More money for Emery and a roundup of the Arsenal transfer rumours

It was a foregone conclusion that there would be loads of Arsenal transfer rumours this summer after the announcement of our new manager, and the latest good news is that the Kroenke’s in their good grace have allocated an extra 20m GBP to Unai Emery to use in the transfer market, on top of whatever he can generate from sales.

But who is he going to spend his riches on? We already know that the biggest rumour so far is about the Turkish centre-back Caglar Soyuncu, as we must surely be getting a new defender or two, and another that won’t go away is the link with Sokratis..

We have also been assured that Emery is still very keen on Nice’s Jean Michael Seri, who you can read about here and see a video to find out why he is such in demand. I certainly wouldn’t say no to him…

But Arsenal are also reportedly interested in signing the Roma midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini, although I doubt very much that we would be trying to get him and Seri. Surely we only need one top midfielder in this window?

There are also reports that Emery wants to bring in the Juventus defender Stephan Lichtsteiner, but does he count if he comes in as free transfer?

This is still early days and we are sure to be hearing of many more links in the next couple of months, but which of these ones would you particularly like us to get in right now?



  1. pires says:

    Without investing money de cannot compete ….

    1. Westlake says:

      I understand Emery’s reign should be a building process. But Arsenal must build by buying “top 4” players, Aubameyang was a good star., I think Arsenal need to buy Jan Oblak in the summer window. This might take a big bite into their kitty, but he is a top keeper, like De Gea, Courtois and Ederson. In addition, we do need a solid combative defensive midfielder, I think more than we need a center half. If we need to raise money, I would sell Ramsey to fill this position. Then, let’s see what happens thru Xmas.
      Now to blow my credibility, I would let Wilshere go and play Maitland-Niles in midfield, with Xhaxa and our new DM. Play a 4 – 3 – 3, win some 1-0 games, and perhaps a cup or two…

      1. sanmi.marvellous says:

        You think Maitland-Niles has come of age ?
        The guy is far from being a finish product.
        I don’t think he is capable of playing consecutive 10 EPL games without burning out.

        We can’t afford to rush this guy. Let him develop at his own pace. Being a second fiddle to an already established midfield this season won’t hurt his development. And we have all to gain from such.

  2. Tas says:

    Admin perhaps we should sell that signed shirt of Bergcamp and give the proceeds to Stan Kroenke it look like he needs it more

  3. barryglik says:

    More “Arteta” talk.
    Firstly promise 50m then
    fans think its great when
    you add 20m.
    Now talk of 34 year old Lichtsteiner on a free 🙂
    I thought the Kim Kalstrom days were over.
    Where is the promoting youth policy?
    Hopefully it’s just more “Arteta” talk dragging down
    fan expectations and selling club prices
    while we secretly source our real targets.
    Arteta talk managing expectations is all the go this season

    1. Ozgoonerguy says:

      I think one of the problems we’ve had in recent years is youth prospects stagnating or failing at the top level, and a major reason is where they’ve had no experienced players at the club (in those positions) to mentor them or even provide competition in those positions. Bellerin is a prime example.
      Holding midfield is another. We’ve got promising kids like Bielik and Maitland-Niles, but who are they going to learn from? I think this was why Song never fully developed.
      Wing positions might be another area. Rhys Nelson would really benefit from a world class winger to push him.

      1. Tas says:

        Your so right I totally agree

        1. Andrew E says:

          And some decent coaching?

          1. GunnerJack says:

            … and not being played out of position! ‘It will make them better players’ according to Wenger. Never fell for that rubbish. Taken to its logical conclusion how about playing the keeper as a striker so he could somehow get into the mindset of strickers and know what to expect?

          2. Ozziegunner says:


      2. Rudy Garcia fan says:

        No Song’s career proved he was never a top talent for DM. He played for other clubs except Arsenal, you know? Had 2 or 3 good years in his whole career.

        A DM is someone you usually buy, not develop, because the instincts that people like Kante have, obviously cannot be taught. Otherwise why almost no top DMs except Busquets brought through the big teams’ youth system? Kante, Casemiro, Fernandinho, Jorginho, Matic, Moussa Dembele – none of them came through top teams’ youth ranks.

        AMN is perfect for either the box-to-box midfield role or as a right-sided full back (since he himself stated a few months ago (!!!) that his “natural position is on the wing.”)

