More points dropped – Have Arsenal forgotten how to win?

Another disappointing performance for Gooner supporters everywhere. A 1-1 draw vs Wolves at home is not what Arsenal fans expected.

Following a week of Xhaka drama, Unai Emery went against his recent mindset and (allowed) Mesut Ozil a spot in the starting XI. At the end of the day, Ozil put in a solid performance. It wasn’t spectacular by any means, but it was solid. He provided creativity in the final third, and seemed to be the go-to guy when we needed to keep possession. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang provided our one and only goal, and once again our set-piece defense failed to keep the ball out of the back of the net. As they say, the rest is history. a 1-1 draw and a 1 point, and another 2 points dropped.

So, has Arsenal forgotten how to win?

Here are some recent stats…

Arsenal’s last 5 games in all competitions: 1 win, 2 draws, 2 defeats
Arsenal’s last 5 games in the Premier League: 1 win, 3 draws and 1 defeat

If you look at the PL’s cream of the crop, it seems they always find a way to win. Both Man City and Liverpool came from behind to win today, 2-1 and 2-1, respectively.

But, on our side of the coin we either seem to find a way to lose or to draw by blowing leads. Why? Is it the manager’s team selections, substitution choices and tactics, did Emery lose the locker room, or is there no clear direction or path to winning? Right now, I have no real idea. Maybe it’s all of the above. Emery said in his post-match comments that it was a bad result, but good tactics. I’m sure the pundits and writers will have a field day with that comment in the hours and days ahead.

In my opinion, starting Ozil was a step in the right direction, but we need a lot more then that or we will see more points dropped every week. Emery needs to find some answers or we can kiss this season, and any chance of European competition next season, good bye!

Cheers. Gunner1953

This is a guest post from, a fellow Gooner from America….


  1. Points from the last 5 league games: Arsenal 6, Newcastle 7. This is relegation form. Just sack this clown NOW

  2. The crazy part is despite how poor our performance are, how we’ve dropped massive points.
    Emery keeps saying he’s happy we are playing the way he wants us to.
    I mean if that’s not a man who lost his senses, I don’t know what you’ll call him.
    Wenger’s last two years, we weren’t as bad or depressing as this

    1. Wenger’s penultimate season we were MUCH better in every possible way. More goals scored, less conceded per game, more attractive football.
      His last season we were only marginally better, but at least much more fun to watch most of the time.

      We need an energetic coach with his own style who is on the up. I feel Emery’s career will now be on the downward slope.

      Also: Ceballos has now made almost so many important defensive mistakes as Xhaka makes in a year! Not this year when he’s been more careful, but previous years. Ceballos is simply lucky only a few of those have ended as goals, but man o man, can we pick’em… And people say at least he’s better than Ozil defensively. Not really, both are crap, but at least Ozil has better passes…

    1. Can’t we get a better 11 and the coach from the fans. Put yourself forward if you are up to it. Just annoying.

  3. 25-10 shots at home to wolves! What is this man turning this club into? Chelsea is third on the league log with a coach who started coaching barely some 2 years ago and and some gooners wants to give Unai more time. 🙄🙄 In less than 2 years the man has managed to make our team toothless and none of us looks like up to the weekend regarding Arsenal because we know what we are going to get. Dire football, no tactic, stupid diamond formation and you know the worse of it all? Hearing our manager spouting rubbish! (Adapting to every team we play) FFs! We are the Arsenal not some third tier European team! Sort it out Unai or get the phuck off! You can blame Wenger for a lot of things but you can never fall asleep watching Wenger’s team

  4. UE doesn’t seem to have what it takes to manage a top, quality team in wonder even PSG were not satisfied with him.UE and his technical crew are no good in anything. They are horribly poor as with defense, creative and combative midfield or effective attack.His team is boring, disjointed,lacks fluidity and doesn’t connect at all.The team is in shambles.. There will be more and more empty seats at that stadium with more appalling displays.He shld just leave arsenal.Period.Y does d whole team go to sleep,after a while?what is happening to this team?

  5. I feel asleep alot under Wengers final 3 seasons let’s not pretend our football wasn’t poor then either. Wenger possession based football failed and Unais method has also failed. After everything that went down with united, Chelsea, fans, media and arsenal I think bringing in a Mourinho would be perfect. The man’s got fire in his belly as he could become the first manager to win with 3 clubs in England. He would have points to prove against everyone. And you just know he would turn up outside Wenger house with the premier league he just won.

  6. It was a bad ebening! But the equalizer was down to individual error from Ceballos failing to track a simple throw-in run. It could happen to any manager. Nonetheless, looking at the overall picture, Count Dracula has not been convincing and the results are catching up with him. It’s upto the board now to decide whether it’s time to call in Van Helsing.

  7. Man can Arsenal football get any worse?
    Let’s see what the excuse will be from the coach when we definitely lose to Leicester next week

  8. I would’ve loved Henry to take charge but he’s not ready. He’s not coaching not even with a youth side. Maybe we should give Ljumberge a try or Veira a go. I would take former Valencia coach any day or Xavi Hernandez. Maybe Mou won’t be bad either.
    with Emery, I also believe aside his bad decisions recently, the board has failed him. He said the decision not to play Ozil was top decision. so it means someone is detacting or influencing his team selection. All the same, he can’t be forgiven for his poor team selection and substitutions in an ongoing game. last season his substitutions won as matches but this season his substitutions are costing us matches. It’s very worrying and I don’t believe the players know their positions and what exactly they need to do on the field. Arsenal is a possessive team and we need to build on that to a better one. But Unai wants to change the philosophy completely. oh my Arsenal

  9. The common refrain before the last international break was, “we are one point behind ManCity in third place, so we are will placed”.
    As it turns out, all it took was 3 matched and two points, and we are six points off-pace from the fourth spot. What a sad fall and I have no clue why the club can’t make the decision pronto!

  10. Like most Arsenal fans I find it difficult to understand what Emery is trying to convey in his broken English.No personal offense intended, as his English is better than my Spanish.My point is are the players capable of buying into his requirements when they do not get what he is wanting them to do.There was always going to be difficulties when he arrived, but correct me if I am wrong,but his English does not seem to have improved during the past 18 months..As for his tactics,the way to combat a team like Wolves which has a strict 3-5-2 system is to match that system.By doing so we could have freed up Tierney and Bellerin( who ought to have played) as wing backs and used Auba and Laca in tandem up front.This is not rocket science but simple tactical awareness.When I saw the Man utd line up against Liverpool last week,it was clear they set out to stifle the main ammunition providers in Alexander Arnold and Robertson..We simply do not have the quality of player to make a 4-3-3 system work at the present time and have to adapt to get the best out of our current crop of players many of whom are mediocre at best.Sadly Emery does not seem to have the awareness to employ the appropriate tactics to win games and for that reason,with him at the helm we are highly unlikely to finish in the top four.

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