Morata definitely leaving Juventus…..for Arsenal?

Morata to Arsenal rumours are hotting up!

A while back it was first revealed that Arsenal were supposedly interested in signing Juventus and Spanish international striker Alvalro Morata. Arsenal went on to make their first signing of the summer, yet to be confirmed, but the rumours surrounding Morata have only increased since.

When it was previously reported from a number of sources a few weeks back, the rumours were that Arsenal were considering breaking their transfer record fee in order to sign the Spanish striker. The transfer fee mentioned was £51 million, which would make Morata one of the the most expensive transfer to come into the English Premier League. The price tag was met with much debate as the majority of fans pointed out that whilst the 23 year old has talent that would be a well worthy of investing in, in order to develop at the club, the fee is a bit commanding for his goal scoring record so far.

Álvaro Morata has played with some of the very best players in European football both at Real Madrid and Juventus and has largely failed to maximise his talents. I personally am a big fan of Morata because I think at Arsenal, there is a lot of faith in young players and the club has the experience of developing youngsters. I think he would flourish with the Gunners, especially with Ozil’s vision and ability on the ball to create the chances that Morata likes to feed off most. The problem that Morata has largely had in his career so far, is that he has been phased out by the superstars that have played ahead of him, both in Spain and Italy, and therefore he has never really managed to get the maximum from the ability that he does hold.

Obviously there is concern over his potential transfer fee and I cannot see Wenger going for the £51 million bid, especially considering the Suarez fiasco a few years back. However if Arsenal truly are interested and the price tag can be negotiated then I don’t see why the Gunners should have any trouble in signing him. It seems apparent that the striker wants to leave Juventus after losing his place in the side, and Madrid are supposedly interested in exercising their buy back clause, which stands at £25 million, before selling Morata on for a much bigger sum. The Daily Star have today reported activity on social media site Instagram, which shows a picture of Morata holding a sign with Juventus’ links that says “Adios Amigo”. This could be the final indication that shows Morata is on his way out of Turin, and possibly back to Madrid, but will the Spanish Giants be interested in talking to the Gunners if Arsene Wenger comes calling?

Arsenal remain interested in Morata as well as Everton’s Romelu Lukaku, who also seems to have made his mind up on leaving his current club. Both players seem unhappy at their current clubs and would probably command a similar transfer fee of at least £40 million plus, but who would you go for? Although I do like Morata, it has to be Lukaku for me, because he holds both the strength and pace to become one of the best strikers in the world. He is already proven to be one of the best finishers in the Premier League at a side that finished outside the top 10 this season, so imagine what he could do with the Gunners if he was to join this summer.


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  1. Maybe He is going back to Real Madrid. Then again, Madrid might sell him for big money and get their desired striker..

    Anyway, I like Morata. Seems to be a big game player. He dribbles and score crucial goals as a starter or sub. Having said that, I don’t see Wenger getting him for 51Million.

  2. I won’t mind either but I think Lukaku is more a goal scorer than morata but morata is faster and more skillful, so by saying that since goals are our main issues we should go for lukaku (more proven) but no denying to the fact that morata could even prove more deadly in no time. So anyone them I will go over the moon.

    1. If we are going to make gamble not to sign world class proven goal scorer (Higuain, Lewa,etc), I’ll pick Vincent Janssen over Morata (47 apps, 12 goals). He played 43 apps and scored 29 goals at all competitions for AZ Alkmaar. The two footed striker remind me a lot of our “beloved” traitor RVP. He got an element of surprises . Besides, Nederlands at EPL and particularly Arsenal usually reached their best. Bergkamp, Overmars, RVP. Maybe not for Van Bronchost. Not to mention Van Nistelrooy.
      We’ll see Janssen action at Euro 2016 France.

