More proof that Alexis Sanchez will play for Arsenal this year?

This could well mean that Arsenal Football Club end up being worse off to the tune of around £50 million next summer, which is what the football media thought the Gunners would get in return for Alexis Sanchez if Arsene Wenger were to sell his star striker this summer.

If he does not let the Chile international go during the current transfer window the chances are that Alexis will leave on a free when his current contract expires at the end of the coming season, unless the boss can persuade him to stay and that is only going to happen if Arsenal show that we have the ambition and ability to win the Premioer League and start challenging properly for the Champions League.

That will all be more likely to happen, though, with Sanchez in the side so maybe that is why Wenger is willing to risk the transfer fee and that now seems almost certain after the Frenchman declared this week that he would not sell to an EPL rival.

This still left the possibility that our forward could be sold abroad, but that was only likely to be to Bayern Munich and that deal now appears to be a dead duck, with The Mirror reporting that the German club have instead signed the Colombian star James Rodriguez on loan from Real Madrid.

So is Alexis Sanchez now sure to be an Arsenal player for this season at least?



  1. Just came to my mind. Arsenal rarely gets a player on loan from other clubs. We could have been the one getting James Rodriguez on loan from RM.

  2. Well, if he stays just to run down his contract, at least we know that this football loving freak will give his all during his final year.

    Lets be honest here, It’s highly unlikely that he will renew his contract, when he could easily earn a Monster wage packet by moving on for free, next season.

    1. i think its a good gamble wenger is taking…..who are the most likely epl teams that may offer him the so called jumbo pay? man city and chelsea? city by next season may have 2 or more players with such jumbo pay and be scouting new and younger potential alexixs and aguero….., chelsea depending on the coach may want to have him…., which he can easily fit into with out much compettion,( ie chelsea )but i believe he will fear and respect the north london fans a bit…secondly if he wants to walk away at the end of next season.. what huge pay are these clubs willing to offer 300k? havent we offered something real close? any ways we can also offer him such an amount as well as. we can afford it, because i dont see any epl side offering him 400k per week. so its a well calculated and worthy gamble by wenger.

      only way he can get 400k is either in china or psg not in EPL so its a good gamble,by wenger

      1. I believe majority of us Arsenal fans are well in support of this gamble. There is a 90% chance it will pay off. Lets rally round AW and our team for bigger success this year. If it doesn’t pay off….still we have proven a point (no player is bigger than our club). I expect we should remain stuck together regardless of the outcome of the gamble. At the rate we are now acquiring talents..our future is bright as a club.

  3. While I understand the sentiment of offering Sanchez a massive contract to keep him at the club, it would also be prudent to ensure that we don’t end up with a Wayne Rooney problem — namely that a forward player heading into 30’s on a massive long term contract who would be incredibly hard to move in a few years (with almost zero sell value and no club willing to pay for his wages).

    Thus, keeping Sanchez for another year may not be the worst option – the worst being selling him to Man City and strengthening a rival.

  4. Personally, I’d sell him. Hate the thought of losing him on a free next year. If we can get 50-60mil, and re-invest it into a decent replacement, I’d be all up for it. Not to mention that he’s more than likely be a distraction in the locker room. Having said that, if he honors his contract in a professional manner, and helps us win the title, I’d be over the moon. He could even sign an extension then. Yeah, I know, I’m contradicting myself here, but such is a life of an Arsenal fan these days.

  5. If he stays it be better part of valour as selling to a rival club would be a cruel blow and Hand them the advantage, so keeping him at the emirates is best option and he play a major part and give him a new contract as well

  6. IMHO, if he likes, he should sign or not, we have to keep him if we’re really ambitious, who cares about the money gotten from his sale, since we’ve been selling, how well have we reinvested? So, let him go on a free transfer.. Don’t be too strict on this like you’re gonna get a share from his sale??
    Let’s keep him here and buy Lemar.

  7. It’s better to sell him to PSG for 45 m pounds ( if they need him) because they might be willing to pay such a rediculous 400K per week. I doubt if Man City are willing to pay such extortionist wages. He will regret going to City because he won’t get game time always because of rotation of players. Arsenal definitely shouldn’t pay such wages because they will be stuck with him until his “New” contract is finished despite the fact he might not be that good in 2 years time.

    1. Dude I see Sanchez doing a Ibrahimovich. That guy will be as he is till his mid-30s and if he’s allowed he’ll play till he’s 40. The man has got energy & lots of it at that, I wonder if he’s got a girlfriend.

  8. keep him. With our new signings we have a great chance of success with sanchez in the team too.

