More bad news for Arsenal ahead of must-win Middlesbrough clash

Arsene Wenger has seen his Arsenal team lose four away games in a row for the first time ever under his reign, and so this is yet another bad time for the Gunners to go straight away into another away game, this time at Middlesbrough on Monday. In the reverse fixture at the Emirates, Arsenal failed to break down Boro’s defence and they left with a point from a 0-0 draw, so our beleaguered players will know they are in for another tough fight up in the north of England.

Middlesbrough have gone an amazing 15 games without a win in the Premier League, but at home they have managed 4 draws from their last 5 games, and they are desperate for points to take them out of the relegation zone so will be dangerous to any visitors especially with Arsenal in such terrible form as well.

So Wenger and the fans will not be very happy to find out that the nominated referee for this game is Anthony Taylor, who was involved in the banning of Wenger earlier in the season, when Arsenal played Burnley. Taylor was the Fourth Official that day, and he wrote in his report after the match. “Following the award of a penalty kick against his team in approx. 92nd min, Mr Wenger left his technical area to confront me in disagreement at the decision. Before he said anything I said: ‘Think carefully before you say anything.’

“He responded by saying ‘you are dishonest to your federation.’ I considered this to be questioning both mine and the referee, Jon Moss’s integrity and impartiality. I stated to Mr. Wenger that such a comment was not acceptable and he told me to “f*** off” on two separate occasions.”

We all know that referees are supposed to be completely impartial, but we also know that some of them have their favourites and enemies, and I am thinking that Wenger is hardly on Taylor’s Christmas card list. Le Prof may live to regret telling Taylor to f**k off…..



  1. Wilhelm Klink. says:

    Arsenal are in the grip
    of 4th place fever.
    Now the team face the Boro who have four wins
    v Swansea, Hull, Bournemouth and Sunderland.
    C’mon this has to be a gimme 🙂

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Last I looked we were gripping onto 6th mate ?
      And judging by your profile ?? you’re more possessed about 4th than the man himself ?

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I think it’s Davindz

        1. Wilhelm Klink. says:

          You could be right 🙂

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Aside the excuse for not being able to win boro…..
      No game is a walk in the park!

      The palace outing is proof…..and i won’t be surprised if we are bossed on the day by someone like Negredo or Nugent

      Infact forget it……it’s another wasted campaign…… The bridge is burned down already!

    3. SoOpa AeoN says:

      & i hope Anthony taylor gets to ban wenger a second time
      The muppet is as good as not being found on the Touchline…..i mean, what’s his major role on match days other than fiddle with his zippers or complaining to the 4th official?
      Wenger is as good as anonymous meh!

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    How ironic is that? ?? now that the majority of Arsenal fans are now telling Wenger to Fork Off ???

  3. Wilhelm Klink. says:

    Wenger ” I promise you, I will
    bring all my skill and my
    intelligence to this team”
    Fans. “No thank you the team
    is struggling badly as it is” 🙂

  4. The troll formerly known as robin vanpayslip says:

    Wenger has already signed a new contract. No news can be bad news after hearing that……

  5. Wilhelm Klink. says:

    Athletico 1 Leicester 0.
    Wow Leicester could make the ECL
    semi’s with a bunch of nobodies.
    Big name signings are not always the answer.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Nottingham forest won two European cups back to back after just being promoted to the then 1st division and were a team of average unknown players (but fighters with strength) who were forged by Brian Clough into a winning and functioning system to beat the best Europe had to offer TWICE CONSECUTIVELY!

      Ranieri achieved a similar if not lesser (comparatively) achievement with less than Wenger has ever had.

      It is proof pudding if needed that with a better manager we could have achieved so much more over the years. An ancelotti, guardiola, klopp etc could have delivered that which Wenger has failed to do.

  6. Ronny says:

    Who’s writing these?
    Must win? Never thought I’d say it but not as far as I’m concerned Wenger must go if losing all the rest of our games is the only so be it. Sad but the pressure needs to stay on the board to act. Kroenke you’ve a lot to answer for.

    Arsenal players are you watching tonight?
    Bayern lose their cb with 30 mins to play, do they cry? Do they drop their heads no they become more determined and try and close the game out with another goal. Vidal omg the guy is a monster of a player.
    # bayern warriors.
    # arsenal fairies

  7. royalman says:

    Arsenal can’t match anyone in UCL semi. Those teams r fighters, how I wish arsenal get Alegri, Juve flogged Barca 3 0.

  8. zubi says:


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