More proof that the media LOVE to HATE Arsenal

It is something that has become so much the norm that Arsenal fans hardly bother to even moan about it any more, but for some reason the football media seems to take pleasure in poking fun and being disrespectful to Arsenal, much more than any club, never mind the big clubs that make their jobs possible and profitable.

I don’t know whether it is because Arsene Wenger is more mild mannered than the spiky Jose Mourinho or Alex Ferguson type of managers, or whether there is a spud fan high up in these media organisations, or maybe they are just cheesed off that Arsenal spoiled their fun by winning the FA cup last season. Oh how they loved trawling out the old `trophy drought` line.

And since when did finishing in the top four, the ultimate goal of clubs like Tottenham, Everton and now their darlings Liverpool and Man United, become something to take the mickey out of us for? Ho ho ho, the `Wenger trophy` how we laughed.

And if you want a bit more proof that the media are ant’Arsenal and Wenger, read this hatchet job in The Telegraph. It is actually double proof, because it it is about Wenger being so angered by the badgering post match questions from the BBC interviewer which prompted the Frenchman to tell his players not to answer any more questions but it turns into an attack on the man and the club. How dare he react to being asked stupid and disrespectful questions?

The report even goes on to say that Hull were desperately unlucky not to win, deftly ignoring the injustice of Flamini being blatantly fouled for their first goal. Nothing like blinkers eh Johnathan Liew? Plenty of dissecting the defence but no mention of our injury crisis and then he caps it off at the end by actually dismissing the trophy we won and ending the article with those favoured words `nine years`. Jog on mate.

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  1. i been listening to ronald kouman on sky sports this evening this guy is a football man he knows his stuff southampton have got themselfs a great young manager

    1. Failed miserably at Feyenoord (Dutch league is a very weak one) where he actually bought players and not left to do whatever he could with half a team at Soton. Am I impressed? I was impressed even last year by Soton so this comes hardly as a surprise. This club is a genuine talent forging ground and in a way I am very sorry they don’t get enough credit. Them and West Ham are the most underrated clubs in the English football. Hope times will change for them because they deserve better (read trophies). Besides, Soton have absolutely no pressure to deliver (lost half a squad, remember?) and they play the game of football for the sake of playing not to win. Supporters know their team will not lift a trophy this year and unlike our supporters they stay behind the team for the bad. And the worst. And the very worst. Of course they will start cracking staring in the 2/3 of the season but probably they know that and take as much as they can now. Sincerely, I hope they will win the Capital One Cup this year.

    2. *Off topic/On topic*

      So I’ve got this to say, f*ck all u so called “gunners” who now accept mediocrity as a standard in this club.

      I really feel bad that some idi*ts just don’t see anything wrong with whatever Wenger does and still want him at Arsenal. I’ve always said and maintained it that Wenger is the major problem we have at Arsenal, next to the board, and together they are all disoriented scallywags. Did u not all hear or read the comments made by our so called chairman who, unknowingly admitted to what we all know or some of us have been suspecting, that they are all clueless mugs running AFC?

      He (Sir Keswick) said, “Don’t let’s be in a muddle about who calls the shots about football at Arsenal. It is not the chairman, it is not the fans, it is Mr Arsène Wenger. If he has a plan, we back him. If he doesn’t have a plan, we keep quiet. Our board backs him 100 per cent.”

      That means Wenger has been the leader of the dumb bunnies, degrading the club and puling down every standard we have left with his cluelessness in transfer windows, wrong purchases, poor team selections, poor tactics and wrong substitutions, or no substitutions at all during games, playing players until they wear our and get badly injured, etc. Even taking an injured player on loan!!! OMG!!!

      We got raped by MUFC, Liverpool and— my favourite— he was given a pleasant present by Maureen on #WENGER1000, celebrating his new and very realistic title: Specialist in Failure.

      I knew Arsenal when we had the likes of Gilberto, Pires, Freddie, Thiery, Kolo, Dennis, etc. Those guys won’t take sh*t in a game. We either won or drew. And if we ever lost, they opposition must have worked their dishevelled as* off.

      What do we have now? With exception to a few of our first team players who are truly talented and committed, a whole lot of the rest a merely average, and lots of them are shameless parrots.

      Take a look at our so called “fans” diz days during games, the look like students in a classroom being lectured. No passion, no emotion (with exception to a minute few).

      No team is afraid of us, we are so f*cking predictable and Mr Gru, being our coach, is one of the highest earners among coaches.

      Arsenal FC was not like this. Something went wrong. I blame Wonga, Ivan Gobbledick, Dumb Stan, Sir Kockwick and de rest of the conniving goblins for this.

      *****Dear admin, plz bear with me.

      1. He speak the truth.
        Every AKB who still supports Wenger SHAME ON YOU!
        By supporting the silly old out dated, unrealistic, incompetent manager you are like a cancer in this club allowing it to be eaten away from the inside.

        Shame on you who still blindly support Wenger, shame on you!

      2. The moment he started his statement with F**K you, I lost all interest in any garbage that followed that phrase.

  2. At the end of the day some of the media are speaking sense and some are just talking cr-p. I just choose to read or listen to what I want and not get wound up about it.

