MORE desperate injury news for Arsenal fans – including Wilshere

Did you hear the cheers from the Arsenal fans yesterday when Tomas Rosicky made his first appearance of the season against Burnley yesterday? It was great to see Little Mozart back where he belongs, but yet again he has been hit by Arsenal’s injury curse and suffered another thigh injury during the game and will be back on the treatment for another month at least…

And does anyone remember a player of ours called, what was it, Jack Wilshere? Yes thats him… Well he was injured (again!) in the summer and was supposed to be back after a few weeks, but in September the return was put back until Christmas. Just this week Wenger changed his forecast until the middle of March, but now it seems he has had yet another setback which will probably keep him out even longer…

Jack was desperately hoping to get a run of first team games for Arsenal to get him in competitive mood before the Euros in France this summer, but that dream seems to recede every single time we get another update. I obviously wouldn’t dare to suggest that Wenger has has concealed this news until after the transfer window shuts, as he would never be so underhand would he?

Another important England player is Danny Welbeck, who hasn’t played for us since last April and was also forecast by Wenger to be back (as a new signing lol) in January, but again Wenger has explained that it will still be some time before he will be able to join the squad. Le Prof said yesterday: “It has to be gradual; he has to go through an under-21 game first,” the manager said. “Danny has not played since April 2015 and we are now in February basically, so that is very long for a top-level competitor.

“You have to accept that he goes through small steps and one of them is to play in the under-21s, first for 45 minutes.

“He is basically fit but now it is to absorb the competition and the intensity of the competition. That is the next step for him.”

So we still have no real date for his return, and as he has already had so many setbacks it is very unlikely that he would be risked even if he starts to show signs of progress, but until he actually gets some minutes on the pitch for the Under 21s we can’t really forecast anything. Let’s just say that I am pessimistic on him being back for March, and that’s only if everything goes according to plan which, as we know, very rarely happens…

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    1. we have to burn down diaby’s old bed………

      It’s the only way to ensure no one ever sleeps on it again!

            1. we have to let gibbs go. little or no improvement.
              probably should let wilshere and ox go too. its a harsh world if you want to win PL.

  1. if rumours are true and real are willing to let go isco for 25mil then we need to act. without santi in the middle there is no balance in the team

    wilsher is out for good, and ramsey is a selfish …er who think of himself as bale.
    eleny cant do the job yet, and if wenger has brought him for this reasn alone, then he is mad.

  2. Let Iwobi step up and take their place. Rosicky should retire or go to a less physical league. Wilshere? Lost potentials. As for Welbeck, there’s still hope.

  3. I am surprised that the bad injury news wasn’t delayed until after the window slammed shut! ? Even though it is too late to do anything about it now, anyway.
    I really doubt that we will be seeing Danny Setbeck back in action, for the first team, i reckon Cazorla will be back in action before Danny.

    I wonder how many Arsenal fan’s are still holding their breath, for a last minute Signing? …
    Isco £25 million … anyone? ? ?

    1. Wilshere, always the first one in the treatment room and the last one. I said it before and I’ll say it again I won’t be surprised if he suffers another setback that keeps him out until November. Wenger should just bring in another midfielder in the calibre of Isco cause we can’t keep relying on players who are never on the pitch….

      1. time to let wilshere go . he can join flam,arteta,roz(respect) and ox. but i think the main reason we only improve slowly is our manager. time flows fast when you’re older. you can wait many years: the fans are more impatient. wenger may make some incremental (value-added, low-cost) improvements in summer but nothing breathtaking that would “take us to the next level”.

  4. So a twiter post by some ITK fan has become a source of matters Arsenal? Turning to The Jack Wilshire report, nowhere was it ever reported that he was resuming training so how come did he get a reaction in resuming training and what could be that mysterious reaction. What makes the report suspect is that there is not even a source for the claim. It would be appear that some people try to make news out of negative things about the club. Just check how in this article tries hard to suggest that Welbeck has had a setback. Next another blogetter will make out a story about Danny based on this report and the go the cycle of negative rumors.

