Morgan Schneiderlin is PERFECT for Arsenal

The Southampton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin has been excellent for the highflying Southampton team, but he has been angling for move to a “bigger club” since the transfer window opened last summer, with Arsenal being strongly linked all the way through the transfer window.

All Gooners know that Arsenal need a new accomplished defensive midfielder, and with Schneiderlin’s Premier League experience he would be a great buy for Arsenal. The Gunners legend Ray Parlour totally agrees with this assessment. “Morgan Schneiderlin – I’d definitely sign him,” Parlour said in the Telegraph.

“He would be perfect for my old team Arsenal, absolutely, whether you can get him or not I don’t know because Southampton are in a very good position at the moment, they don’t want to let any of their players go at least until the end of the season.”

Schneiderlin yet again told the Saints that he was still looking for an exit from St. Marys, although he thinks it may be awkward during the winter window. He said. “It’s always difficult to leave in January,”

“I think I’ll finish the season at Southampton and we’ll see what will happen next. I don’t set my mind on these things anymore. What should happen will happen. Since this summer, I learned that you should never think that you’re gone before you actually did.”

Surely Southampton can’t keep an unhappy player for a second season in a row, so it must be certain that he will be moving on very soon. But will Arsene Wenger take Ray Parlour’s advice?

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      1. punk b*tch was gonna go to spuds last window.
        suddenly we arent good enough.

        feel like slide tackling his nan on her way to the bathroom

      2. If I was Morgan i wouldn’t wanna come to arsenal not now or in the summer ( when we are playing Europa league) arsenal is regression on the pitch Southampton on the other hand is progressing so I doubt arsenal is on his wish list. I wonder how chambers felt thinking he moved to a better team then get crush by the team he thought was worst off. Dwl
        WENGER OUT

        1. @Disguested1, What are you on mate? Southampton progressing, good point there mate, comes the summer they’ll have to sell all their good players AGAIN. Last summer worked well for them but you cant keep losing your best players and still compete my friend. Arsenal regressing okay alright… Actually with the signing of Sanchez-Ozil shows the club is going the right way, injuries asside we have a great squad good enough to be competing for the EPL thats for sure. Comes next summer we’ll def buy a big name player ( like we’ve done the 2 last summer windows when we had cash in bank ) Probably going to be a CB or two and a DM and then things will be different in my opinion.

          Secondly, ” WENGER OUT ” alright, but who to replace him? Yall can keep shouting the same sentence but finding an adequate replacement is another thing.

          1. Zapper kid It is weird you would ask who is there to replace Wenger are you saying Mr. Wenger is the only manager in the world? People including you move from job to job as long as the salary and benefits are good and we all know top clubs will pay a high price for good talent hence, there are few top managers out there who wouldn’t think about moving to arsenal for 8,000,000.00 plus bonus etc. you all keep saying half of the squad is out with injury hmmm who are those Ozil ( hasn’t been playing well since he arrived) Ramsey( was poor up to the point he got injured Wilshere ( please!!!! No comment there) Diaby ( only God knows where he is) Arteta( wouldn’t Make a difference to the outcome).

            Because Manchester United didn’t play champions league after Sir Alex Fergie that simply doesn’t mean the same will happen to arsenal we are afraid of change I want anyone who object to this comment go to work and do crap for a month and blame your tools and see what will happen oh yeah you will be fired.
            By the way Southampton are playing a lot better this season than the season before “so much for selling there best players”.
            Point I am making is if we don’t do a complete overhaul this team we will just get worst and worst. Please tell me how much of our players can walk into a Man City Squad. Manchester United has more injuries this season than us for God sakes and you don’t ear Van Gaal blaming the World Cup.

            Where are they in the table Man U that is
            Where are we

            We haven’t look the same since Pat Rice left if we don’t do a massive overhaul stoke will be able to out pass us in a game.

