MORE stars talking up Arsenal’s BPL title credentials

It appears that the belief and confidence is really flowing around Arsenal Football Club at the moment. A very strong finish to the Premier League season, even though it was not enough to make up for the early stages, has certainly helped that belief.

And the winning mentality that was missing for so long as the Gunners wait for a trophy stretched on, is now back with a vengeance after those back to back triumphs in the FA cup. That feeling was in evidence as the Gunners launched a new strip for next season this week, with Tomas Rosicky and Danny Welbeck talking up our title chances.

After reports revealed that Rosicky was a bit frustrated with his lack of playing time last season, the 34-year old was much happier discussing the chances of Arsenal starting next season strongly and giving the likes of Chelsea and Man City a proper fight, reported by Sky Sports.

Rosicky said, “I thought we would challenge last season but obviously the first half of the season was not good.

“We did not play well at all and it wasn’t the Arsenal style of football we were playing. You could see from January we started to play our way and it was Arsenal. Now we have to show we can produce these kind of performances for the whole season and not just for half.

“Every player realises we have to carry on that momentum.

“We don’t want to just be third and win the FA Cup. Obviously, it’s a solid season when you win the FA Cup. You could see the progress in the team after December.

“Consistency is key for any title challenge and that is what we have to show through the whole of next season. The potential is there for this side to challenge for the title.”

A real chance of finally winning the Premier League after almost a decade with Arsenal seems to have Rosicky switched on again and not worried about his own personal situation. The story is a bit different with Danny Welbeck, as the England forward already has a winners medal from his time with Man United and I expect that Welbeck will be concerned about his own involvement.

And as another Sky Sports report explains, the 24-year old agrees with Rosicky about the need for Arsenal to start next season and he clearly wants to be a part of that after injury ruined the end of the last campaign for him.

Welbeck said, “To miss the FA Cup final was obviously disappointing for me, but great for the club and the fans to retain the trophy.

“This is the first one I have won and hopefully there are going to be more in the future.

“We definitely want to push on as a club, with the players we have got there is no reason why we should not be up there challenging for the Premier League, it is something which is within our ambitions as a team.

“Our slow start at the beginning of the season cost us in May, and when we look back on the points we should have got, then we would have been right up there.

“Competition is healthy, it is good and gives the manager a selection headache, which is the best for the team for us to drive forward and keep improving.

“With the selection of players the manager has got now, you can use players in different styles and positions which is only going to help the squad going forward.

“I am sure that when anyone is called upon, they are going to give 100% to try to stay in the team for the next game.

“Wherever you play on the pitch, whether it be the left, on the right or down the middle, you are going to give you best for the team.

“I know I definitely have more levels to go, and I am really looking forward to doing that next season.”

How much of a say will these two Gunners have next season? And do you share their confidence in our title credentials?

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  1. TaLkaTivity won’t win us the League…….. Time to waLk every TaLk……… Are we strong and ready?

    1. Yeah, talk is cheap rather just get it done.

      This ain’t the first time the players talk and don’t walk.

  2. Also Montreal said we need a 25 goal striker. So everyone seems to be in agreement that we need a good striker and that Giroud is not up to the task. I wonder what Wenger is thinking.

    1. Don’t know why you got thumbs down for this, because the clubs greatest striker of all times said it and now and actual teammate said we need another option. I actually like Giroud but we need other options or a plan B what some would call it. Anyone against us bettering ourselves for a proper title challenge is either a troll or just bitter. Welbeck even said he’s looking forward to some competition.

      1. You’re 100% right even Cazorla said we need another striker because even themselves as players they can see that Giroud alone is not enough to win the league,we need to strengthen with more top quality players who’ll create a buzz around the emirates

    2. Jimbeam: He did but confess I was a bit confused and think Arseblog packaged it up to maybe blur the intent/meaning. He first said “we need to score more goals to win the PL” not entirely sure from the editing of the text whether that meant another striker (is he calling for a 20 goal striker and 2 x 25 goal strikers in the same team?!!) or our existing guys need to get their fingers out. He clearly said we need a few WC signings though. That interview – and I assume it is genuine – is one of the best I have come across in a long time. Well worth checking out for those that haven’t read it – not sure what AFC will make of it though – an unusually candid interview. It will shine a light on some of the discussions on here.

  3. Right about the time Coq and Ospina made their arrival in the starting 11 I would say things turned for the better. What happened though JM and Chelsea after securing a pretty good lead in the table played defensively when ahead and if we’re about to concede went into a shell and played for a draw. I would imagine the player of the year EH loved to do that.
    The key is to have a great defense. No matter what, a goal will come but if you let in a few cheap ones then you are the ones under pressure to score. If we could ever have the lowest goals scored against us then I believe the title would be ours.

