More proof the Premier League do NOT like Arsenal

In the same week that Arsenal fans, or me at least, have been left shocked and bemused by the decision to give control of the Arsenal v Hull City match in the FA cup to our old friend Mike Dean, I read with interest that another high profile referee Mark Clattenburg is to be punished for his mistake last weekend.

As reported by The Mirror, the controversial official will be taken out of the firing line and will not take charge of a match when the next round of EPL games are played next weekend. This is after he got it wrong last weekend when awarding a penalty to our north London rivals Tottenham for a handball when replays showed that the Man City forward Raheem Sterling had not in fact handled the ball and furthermore the position of Clattenburg meant that he could not see the incident and had to guess.

Some teams seem to have all the luck and the jammy spuds got another big helping hand this week in the Europa League when their young player Dele Alli deliberately kicked an opponent who was lying on the floor in the stomach. How the referee only gave a yellow card for that I am still trying to understand.

But back to Arsenal and the fact that Clattenburg has been stopped from refereeing one of the next EPL matches after his mistake when Mike Dean was not sanctioned for his bigger blunders when he cost us the game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge this season. Dean was straight back in action after his awful performance and the fact that he has plenty of previous with the Gunners should have made it even worse.

But no, he gets no punishment and is now given another big Arsenal match to potentially ruin. How is that fair?

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    1. and i have a question to ask(not directly at u)

      If the premier League hates us, how are we gonna be able to Lift that?

      We are not even favourites in the UCL, No Europa cuz we barely even drop lower than the Wenger scale (4th) or exit the knockout stage in the UCL, we hardly go past the knockout stage in the capital one cup , The FA cup is a tricky one (easily ruined by the hulls and blackburns of this world)

      where do we go from here??????

      1. It’s simple, we FIGHT AGAINST THE ODDS. Complaining won’t do anything and the manager should have gotten that through his stubborn head by now. Ditch Walcott, Ox, Flamini and all the favourites holding this team back and use players of the REQUIRED QUALITY needed to compete against the very best teams.

  1. The draw today changes little.
    Arsenal are just 2 points off
    the EPL lead and remain
    favourite to win the title.
    Going far in the League cup
    has already weakened City’s EPL chances
    and they would welcome defeat at Chelsea tomorrow.
    A draw and replay for City would be disastrous.
    Spurs are only at the last 32 stage in the Europa
    so again face many fixtures.
    The Europa league is only good if you win
    and qualify for the ECL otherwise it’s a curse.
    Interestingly Van Gaal and Klopp want to win the Europa
    because they can’t see their teams qualifying ECL from the League.
    An honourable exit at the hands of Barca would suit Arsenal nicely
    and even a defeat at Hull in the replay would be a blessing.
    Leicester out of the cups is our one serious threat to the EPL title.

  2. This is just Ridiculous and funny

    but it’s utter BS….

    On our own part, we are not playing well enough!

    1. Yep!… And there was me thinking that we would score plenty of Goals today ?
      I’m totally Dissapointed with my deluded prediction ?
      Yet, I still can’t believe that we couldn’t even score ONE! goal against a reserve Hull team ?
      That was a very strong team that wenger put out, apart from Cech,Ozil, Ramsey, Monreal and Bellerin, Everyone else played some part of the game, So there’s no excuses!

      At least Barcelona will show our Boy’s the art of finishing on Tuesday night and hopefully they will be focused enough to learn from them! ????

      1. That’s why I’ve stopped remaining positive, whenever I’m feeling optimistic I eventually get left feeling let down.

  3. Stop the whining!

    We drew today because we weren’t good/creative/clinical enough to beat a championship side at home.

  4. Arsenal: The Little Engine That Could Not
    Arsenal: Chitty Chitty Crack Crack.

    Pick your choice of title for this rerun but DO NOT BLAME THE REF. We got a decent performance out of Mike Dean.

    It’s just a game, one could say. Sometimes the ball just doesn’t end up in the back of the net.

    The point still remains – an Arsenal team could not break down the reserves of a Championship side to score a single goal.

    But ponder this – every single one of Arsenal’s forwards – Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck, Sanchez (not to mention Campbell and Mislaid-Chambermaid) – featured in these 90 minutes. And could not score against the reserves of a Championship side.

    Can there be any doubt left about the impotency of our strike force?

    Before the close of the summer transfer window – players, pundits, fans and foes said “Buy a striker, buy a DM.” Coquelin’s absence to injury cost us at least 9 points. A DM of better quality than Flamini would likely have salvaged 6 of those points. Which would have us 4 points clear. And that’s being conservative.

    A striker with the quality of Costa (yes I said it) or Vardy or Kane, would have gotten us at least an additional 6 points and we’d be through to the next round of the FA cup without an energy-sapping replay.

    There is NO point trying for Champion’s League. This Championship draw shows CL is a bridge too far.

    Who to blame? Wenger, that’s who. Two players costing $30-60m would have the Premiership sown up and out of sight by now. But stubbornness and delusion won the day.

    We can talk about the players not showing up. But I’ll ask this – who are Arsene’s on-field deputies? Captain – Arteta: A shadow of his past self unable to kick the ball for 180 consecutive minutes. Vice-Captain – Mertesacker: A shrinking giant whose sloth like pace puts fear into the heart of every Arsenal stalwart. Could either of these men make it into the starting 11 of any other team in the top 6? Answer honestly. Terry, Kompany, even Rooney – how do Arteta or Mertesacker compare against them? Against Patrick Viera, our old gold standard?

    However this season ends, it’s clear that Wenger cannot lead Arsenal forward to victory. Not in a league with Pep, Klopp & perhaps Simeone. Arsene’s been an excellent steward, no doubt. But a great shot using a musket is highly unlikely to persevere against machine gun equipped infantries.

    The game has changed, for better or worse. Arlene may well be the last of the Titans, but without question he’s past his sell-by date.

    1. We’re ALL here to comment as fans, not as managers. It doesn’t take a genius or years of managing to identify Arsenal’s flaws that are found out on the pitch match after match.

      You could point out what’s wrong in my post. Or you could just talk kak.

      Never owned a video game in my life much less played FIFA. Was watching and supporting Arsenal in NY back when Patrick Ewing was playing for the Knicks and Kool DJ Red Alert was on Kiss FM. Times or VV would be the paper, not the Mirror. So kill the hurry-come-up attempted diss business and share your view of reality or shut it.

  5. Apart of the refs we should kill the game to night. We are in the middle of title campaign, so an FA replay will be the last thing we need. Not to mention UCL involvement. Leister only have PL on their agenda when competitors have to share their energy elsewhere. The FA Cup result last night was disapointed to me.

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