Should Arsenal just end Torreira’s suffering and let him go home?

Should Arsenal Do What’s Morally Right For Torreira by Dan Smith


This isn’t just aimed at Arsenal but all football clubs. When they want a player to sign a new contract, they preach loyalty. When a player doesn’t want to leave based on their earnings, they preach how morality should be put ahead of money.

Yet Torreira’s situation shows that the employer is just as greedy.

To clarify, Mikel Arteta doesn’t see the midfielder being part of his ethos and the Uruguayan has been very honest about how the death of his mother has affected him and his family, with his Dad asking his son to return to South America.

In most transfer sagas, clubs cleverly make players and agents look like the selfish party. They are aware that fans can’t relate to the wages players are on and are emotionally biased.

So when a Nasri, Van Persie or Sanchez want to move where they can earn more and win trophies, they are painted as villains. Yet when an Ozil intends to honour his contract he’s portrayed as holding the club hostage.

If a club view you as an asset, they question your integrity if you refuse a new deal.

Yet it’s okay for them to wash their hands of a Jack Wilshire and Danny Welbeck, individuals willing to take reductions in pay.

It’s contradictory.

Essentially if you criticised a Mustafi or Sokratis for staying when they weren’t wanted purely because of their wages, then you should expect Arsenal to not refuse a players wishes just because they can’t recoup a fee.

We had players happy to stay in North London even when not submitted for our squad.

Supporters would preach that money shouldn’t be a priority over everything.

Yet why don’t Arsenal take a cut price fee for Torreira from Boca Juniors? Because they equally prioritise money.

This isn’t a man wanting a move based on wealth or ambition. He’s even willing to take a pay cut to facialaite a move to Argentina. It’s not like his employers want him to stay, so he’s only asking for what they want.

He simply wants Arsenal to accept after Covid that they are not getting any resale value on the 30 million he cost. He’s asking his bosses to take a loss so he can be happy. You know, like they asked players to rip up contracts to help them?

If Arsenal can ask players to accept loans or being released to help their overheads, then morally they should support Torreira in exceptional circumstances.

The 25-year-old was already struggling to adapt to a new language and culture. Now he’s lost a parent and understandably no longer wants to be away from those he love. We encourage people to be more open about their feelings and say if they are struggling.

Not just has he admitted to struggling with the grieving process, but his father has as well. I couldn’t imagine losing my mum and how long that would take to adapt to. It would be life changing.

People process and handle these moments differently. If he needs to be with his family then I wouldn’t be comfortable if Arsenal stopped him.

The coincidence is that when William Saliba lost his parents, he’s been loaned back to France because the Gunners think he should be with friends and family. His preference was to stay in London. So Torreira is simply asking for the same protocol regarding his mums passing.

It just so happens his ‘home’ is based in part of the world where a transfer is more complicated.

This will come down to Arsenal ethics. Will they prioritise a young man’s mental health over cash?

By ruling out a move to Europe he reduces the asking price. South America can’t pay big fees – and that was before the Pandemic. Plus by knowing they don’t have to go for a bidding war with clubs in Europe, South American clubs can start the bidding low.

Arsenal have shown that they are willing to write off money if it means slashing their wage bill, something that seems a priority.

Morally Arsenal are in a difficult situation which might harm their PR image. What happens if your force someone to stay in Europe grieving for his mother, missing his Family and growing depressed? You can never question the player’s work ethic when given an opportunity.

If he fitted into Arteta’s plans, then my stance might be different. Because then you would have a manager who can put his arm round you and make it a priority to make the player feel wanted.

The fact is that no one benefits from Torreira hanging around unhappy, especially if he refuses any move that is in this continent. Why keep someone suffering?

I understand Stan Kroenke doesn’t become a Billionaire by selling assets on the cheap.

Yet in any company there are exceptional circumstances, where you have to accept doing business isn’t practical. Someone already homesick and then losing his mum I think is one of those occurrences.

Arsene Wenger warned as a club we were in danger of losing our proud values which even rival clubs would refer to as ‘the Arsenal Way’, meaning to always act with class.

