More boosts in Arsenal’s striker chase, but who will we end up signing?

We have received supposed boosts in our respective bids to sign trio Romelu Lukaku, Alexandre Lacazette and Alvaro Morata, but we won’t be signing all three…

We are believed to be working hard on trying to sign a top striker to challenge Olivier Giroud for the sole striker role this season, and have already endured a number of setbacks along the way, such as being turned down by Jamie Vardy.

The latest reports claim that Lukaku has set his sights on joining us at the Emirates next season, although agreeing a fee with Everton could prove expensive, and we are hardly known for splashing out big sums of money.

Another boost came in the claim that Morata would not be willing to play a bit-part role at Real Madrid this term, meaning that the club would likely need to offload either him or Benzema, which could see another former target become available.

Then there is also news that West Ham have pulled out of trying to sign Lacazette, leaving us in pole position to do so, although he is also likely to command a similar fee to Lukaku if you believe such reports.

Striker chase - Which one should we pursue?

  • Alexandre Lacazette (29%, 1,449 Votes)
  • Romelu Lukaku (28%, 1,420 Votes)
  • Alvaro Morata (15%, 754 Votes)
  • Karim Benzema (14%, 691 Votes)
  • Other (14%, 686 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,728

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Of course much of this is purely speculation. But we do have quotes from some of these players talking up moves this summer.

Lacazette has already admitted he would like a move to England this summer, and also claimed his club were aware of the situation.

“Yes, I am thinking about it and the Premier League is very attractive for a player,” Lacazette explains. “But I know that to go there I have to do well this season. So I am very concentrated on doing well and maybe, after that, I will go there.

“So I know that it is possible that I will move to the Premier League and Lyon are aware of that also. There is no formal agreement that I will go but the president [Jean-Michel Aulas] knows that it’s a possibility that I will leave Lyon at the end of the season.”

Lukaku has also said that he expects to leave Everton this summer, as he wants to play at the top level and win trophies.

As for Morata, he has said that the football played in England would suit his style of play, although Benzema made a joke about the interest in his signature from Arsenal last summer, which should rule him out.

Which of these players is more suited to Arsenal though?

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  1. “Lukaku has also said that he expects to leave Everton this summer, as he wants to play at the top level and win trophies”

    We have an owner who says he is not “involved” to win trophies. So that rules out Lukaku.

  2. We just have to splash the cash now to get a striker. The market is now inflated. Gone are the days when 20M Pounds is a big cash in the market.. ..We can get a young Jansen of AZ or Milik for 20M but if we wanna get Lukaku, Morata, Lacazette or Top top striker like Lewandowski and the likes then we have to spend big. It is as simple as that.. ..

    1. We just need a top striker, i dont see money being the issue here…its not like we’ve been splashing the cash so long.

  3. It has to be Lukaku, as he is the only that has proven experience in the premier league.

    Lukaku £50 million
    Lacazette £45 million
    Morata £50 million ( joke’s)
    Benzema ( I wouldn’t want him even if he was free)
    Other: Jansenn £17 million ( possibly abit more if the pound keeps dropping) and there’s also Milik ( no idea, how much his valuation is)

    Let’s not kid ourselves, Wenger will baulk and double baulk at most of these valuations! ? ?

    I’m hearing that we have bid €15 million for the new Neymar in Brazil… When does this BREXIT come into effect? ?
    Surely that might cause afew problems with that signing?

    1. But Lukaku is a hold up striker, what we’ve been screaming for is a dribbler with agility and skill.

      1. Lukaku is not a hold up player like our very own Giroud, but he can hold up the play and much more.

        Quick: YES
        Dribble: YES
        Heading: YES
        Aggression: YES
        Clinical: YES
        Proven: YES
        And still young which means he can still improve.

        1. Quick: Yes
          Dribble: Not much
          Heading: Not as good as Giroud
          Aggression: Yes
          Clinical: Slightly better than Giroud
          Proven: Somewhat

  4. First of all congratulation for Alexis for performance. Arsenal have a need for a striker and all the above striker cost more than 40 million which should not halt them into signing. Lukaku has a chance to play with this calibre which is not the problem but teams like Everton rely on the transfer money of the striker for their window. So if not him then there are other good options as well.

  5. Lukaku is the one needed right now in the club. If we can get him the sky will be our limit

  6. seriously we need to stop penny pinching. Wenger needs to come down to earth and realize there are no top quality strikers that are cheap since they’re in limited quantity. Splash the cash, we all know we have it. It all comes down to Wenger as usual. Time to actually go for it.

  7. Mourinho looks like getting Mkhitaryan for £26 million. Good business if it happens

  8. Mane would have been okay. Of the above lukaku for me though overpriced. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger went for a chicarito, benteke, jovetic, shane long, or young next Ronaldo.

    1. Mane is a good winger. Nowhere near the quality of Alexis though. Liv have signed Mane because they couldn’t persuade Gotze to sign.

  9. my preferred choice would be lacazette because of his age and and on top of his goals &he has a good few assists,i watched lukaku yesterday and the guy is no team player i understand that to be a good striker you have to be a bit selfish&self confident to a certain degree but he took it to far you could see de bruyne wasn,t happy with lukaku and when he had the chance to give lukaku the ball he didn,t and lastly he will be cheaper and might have a good chance to get him cos he wants to move to the pl but to a bigger team than west ham,spuds..!!

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