  3. We are like a child who has been aching for cake a long time but whose father has been refusing to get him a piece of the sweet stuff. If the father eventually yields and buys him the cake, sweet or sour, he may not be able to say a word about it again!
    Oh, sorry if my long riddles were boring, I was trying to say we should be careful who wish or ask for as our ‘big money move’ WC CF. For what shall we say, if he comes and fail?

  4. Am not sure,but “Adios amigos” does it mean goodbye?????
    If it means goodbye,then it is possible he is leaving for Madrid to later sign for Arsenal…

    Like I have said here before I prefer Morata..his all round play the only issue is the price..
    But Lukaku is even more expensive at 65m…

    1. Let me burst the bubble. Madrid will sign Morata and keep him. They need a back up for Benzema. So Arsenal should just forget about him. And to be honest, I’ll prefer a Vardy to Morata.

      1. Unless they put the profit on selling Morata towards signing a new Galactico…… Aubameyang most likely, Aguero perhaps.

  5. Think you’re all losing your minds if you think he’s worth £51 million after scoring a grand total of 12 goals in 47 appearances this season. Thought the aim was to improve on Giroud?

  6. The writer says Arsenal
    should get Morata
    because Arsenal know
    how to look after youngsters.
    Giroud Sanchez Campbell Ozil Xhaka Ospina Debuchi
    Sanogo Cazorla Kos Mertz Gabe Monreal Cech.
    All young English players from the academy!!!
    Now the club is targeting a young English lad Morata
    born in Madrid I guess that’s Madrid in South Yorkshire.
    And he comes cheap only 51 mill.
    Harry Kane was well looked after by Arsenal in fact he was
    let go aged 8 because he was considered not good enough.
    59 goals in 2 seasons more than Wellbeck Sanogo Walcott Wilshere
    Chamberlain Sanchez Ramsey Ozil Iwobi Campbell + Gnabry combined.
    Perhaps he did have a wee bit of talent after all.
    Marcus Rashford joined the Man U academy at 7 yrs.
    As they are want to say “Arsenal does not buy stars we make them”.
    So forget a 50 mill foreigner and start Iwobi and Akpom up front.
    After all Arsenal know how to look after youngsters.

  7. Where are our players scouting team. can’t we get strikers who are better than these big names from less popular leagues. We will be left heart-broken if we spend big to get any of Morata, Lukaku, Icardi etc and he disappoints us. I want us to win the league and not to buy it. Leicester City WON the league title.

  8. Some people are comparing morata to giroud, first he’s much more younger at 23years, secondly he hasn’t really played as d main striker with all the backings giroud has enjoyed, he’s a potential at his age and has played in two of d best leagues With clubs like JUVE and Madrid, he’s a big game player, he’s fast and skillful. Considering all these qualities coupled with the fact dat dere are not top strikers available in market, I will go for morata, although it is still a gamble buying morata for that price but I don’t we have a choice except we want to continue with giroud. Finally a quick remainder, last two seasons when hiquain was linked with a move to Arsenal, some fans didn’t believe he was better than giroud yet he came into last season and smashed the highest goals record in seria A with 36goals, so in conclusion morata can be prolific with proper coaching and chances created by ozil and other team mates..

    1. Higuain had a one in two goal ratio for as long as Iv known about the player. I’m delighted he reached the next level, anyone who cant see the difference with a one goal in two striker – against a one goal in three??? This isn’t even talking about the chances that go begging and the dry spells between goals.

  9. Funny how in these transfer rumours currencies get mixed up. In some I read £50 Mil and in some I read €50 mil. That is a big difference. For €50Mil he maybe worth it, still a sh!t load of money, but for £50 mil I think Wenger will promote Akpom and keep the chance.