There is a story that Herbert Chapman paid out of his own pocket for walls to be painted a cranberry red.

He told staff that the moment opposition walked into Highbury he wanted his guests to know that at Arsenal we did things properly.

Arsenal put Football second when a Paul Merson and Tony Adams needed help for addiction.

Sol Campbell was allowed to take some time away out of the country.

An example which might give Torreira hope was Brazilian Denilson was struggling mentally and for his own well-being wanted to be at ‘home’.

Mr Wenger orchestrated Denilson being loaned to Brazil for years, content that his wages were being covered.

All those examples were in my opinion a human suffering from an illness.

Torreira to his credit is honestly saying he can’t cope anymore away from his family with even his Dad making his own pleas for his son to be helped.


I understand if you think I’m being naive and want Arsenal to be ruthless.

Legally the man signed a contract and Arsenal have every right to only sell if they get close to their values.

I respect if that’s your stance.

Yet you can’t feel sorry for Arsenal when players equally put money first.

Football is a beautiful game but it’s just that …a game.

The Torreira Family is going through heartache at the moment.

Torreira needs to get through each day. Find a way to look after his family. That will and should be his priority.

If Torreira taking his career to South America helps.

If that’s what is needed at the moment, then that is more important than Football.


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  1. He should have been sold to Napoli last season in January window.

    Napoli coach then had him as top priority, even wanted Kolas badly.

    We were eye that Roc CB Koulibaly handed to us, adding 45M. We did not make the deal.

    Let him go i guess, we didnt really need him in first place. Just as keeping Elneny when he was benched by Wenger to have young Niles grow.
    Everyone, let’s say goodbye and wish him great…

  2. Torreira can always buy out his contract. Ozil could have done the same, but decided to run it down and took a payout.
    If he is not going to play Torreira should be sold for as much as Arsenal can get. Torreira took the money and came to the Emirates, yet hasn’t stopped wining since the day he arrived about weather, language, family etc.

    1. Is he not allowed to use the language excuse Ozzie ,because I’m sure ive heard you go on about that to defend Emery every day since he left .

    2. Have to say I think Oz is right. Torreira has complained since day one and there are ways to leave a club that don’t involve Arsenal carrying the whole financial can. Nobody is a prisoner here, everybody is free to leave. He has been on a great wage, but he doesnt want it to cost him a penny personally to leave. If I was a millionaire and needed so much to go home I would pay my contract off and go. Instead he refuses to do so, goes public to try to make us look like the bad guy here. Sympathy is one thing, but all of us lose family members.

  3. If Arsenal are willing to sell him with a huge discount, other players would likely force Arsenal to do the same. Torreira surely knows that Arsenal will try their best to sell him to the highest bidder in the summer

    1. But my point is mate
      If Arsenal wanted to rip up his contract and he refused and took his wages , some fans would say the player is greedy

      1. I believe those fans simply don’t like players who don’t focus on football anymore. If the players are productive and always put in extra effort in the field, nobody will call them out

  4. Condolences to Torrera and stand with him in his difficult moments. But, he should realize that he is contracted to Arsenal and if ever he wanted to make his transfer intentions – for what ever reason, he should have done it behind closed doors, not on media/to media. Now this has put Arsenal is a very difficult situation to negotiate with any club,let alone South American clubs. Contracts have to be honored by both parties, going to /on media complicates matters. The players of late at AFC want the security and perks of the club while giving a BIG FAT ZERO in return on the pitch and maybe off the pitch too.
    And if AFC can end Torrera’s misery, request them to end our misery of having to watch Leno, Cedric, Bellerin, Gabriel,Luiz, Elneny, Xhaka, Willian, Pepe, Laca, Cabellos wearing our kits next season.

    1. I agree with you but we do have fans who were not happy when Ozil said he wanted to honour his contract

      1. Dan, I too would have loved if Ozil had honored his contract by doing what he was hired to do – assists and goals. From 19 assists to two assists and should we have honored his contract when he returned the favor with a BIG FAT ZERO and that too right on our face? Thank goodness Mikel relieved him and us from the misery, Odegard and ESR are a joy to watch.

