More bad news on Alexis Sanchez injury

It would appear that the Chile manager does not like Arsenal or Arsene Wenger, as we saw last season when he played Alexis when he was injured, and it looks like the same thing is going to happen again.

After Hector Bellerin was replaced in the Spain U21 squad we were all hoping that the same thing would occur with Sanchez, but with Antonio Pizzi there is little chance of compassion for the Gunner’s plight and he reckons that Sanchez is on the mend…

“Sanchez is recovering and will continue with La Roja,” he said. At least he doesn’t expect him to play tonight against Colombia, but he refuses to give up on our superstar in Tuesday’s game against Uruguay. Pizzi continued: “He is very important, but we are working to find ways to replace him. Not having Alexis is a reality to face, but we rely on the entire group.”

So even if he doesn’t play for Chile next week, we would still have very little chance of him facing Man United after travelling back on the Thursday and needing a full medical assessment before being allowed to train…

But I have a feeling that even if Pizzi knew that Alexis wasn’t fit he still wouldn’t let him come back to London early…



  1. Olivier's toe says:

    If he plays Alex and makes his injury worse then Arsenal should be able to sue him!

  2. Alexis the Great says:

    The Chile manager is taking the pizzi !

  3. Mark_K says:

    If a play suffers any kind of injury while on international duty they should be sent back to the club that pays their wages.

    This is a major problem for the parent club because if a nation like Chile has one real superstar in Alexis you know full well the manager isn’t going to be overly concerned if Alexis aggravates an existing injury.

    FIFA need to do something to protect not only the parent club but also the player.

  4. Wilshegz says:

    call him back already

  5. Vlad says:

    And that is exactly the reason why I hate international breaks… I understand it’s a privilege and an honor to play for your country, but who pays his wages? Exactly… so if the player gets injured while on international duty, I think FIFA or whatever else football agency has to step in, and make sure that the club’s interests are protected. And that is to have him back as soon as possible so he can have team doctors and physios attend to him and establish the best course of action for his rehabilitation.

    1. Alexis the Great says:

      That makes perfect sense, but are FIFA sensible?

  6. ger burke says:

    naughty november kicks in and the injuries begin to mount up . where are the people on here crowing about we are going to win everything , like as in the quadruple. you have put a hex on the club again you lot lol.

    1. Admin says:

      How is your hex on Bellerin leaving Arsenal for Barcelona, Ger?

  7. ger burke says:

    hey honourable mr.admin , i am delighted to be able to say that you werer correct all along sir. i tip my cap to your superior knowledge of the workings of bellerins brain . in fairness you were spot on and well done you . you are no ordinary eejit i suspect.

    1. Admin says:

      No I’m not ordinary, I’m a real Irish eejit, lol

      1. ger burke says:

        delighted to hear that , welcome to the club , there is a lot of us about . i will believe you in future when you do your mystic meg act with players rumoured to be moving away .i shall be deferring to you an awful lot more in the future , lol.

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