More and more signs point to Arteta reunion

As time that goes by, I’m more and more convinced that Henrikh Mkhitaryan will be playing football for Arsenal next season.

The Armenian international joined the club as part of the deal that allowed Alexis Sanchez to depart to join Manchester United in January 2018, but has struggled to settle under managers Arsene Wenger or Unai Emery.

Mkhi opted to take up the chance to return to Italy last summer, with Roma paying a fee to sign him on loan for a year, and he has fought his way into a first-team role.

Despite reports claiming that both the club and player are enjoying the arrangement, Roma do not appear willing to pay the asking price to make that move permanent. Today it was claimed that the Giallorossi may try to sign the forward on loan again, but that make no sense at all.

Mkhitaryan will be entering the final 12 months of his contract this summer, meaning he could literally leave on a free transfer at the end of the loan, which financially would be stupid on Arsenal’s part, and stupid we are not…

The more I read about the situation, whether it be the high asking price set by our club, talk of our own tight transfer budget or the return to form for Mkhitaryan, I’m more and more persuaded that Mikel Arteta will be open to playing him next term.

The duo will be all-too familiar from their time at Arsenal in 2018 whilst the Spaniard was captain, and the now-coach may well have his own ideas on getting the best our his former team-mate.

Could Arteta persuade Mkhitaryan to stay on next season? Could the star have unfinished business in England?


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  1. Well Patrick, I am prepared to bet you substantial money that MKHI WILL NOT BE PLAYING FOR ARSENAL NEXT SEASON, QUITE IRRESPECTIVEOF FINANCIAL MATTERS.

    1. Well John when all this pandemic is over hopefully you will still have enough left to pay out. I have my doubts that you are right. It seems that although Napoli want Mkhi they are not prepared to pay what we are currently asking. (£22 mil) Under the present circumstances this is understandable considering his wages. I think that unless we can come up with a deal he will return to us. If this happen he will certainly get playing time, so your statement that he will not be playing again for Arsenal is a bit of a bold stance. Do not forget he has a contract with Arsenal and in these uncertain times he would be foolish not use it to the maximum advantage.

      1. You and Ken below have both missed my point. Unlike many – I don’t know your position or Kens – but I do NOT see football resuming at all for some considerable time yet and the vastly changed new financial reality will ensure many changes that no one can accurately foresee. What I do know is that MA does not rate him and therefore imo will NOT play him. I do NOT see him being here next season andI doubt that hardly ANY fans or even players have yet fully realised the massive financial tsumani of change that will sweep aside all previous plans.
        Bottom line is that MA will NOT keep a player he sees as not worth picking and I am prepared to put money on that.

  2. Interesting point Patrick makes though Jon – if we have less money to buy players (as the coronavirus is changing the face of football) and out club value him at a reported £20,000,000, it might make sense to see if Arteta can work the oracle as he has done with many ofour players.

    If he can turn a £20 million player around, it would make sense to play him, tie him to a short term contract (a year?) and if it doesn’t work out, we will at least still be able to sell him on.

    If Roma are keen on him, he must be doing something right and his beef was with UE, from what he says.

  3. Jon, it wasn’t Arteta who loaned Myk out, it was Emery, on a season long loan.

    How do you know if Arteta rates him or not?

    He’s not managed him yet!!!

    In actual fact, MA has stated that Myk could still have a future at The Arsenal – his actual words Jon, not mine.

    1. You know my attitude towards not believing everything football folk say as gospel truth KEN and it differs from yours. Still prepared to back with money. Not only Mkhi either but several others. I always read between lines and take into FULL ACCOUNT WHY some folk state certain things. It is my decison whether or not I believe them and not automatic. But then I was not born yesterday!

      But my main point on this whole virus is that very few have even begun to realise how MUCH has already changed and will continue to do so. Not least fans attitudes towards players in general when it becomes clear, as it will, that most players will fight necessary proposals to substantially reduce their salaries, thus putting clubs future at risk. Watch the fans turn on players THEN my friend and remember I told you.

      1. Jon, you have introduced a new argument that I am not aware I disagree with actually.

        However, going back to Myk, you take my points about him and MA?

        As a further point to ponder on, if Ceballos leaves, as seems very likely, will kronkie stump up the reported £30,000,000 he is valued at, or will he say to Arteta “You have a reported £22,000,000 player already here – do your job and coach him to perform as he has while out on loan?”

        Being the man we know kronkie is, that seems a much more logical stance to me, if our club cannot get the transfer fee they are demanding.

        1. Ken surely my view about MA and Mhki WAS CRYSTAL CLEAR? I state that MA will not play him next seson and also believe he will not be at thr club next season but even were he still here, he will not play IMO. I firmly believe MA will not concede to any financial blackmail by Kroenke.
          Further, all big money transfers both in and out are over for the foreseeable future and this applies to most clubs, a tiny FEW apart.

  4. I wanted us to sign Mkhitaryan before Man U got him, but he’s proved he simply isn’t a Premier League player. The league just doesn’t suit his style and he’s flattered to deceive ever since he arrived in England. He’s 32 in January and his best years are behind him. There’s no way he’s worth £22m. Especially with a year left on his contact and in a post-Covid 19 world. He doesn’t fit Arteta’s model at all and, if he stays with us, he’ll be used as a squad and cup player. He has underwhelmed in England and is not part of Arsenal’s future.

  5. Mik is no longer a 20m player and Arsenal need to take a more realistic view of his value of they wish to unload him. 8/10 m would probably tempt Roma to clinch a deal.

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