        1. But the principle is the same isn’t it ?
          If Arsenal for example wanted to sell Torreria and didn’t submit him in the Premiership squad and the player said ‘I’ll just stay here till my contract ends because I’m on decent wages’ would your stance be different

          Also combined can you tell me how many Leauge goals /assists Smith Rowe and Odergard have
          Bit early to say they been a joy to watch and misery is over ….we are 10th so I would argue they havnt improved us drastically

          1. In the league, Odegaard has 1 goal in 9, and ESR 4 assists in 16. In his last full season Ozil had 1 goal and 2 assists in 18. Odegaard only moved to a new club in January and ESR has only had half a season as a true first-team player- what’s your point?

      2. Ozil was on £350k per week and knew he wasn’t going to play. He was honouring his contract because it benefitted him financially. This isn’t a hate/love Ozil comment by the way, just stating what happened.

  5. Another player brought in and ruined by Emery and his buddy’s ,if we could recoup half the transfer fee we payed that would be a result if not it would be best just to get him off the payroll ,that’s the best outcome for all
    Party’s involved ,no blame should be laid at his feet we all know who messed his career up .

  6. Torreira cost Arsenal 27mill in 2018.
    A year later he was valued at 55mill.
    Post covid his value is likely to be 9 mill tops.
    For a decade Arsenal has paid mega millions to players injury prone or not good enough or because of personal issues. Ozil Sanchez Socritis Mustafi Sanchez Mkhitaryan Debuchy Kolasinac Wellbeck Wilshere Diarby Asano Myaichi Sanogo Arshavin Podolski Perez.
    Saliba Mavropanos Guendouzi have yet to be sorted.
    What of Holding Chambers Niles and Willock?
    Much lower transfer fees lower salaries
    shorter contracts with performance clauses built in are needed.

  7. I never like the way Saliba, Torreira and Guendouzi were treated. It put me off Arteta completely. It was like Arteta wanted to discard Emery’s signature. It made me realise something was ‘wrong’ with Arteta.
    In this multi million pound sport the emotional life, mental health and grief of players gets such little shift. Torreira is still a young man and he is grieving. He could at least be loaned to Boca for a nominal sum and see where he stands in a years time. Money has no emotional intelligence or grief…..human’s do…..including footballers.
    Arteta has failed in so many ways, footballing and human, that he should leave after the remaining games, so that this dark chapter can become left far behind in Arsenal history.

    1. Sean…

      I really do connect with your response and feel you have expressed the views of many, and I do appreciate your thoughts!

      One reason I strongly supported Arteta was the desire and effort to change the ethos, attitude, and application of his players while building a new structure for the future. This season has been poor and so everything Arteta may have done can be questioned and considered a ruin, just like you have rightly mentioned.

      However, if you will give me an ear, it is worth noting that the pathway to greatness sometimes is downwards first and if you stay steadfast to the right principles, then surely you will begin to rise upward. We are on the downward only to those who may not see that if they stay steadfast to the right principles, it’s only a matter of time and learning the right lessons, and soon we will be the force to reckon with. My statement may sound philosophical, which it is, but in there lies the truth, though it may not make sense to many.

      We can blame so many for the current situation, but let us excuse Arteta from this. If he didn’t see Torreira as part of the plan, let’s give the coach a chance.

      Again Sean, your response struck a cord! Please stay safe!

      And I trust the boys tonight! Do you? *smiles*


      1. Fire
        I understand your philosophical point. Things can change and in life things do change. To me life is based on intention. Good intention moves the world. When Arteta showed his lack of emotional intelligence at the beginning of his reign, his lack of empathy and his desire to purge all things Emery from Arsenal shocked me. He lacked empathy, wisdom and skill with the players. I would rather he left.
        We may win, we may win well….do I trust the team….No…..will I be rooting for the team….YES.

        1. Sean…

          Thanks for your truly worthwhile response!

          Myself, I never thought Unai was the problem, instead I felt the players simply lacked what it takes to meet his demands, and he is proving himself with his new team, even with lesser quality and limited funds.

