More details emerge about Aubameyang’s latest indiscretion

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is in the news for all the wrong reasons again after being dropped from the squad in Arsenal’s 3-0 win against Southampton this weekend.

We knew Mikel Arteta had chosen not to play him because of a disciplinary problem, but more details have since emerged.

The Athletic claims the striker was permitted to travel to France on Wednesday morning so he can see his sick mum, but he was told he had to return in the evening of the same day.

However, he came back in the morning of the next day and the latest covid-19 protocol meant he had to test negative before he could rejoin the squad.

Because of that, the club told him not to report to Friday’s training, and he was advised to train at home.

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This level of irresponsibility by Auba is simply shocking, and it seems the Gabon star will always have these problems.

He is undeniably talented, but his decision making at 32 is too poor and could eventually cost him his football career at Arsenal.

Arteta will likely recall him for the match against West Ham, but Auba’s time as an Arsenal player could be over if he displays another lack of respect to the team.


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  1. Level of what? Irresponsibility? If the report is true and he went to see his sick mum then I’m with Auba on this one. Firstly travelling to see his sick mom was impromptu for Auba himself, secondly he clearly knew the implications of not returning the same day. So my guess is that he probably met his mom in a situation where he just couldn’t make the return trip back same day evening and as a result came back as soon as he could the following morning. Its not like he came back 3 days later so I don’t really see what the overreaction is about. Maybe Arteta saw the perfect opportunity to stamp his authority as usual. Coupled with the fact that this is not Auba’s 1st disciplinary case, a lot of people are over reacting if truly his sick mom is the reason for his breach. What’s the essence of going to see my sick mom if I’m just going to show her my face and leave? Need to spend some little time with her, make sure she is well taken care of, make sure the bills are sorted out, most importantly be sure she is in a good position to recover, etc. The is a huge possibility that his slight delay was worth it

    1. This fella created problems when he was at Dortmund too. End of story, no reason to bash the boss for this one

      1. @Loose Cannon
        We knew about his attitude beforehand and still signed him. Made him captain to boot. Matteo G throttles an opposing player for a bad hit on one of our guys and he’s sent to Coventry and labelled “a bad apple”…Go figure 🤔

  2. What a terrible human being! Visiting his sick mum, pathetic!

    Looks like he had to wait for a Covid test to rejoin the squad regardless right? or maybe I misunderstood that part?

    He broke the rules and missed a game rightfully so, not sure why the whole situation is being blown out of proportion. Now if he had gone to Las Vegas, come back 4 days late, and had a couple litte Auba’s on the way in 9 months then ya sure drag him through the mud but visiting his sick mom and being a couple hours late? Come on, let’s get over it he served his ban.

    Now should he be on the bench based on performances along, another story.

  3. I dont know why people are blowing this out of proportion. Its a simple scenario ; he demanded to see his sick mum in France, was told to come back the evening of that same day. He came back the following day. So derfinitely a rule has been breached and the normal penalty has been served. so whats the husss!!!!. What we dont know is whether he told the Coach when he got to France that he might nit be able to make it the evening of that same day.

  4. People will make excuses OR apportion much blame, dependant on how they see Aubas usefulness to our team . I will be honest and say I see little to no usefulness at our club for a player with his cavalier attitude to time keeping and, more importantly still, his evident distaste for consistent hard running and earning his HUGE WAGES, on the pitch.

    I have always been JA’s single most outspoken opponent of ALL players who refuse to properly and diligently work flat out for the team.
    As such I was opposed to Walcott, Mykitarian, Ozil(esp Ozil!!) and also Auba.

    I am a realist and know without a shadow of doubt that lazy, unmotivated players – no matter how great their inate talent once was or even still is – are effectively useless to a top ambitious club and ambitious fans.

    Simple truth! Accept it or not, as you wish and according to your own personal biases!

  5. Sympathy is with Auba on this but rules must be enforced and the day later back meant he couldn’t train and if you can’t train you can’t play. Right to drop him but that’s the end of it.
    Most fans don’t believe he should be playing on form, let alone as captain, but we shouldn’t use this particular totally understandable infringement as the excuse.
    As for somebody contrasting this is with Guendouzi they’re totally different. Aubu is not really a discipline issue – off pitch he’s not normally a problem until you throw facts like captaincy, high wage and poor form into it. Whereas MG was incredibly disruptive and generally unpopular with most of the team. He kept pushing his luck and never backed down until finally his bluff was called. Eventually, regardless of how well he plays for Marseille, who although far less “genteel” than us, will also call time on him, I’m sure.

  6. I believe MA has handled the fact that Auba has once again let the club down, sensibly, proportionately and he has wisely refrained from giving the rapacious media chapter and verse on this matter But he had little choice than to discipline the “recidavist” club captain, IMO.

    I do not forget, as some do, that letting the club down means also letting we fans down.

    Where MA DID make his mistake was in making Auba captain in the first place – a weird decision that seems to me to fly in the face of all common sense – as Auba was plainly always a very poor choice as captain.
    IMO it is vital that Auba now takes away the captaincy ASAP.

    THE STAND OUT candidate is plainly Ramsadale and it is no handicap having a keeper as skipper. What IS a handicap though, is keeping a very poor choice in Auba as skipper, in place.
    I hope and believe Auba will be stripped of the captaincy now, with no further delay.

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