    2. Tas says:

      20 million is savings from wages of Per Mertesacker, Santi Cazorla, Arsen, Aaron, Lucas Perez, Shkodran Mustafi and few otheres probebly, now I know why AW resigned he knew there was no chance of a trophy without real funds

      Hope I’m wrong but I have been right too many times in the past

      1. Pubgooner says:

        Correction for Tas.
        AW never resigned. He was kicked out…

        1. Tas says:

          That’s what you think if Stan is giving only 20 million to a new manager AW would of got sweet FA why would they give more when we have ballerina Iwobi, sick note Ozil, Bellend, Misstafi and Petr blind Check

          1. Wenger was SACKED. No one gets paid an £11M compensation package for quitting. In fact, had he chosen to resign, he would have had to pay the club that £11M for breaking his contract early… but you know this and you still try and spin it like Arsene was too wise and got tired of the club..yet he delayed his contract renewal to squeeze as much money as possible out of Arsenal while throwing our season away. I can only say thank you to Gazidis for pushing changes and convincing Kroenke to severe the biggest deadwood that has been at the club for years.

          2. Ozziegunner says:

            One of the biggest issue with Arsene Wenger is that he did not use his status and credibility within Arsenal and football in general, to stand up to Kroenke and the board. He acted as an apologist and deflected criticism from them.
            Now he has gone the spotlight is now on Kroenke and the board for assessment of their ambition and commitment to the Arsenal by fans and the media.

          3. Tas says:

            FGS guys I was having a dig at the owners I know AW was shown the door

          4. OZZIEGUNNER
            I believe Gazidis and Kroenke are fully committed. They splashed out £100M on Xhaka, Mustafi and the lot and added Lacazette and Aubameyang each at £50M+ transfer fees and very lucrative wages. Kroenke then made a very shrewd appointment with Emery and I believe it wont be hard going from 6th to 4th. The struggle will begin from there onwards though I believe without the stumbling block of Wenger’s ineptitude and weak mentality 3rd, 2nd and even 1st will be achievable in the longterm if we can continue on the wise path we are on.

          5. Ozziegunner says:

            QD, I don’t disagree; I too am hopeful.

  4. Sean says:

    Lichtsteiner is a freebie to help out for Exp with Per Reiring, Bellerin needs someone to help carry the burden for one season as we cannot do it all in one transfer window. Costs = £0, Cover for RB sorted for this season. CBs will be Mavraponas, Mustafi & Chamberss… New CB added to be bought, Sokratis for 20m. LB is Monreal & Kolasnic, i believe next summer is when the wingbacks will be purchased to replace Monreal & Lichsteiner.

    Thats leaves 50m still, 25m on Leno, so half left for a CDM & whatever we generate from sales!

    1. barryglik says:

      We are stacked with right
      foot players.
      Chambers + Jenkinson.
      So can Niles Nelson and Joe Willock.
      Bellerin was 18 when he started at RB for Arsenal.
      Niles Nelson and Willock are a similar age +
      probably more talented than Bellerin.
      Lechtsteiner is a 34 year old who will cost at least 2mill salary
      which is more than Willock Nelson + Niles combined.
      19 year old Trent Alexander Arnold is in the England world cup squad
      and is in the CL final in Kiiv today marking CR7.
      Ok he might get schooled but what experience he is getting.
      Our team is in the much easier Europa league which these youngsters played
      well in last season so keep giving them more game time.
      Why give 2000 minutes of playing time to a 34 yr old who will leave next season
      when we can give invaluable playing time to our future stars.?

  5. Lets face it if arsenal can get away with being cheap they will.

  6. Andrew E says:

    Who started the £50m rumour and where did they get that figure from? Certainly not from the close-lipped board. Would Emery sign up for 4 years (alleged) if that was all he was going to get?
    I doubt it, but all will be revealed soon.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


    2. ..Ken1945 says:

      Andrew E,
      That is a great point you make, where did these rumours come from?
      I don’t believe there is a cap of any kind on our spending for two reasons.
      1.We were told the club could afford to sign anyone except Ronaldo and Messi and the money was available at any time for our ex manager
      2.i cannot see the likes of Raul, Sven and Emery joining us if they knew they were were going to be prevented from doing there work..
      This has already been proven by the signing of Abu for a new club record.
      We need to let the new regime settle in and work together to assess the current squad, then act decisively before the opening of the W.Cup.
      I believe this will happen just because we have so many new faces who would not accept financial restrictions.