            Opinions divided

            1. Wenger is among the best managers in world football, i mean you cant go shout Wenger out while you dont even know who you want to replace him, and who is available. About the injury list, you might add Gibbs, koscielny, Debuchy and Giroud at some point who have all been out for several weeks. We’re talking about several first team players injured at the same time, that doesn’t help us actualy. Don’t come tell me our squad is absolutely crap, Koscielny, ramsey, Sanchez would def be starters at Man city maybe even Debuchy/Gibbs at some point.
              Our tactics aren’t quite going to plan yes, thats wenger’s fault i agree with you. Talking about Man Utd being above us. Tactics. Arsenal could do the same and play with 3 CB’s, 2 “Wing Backs” and 2 Defensive mid’s and i garantee you we will never concede that many goals. But thats against the way we play thats all.
              ” Stoke will be able to out pass us ” Worst statement i’ve ever heard, i mean we’re talking about the stoke team who can barely do 5 consecutive passes without trowing long balls to Crouch. The only way stoke can beat us is height thats all, passing game is our thing not stoke’s

          2. The only difference is the teams better than us are buying multiple top players only liverpool Tottenham arnt a challenge on the transfer front.

            Chelsea in 2014:matic,Diego Costa,fabrigas,coutois returning (luiz filipe, drogba,remy is also arguably better than what we have)

            Manc in 2014 didn’t do well transfer wise they lost negredo and were it not for lampard they would be lower down the table.

            Manu : mata,di Maria ,falqao are all big names but it was a necessity with such a poor squad.

            Arsenal: sanchez is the only quality signing in 2014

            We will need to get ourselves those quality players in key positions to compete next season cb and dm + St or lfwd



        2. Well you would say that wouldn’t you – you guys just love trying to bend the truth with warped and contrived thinking just to fit in with your overall agenda. Give Soton another 10 years around the top of the PL and in UCL every year, win a few trophies and multiply their world wide fan base by about 100 fold then there may be an argument to be had. But now? Give it a rest mate. Everyone was giving it large last season with Soton in the first part of the season and they died a death second half. Doing well now but let’s see shall we where they end up.

    1. What of the money Craig? You know, the superior monthly stipend Arsenal is able to offer per week 😉

      1. Sure the money, but I think he would rather play Champions League than sign for more money. If he performs there he can get even more cash.

        If he really wanted money he would have forced a move

    2. is he needed?…… If yes, then Anything is possible…. if……only the man called “wenger” is willing to pull all stop to sign him…….. Not put up cheeky, selfish +1pound bid

      1. we will never live down that offer.
        its almost like wenger an ivan were daring each other one day in the office an wenger didnt back down lol

        1. muff – tell us, what would you have offered for Suarez if you knew he had a contractually binding clause for Liverpool to allow him to talk and agree terms with a third party club if Liverpool received an offer of £40M. Or to put it another way, you would have to be a complete twat to offer say £60M for something that had a £40M price sticker on it.

  1. Hate to say it but Morgan might not think Arsenal at present are that bigger club!?:(

    Depends what his aspirations are I guess.
    There is also the fact that he may now feel why move when my current club or on the up and have beat AFC..

    He may prefer Chelski, Man City/Utd or date I say Real Madrid if they show interest..

    Food for thought.
    Personally I think he is perfect and would love to see him bossing the Midfield. Undoubted Class.

    1. What are Morgan’s ambitions? Playing football or earning money while being on the bench/at home. Our current form is horrible i agree but that doesn’t change the fact we still have quality players at the club. And by the way, Morgan is not good enough to play for the likes of Real madrid, Bayern or barcelona.

  2. Everybody knows they will drop from that 4th, so i say if we bid for him he will be willing to come.

      1. Which Europe, because I tried and tried to picture it, but I just can’t imagine them keeping up with other squads in the Champions League

        1. Just like Everton when they get to Europa cup they will struggle to keep up with the premiership top four challenge just like liverpool n everton

    1. I also like to think they won’t but nothing is written in the stars. I don’t take it as a given, that’s all.

      1. with those players we have to bring back I think we will defiantly be top four but by less than 4pts

        1. Yes we will scrap through and will be like 15-20 points off the league winners.

          Some people say “when all our players are fit we are title contenders”..really?

