More Europa League misery leaves Everton open to Arsenal assault

At one point last night, I was thinking it was just about typical of Arsenal´s luck that Everton would get a shot in the arm of confidence and form and have the growing pressure on their struggling players and under fire manager relieved just in time to face the Gunners on Sunday.

That was after they had leveled the score in their Europa League home tie with French club Lyon. They had played poorly and were rightly trailing but after Ashley Williams powered in a headed equaliser from a second half corner just minutes after sparking a melee that should have seen him sent off, the Toffees tails were up and they looked certain to go on and claim a crucial win.

Then they missed a great chance and Lyon punished them with a winner of their own and the mood in Goodison was a like a deflated balloon. It may even be that there fightback and ray of hope will hurt even more than just another poor game.

Whatever, the fact is that they are now in an even worse place mentally and will not be looking forward to the visit of Arsenal on Sunday, especially as we won our own European game and have nearly qualified already despite playing a second string side against Red Star Belgrade.

The question is, will Arsenal be ruthless and inflict yet more pain on Everton this Sunday?



  1. Sue says:

    I bloody hope so but I have no idea which Arsenal will turn up! They might fancy their chances against us especially as we’re away & have been shocking on the road
    So you can understand why I’m not feeling very optimistic right now. Arsenal please prove me wrong

  2. Xi_gunner says:


  3. Andrew Elder says:

    We should beat Everton but then we should have beaten Stoke and Watford and look what happened. I don’t have confidence in the team at the moment, they seem to lack cosistency and Wenger doesn’t appear to know his best team. There is also a lot of uncertainty regarding Sanchez and Ozil and there will continue to be. I really hope they win but I’m not confident.

    I would definitely start Wilshere and Ramsey with Ozil on the bench.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I’m bad at mathematics. But if we don’t beat Everton, I think that will be all 5 away games this season without a win,
    Already 4 away matches without a win
    Liverpool 4-0
    Watford 2-1
    Chelsea 0-0
    Stoke 1-0

    so we desperately need to beat Everton.
    We should not have lost 3 matches so early let alone going 4 away matches without a win. We need to beat Everton to build momentum

    I believe we will win though

  5. arsenal4life says:

    Everton’s form is diabolical.
    Bottom of their Europa group
    a loss Sunday and they’ll
    join the relegation party.
    Koeman will be sacked Monday if Everton are beaten by Arsenal.
    Sold top scorer for 90 mill spent big money on mostly dross,
    the Ross Barkley debacle Colemans injury.
    Huge hopes terrible results its all gone horribly wrong for the Toffees
    Everton will need to back up 6-7 players where as
    Arsenal will likely name 10 fresh players to join Cech.
    It all looks so bad for Everton and good for Arsenal yet
    these are so often the very games Arsenal let slip.
    Which manager will be talking character, mental strength +big cahunas?
    Which manager will be talking bad luck and terrible refereeing.
    The big question though is will fans with babies be allowed in sideline seats 🙂

    1. Sue says:

      Usually the games Arsenal are expected to win are the ones they come unstuck in!

  6. Chuks says:

    Arsenal never took advantage of other clubs form.
    so don’t get ur hopes high,is Arsenal we are talking about and remember Arsene is still in charge.
    don’t be surprised if Arsenal is beating by Everton .
    Koeman has good record against Wenger.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      We took advantage of Tottenham getting food poisoning ….lllllllllol

  7. Abel says:

    You all have short memories. Last season at goodison park, Everton were on a similar poor run of form and we were flying only to lose to them after taking the lead and we then lost the next match to city and then crystal palace and a few poor results later, wenger decided to change formation. Remember. Everton meanwhile, turned their season around following the win against us.
    Deja vu anyone?

  8. the barrel says:

    As long as Ozil, Ramsey, and Giroud dont start the game then we will win

  9. Break-on-through says:

    Koeman made the age old mistake of acquiring too many new first team players and having to settle quickly. That’s a difficult juggling act, Ive only seen Che and City pull it off with the quality and quantity of signings. Manu might have done it too am not sure. Arsene has never made the mistake with us, I remember even in his early years he used to warn about this, he had and still has an ideal number he prefers not to max out. He’d say no more than three first team players in one season, I think it was three. I liked the look of defenders Koeman brought, they’re warrior type men, they’ll throw their face in front of a ball where Ozil wouldn’t even put his foot or his back. Problem is defences have to gel, it’s about partnerships, initiative and leadership. He introduced too many new players but sold their best striker and didn’t replace his goals, he should have went for Defoe and Zaha/Hernandez or something. Introduced players more slowly with goalscoring being a priority. He’s still a good manager, young, will still make mistakes, he may learn from this as others had their learning curves too.

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