More good news Gunners! Key Arsenal star is going nowhere!

There had been worries over whether Alexis Sanchez would still be at the club next season, but those worries should be drowned out following the latest news.

The Chilean international has been given the recently-vacated number 7 shirt, which was last worn by Tomas Rosicky, for the coming season. Sanchez has been snapped posing with his new number on the back of the official kit of 2016/17.

The club nor player would not have gone to the extent to change numbers had there not been uncertainty over his future, and he will no doubt be staying with us beyond the summer.

His relative silence in recent months has lead to worrying thoughts, along with the usual speculating media reporting such stories as the new number 7 being unwilling to sign a new contract.

Juventus, Bayern Munich and Manchester City had all been linked with the forward, but there seemingly appears to be no need to worry any longer.

Mesut Ozil has also confirmed his stay for the new season, and with Arsene Wenger seemingly working fast in the transfer window, our club should be more than ready to hit the ground running in August when the league commences.

It still remains to be seen when both Ozil and Sanchez will sign new deals, but they both have two years remaining on their current conditions, and there is no need to panic on such details until next season.

Could Alexis become the best ever Arsenal #7? Who is your current favourite? Pires? Platt? Rocastle? Brady?

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  1. Shah of Arsenal says:

    Lol no one was worried to begin with, anyone can tell Alexis loves arsenal and we love him too. Just because there’s frustration doesn’t mean he wants to quit, all media hype.

    1. LegendaryArnold says:

      Exactly. What we need do is surround him with equally gifted players with great persona and immense hunger for success.

  2. John Legend says:

    Well, Arsene should just sign the few necessary players needed by the club and do something big next season. If we win things, we will not expect/fear our best players might leave.
    I still doubt Arsene’s ability to remain consistent over the course or a season, with 38 league games, even with the best players around. He just does not get it anymore.
    All the best for us next season.

  3. Koss says:

    no goodnews until we sign someone better than Giroud.

    1. Sam, need a striker says:

      Exactly …

  4. goonerboy says:

    Yes, the new number indicates he will stay with us beyond this summer, but does it actually mean he will sign a new contract???

    Am not being negative here, but maybe Arsenal WON’T AGREE to sell him,even if he wants to move this summer as we are no longer a selling club…

    What Alexis and Ozil wants to see is just AMBITION…top teams around show it, we have to show it too to make these players know we are serious…..

    Both of them will hopefully sign their contracts at the end of the Euros and Copa America,no worries about that…..

    Have started missing my Arsenal already!

  5. chinaka1 says:

    Alexis will be Arsenal all time great after playing for more 5years with us.

  6. dragunov762mm says:

    My favorite number 7 was Robert Pires. Great finisher and tons of assist. Alexis have to stay another 5 years to match Pires record. Will he?

    1. nikkogunners says:

      Actually, with the likes of Giroud, Alexis also loses assists and possibly goals…If Wenger fixes that Alexis Legendary status could be shortened…

    2. sohara says:

      It was great to see Pires son Theo sign for us aged 7. Hopefully soon we will be able to sign Enzo Cazorla what a brilliant little football player he looks like he will be. I noticed him last year too on the last day, but this year he had the whole stadium cheering at his footballing skills. ??

  7. nikkogunners says:

    Possibility of a First XI which is completely non-English! The Media will kills Arsenal Squad of 2016/17. It must be the reason Arsene Wenger is trying to keep the likes of Walcott, Ox, Wilshere etc…Wenger should actually find some English talents to replace our poor English contingent. If there is one thing Tottenham and Leicester beat us over is the identification of the top English players.

  8. Onochie says:

    Arsenal is quick to announce new kit,which brings more profit as people would patronise. But to quickly sign the needed players,it takes time forever to do so,that’s unfair

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