difference is that now I am playing [regularly]. Last season I didn’t play enough and I want to play every single game.

“For me it’s difficult to play one game and then stay on the bench for the next four or five games. When you play every single game you feel much better, you are fitter, your focus is much better. And now I am playing so I am very happy.”

With Chambers, Bellerin and Gibbs, Arsenal do seem to be pretty well covered in defensive areas this season, so do you think that a more injury free Arsenal will be able to take the title this season?

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  1. Dee@ease says:

    Gibbs must fight for his place when he comes back,Wenger must not put him straight back into the team!

    1. Hald says:

      Yeah,Starting with win against City!

    2. ebemka says:

      When u play regularly, u Gain Lots of confidence, u improve ur Game by the day, so I think dat is wat has happened to Monreal… He is now playing like his real self… Things will only change when gibbs returns, and dat won’t be gud enough for his development…
      I would lik if gibbs wil hav to return slowly and fight for his place,
      Instead of rushing him back into the team…

    3. almostawinner says:

      shitty’s RB will be zabaleta: lets put sanchez on him with maybe pod coming at 60min to tire out zabaleta.
      clichy at LB should face campbell, then put on ox at 60th min to tire out clichy.
      welbeck at front.
      CAM is ozil if ready, or cazorla [will need to have one of his ON days]
      ramsey in the middle & chambers (arteta too slow & flam too skill-less)
      monreal,koz,mert & debuchy at the back.

      1. Budd says:

        Let’s first hear that Ramsey is healthy and able to play 90 minutes. If not, time for Rosicky to rumble. Yesterday night he had a very good game.

  2. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Or Tumble!!!

  3. Invincibles49 says:

    I want to be optimistic but Chelsea look too strong this year. Jury is still out on Arsenal and i will be able to make my mind only after we have played with Chelsea and MANC and see how we performed.

    1. Budd says:

      Eveything, but absolutely everything has a breaking point. Once you find that point nothing stops owning that thing. Same with Chelsea. Maybe we won’t be able to find it but other just may be.

  4. The Handsome_Gooner says:

    Chambers is our long term solution for CB or CDM

  5. almostawinner says:

    just hope wenger doesnt wait until 70th min to bring on fresh guys; 70 is just too late.
    we can use sanchez to tire zabaleta and then bring pod on at min60 and give pod a give 30mins; Zabaleta will be tired and if pod works, he should be able to get by.

    RW i’d put campbell on for 60min , then ox. that’ll tire out clichy.
    if ramsey cant play, wilshire will.
    similarly , if ozil cant play, cazorla (or even roziscky) could go at CAM

  6. The Handsome_Gooner says:

    What is Wilsheres best position – CM, CAM, CDM

  7. mcween says:

    Seems to be pretty poor wherever he plays at the moment. Was out of position most of the time on Monday in that deeper role. He is best at tikki takka in and around the oppositions box. But even then he spends most of the time on the floor. I hate tikki takka….

  8. ergs says:

    We don’t look like winning the league or champions league.
    We don’t have the squad depth of quality of other top European sides.
    Realistically domestic trophy and top 4.

  9. xhafeezx says:

    Shut up crouch!!

  10. LoCkAy says:


    Thank you for your comment and I hope Wenger listens to reason (even though we all know he won’t as he is totally and utterly clueless)…!!

    Monreal has shown how excellent he is after he was FINALLY given a run of games… Personally I am tired of that injury prone Gibbs as he is not good enough anyway and overrated… But he is another of Wenger favourite.

    1. vince says:

      gibbs not good enough? seriously?
      a while back monreal would regurlarly get slated. ppl just have no clue and go with media hype and current couple of games etc. every player in our squad has talent and if played regularly might turn very good. also has something to do where you are played and how often and the system. damn. who will we slate next week??

      1. jibber says:

        a lot of the fans still remember the nightmare last minute purchases of the 2011-2012 season, and coule of these purchases were big failures(Park, Santos, gervinho.)

        But then, Looking at Gervinho now, it makes me wonder if it is Wenger who’s not making use of his players properly. Which lead to Ramsey trying taking forever to reach his potential, and the failure of Denilson.

        Perhaps Wenger put way too much faith in his players, so much that he believes they will all ” find their natural game” with very little guidance.

        this reminds me of the term “Laissez-faire”, which believes that the market will be fine if you lay your hands off it as much as you can….

        you know how that turned out.

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