More Anti-Arsenal media hype – There are no problems in the Arsenal dressing room

The media had it in for Arsenal when Arsene Wenger was in charge and it would appear that nothing has changed with the arrival of Unai Emery. They were calling for his head after the first two defeats even though they were against the last two EPL Champions, and when Emery finally got his first three points against the Hammers, the focus wasn’t on the success but on the absence of Mesut Ozil through illness.

Emery clearly explained the reason for Ozil’s absence but the media are portraying it as a power struggle between the manager and the midfielder which is causing problems in the dressing room. From what has been said by every Arsenal player it is clear that the players are enjoying the new training regime and truly believe that they are improving all the time. Now our new midfielder Matteo Guendouzi has spoken out when asked about the atmosphere in the dressing room. “No, there are never tensions,” the 19-year-old said. “We know what we are capable of, we have a great squad, a great staff. It’s a great club, we know we can do great things this year.

“Of course we lost the first two matches but there were very positive things in those first two matches, it should be noted.

“So now we won against West Ham and maybe we showed people who didn’t believe in us that we will be there this season and you have to count on us until the end of the season.”

So yet another Arsenal player has agreed that there is confidence and togetherness in the squad, but all the media this morning is full of criticism of Ozil and the bad feelings between the players, but without any evidence whatsoever!

We must rise above this anti-Arsenal hype and believe what the manager, the club doctor and the players are saying. And they are all positive!

Sam P


  1. Tommogun58 says:

    Ozil is an overpaid sulky kid who, he goes AWOL in almost every game he plays in for long periods, sell him at the earliest opportunity.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      wonder why emey has to defend him and use the old excuse of hes sick…

      Emery should have told the truth..hes dropped or he refuse to play

      1. MikeSA says:

        So the truth is only what you want it to be?

    2. Nine says:

      Ozil had a bad couple of months starting from his contact situation then the erdogan photo then Germany’s exit pinned on him , the racism issue, his retirement and when he came back to Arsenal cutting his holiday early, everyone said Arsenal is his home… Now he has 2 loses and everyone is talking S$$t. Let’s be honest the media always wants to bring as down every time… And Arsenal supporters are too shallow to even support their team 5 games in a row. Ozil is world class…if anyone watches, apart from city and Spurs regardless of a win or lose, u can see every team in the PL badly his type of player who dictates and creates play. Weather that matters or not we will see on the coming months!

      1. Goonster says:

        You Ozil apologists live in land of the DELUSIONAL. Ozil has been here for 5 seasons and has not improved at all as a player. He has little bursts of good performances here and there against poor teams and his fanboys go crazy. To me his best season was last season. He has about 2 good months between end of October when we played Everton away to about December. That is about 3 months of his best performance as an Arsenal player. During that period he hardly created, scored goals or had assists, but his overall play was amazing. He was dominant, full of energy and always demanding the ball. He made us tick.
        But after December he has been a joke to now.

        1. Nine says:

          @goonster I’m not apologizing for him. U practically have explained his game already. What I’m saying is he is 1player. Period. Every time the team loses he shouldn’t be exclusively blamed. he is not an Alexis type of player. He needs to have the ball and players moving around him. If he is not supplied the ball frequently and players are out of the game’s movement he can’t do s$$t. That’s why when Cazorla was playing he had his best games in an arsenal shirt. That’s what ppl need to understand. So if emery can figure out his midfield and plays to his advantage he can be what we need or we need to sell him. Either way I don’t think he has done anything wrong YET.

      2. john hodges says:

        @nine what racism,are you implying from germany if so get your facts right,i live in germany and i did not notice any.have you seen how many players with their roots in another country.

        1. john hodges says:

          play for germany,

        2. nine says:

          1-you are missing the point.
          2- I meant the whole controversy after he left the national team

  2. CannonSpike says:

    What’s funny is how the media plus the commentators defend Man United when they’re clearly worse off than us. They’re approach to the situation at United is of shock and awe, while ours seems melicious

    1. Nine says:

      Exactly! It’s like they want us to fail


    Mourinho will be expelled then.. he said after the Spuds wreck.. i dont know my best defence…


    bring any coach to Arsenal the media must come just ignoring them is best.

