More problems for Arsenal after their frustrating loss to Brighton

Arsenal’s Matteo Guendouzi faces being banned after he grabbed Brighton’s winning goal scorer, Neal Maupay by the neck following Arsenal’s loss to the Seagulls.

The Gunners endured another frustrating afternoon after they allowed their lead to slip and let Brighton beat them 2-1.

Arsenal has now lost their two league games after the restart of the Premier League season but in each game, there seems to be an incident that would lead to an inevitable loss for Mikel Arteta’s side.

Against Manchester City, it was a David Luiz horror show, while against Brighton, Bernd Leno was injured in the first half and he blamed Neal Maupay for the injury.

The German wasn’t the only Arsenal player who reacted to Maupay injuring him as Guendouzi confronted the Brighton striker at the final whistle.

Painfully, it was Maupay who scored the winning goal against the Gunners and as he wheeled away in celebration, Guendouzi appeared to throw a hand at the striker’s stomach.

He confronted him again at the final whistle and this time, he grabbed the striker by his neck.

The Frenchman needed to be restrained from causing more harm to Maupay and Metro Sport claims he faces being banned for his actions.

What Guendouzi did was wrong it is as simple as that, yes there was frustration at Maupay but you just cannot get physical these days and expect to get away with it and all Guendouzi has done is risk making life harder for Mikel Arteta if there is a suspension handed down.

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  1. If Guendouzi is going to get banned? The least he should have done is kicked the s**t out of the fu***r.

    1. Yes he should get a ban as he is just trying to be a playground bully just like you probably are🤫

  2. Right or wrong, he’s not afraid to get stuck in. He’s only young… and the only one with a pair of balls… tells you a lot doesn’t it?
    The way Maupay went to ground… does that make you fall like that?!! Sheesh!!

    1. Didn’t see anything switched off my phone on 2 Brighton goal the messages and calls! Couldn’t take it. Back to the drawing board still hurting

      1. Luckily I didn’t see their winning goal, as had left the room in disgust!
        I saw what Matteo did on Twitter..

  3. He did not have to hit him in stomach, Maupay faked falling off, could have get in trouble for simulation.

    Gendouzi has a bad temper, he must be careful to not get beat up one day. He will be banned of course, 2 or games at least. A total idiot, acting street tuff with his long hair! Think he should cut it all and he will act better.

  4. I’ve been following Arsenal for two years now and Guendouzi is still my favorite player. I really don’t believe that a simple touch like that can knock Maupay so easily. FA shouldn’t ban him–Guendouzi needs the team now. I mean, how many times do we see Ramos or Suarez do worse and go unpunished? This is a classic example of xenophobia to me, and in my opinion, just because Guendouzi is a French-Moroccan doesn’t mean a ban.

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