More clubs looking to take Arsenal’s key midfielder including Bayern Munich

Thomas Partey showed against Villa that he is one of the best players at Arsenal and that is why clubs are showing interest in him.

If the latest speculation is true then Arsenal could face a battle to keep the Ghanaian in their squad.

Todofichajes has been following the interest in his signature and they report that yet another club wants to sign him now.

The report insists that as well as Atletico Madrid, German giants Bayern Munich also want to sign the 28-year-old.

Just Arsenal Opinion

When top clubs like Atleti and Bayern are interested in your player, it means they are doing great and others can see that.

Arsenal will no doubt do everything it can to keep Partey in the squad but that could be difficult if we miss out on European football again this season.

Partey did leave a Champions League club in Atletico for Arsenal but he must surely have been convinced by the likes of Edu and Arteta that Arsenal would soon return to Europe’s elite competition.

At 28, Partey is not getting any younger and it is imperative that Arsenal qualifies for some sort of European competition next season, otherwise, we could end up losing some of our best players, including Partey.

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  1. Partey is top class and would be great in a top team, i wonder if we plan on selling Partey for 50 mil and buying Bissouma, just a thought! But Partey and Bissouma should be at Arsenal and the sluggish xhaka gone. We will see but selling Partey without an adequate replacement would be foolish to say the least. Last night showed in spades, to play the pressing game you need athletes, Partey, Lakonga, Tavares, ESR are. Odergaard and Xhaka most definitely are not!!!!!!

    1. Reggie, I would love to see Bissouma playing alongside Partey… but why keep knocking our current players just for the sake of it?
      As long as MA sees him as his first choice, nothing will change.

      1. Its opinion and ken and its what i see, i am quite steadfast and regularly give my reasons. What else is this site for?

        1. No doubt Reggie…just think how utterly ridiculous it would be if we sold Partey and kept our 3-wheeled shopping cart, regardless of whom we brought in with the money raised…let’s hope all this talk is unqualified nonsense, except the part about bringing Bissouma on board

          1. TRVL, i think it was pretty obvious that the way we played last night was down to athleticism that certain players dont bring us and slow the game down. I thought it so telling that Odergaard came on, tried two forward passes that failed, never took anyone on, passed the ball sideways and backwards and changed the dynamics of how we were playing. Xhaka hasn’t got the ability of the two that were in there last night, also slows the transition down, doesn’t win the ball high enough and plays negative football. Just saying😁

          2. you know full-well that I agree with those sentiments Reggie, as I’ve been preaching the same message ever since Ode first arrived last winter window

            once again this isn’t to suggest that I don’t feel that the players in question have nothing on offer, they simply make no sense for us, at either end of the pitch, unless we want to continually deploy a largely negative brand of football

            one of the most commonly-expressed complaints about Wenger, during his latter years, was his missteps when it came time to properly address our most pressing need

            more often than not, he would either seemingly ignore the problem, like when it continually failed to acquire a top quality “steely” DM, or get a totally inadequate player then shoehorn them in, much as he did with both Arteta and Xhaka

            of course, he had convinced himself that the possession-based benefits of this somewhat experimental approach far outweighed their obvious defensive deficiencies, but as we know all too well not everyone can be Santi

            under Arteta, these same sort of problematic personnel decisions continue to persist, whether for short-sighted selfish reasons, like with Willian, or due to his overwhelming fear of employing more direct tactics, as players like Xhaka and Ode enable him to lean into his most timid tendencies

  2. Partey isn’t going anywhere. Just another nothing rumour. If Arsenal are to move forward then he needs to step up. Staying fit and having decent players around him is the way to go. He has two big seasons and three so so ones in an Arsenal jersey ahead of him before his use by date. Arteta will soon realise that he can do without Xhaka who style has done nothing except hold the team back.

  3. Arsenal must do everything in their power to keep Partey. he is one of our best players by a mile including Saka and ESR. We have to qualify for Europe to keep Partey. Also, playing another good midfielder like ASL along with Partey, gives Partey the freedom to move box to box and showcase his talent even more.

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