    1. To start with, there is no ‘proof’ and there is nothing to proof, cos THE MEDIA DOESNT HATE ARSENAL. They only speak the truth, people HATE THER TRUTH, cos human beings can’t handle THE TRUTH… fact is, you cannot be wrong by being right too many times, and many times the media has been right,they were right when they said we needed a DM, they were right when they said we won’t win EPL last season and they were also also right about us this season, they are always right cos our manager is predictible and would always do the reverse of what is expected and they are absolutely right about him being a ‘CLASSIC MEDIOCRE’… The sad irony is passion is like a drug, whatever you put your passion in has an emotional effect on you, so take it or leave it, a part of wengerian attitude has integrated in some of us, so do not be surprised if people still support him, by God WE LOVE OUR CLUB… and the problem is not the media or the pundits, the problem is us accepting the truth as is… And I would drop this last words to campaign for thumb downs, THE WORST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ARSENAL WAS WINNING THE LAST F.A. CUP…

  3. I remember at the start of the season all the TV pundits said we need a DM and what happened. Wenger went out and bought one 🙂

      1. Evening mate. I am getting fed up with being drawn into the Wenger argument. We all know what needs to be done and no one does anything about it.

        1. Agree mate but until he leaves we will not move forwards,anyway score prediction for tomorrow I’m going for a 4-2 win to the Gooners !

    1. I think Wenger will buy a DM if he was told he doesn’t need one. He just tries to do things his way even if they are wrong.

  4. media, refs, whenever we begin to understand that jealousy can be harmful but that one must act as if those were usual standrads…then our “luck” will change.
    pure psiquis Arsene,

  5. OT, watchin Roma Bayern….i seee a defence that at times gets broken….i have some questions about Wojo here.
    I love the guy and his attitude, but….he gets beaten on the occasions players break the defence, thats what a goalie is thefe for, right?
    or is it that Neuer is a class aside?

  6. @Andrew FC
    Well said 🙂

    We should, at the end, not worry about the media because none of them, while in front of Wenger, are asking the right or though questions…!!

    It is easy to criticise and make the right or wrong assumptions, but we would to see a pundits (most of them rubbish in the UK anyway) or their so called football specialists ask some football questions to the “deluded one”…

    You are right, when you listen to Koeman, who realise he knows his sh*t.
    Wenger talks about concentration, beliefs, heavy legs, spirit and everything except what he is being paid for, the twat!
    He is still the only manager on this earth who believes that since you have most of the possession, you win the game…!!!
    I mean, when are we going to be free of that guy???

    Ivan”greedy” Gazidis has apparently announced that Wenger has (or will have ) no money for January!! Where are those £173millions stuck in the bank? Being collected for Kroenke next ranch?

    We had no chance and never had one.

    Anyway, why are we panicking, if panic there is? We are only 2 points from top four…!! Since, as we all know it, the league title is not an objective and never was, we are still in good shape according to Wenger and his cronies.

  7. The journos have no respect for somebody who runs the club from top to bottom making millions for the club and that too on only 8m a year!

  8. I honestly couldn’t give a rat’s ass what the media says. What I do care about is what Arsenal fans say. Seems like half want us to lose so Wenger gets the boot and others hope that when Wenger retires that Arsenal start losing so they can stick it to the anti-Wenger faction. For crissakes, it’s gotten so bad that I’ve stopped asking a mate over to watch the games. Even when we are winning, it’s a constant diatribe of negativity. My sons – massive Gooners- stop enjoying the game. I’m not questioning his passion, I’m am questioning his (lack of) perspective?

    It’s getting to the point where I only whisper that I’m an Arsenal fan. Not because of the on field performance – they could be bottom of the table and I’d still support them — but because of the attitude of some fans. Rant over.

    1. I hear ya. The reason that people’s expectations are so high is because of what Wenger has achieved. Even if we win tomorrow the whining won’t let up even for a day.

      Trophies won in 20 years before Wenger: 3 league titles, 3 FA Cups, 1 League Cup, 1 European Cup Winners Cup, 1 Community Shield. Total 9 trophies.

      Trophies won in 18 years by Wenger: 3 Premier League titles (1 undefeated!), 5 FA Cups, 5 Community Shields. Total 13 Trophies.

      Far and away the most successful Arsenal manager ever.

      Any team besides the top 4 would kill to have that record.

  9. Its not media’s fault, our board/manager has brought us very low with decision. I watched chelsea tonight, I felt jealous.

  10. Did Gazidis announce that we have no money to spend in Jan?

    Gosh we need at least 100m to strengthen the team..

  11. Forget about what the Media and other clubs fans say about us.. We know what we have to do, sign the players we need and all those haters will swallow their tongues..

    It’s all about proving them wrong. We are always so close to being great season in season out but Arsene just won’t release that DM, Striker and CB.. Every season I just feel like we are nearly there but stubborn wenger keeps letting us down by refusing to sign the players we need..

    It’s so frustrating.. We are so close, and if we sign those players trust me all the bitters will shut up. They make fun of us because they know we are still weak in those position and can’t do anything about it..


  12. Most fans do not give a crap about the media, but is interested in their team of choice, all would hope to see their teams lift trophies and get to celebrate these occasions , what gets the fan piss off is when they can pin point their team weak areas without having been to the unversity of football, but have basic knowledge of the game either by playing or observing this wonderful sport for years.

    Its does not take a mathematician with is Masters and Doctorate in mathematics to say that 1 +1 = 2, even our 1 year baby realise this, therefore when a fans says our midfielders frail .fragile, small, weak , timid and lack fighting spirit, its not a guess or an assumption its a plain and simple fact. we could even provide the expert managers and coaches with video evidence.

    yes the media may cause a hype of any given player that the team could actually use in the given positions which are the weak points, but the fan is just thinking of what they assume would be best for the team, some media are actually fans also, so if they feel that our ridiculous manager is not doing what is best for the team, they will become anti-arsenal

  13. There is no bias. Arsenal’s needs have been glaringly obvious for a long time. Every commentator sees that yet Wenger does nothing about it. Ergo criticism. The post-game interview questions were all quite good and fair questions. She hit a raw nerve when she asked about not buying a CDM and another CB. The whole world knew that was obvious, except for Wenger. Wenger had no legitimate answer to the questions so he lashed out and the reporter in a childish manner.

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