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

      that piece of shit has 12 Defenders.
      Fosu Mensa

      1. Sue says:

        Nice comment VCC ??

        1. ozziegunner says:



    Mourinho will be expelled then.. he said after the Spuds wreck.. i dont know my best defence…


    bring any coach to Arsenal the media must come just ignoring them is best.

  5. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Maybe Ozil needs to adjust more to the players around him rather than just only the players adjusting to him?if he is as intelligent as his fan boys says….
    Still i cannot help but feel that Ozil was to be sold like Alexis but no one came for him, and now with all the changes, he is left having a new manager that will not pamper him like the last one did.

  6. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Maybe Ozil needs to adjust more to the players around him rather than just only the players adjusting to him?
    Still i cannot help feel that Ozil was to be sold like Alexis but no one came for him, and now with all the changes, he is left having a new manager that will not understand (stand under) him.

    OT: I love seeing Mourinho suffer. IDC if that makes me a miserable human

    1. Sue says:

      I love it too! He demands respect from the media for winning 3 premier league titles then strops off…. what an idiot that guy is

      1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

        Imagine what he said at his post match conference, after losing lastnight.

        He asked the press this..?
        How many EPL trophies have I won ? 3 , yes 3. THAT’S MORE THAN THE OTHER 19 managers combined.

        Arrogant piece of shit

        1. Sue says:

          Living on past glory…. it’s now that counts! They’ve lost 2 on the trot, just like we did. But I don’t hear them being slated…. oh poor man United ??????

          1. Goonster says:

            Mourinho living on past glory like our boy Ozil. Lol

          2. Sue says:

            Ouch that hurt ?

      2. But at least we can see at Man utd the pressure is coming down like lightening on Mourinho to be number 1. I hope the same pressure is being applied on Emery to succeed. Wenger notoriously had it easy.

        1. mobella says:

          That is because he’s being there 3 season. Nobody with sense will put pressure on a coach who 3 games into the job. Besides, moanrinho is a c…t. and deserves what he is getting.

        2. ken1945 says:

          Quantic Dream, Wenger had it notoriously easy????
          You must have a very selective memory regarding the media’s handling of the man, let alone some sections of our fans.
          Have the spuds or liverpool EVER had the negative press that our club and many of our ex manager’s have had?
          It’s already started with Emery, Ozil and Ramsey regarding results, attitude and contracts as far as the media is concerned.
          NO manager of ARSENAL has ever had it “notoriously easy” in my opinion, but if you want to keep using Wenger as your punchbag, that’s your perogative.
          Just ask yourself this, what would your reaction have been if the club had sold BOTH Sanchez and Ozil in the same transfer window?
          Another notorious wenger mistake? Yeah I thought so!

  7. big g says:

    who cares what the media say, you can’t trust what they say and the same goes for players and managers to an extent. No one really knows if Ozil is ill bar those at the club, it could be that Emery is just saying Ozil is ill as a smoke screen when in actuality he could be just giving him more time to train and get used to the new system or just resting him for more important games or he may think Ozil is not going to cut it in his plans for the future at all, who knows. All i know is i want my Arsenal to do as well as they can regardless of who plays on the pitch.

  8. Patrick_G says:

    Wenger will still have more respect than Moureen in England. He has more titles in total including domestic cups than him and an unbeaten season.

    He’s a jerk

    1. Ash says:

      Wenger doesnt have more titles or trophies than mourinho , Overall Mourinho has more than wenger, hes still an idiot though

    2. Luke says:

      No he doesnt – Maureen has won more – check your facts hommie

      1. ken1945 says:

        No he hasn’t – Wenger won ten trophies in ENGLAND – thats what Patrick G was saying – check your facts hommie.
        Only AF has won more.

  9. ozziegunner says:

    big g, the question is how many of the media pundits have experience coaching at any level, let alone the EPL; yet they keep giving advice to Unai Emery and even Jose Mourinho?
    To give Gary Neville his due, who found coaching at Valencia (one of Emery’s ex clubs) difficult, he has not criticised Unai Emery. Even Thierry Henry is finding that coaching is harder than punditry, given Bordeau may not meet his contract demands.

  10. gearoid de burca says:

    ozil out !.

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