    1. Haven’t u heard of a setback even before training(physioroom)?……at Arsenal, it happens too often……… Why should we be surprised?

      1. can you an example of such apart from the rubbish you post on social media then feed them as facts via blogs?

  5. Isco and Ozill never got on. Our lad is a quite boy and he don’t like the ego crap and that’s the reason he came to Arsenal. He is happy at Arsenal BUT he won’t be happy not winning anything this year. And plz remember this he is in the German team this summer and will need a rest and AW will give it to him so yes we need a player now. Well done Chris yesterday first hat-trick in his pro ranks. Shame we can’t have him back because I think that lad is class

  6. Story is still unconfirmed. Off topic: anyone got an idea of where to watch EPL matches in Ankara, Turkey? Need help please. The match against Burnley yesterday was the first Arsenal match I missed this season. Can’t stand the pain anymore. HELP!!!

  7. I think Isco for £25 million would not be a bad idea, if true
    He can play cm, rw. Very useful and young

  8. You have to see players like Lewandowski, Ronaldo and Sanchez to an extent on how to remain fit and healthy along with the form of the player. The Arsenal players are either too bad at keeping themselves fit or Arsene has just too much faith in them. Last season Arsenal were like a leech on Sanchez while others were missing sitters. It is time for Wilshere to leave the premier league and join la liga and play for Athletico or in Germany.

  9. Isco will NOT be coming to Arsenal Wenger is more interested in buying KIDS.
    Watch Arsenal fall short of winning the Premiership and this will be down to Wenger
    not buying the Top class players Arsenal need to do this in this transfer window.
    Please don’t tell me there is no one out there good enough Man City , Man Utd Chelsea
    and so on have no problem it’s just Wenger and his Penny Pinching ways he won’t spend.

    1. Madrid had a manager change Isco is no longer out of favor. Plus with the ban looming they would not sell Isco unless they win the appeal. So Jsnuary sale is out of the question.

  10. The part of the article re Welbeck is stupid. He hasn’t played since last April. It will take a while to get back in the squad. Theo barely played his first 3 months back last year. Welbeck will be used sparingly
    For a while.

  11. I don’t think Wenger hides the injury issues, I think if anything he trys to play on them and force the penny pinching yanks at AFC to part with some money.

    Seriously, before you mark my comment down like a imbecile, have a think about our recent signings and who was a major force behind us getting them.

    Lets start with Ozil. Ozil himself said Wenger was the reason and we got him after failing to get Suarez for the silly £40mil and £1. Board wouldn’t go above that… Wenger went and got Ozil and forced AFC owners to pay more.

    Next season… Alexis.
    Alexis himself has said how major Wenger was in his signing, Wenger was at the WC and plenty AFC fans moaned about Wenger ‘on holiday’ yet he comes back with the signing of the season. No Gazidis orchestrating the signing… It was Wenger.

    Apart from Alexis we did need a CB, Wenger apparently tried but AFC failed to bring any in… How did Wenger fail to get a CB while convincing one of the best attackers to join a team that wasn’t winning everything like Barca… Answer is Gazidis failed.

    Wenger knew he needed a CB and look, Wenger made sure we got Gabriel.

    Wenger knew we needed a new GK and Cech has said how important Wenger was in making the decision, it was easier as he knew Wenger wanted him as Wenger tried over a decade before and failed due to bidding too low!

    If we are gonna moan about anyone failing in the transfer market then lets all start pointing the finger at Gazidis and Silent stan for being penny pinching!

    Wenger on his on and with Dein use to spend decent money on players, it stopped when Gazidis came and only reason we got big signings is because Wenger forced AFC into them.

    1. Have to agree on you with this. Imo part of the reason Wenger’s salary has been so high is because he made an agreement that he takes the blame for all of the club’s actions in the transfer market. Basically he put his reputation on the line to shield the board from fan pressure hence why his salary is so generous.

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