    1. The key is to have a **GREAT STRIKER** not Oliver Giroud and **game changers** that can win us matches we aren’t supposed to lose or draw.
      How about you use facts?
      We had identical goals scored 71 to Chelsea’s 73 goals and conceded 36 goals to Chelsea’s 32. But they had 4 more wins than us. Its not about defence. That’s off point.
      Its about players who can change games…convert draws to wins and losses to draws or wins. Chelsea have about 4 solid game changers. We only have one solid and that is Sanchez.
      Add Marco Reus, Benzema or Martinez or Higuain or a striker of world class calibre and add vidal or gundogan or schneiderlin and maybe one of a goalkeeper or a defender to take Mertersacker’s place and this team will win the title. But to be fiercely strong, we need all 4 of those positions. The difference is we will have as much game changers as Chelsea or Man City with Reus, Sanchez, Benzema or one of those mentioned, Vidal or gundogan and this will bring the absolute best out of Ozil.
      Then we will be able to convert draws into wins and some of the losses to draws or wins.

      If we think we can win with this same squad but just concede fewer goals, then I am sorry for those who believe that nonsense. Man City will invest and my prediction from trends of the past 4 seasons is that they will win the EPL next year. Chelsea will also invest and so will Man Utd. If all we are buying is Petr Cech, we will not win the EPL and are farther away from winning the champions league.

      1. You can equally turn losses
        into draws and draws
        into wins by having
        a meaner defence.
        Chelsea conceded the least goals
        and won the Premiership.
        City scored ten more goals than Chelsea but
        finished well behind the leader.
        Crucially Chelsea did not lose to any of
        their direct rivals grinding out away draws
        which are victories in the broader scheme of things so a
        mean defence is as important as starry strikers.
        Ideally you strengthen at both ends.

        1. Name a team that has won with a mean defence but did not have a star striker upfront to convert that defence into goals? That is how games that are supposed to be won are drawn or lost even. It’s always a combination of both that makes it look like the defence is good. Athletico Madrid in 2013/2014 had Diego costa upfront to convert their solid efficient defending into wins.
          Also worth noting, you can getaway winning the league with star strikers than you can with a good defence. A good defence without star strikers or enough game changers will not win you the title.
          In fact, its just Southampton last season. Take a look at the table.

          1. Why is probably the oldest adage in football “you build a successful team from the back”? You could equally say name a team that has won the PL without a top goalkeeper and top back 4. Truth is that balance is required but getting the defensive side right first is probably more important. A strong defence enables AMs and forwards to take risks and gives them massive confidence.

            United won their first 7 PL titles with their top scorers amassing 15, 18, 14, 18, 18, 22 and 15 goals for each of those seasons. With Schmeichel, Neville, Pallister, Bruce, Irwin and Stam behind them though.

            Chelsea’s most celebrated PL title wins in 05 and 06 had Lampard as their top scorer on 13 and 16 goals respectively.

            More than half the PL winning teams have not had the leagues top scorer in their ranks. The average number of goals for the top scorers in the 23 PL title winning teams is 19.7.

            The reason there is a “star striker” in most PL winning teams is more to do with the law of averages than anything else. In any given season there are half a dozen “star strikers” playing in the PL but maybe only 1 or 2 stand-out defences.

      2. Sorry but I’m looking for Theo to add 20 goals, Jack 8-10 Ox 8-10 and I believe Ozil should be able to get 8-10. Is that enough for you?

          1. If Theo can stay healthy and play every game then everyone on this site will say she can score 20 and with the way Jack has been striking the ball then their is 30 goals.

  4. I read an article that said Welbeck has gone backward in EPL since joining Arsenal.In 2014/15 season he played 25 games and scored 9 goals for Man Utd and and this season he played the same amount of games but scored only 4 goals.I think he is a work in progress and he will improve.What do you think?

    1. All Welbz has to do is work on his first touch a little and his finishing. After that we will have a great maybe not world class player on our hands.

  5. Read we’re looking at Draxler again. Any truth to this? Also watched John Cross’ interview on AFTV and he said we were primed to get Schneiderlin until Coquelin’s emergence, still a possibility though as Flamini’s is on his last year and Arteta isn’t getting any younger. He also said Cech is damn near nailed on.

    1. Is there any truth to the rumor?
      non of us can know for sure but look at our team and what type of players Wenger likes to buy can lead to exciting thoughts…

      Theo is being moved into a CF role and Ramsey has had to play the Right AM role at the end of the season, we could do with reinforcements in that spot, I know we have the Ox who can play there as well as Gnabry but can we rely on them to do the job all season while staying fit?

      Welbz could play there… but then we don’t have enough quality in depth to cover for injuries, we have some prospects, again Ox and Gnabry get mentioned but we also have Wellington Silva coming back.

      If we don’t buy someone who can play in the wide attacking roles then we could be ok if we are lucky with injuries and players step up…

      Draxler can use both feet and is a AM who can play anywhere in the AM role (LAM, CAM, RAM) so he would add more quality in the depth of the squad.