          I can understand when you say Arteta has shown some “lack of empathy” as seen from such stern acts, and we are right to feel the way we do. I cannot and do not intend to defend his actions, but one thing I also believe is that the end will just the means. And my only hope is if we all can give him such precious time, which I hope we do!

          *smiling* I do agree with your last point too! We will surely root for them tonight!

          Thanks for your time!


          1. Just like you both to know your polite exchange has brought a smile to my face. I wish more fans could discuss opposing opinions in mature, civilised ways such as this, it’d be our first step in leaving Arsenal being a meme and returning to the days when we were renowned for class behaviour, generally speaking. I hope you both are well and happy 😊

      2. Not sure I trust them but I am pulling for them “big time”!

        And I agree with Sean, I think Arteta’s people skills are a real liability.

        And while I might not agree with you on Arteta, I do appreciate the point of view (and recognize that I could be proven wrong about him and really hope so)!

  8. To begin with, he shouldn’t have been loaned out in the first place because he is far better than Cebellos and would have contributed more than him. That is another rookie mistake from our rookie manager. I don’t what the proposition is from Torreria camp but they need to me to be reminded we paid money for him and can give him up for free.

  9. Hes done nothing but cry since he got here. Dont sell him on the cheap and stick him in the under 23s

    1. And if that made him even worse mentally ?
      What’s the point of that if the club don’t want to use him anyway

      1. Just think it would look terrible if a young man is grieving , says he’s struggling mentally , misses his family
        And we …..punish him !

  10. If we keep letting players leave because they are “distressed”, we’ll be utterly bankrupt extremely quickly. Absolutely ridiculous to even suggest it, especially given our woeful record at recouping money when selling, and the fact our owner won’t put his own money in.

    We cannot repeat the AW/IG retarded policy when it comes to selling.

    1. But then next time Arsenal want to sell a player and they want to see out their contract you can’t say the Emirates player is wrong

  11. Torreria could buy out his contract if he wanted to go. Do Boca have any players or youth to offer in a partial swap?

    Torreria & his father have handled this wrong by going to social media. Club looks heartless if they don’t let a 25 year old millionaire leave for free so he can play elsewhere.

    So he’ll play for lower wages in South America? I’m sure, he’s already a millionaire many times over.

    Loan him to Boca then, while Torreira buys out his contract.

    1. 100% as are my views Durand. If we hadn’t been stitched up time and time again lately, and if we weren’t broke, perhaps I would feel more magmanimous. The fact is he could probably afford to buy out his own contract, but he doesn’t want to, so he’s obviously not that desparate. Instead he goes public to make us seem heartless. The guy probably has more disposable income than we do at the moment. Sorry for his loss, but all of us lose family members and don’t ask our employers for the equivalent of a multi-million pound golden handshake.

  12. Tricky not to sound heartless

    Any decent employer should allow a certain amount of compassionate leave but beyond that it is down to the employee to either pay up his contract or wait until the next available transfer window and put in a request to move on

  13. This is a no-win situation for Arsenal. If he is allowed to leave for free then the club lose out on a fee, and if he is made to stay the club lose the PR battle. I don’t think there is any chance of Boca stumping up a fee for him, even a cut-price one, especially now. What his father is basically asking for is for the club to tear up his contract. This is what has upset a lot of fans who may feel sympathy for him but are also annoyed that it is playing out in public to present the club in a bad light, and could appear that he is using the sympathy to get what he wants. Under the Webster ruling he would be entitled to buy out his contract but is seemingly reluctant to do so as it would cost him personally. It’s true that fans should be more understanding that players are unwilling to leave and want to see out their contract, but at the same time the club shouldn’t be blackmailed into allowing a player to break their contract. The club will have to treat this very delicately to avoid it turning into a circus and becoming a PR nightmare. The best options available seem to be 1. Torreira buys out his contract and joins the team he wants or 2. He joins Boca on loan with an option to buy at a fair price, giving them time to sell a few players and for Tevez to retire, so if they refuse to pay up it won’t be Arsenal’s fault.

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