Montemurro ignores his family and takes Juventus job

Is Montemurro bored of his family already!

Well it didn’t take Joe Montemurro long to get a new job now did it! broke the news we pretty much already knew about, Montemurro moving on from the Arsenal Women.

But, I don’t understand why people cannot openly just say “yes I am going to take that job” rather than act like they don’t know what their next career step is going to be!

After three and half years in charge of the Arsenal women amd leading them to their first Women’s Super League title in seven years in 2019, the Continental League Cup in 2018 and being nominated for FIFA Women’s Manager of the year in 2019, Montemurro stepped down from his role in England at the end of the season and will now take charge of Italian Champions Juventus, from July 1.

However, there’s no wander why he wants to venture to Italy, as Juventus women have won four successive Serie A titles, winning all 22 of their league games this season on the way to the title. So Joe will surely be looking to add to it with their fifth and his first Serie A title, although the Champions League still alludes them after Lyon knocked them out in the last 32.

Of course being named as the new Juventus women’s head coach didn’t come as a shock to us fans as but it goes to show that he can’t have really wanted much time off to spend with his family then could he.

I wish Joe all the best but I just wish managers and players were more open about things, rather than coming up with excuses to say they “wish to leave to spend more time with their family.”

I do not doubt he wishes to and will do that but he will find it hard to focus all of his attention on his family when he has the biggest women’s team in Italy to manage alongside it. Gooners?


Shenel Osman


  1. In football kike in bussiness nothing is sure until contracts are signed and before they are you have teams of lawyers going through everything not only that both clubs and managers do not put all their eggs in one basket who knows Juventus could have been talking to other managers who knows as people know this is a ruthless business as for the anouncement i believe it is up to the individual to decide it believe me when i say he can live with his head high as for the family reason he gave he was being respectful to Arsenal because fans who follow the women’s team knew/have known that things were not all that good we’re taking lack of investments on the the women’s side different standarts applied lower ones for women like pay access to the club medical physio….. especially to injured players i could go on…he tried to change a lot of it sadly unsuccessfuly but as the gentleman that he is he didn’t broadcast it!good luck to him he abd his family deserve it and will be hard to fill his vacant boots/shoes!👍

  2. It’s possible that he will spend more time with his family, maybe they will join him in Italy, where the weather is much better! Anyway good luck to him he had a successful stint with us, I just hope we get a good replacement so that we can knock Chelsea and Man C off their perches.

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