      Rumors have said that Wenger has thought about him as a CF and he is a player who could develop out wide and moved central later on, like RvP was a wide left player prior to us…

      Personally I would say there is some truth to the rumor but I would warn on caution to believing we are getting him, he could be one of many players that Wenger is looking at, being part of Arsenal is more than just on the field attributes, it is the mentality of the player as well.

      1. Not sure how popular he would be as a marquee signing but don’t mind saying I tipped him as summer signing some months ago. If you can’t have Reus then he maybe the next best thing with age on his side. Very similar players imo. Still a rumour but has enough legs to be more credible than the average player link.

        1) We know Wenger has been sniffing around before and rates him.
        2) Almost perfect “Wenger profile” player.
        3) Very good mates with Ozil – Ozil/Draxler instagrams everywhere. Must have had a word.
        4) No UCL for Shalke. Clear-out in progress.
        5) No-one has mentioned him for a while, no links (until now) – we tend to end up with players no-one has mentioned or have been linked with.

  6. Who cares what Rosicky says? He is taking up a place that could be filled with better quality. The current squad is not good enough to win the title. The team needs to add at least three top quality players. Do you think Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd. are going to spend big again? The answer is YES! Arsenal must spend big just to remain third, and must add even more to that to gain ground on Chelsea.

    However, if Wenger remains content with third or fourth place, you will see only minor moves. You would think he would learn from signing Alexis Sanchez. This signing is the type of quality that is needed again this summer.

  7. Guys, guys, guys. Come to really think of this. Do you think Arsenal would buy a new striker for real? My gut feeling says, emphatic NO. Reason is, Arsene is a very smart and shrewd Manager. He used Walcot in his preferred position in FA Cup final and he met expectations. That is one striker. We have Giroud that is very good in holdup play. Welbeck can also play as a striker. Alexis can also play that position. That is 4 strikers from Arsenal’s point of view. And if you think Wenger would discard Sanogo, think again. Wenger rate that boy very highly and consider him to be in Manu Adebayors mould (my heart is palpitations thinking of this possibility about Sanogo). He would keep that boy in order to mould him to become a prolific striker. That brings the number to 5. I would love a new world class striker to join Arsenal but something is telling me that Wenger would only buy a keeper and a versatile Midfielder and that’s it. For the other positions, the club would look inward to find a solution. I hate to say this as it send shivers down my spine because I know that I know Arsenal need a world class striker to compete with the bunch we have but it may eventually not happen at all. Every transfer window, we are linked to a plethora of players but I cannot number how many times we have been rendered heartbroken because they hardly happen. In fact, the players Wenger would buy may not have yet been linked to Arsenal. I can’t wait for this window to close.

    1. @olly ray
      Spot on dude.
      I kept thinking why would AW get rid of Afobe. And it turns out, AW saw him as a threat to both Olivier and Sanogo for the striker spot. Afobe being stronger, quicker, and more clinical in front of goal than any of our current front men save Alexis and maybe Theo…
      Go figure.

      1. I think your obsession with Benik is getting borderline OCD. Mate there are at least a dozen League 1/Championship strikers who have been knocking in league goals at a comparable rate or better. Wenger obviously did n’t think he will cut it (although there are rumours of a buy-back clause) – you’d imagine if he is at least half as good as you suggest that he will get bought this summer by a big European team or a PL rival. Watch this space.

  8. Just get Lloris, Hummels, Pogba, Reus and Cavani and we may have a chance at the PL, definitely not Champ League but maybe PL.
    For CL we would need two WC quality full backs, another WC quality CB and another WC DM

  9. You’re right.
    Story of next season: SPOILERS!
    The window will end, we will not buy a great striker or any of the positions we need and we will end up 4th and most likely with without the FA cup.

    How it unfolded:
    We will get out of the CL group stage through the skin of our teeth and in the round of 16 we will get drawn with Bayern Munich or Barcelona or Real Madrid and end up getting hammered in the first leg. Who knows? Maybe we will even get drawn with the other European giant…………..AS Monaco. In the second leg, when the match is already lost and no hope, the players will play their hearts out and maybe draw or loose narrowly and some wenger fans will be like the team tried and gave their all and will say Giroud is improving and that we should wait until next season and see the real Giroud and we don’t need new signings and we just need to concede less goals. Meanwhile in the premier league, Man City and Chelsea are duking it out this time unpredictably for the title with City holding a 3 point gap over Chelsea ….and Manchester United in 3rd but about 9 or 10 points away from the top 2 have a decent 6 point gap over Arsenal who are 4th and 2 points ahead of Liverpool and Southampton and 5 points ahead of Spurs. And then as usual, we will get onboard once more for the wonderful adventure of the 4th place trophy while we (the previously consecutive 2 time FA cup winners) crash out in the Quarter-Finals.

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