  10. i am not a Morata fan, finishing is not one of his strong suit, his technical skill and running ability however is quite attractive to arsenal, its going take some time for him to get use to some of england robust defenders and there lies the major issue, its going to take couple months for him to get use to the league, which is always costly in points and for such a large sum he should be firing from he enters the stadium.
    If we are going to spend silly money let it be Lukaku he answers all the questions , pace, power, goal threat, good in the air and already in the league.
    If we going to be prudent and stingy, Milik or Janssen and also bring in a young striker Guirassy or Sudiq to build on or give akpom his chance

  11. According to popular Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri, Arsenal have bid £39m (€50m) for Morata and Real Madrid are evaluating the offer. Also, Morata’s agent was quoted as confirming that Arsenal have made a ‘concrete’ offer for the player. Morata is willing to move to Arsenal, it all depends on Real. Aubameyang wants Real Madrid. They should go for him and release Morata to flourish elsewhere, rather remain a 2nd fiddle. Also read that Everton want £65m for Lukaku. He’s not Lewandowski or Aubameyang so why pay that much? Fingers crossed for Madrid’s response.

  12. If we get Morata, the thing that would excite me most is ..The work we’d be doing up top in pressurising defenders who try to play out from back. Alexis Morata and Welbeck would be like a hornets nest. Lukaku has speed and strength, but he doesn’t have the stamina to keep up with Morata. Lukaku bides his time and chooses opportune moments. Lukaku looks the better finisher. However, I can never get my head around the other signings within England that remind me of Lukaku. Benteke with his thirty pl goals playing for a worse team than Everton. People say if he can score seventeen for Eve how many more will he get at Arsenal, these same fans wanted Benteke. Bony, I too wanted Bony, but when you see him playing next to real class, he looks to lacking and even lost sometimes. Some players styles just don’t suit attractive silky playing football. That is probably why they done so well at a team not afraid to go long, a team that makes the most of set pieces. He could make it with us I wouldn’t be able to tell, but I’m not nearly so sure as the many on here seem to be.

  13. Don’t know how accurate this is, but it was posted on another site concerning Morata buyback contract:
    If the player has participated in less than 25% of the matches during the previous season, Real Madrid will have to pay 20,000,000 Euros

    If the player has participated in more than 25% and less than 50% of the matches during the previous season, Real Madrid will have to pay 25,000,000 Euros

    If the player has participated in more than 50% of the matches in the previous season, Real Madrid will have to pay 30,000,000 Euros.

    (Not counting injuries, 45 mins or more per match)

    There was a report that he has played in more than 50% of the matches for Juventus. If this is true, then that puts a lower floor on his transfer cost. If Real Madrid has to pay Juventus 30,000,000 Euros to buy him back, then the price to Arsenal probably won’t be less than 40 million Euros, maybe more.

    So is he worth 45 million Euros?

  14. people are going on about the number of goals he scored or lack of them more precisely but morata for the majority of the season was used as an impact player/sub,also like the writer mentioned as both RM&JUVE he was overshadowed by great players/stars so if if he were to sign for us knowing that he is the 1st choice striker he could flourish and surprise us all!!

  15. If Morata is going to cost us the type of money Lukaku would cost us then Wenger/The board will deserve a good kick in the b@lls if they don’t try for Lukaku.

    UTD and Chavski are the leading clubs to get him due to how much he will cost, they do not have CL football, we do.

    I think people here know I am a fan of Lukaku, he isn’t perfect but he is an upgrade to what we have and young enough to get better still, I honestly think Wenger is the man who could make Lukaku better still.

  16. i genuinley think ibrahimovic and van dijk could make us into the dominant team in england.

    van dijk is voted in the eurox11 team of the season alongside thiago silva(whoscored)his main attribute is his arial dominance and level of concentration.

    ibrahimovic is also in the european xll alongside luis suarez. signinng ibrahimovic could have a similar impact as cech in the gk position.

    bellerin/chambers,van dijk/gabriel,koscielney/mertesacker, monreal/gibbs
    xhaka/coqulan, cazorla/elneny
    ramsey/campbell, sanchez/iwobi

    plus the 3 injured players ox,jenkinson,welbeck

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