  7. Phil says:

    Just how much exactly needs fixing to get us into the Top4?If we had beaten every team away from home in the bottom HALF of the table we would have finished SECOND.Its those roll up your sleeves and battle games that we must look hardest at and it’s not just the players attitude and the soft underbelly we’ve had for too long.Its the tactics that come into it as well.How many times have we completely dominated possession away from home but hardly made a chance and come away getting beaten?It was all too familiar and predictable.The home form was very good and you would think that is where most teams would come and shut up shop.If we can improve THIS squad of players and add some quality where needed then perhaps we are not as bad off as we all believe.A good COACH with fresh ideas was what was needed and hopefully we have that now

    1. Phil says:

      And let’s not forget also we will have Abuamayang for the WHOLE of next season not just the last 3 months

      1. John Wick says:

        Exactly phil, you’re a man that talks a lot of sense.. thumbs up from me! ??

        1. Ozziegunner says:


  8. Jeremy says:

    Looking at the current recruiters set-up, it doesn’t look like those two guys will be siting around. So there is the sign that maybe the 50m pound budget may not really be true.

    Of cos, we can only hope for a bigger budget which is much needed for the rebuilding.

  9. RSH says:

    Arsenal should let it be well known Mustafi is up for sale. Mobilize on the streets and get the word out

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      together with Xhaka, Cech, Ramsay, Welbeck, Bellerin, Martinez, Ospina, Monreal and Ozil

      They should be sold….and rebuild the squad

      1. George Belluardo says:

        Why not just rip the heart and soul out of the club? Sorry , theres not one gunner on your list to sell until the new manager has a chance to work with them. Then we’ll see..

      2. sell an ozil ar u kidding me sell xhaka i guess wen they start playing for rival club and demolishing ur team ur mindset will be corrected, all they need is a very good coach like emery that will push them

  10. Limpars wand says:

    Our wage bill is only about 20m/year less than Man City and Man U. And 80m/year more than spurs.

    Money hasn’t been the issue

  11. LND says:

    The board are selling tickets. Top 6 again.

  12. Mr Arsenal says:

    Dialla – 20m, Sokratis – 20m, Soyuncu – 25m, Leno – 25m, Seri – 35m, Forsberg – 45m – In 170m
    Xhaka – 20m, Mustaph – 20mi, Chambers – 18m, Iwobi – 15m – Out 73m

    93m to spend to start the process of getting back to being the best

    GK: Leno, Ospina, Macey
    DF: Kozza, Monreal, Bellerin, Sokratis, Sovuncu, Mavrapanos, Holding, Kolasanic, Diallo
    MF: Ramsey, Wilshere, Seri, Maitland Niles, Willock, Ozil, El Neny
    FW: Lacazette, Aubameang, Wellbeck, Forsberg, Mhki, Neilson

  13. Innit says:

    Looking forward to see what Emery comes up with.
    Hopefully he can get some good deals like free agents (like Kolsanic) or low release clause players
    As well as shelling out for top players we need to compete.
    He will need to sell some too

    Exciting times ahead

  14. Let the new manager tell the board the calibre of players that he think he need to be add to the squad we already have. Let the board sell Mustafi, Ramsey, Chambers, Ospina and Denny.

  15. hackinubee says:

    I don’t think the team is as bad as we were led to bliv(judging by the home form) but we need to sort out the defence and put up a fight against teams away,that was the team’s problem last season which prompted the ‘cojones’ comment from a less than average captain and also our predictability(as evidenced against Atl. Madrid)

  16. Terrence Mulenga Chokwe says:

    arsenal has always been a great club,it’s the mentality at the club that has cost us for many years.bringing in a 34 year brings in a good mentality and this guy is used to winning,he will Bring in a wining is not only on the pitch but also the dressing room.we need leaders on our team

  17. hackinubee says:

    If we can get a couple of players,preferrably a DM,Coquelin-esque to screen the back 4 and get the ball to Xhaka/Ramsey(we can get Elneny to play like this if no signing(s) is/are made) and RB(comp. For Bellerin) then I think we are good to go,the team Emery inherited is okay and has been underperforming cos they don’t have even a Plan A(not to talk of Plan B),so getting a coach to instill some things in them and ignite a fire which has never been seen at the Emirates will see us challenge on all fronts next season and I bliv we can get in Champ. League through our league position.

    So a complete overhaul is not what we need,we only need someone to tell the guys what to do other than the ‘Express Yourselves’ talk….

  18. Cool ruler says:

    Its sad to note that most comments show hatred for indiviidual players and nothing more..just wait for next season

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