More Arsenal transfer rumours on Ozil and Alexis replacements

With a top-four finish looking highly unlikely and top stars Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil looking set to leave, it seems as though Arsenal have already identified replacements for the duo. According to a report from the Sun, the North London club have identified Schalke’s Max Meyer and Porto’s Yacine Brahimi to fill the void that looks likely to be left by Ozil and Sanchez.

Meyer, who is seen as a replacement for Ozil, has had a very successful campaign and has impressed for the Bundesliga side and even the German national team, making him one of Europe’s hottest prospects at the moment. The 21-year-old has stalled on negotiations for a new contract at the Veltins Arena. But what really adds credibility to this story is that the player was watched by Arsenal scout Francis Cagigao last week, so a formal move from Arsenal may well be on the cards.

Brahimi, on the other hand, is seen as a replacement for Sanchez. Much like Meyer, the Algerian has also had a pretty successful campaign in Portugal and has attracted a lot of interest from Europe’s big boys, with both AC Milan and Inter Milan said to be interested. Brahimi is a versatile forward who can play on either flank and up front and is blessed with ample pace and power. At 27 years of age, the Algerian is looking to take the next big step in his career and that may well be moving to the Emirates.

But are Meyer and Brahimi really good enough to replace Ozil and Sanchez at Arsenal? In my opinion, the answer is a resounding ‘no’. Ozil and Sanchez are the club’s two best players and the club simply cannot risk replacing them with players who are not even proven in the Premier League. If Arsenal are to move forward, we simply cannot keep losing our key players.

In all honesty, I do not think Wenger can effectively replace our star duo. Now while Wenger did mention that he is reluctant to pay astronomical wages because it can ‘destablise the dressing room’, it has to be noted that that’s how it works at every big club – the best players get more money, and Ozil and Sanchez are Arsenal’s best players. So instead of identifying mediocre replacements, I think the club should just pay them what they want and make every effort to keep them at the Emirates.



  1. truth teller says:

    If they go they go.

    Had enough of ozil, being such a wimp and having no fight, nor stepping up in big games.

    Sanchez although the best player has a bad attitude, you can smell the stench from another continent. So if he goes its a loss, but I dont see him being the big dog at a big club.

  2. truth teller says:

    They can be followed by Wenger too, had enough of everyone at the club, step up or get lost.

  3. AFC says:

    Mr Wengersaurus should be replaced 1st before anybody else.

  4. Javier says:

    I’m reading loads about wages of Sanchez and Ozil, will they go, who will come in…etc…thats all utter nonsense in the BiG scheme of things. Whether they stay or go makes no difference if Wenger stays. They will simply be wasting another twelve months of their lives, albeit earning substantial money.

    And so, let’s not skirt around the edges, distracting ourselves on side issues. Lets do what Wenger and the board are incapable of doing and be proactive in making Wengers decision to leave ours and not theirs

  5. luvdaguns says:

    worst season in 20+ years and ozil & sanchez seem to get a pass… they can all go & take wenger w them…

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    Get Isco, Griezmann, Dybala, Bakayoko, Mendy, Mppa

    1. arsenal1 says:

      Not even on FIFA can you get all those players..Manchester United can’t,heck! not even Real Madrid..Stop living in dream land and wake up to reality

  7. arsenal1 says:

    Our two best players are Alexis and Walcott..One good season doesn’t make Ozil our best player

    1. citrenoogeht says:

      Walcott flatters to deceive! He is a joke of a player, that people give a pass to because he apparently has “pace.” He is plagued with a poor touch and constantly makes poor decisions. He is more invisible in games than Ozil but is forgiven because he scores the occasional goal. It’s like a bizarre case of the Kings New Clothes where we can all see it but no one wants to call him out….perhaps because he is English. He needs to be sold but I guarantee that we will struggle to off load him for more than £15m.

  8. frank says:

    Is Arsenal good enough for them?

    With Wenger still in charge and missing out on Champions League we are a mid table team at best. How would anyone believe we can attract world class players with the mess we are in.

  9. gooner4life says:

    why would players who want to win trophies want to sign for Arsenal who won’t even win our 4th place cup this season.
    If all the rumours about possible signings are true does that mean we are going to be stuck with Wenger and Bould in the dugout for another 2 years?

  10. nero says:

    How can you say ozil is our best player? sanches yes…does wenger now own this site?

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