More bad news for Aubameyang at African Nations Cup

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not having the best of times at the moment that is for sure.

First he is dropped, then stripped of the Arsenal captaincy, then exiled and basically put up for sale and now, he has got Covid, according to the Evening Standard.

It seems the Gabon international tested positive as he arrived in Cameroon with his teammates ahead of the African Nations kicking off.

Aubameyang is now certain to miss Gabon’s opening match against Comoros, however, he could be available thereafter.

The same reports also state that his Gabon teammate Mario Lemina has also tested positive for Covid,

The Standard also mentioned that Aubameyang had been filmed in Dubai with his international teammates at what looked like a party, if true, that hardly does his image much good right now, especially when he is in the shop window.

However he caught Covid we obviously wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully get to see him at AFCON, he is still an Arsenal player and while ever that is the case I am sure most of us will be supporting him.

Aubameyang remains in exile from Arsenal and the chances remain high that he will depart the Emirates this winter, if not, then almost certainly in the Summer.

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  1. Not a big fan of his disciplinary breaches, but this time around, what party?
    He was at a dinner party with his international teammates.
    Footballers are not allowed to have dinner night out with their friends and families anymore?
    Been seeing he media trying to make it a big deal that he was at that party.

  2. The assistant coach Anicet Yala also tested positive. It was only the other day they played a friendly, in which Auba scored – they could’ve picked it up anywhere! Plus I thought the night out was for the whole team? Not just Auba and Lemina…
    Talk about kicking a man when he’s down!

            1. You are welcome Sue a nice win over forest this weekend will be a nice gift for you followed by a win over Liverpool of course 😀 xx

  3. How dare he have dinner!

    The more JA keeps kicking Auba the less likely we are to sell him or get offers. All adds to this bad image even in small amounts.

    1. Kicking Auba? Have a word with yourself!
      “However he caught Covid we obviously wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully get to see him at AFCON, he is still an Arsenal player”

      1. Hopefully not for much longer. It will not be for want of trying by our club to get him gone – even if we fail, which we well may do, due to his ludicrously awarded salary.

  4. This Auba this and Auba that has been over flogged. When talking about discipline, he was granted permission to go pick his sick mother and he came several hours late. Nobody has asked what made him late? We are humans. Going to the nations cup, they’ve played a friendly together, partied as a team, but he was singled out for whatever reason. Now he has contacted vivid and everyone is like he got it because of his disciplinary actions. Please back off. Let him be. Arsenal has moved on. Let Aubameyang find his groove.

  5. Thus far, MA has punished the CLUB a few times when players “misbehaved” instead of punishing the player. The better option is to fine the player a portion of their salary. This places the punishment where it belongs.

  6. Auba certainly deserves better treatment from the media and fans. Yes, I agree he is indisciplined at times and tries to have his own way, but after all he is human and cant he even have dinner with his teammates. That said, hope he recovers soon from covid and has a great AFCON. After AFCON, we can see how he returns to Arsenal, I have still not given up on him. As a striker he still has it in him, if he improves his discipline, lets wait and see.

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