          I mean there is less than 1% chance of all the players being fit together as long as wenger is there- he just cannot seem to fix it…so if wenger stays, we should consider the injury scenario as a given and plan our transfers- alas even that does not happen.

          The same thing will be said at the end of this season like every other season in the past. “We were unlucky that important players were out with injury at crucial times”..but then nothing will be done to rectify the issue, or plan around it!

    2. they have lost so many players during the summer and are lining up their best team for every games.
      They lost the 3 games they played without schneiderlin which shows how important he is for them.
      We, on the other hand, have been missing most of our 1st team players due to injuries but we will have them back for the second part of the year, which will give us a huge advantage.
      We will finish in the top 4 but our injuries need to be explained as we have way much more than any other team in England for the last 10 years.

  3. I personally doubt that Southampton will finish above Arsenal, and I have no doubt Schneiderlin would see Arsenal as a step up. However Southampton wouldn’t sell despite the player ‘going on strike’ in the summer and there is no way they’ll let him go in the winter…nor do I think he would try to force it again.

    1. Yeah Soton wont finish above AFC.Athletico Madrid can never win La Liga.After all there is Real and Barca..Oh forget they won last season

  4. Schneiderlin (DM)
    Varane / Nastasic (CB)
    Volland (Striker whom can be used on the wings)

    This is what we need in january and/or summer.

  5. Wages,that is what really matters, offer him double what he is on at Soton and he won’t resist.

    1. And if Chelski do the same and can offer (in his eyes) more chance of winning the UCL then he will go there. Hate to say it but unless players have had a lifelong love of a club they will be mercenary like. The best complete package wins..

      1. Who is Mourinho gonna bench to make way for him – Matic or Fabregas? He might be a decent replacement for JOM but not sure that will excite MS.

  6. Maybe he’s perfect for us, but are we perfect for him? There were rumours last Summer that he preferred Spurs to Arsenal? Won’t he want to go to Spurs after spending a season with us? We don’t want an unhappy defensive midfielder you know? 😉

    1. i would take any kind of dm right now.
      unhappy, depressed, jokey,…literally any mr men character u can think of

  7. I can’t see them sell Schneiderlin this winter. However come summer yes.

    Such a shame to see Schneiderlin linked for so long with us. That we did not make a quick move for Southampton sold all their other players.

  8. Southampton is good enough to take 4th from us. If Liverpool get Cavani (instead of us) they may be able to take 5th from us (Liverpool are only 4 points behind us)

    It’s Not inconceivable for us to finish 6th

    Yes, I would love Schneiderlin (or Carvalho, Bender, Khedira, Kondogbia) to come this January. But I think players are going to think long and hard about How ambitious we are.

    Loaning off Podolski and not getting someone better is a big mistake if we don’t get someone.

    Getting one of each will solve all our problem areas. Just 3 signings
    1. Top Striker: Cavani, Benzema (Reus isn’t a striker but would be a good alternative, can play on both eings and attacking me)
    2. Top or very good Defender: Hummels, Schar, Van Dijk, Reid
    3. Defensive Midfielder or box2box: Carvalho, Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Bender, Sissoko, Khedira

    You could get all 3 for about £50-55 million
    ie. Benzema, Sissoko, Reid

    If you want the best £100mil
    Ie. Cavani, Carvalho, Hummels

    Around £75 mil
    Cavani, Schneiderlin, Schar

    Regardless, it would solve our problems and pay dividends. We would get the money back AND trophies.

    Question is How Ambitious is Wenger compared to Mourinho and Van Gaal or even Rogers?

    Flamini is not good enough
    Mertsacker is not enough
    Giroud/Welbeck are good but not the same quality as Costa, Aguero, Falcao or RVP (Maybe Rooney lol)

    1. Completely agree Fred – no signings and 6th is the likely place we will end up..
      I’d rather finish outside the uefa places , have no distractions only focus of the league and give the B players cup games and a chance to break into the first team..
      And it will be interesting to see who manure buy this window.. If you remember how close liverpool came to winning the league without any CL distractions, manures traditional strong 2nd half to the season.. Wouldn’t be out of their grasp to sneak it..? What do you think..?

