More details on why FA is probing suspicious betting possibly involving Arsenal

The Daily Mail reports that the suspicious betting activity on an Arsenal player that is being investigated by the FA now involves an extraordinary £55,000 in-play gamble.

The bet was on the player earning a yellow card and he finally did towards the end of the game.

While this is not new, it is very rare for anyone to risk that amount of money for a player to get booked.

This made the bet suspicious, and bookmakers reported the case to the FA.

They have launched an investigation with the FA’s intelligence and integrity analysts alongside Betradar leading the enquiries.

The report claims they know the player, but they cannot name him for legal reasons.

Just Arsenal Opinion

The last thing Arsenal needs now is one of its players getting suspended for breaking betting rules.

This has hardly been an issue in the Premier League, but the governing body will not hesitate to punish anyone they believe is involved in it.

Hopefully, the investigation will not find any Arsenal star guilty of breaking the rules and we would not lose a squad member to a lengthy ban.

Meanwhile, we have now been eliminated from all cup competitions and that should help us win a top-four spot by the end of this campaign.

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  1. Well if its Xhaka then they may find it hard to prove as the new and not improved donkey picks up cards like its christmas.
    He would have one of the best defences in showing all the other idiotic cards hes gotten.

  2. Any thinking fan can easily work out that any top player earning , sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds each and every week, would be out of their mind to get involved in a betting scam worth, we are “REPORTEDLY” told, approx £55000.

    The same applies to players worth “ONLY” tens of thousands per week.

    It is extremely unlikely that any of our players , irrespective of their onfield abilities or lack of them, would be involved in a betting scam. Those running JA will be aware of that every bit as much as any other thinking fan on here

    The scandal is that JA Admins think it allowable and OK to openly accuse any, albeit unnamed, one of our players and thus defame that persons character and honesty.

    We fans need to stand up to this sites bullying Admins and call them out for their palpable need to find articles AT ANY COST, EVEN WHN THIS ONE IMPUGNS OUR OWN PLAYERS.

    1. Jon,

      Okay show me where we have OPENLY ACCUSED any Arsenal player?

      It is not JUSTARSENAL that is investigating an unnamed Arsenal player, it is the FA and the betting company that referred their suspicions.

      Get off your high horse laddie! SHAME ON YOU!!!

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