More Possible Arsenal Transfers This Summer….

Possible Arsenal Transfers During This Summer

As the World Cup progresses, there are also ongoing talks regarding possible transfers when the English Premier League 2018 football season starts. In fact, our club have started to buy and sell players early. The first confirmation was Jack Wilshere leaving Arsenal, as his contract with the club expires this month. He further confirmed the news on social media that his tenure with the club is finally over.

Wilshere -JustArsenal-Training

Goodbye Jack!

Further details about the said release claim that Wilshere had attempted to renew his contract but declined the offer which would have reduced his weekly salary to £90,000 per week. It was further stated that the veteran midfielder may find himself spending more time on the bench due to his lengthy record with injuries. Wilshere argued however that he is fit and healthy and needs more playing time on the field.

Nevertheless, the future appears to be bright for Wilshere as he is set to sign a contract with a new team. Some of the possible clubs that will take on Wilshere are Premier League clubs Fulham, Wolves, and Everton. In addition to this, there are also rumours that he is set to confirm a switch to Fenerbahce in Turkey.

Arsenal seems to be moving on whilst looking to fill the team with new players said to be transferring from other leagues. Arsenal are apparently trying to lure South Korean and Tottenham forward Son Heung-Min into the league, following his stellar performance in the recent World Cup game against Germany.

The 25-year old from Korea has also gained possible interest from Manchester United and Liverpool but none is more determined to get his services than Arsenal. However, if they are to get Son’s services for the team, Arsenal might be ready to pay a whopping £62m.

Another player that Arsenal are trying to sign is Russian player Aleksandr Golovin. His performance in the World Cup has also garnered interest from Arsenal, Manchester United, and Chelsea. Unfortunately, none of these clubs appears to have been successful, as the player appears to be set to play for Juventus.

Arsenal boss Unai Emery is also looking to rejuvenate the team with younger players. He has been looking at the Spanish leagues this year and was confirmed to have singled out 22-year old Dominican Junior Firpo. While Firpo comes with a £22m release clause, Arsenal seems to be unfazed by it.

The Real Betis player can play as a left-side fullback or left-side midfielder. If the contract pushes through, Firpo is slated to replace Nacho Monreal whose contact with the team ends next season.

Another potential transfer to Arsenal is the Mexican player Hector Herrera who has also shown outstanding performance in the ongoing 2018 World Cup.

It will be an exciting season for the English Premier League, as it appears that new players are set to become part of the North London club. Some of these potential transfers are yet to be set in stone and fans are eager to find out soon who the new players will be.

Updated: July 4, 2018 — 3:20 pm


  1. Hmmm…I like Son the South Korean but…don’t really fancy him playing for us.

  2. Son is too expensive, it is not worth it

    1. 👍

    2. Would rather have Leon Bailey…..

  3. I bet only players with decent price tag would join, such as Torreira (25M), Firpo (22M), Shaqiri (12M) Bernard (free), Martins (free) and Carvalho (free)

    I think we can forget about the more expensive players, such as Soyuncu, Bailey, Malcom, etc

    I wish they would chase Yerry Mina to replace both Koscielny and Mustafi. He performed really well in World Cup, very tall, quick and possesses good ball control ability

    1. Everyone shout Soyuncu!Soyuncu!Soyuncu!

      Unfortunately for us the club is employing a negotiation tactic by sending Ospina on loan to Boca Juniors to help soften the stance of Boca who value Pavon a bit above £40.

      Btw Soyuncu!Soyuncu!Soyuncu!

      1. I’ve not yet been convinced by Pavon

        1. We should never buy players on their performance in the World Cup it’s just so diferent from club Footbal

          1. Thank you @Tas.
            You said and soften my mind. World cup is a different kettle of fish.
            Golovin is playing his earth out as a result of this reason. He is average at best rate.

  4. Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Direct quotes from Lucas Torreira ‘s father

    Ricardo Torreira, while speaking to Uruguayan television channel Teledoce , insists that he and the player’s representatives will be doing all they can to help the 22-year-old settle.
    “There will be people that will accompany him,” said Ricardo (interview translated via @ArsenicTM ). “He won’t be alone. It’s a big change [going to England] and we don’t want to think about it yet because we’re scared.
    “The truth is it’s tough to manage the language, adapt to the [London] society and customs and at the same time not lose ours. But there’s a whole program getting readied for Lucas.”

    1. Break-on-through

      Lucas Torriera! …..Torriera! …don’t ya know!, he’s better than Patrick Vieira …our midfield Dynamo!!!

  5. Rumor, rumor on the wall.
    You sure are having one big ball.
    Telling us whose heard the call
    And winging it to Arsenal.
    Its rare that any arrive at Arsenal
    They are only rumors after all.

  6. Break-on-through

    I don’t buy the Son rumors in the slightest. He is a competent squad player, nothing more. He isn’t anywhere near the price mentioned, this is a ridiculous rumor. Thauvin has cropped up on peoples radar, remember him when he was teenager and we tried for him. I didn’t realize he had stepped up over there, added end game to his passing ability. He’s a little lightweight on his frame, not sure if rumors are correct but we are getting linked with allot of players right now, with everyone at the world cup the journo’s have went off the boil a bit.

  7. Son not bad, he is quite good, and I’d take him. Quite expensive, though. Mexico’s Lorenzo not a bad option. Plays for PSV, I believe.

  8. Virginia
    Osei tutu Holding Mavrapanos Bramall
    Maitland. Nwakali
    Omari Hutchinson Nketiah Nelson

    What a future team.. Has everything(pace,power and technique)….a team capable of repeating the invincibles…..let’s pray this core of players continue to play for us mature into greatness to give us joy….. Arsenal till I go six feet under!!!!!!!!!

  9. Malcolm Townsend

    They keep talking of all these players coming where is the money coming from. But who is being sold he has to sell or is it elastic money

    1. after we get Torriera, I dont think there is a solid link to any other player. I hope we get at least one more in after that though. The rest can go to youth. Winger ideally for last buy.

  10. Get Timo one more in back line and bring 3 new young players

  11. Son rumour is made up bullshit. We do not buy Spurs players (Sol Campbell was signed on a free after we had tapped him up and turned his head before his contract expired). Besides, why would Spurs sell a key player to a their arch enemy?
    While we are at it, we could also ask for Kane, Ericksen and Toby as part of the deal!

  12. Their arch enemy

  13. I think journos noticed how Arsenal are actually signing their target, and so every shed of rumour, they are riding on it. Right now, the only solid one is Torreira. I read the Pavon one might happen but if GMarrins happens, Pavon isnt. For now, unless kev confirms it, i aint buying. Just want Torreira confirmed already. If its noton, doesnt matter what the father says..

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