  9. If Alexis plays hard with Lacazette, Ozil and hopefully Lemar this season and we win trophies then it will be worth losing him on a free transfer next summer.

    One more year of Alexis please. Who knows, maybe if we win the Premier League Alexis will have a change of heart and sign a contract with us

    1. Why would Sanchez go if we won EPL? The only reason why Sanchez wants to leave Arsenal is because of what he perceives as limited ambition. It’s not that he hates Arsenal. In fact he has no problem with the club. So if we win EPL and Europa cup he will automatically extend his contract.

  10. Perhaps you guys can fill me in here but to date I haven’t heard any direct quotes from Alexis that he wants to leave nor any official or off the record statement from anyone at City that they were in for him. We heard Ancelotti say he was a good player so the media said he was off to Bayern. I heard an ex-Arsenal player saying they thought he was “disruptive” but I’ve seen nothing from any of his current players saying the same – they all look extremely “together” when you get official Arsenal TV interviews and behind the scenes stuff etc – pretty hard to fake it. Seen a properly b*****ks type news hit-piece with an unnamed source saying an unnamed player got blanked by Alexis when he asked if he was going to be here next season. Yeah, sounds real! Whether he stays or goes this is in large part a media fabrication story without what could be called substantive evidence – they’ve sold papers off the back of this for months. He is holding out on his contract because………well, I don’t know why, but there are reasons other than a reunion with Pep that would explain it. Ponder this as well – pre-Arsenal AS was a star at Udinese and a talented bench-warmer at Barcelona. His club goal scoring record pre-2014 was 91 goals in 378 appearances – post 2014, 72 goals in 145 appearances. Not many blinked or bothered much when we took him from Barca in a £32M deal. Whether he can admit it or not he owes something to AW in terms of career resurrection/elevation call it what you will. I hope he stays but I feel the media have already sown the seeds of discontent on this one and they will harp on about all season long. The damage may have already been done.

  11. Do the arithmetic. If we fail to get into the Champions League for a second season, it will cost us more than Sanchez’ transfer fee in lost revenue. There could be a window of opportunity next season if Spurs perform badly at Wembley, not to mention the fact that our chances in the Europa League would be enhanced with Sanchez in the side.

  12. I think Wenger and Arsenal are doing the right thing by not letting him leave until he’s finally out of contract instead of trying to cash in now and mess us up by selling to our immediate rivals.

    I suppose one way of looking at it is that the proposed value of the sale of £50M could be something to consider but we can offset a lot of that money based on his value to us right now !

    With Sanchez giving us his all in hislast year. And I do believe he has the drive, temperament and attitude to do his best. Add to that the possible impact of the new signings in unison with our team and the fact that we know we can pull the rabbit out of the hat if we want to. We might well go on to achieve better things this year……..premier league, Europa League Trophy another FA Cup. All of those things could amount to more revenue to the club such as the financial award for making the Champions League etc. If we can receive £30M as a reward for excelling in competitions domestic or otherwise, arising from concerted effort and a good season, then Sanchez’ part in that success partly pays for his own departure.

    The loss in terms of losing a great player will still be hard to take but financial loss could easily be offset against other financial gains !

  13. I believe majority of us Arsenal fans are well in support of this gamble. There is a 90% chance it will pay off. Lets rally round AW and our team for bigger success this year. If it doesn’t pay off….still we have proven a point (no player is bigger than our club). I expect we should remain stuck together regardless of the outcome of the gamble. At the rate we are now acquiring talents..our future is bright as a club.

  14. Well I hope Wenger gamble is based on having conversations with Sanchez-

    If Wenger believes he’s desire to move is about seeking titles alone- then I think we have already demonstrated that desire with our new players. And it’s a risk worth taking

    Even if gamble doesn’t pay off – it will help future negotiations because shows Arsenal willing to hold onto players.

    Without CL – we have a unique golden opportunity to win EPL this year 🙂

  15. Assuming we still 3 at the back- I can’t work out our best line-up

    Mustafi – Holding – Kolchelny
    Oxlade – Kolasinac (Wing backs)
    Ozil – Xaka
    Lacazette – Giroud – Sanchez

    This looks great upfront. But exposed in mid-field.

    What you think it should be?

    1. I think more like Ramsey will partner Xhaka and Ozil and Sanchez will be behind Lacazette… Giroud will play off the bench or staet against teams like Stoke etc or in europa league

  16. sell Sanchez if he’s not willing to sign new contract and get and anther winger without him we can win big and also we can lose big. he was when we lost 10-2 on aggregate, but he was not there when we beat juve years back with fabregas leading d line

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