More problems for Leno as he risks being ignored by Germany for lack of game time

Bernd Leno could be axed from the German national team squad if he cannot win back his first-team place at Arsenal.

The German has lost the battle of Arsenal’s number one to Aaron Ramsdale and hasn’t started a league game for the club since their 5-0 loss to Manchester City before the last international window.

Leno remains Germany’s third-choice goalkeeper at international level, but that position could be taken away from him soon.

Fussball reports that Eintracht Frankfurt’s Kevin Trapp is impressing their national team manager, Hansi Flick and could take up Leno’s position in the squad.

The report says the former Bayern Munich boss uses a “performance principle” to select his players, and that has made it imperative that Leno plays often to keep his place in the squad.

Because of this, the goalkeeper is reportedly now thinking about leaving Arsenal and the report says his exit from the Emirates could be as early as the January transfer window.

Arsenal will want to have two top goalkeepers in their squad, but Leno will feel he deserves more than being a reserve goalkeeper to Ramsdale.

The Gunners will probably not stand in his way if he wants out in the summer, but it remains unclear if they will sanction a January departure, especially if they cannot sign a replacement.

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  1. which will invariably hurt his market valuation and once again we will end up financially shooting ourselves in the foot…of course, I’m not saying we should shoehorn him into the lineup solely as a result of my aforementioned well-reasoned assumption, but it might be wise, especially in a “rebuild” season, if we were a little more savvy about sharing the position until at least the January window…this isn’t likely to happen though as Arteta is far too fearful about his own future to put the best interests of the club first and foremost

    1. So you want Leno to play so that he can be the third choice for Germany and we conceed another 9? Absurd! If he wants to their third choice, then let him seek a transfer as per our evaluation and play somewhere, or else let him learn from his mistakes and improve his ability. I did read that Seaman too is on the training ground these days, he has an ocean of experience, just that Leno needs to alter his ego and lean from Seaman and Ramsdale. Lastly had Leno been in the goal last week, we would have returned home with a loss and then the ArtetaOut brigade would have fodder till the next game.Arteta knows best what is best for the club and what is best for you and me as fans and supporters.

      1. shake your head LC…I know you’re usually adverse to engaging in anything that might be deemed as a highly nuanced conversation, but every once in a blue moon it might be wise to take your blinders off and let common sense be your guide

    2. One of the last positions you “share” is your goalkeeper (along with your centre back pairing).

      I believe on of the primary reasons Ramsdale was brought in was to instil confidence defensively, via a number of other excellent character traits he has.

      What sort of manager worth his salt decides, forget all that I’m going to “share” the keeping slot and go back to square one ?

      You have a number 1, and his back up.

      Until that is stance changed by performance – there you have it.

      Before moving on, Leno will appear in favourably drawn cup competitions.

      1. I thought we agreed to steer clear due to your inability to provide any responses without an unhealthy amount of smarminess

        the same manager you so eagerly defend, has used a myriad of different CB combinations, since arriving here, which runs counter to your “worth his weight in salt” commentary

        fact remains, in order to conduct a meaningful “rebuild” a manager needs to employ a reasonable amount of flexibility when it comes to tactics and personnel decisions, as the long-game is of the utmost importance

        of course, against the top 6 opponents, or those where a commanding box presence would be of paramount importance, I would always start our in form Keeper, Ramsdale, but there’s clearly a logical financial impetus to not cut off our nose to spite our face, which could be the result if we froze Leno out of the first team selection process

        so before you get too presumptuous with your “there you have it” declarations, take the blinders off, just for a moment, and think about what might best help us, organizationally-wise, in the long run, instead of what might best serve the selfish interests of our still struggling and tactically timid manager

        btw isn’t it ironic how Ramsdale hasn’t been forced into constantly playing out from the back, which is an obvious adjustment that would have made life infinitely easier for Leno, if he was ever afforded that luxury

  2. Aaron is better than Leno so was EMI better than Leno.

    Let the better GK play. Period. We don’t care about the German national team.

  3. Admin.

    A perfectly balanced footballing viewpoint ( in my opinion), gets met with a personal insult.

    “responses without an unhealthy amount of smarminess”.

    Why ? Simply because one uses straightforward expectable language, framed in a way which can be debated if the reader so chooses ???

    So my original response was so outrageous, yet another J A poster also chose to disagree with TRVL’ s comment – without receiving an insulting response.

    He and I had a strong disagreement on here., doubt that’s the first time that’s happened and won’t be the last between two posters!

    But being not so childish as to “black ball” someone you have no personal knowledge of, I at least try to respond to his posts that I feel I have a valid opinion on.

    On this specific occasion I found his comment to be so way of the mark, and in a perfectly acceptable manner responded .

    On no, not with this one !

    At last a sensible comment re’ steering clear- will do with pleasure.

    What is it with this bloke ?

  4. Amendment to my post above.

    Re-reading TRVL’s response to L C,s perfectly acceptable viewpoint, it was insulting and extremely condescending – as usual.

  5. this is why I told you to not respond to any of my posts anymore, as your specific brand of passive aggressive baiting has become an all-too-familiar refrain on this platform…the fact that you tried to package the whole thing to Admin as if you were being some sort of JA Good Samaritan, regarding my response to LC, or that you’re just an innocent poster who came across my comment, by happenchance, and felt that it was so egregious that you simply couldn’t ignore it, speaks volumes about your disingenuous nature…even worse is the fact that you “honestly” believe that I was the only one being both insulting and condescending(lol)…like I said before, on two previous occasions, steer clear please and thanks

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