More double standards from anti-Arsenal media?

Despite the suggestions not long ago from some disgraced doctor that some Arsenal players had been among his clients for illegal performance enhancing drugs, Arsenal have not to my knowledge ever had a player fail a drug test. Arsene Wenger has also been one of the most vocal and consistent managers to talk about the need for the sport to do more to stop any such cheating from going on.

So it was hardly a surprise that the Frenchman was a bit miffed when it was discovered that one of the Dinamo Zagreb players had tested positive after playing in the Champions League win over us in September. But did the boss get the backing of the British football media? Not exactly.

Mostly what we got were snide comments about him being a bad loser, even though Zagreb escaped any punishment because the rules about there needing to be three or more players testing positive makes it pretty much impossible for a club breaking the rules to be found out.

Imagine my surprise, then, to read in The Guardian this week from one of our ‘unbiased’ football reporters that Liverpool should not be allowed to stay in the Europa League because one of their players Mamadou Sakho tested positive for a banned substance.

The reporter talks about how the rules need to be changed but when Wenger suggested the same he was ridiculed for trying to gain Arsenal an unfair advantage. Have Arsenal fans not got enough to worry about with the media being against us all the time as well?

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    1. And we don’t deserve to be competing in the CL so I don’t see the point of feeling victimized

  1. Don’t really care about liv, throw them out for all I care. I do think more should have been done in testing the Zagreb side, and reporters are always on the lookout for a bit of sensationalism. Like the report about a protest at Arsenal ..what protest need protesters first of all. Was proud of how the majority of fans behaved today ..COYG.

    1. PLease… at least they tried where were you? Strange though that wenger-out only had a4 banners BUT pro wenger had large ones?

  2. Media cost’s Arsenal the title!!
    Media wins title for Leicester!!
    Media relegates Villa !!!

  3. we all don’t take a coach ‘of a loosing team’ seriously when he points out things in the other team. (We boo, we jeer, we call names and even have our middle finger flicking in the air). But in this case I don’t think Mr Wenger is being victimised by the media. He was not ‘reporting’ his case (to relevent authorities). He was ‘complaining’ to the media very media which so much love to ‘recook’ sensetional stories. So I think the media was right to label him a sour loser.

  4. I said all week the
    protests would fail.
    Now Arsenal Owner Board
    CEO Manager players and most Arsenal supporters
    celebrate our glorious 12 year title losing sequence.
    “I like to make the fans happy” said the architect of this brilliant record.
    All through the season when any fans challenge
    he has always said “judge me in May”.
    But he is already talking about “pleasing every one” next season.
    So more accurately about judgement he means
    “Yes you may all judge me in May if you wish
    but none the less I will carry on regardless”.

  5. Just saw a sick video of those bunch of placard waving fools singing about Wenger dying in may, and being happy about it. It’s not enough that they make a mockery of our fan base today, with everyone watching, so now they go and do this ..seriously, god love them, pitiful bunch.

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