      1. Don’t forget the spuds. I know we say it every year but this is their best chance to finish above us. MU will fall away when VP gets his usual injury.

    2. Amazed you think Carvalho is a better buy than Schneiderlin – huge leap of faith and great imagination IMO. Equally amazed you reel off these wish-lists as if you were popping down to Sainsburys to pick up a few last minute items. We’ll wait and see but I’ll wager that none of those “names” is on the move this January – Sissoko and Reid about the limit of what is properly available.

      And we really need to be careful by equating “ambition” with how much you are prepared to spend of someone else’s money. It is almost self-contradictory. If Mourinho or Van Gaal were evenly mildly ambitious men they would be trying to revive the fortunes of a big club that is struggling with little money, one of the Milan clubs for instance. If they were properly ambitious they would take a job at a historic club such as Everton or Villa or Newcastle and do a “Brian Clough” taking them to previously unchartered waters. JM and LvG only have an ambition to inflate their egos the easy way.

  9. i say put a 30 mill plus sanogo on loan bid.
    that shows him were serious.

    get wenger to take him to watch some Gerard depardieu film (the french must love that sh*t)
    an over hot croissants and discount snails they can discuss terms

    1. £15 million + Coquelin would be a better offer. If they sell Schneirdelin, they’ll want a replacement. Sanogo would be a misfit in defensive midfield.

        1. Do you really think that Cavani only will cost 30m?You said top defenders, and top defenders like Varane, Hummles costs more than 15m.Be realistic.

          1. Cahill was £6m
            Vidic cost manure £9m

            Players don’t have to be household names to be any good so yes we can get 2 top defenders for £30m easy!

            And yes £30m for Cavani with Wenger and his dealings is a possibility..

            1. Cavani will be bare minimum £50Mil plus. Papers are knocking around £60Mil+. So £25-30Mil will buy us his left leg.

              Even Mr Burns can’t pull that one off (the deal and not the leg:)

              1. Like I’ve said his stock has hardly risen.. And to be honest is he that much better than Costa?? Very Similair but Costa was banging them in for atletico whereas cavani has hit a sticky patch.. £30 m is the deal!

              2. So you’re telling me arsenal is going to offer 60mil for a 28year old ligue 1 semi-flop? Looks like you guys want arsenal to do a Torres Ridiculous mentality, i’m happy you guys dont manage arsenal. There are other solutions who would cost less like playing sanchez as ST and buy a winger ( Reus, Draxler, … ). Or even other strikers, liike Bony, Benteke, Lacazette, whom are not on the same level as Cavani thats obvious but who are good enough to play for us.

            2. Are you for real? Chelsea bought Cahill in 2012 from Bolton and United bought Vudic in 2006.And at the time they joined their clubs they were not top or world class defenders.United made Vidic the player he is now, the same can be said for Cahill.The year is 2014, where the transfer market price is different than 2012, let alone 2006.You might get Reid for 7m may be.15m won’t get you world class defenders right now.

              PSG bought Cavani for 55m and why would they sell him for 30m?

              1. The year is 2015…

                Cavani was expensive at £55m yet his stock has hardly risen because he’s not improved since his arrival from Napoli.. I’m of the belief that if he was banging in 30+ goals and keeping ibrahimovich out of the team maybe £50m more likely but he isn’t..!!
                How much would Ron vlaar cost..? Koscienly? Vidic went for free last season – I believe any arsenal fan would have him over mertesacker ..
                Still believe you could get a top defender for £15m!

              2. Also, you’re not really putting up valid cases regarding timescales and prices of players-how much did fergie pay for duck mouth Ferdinand?? Almost £30m how many years ago?? Do on your theory of time he would now be worth £100m!?!?!
                Man shitty just paid £32m for mangala… He’s no better than shawcross.. Vlaar.. Cahill terry ..!
                As for asking me to get real…… Valid arguments I will gladly hold my hands up and admit- but yours isn’t..
                And I’ll say it again.. WE COULD get a top defender for £15m if wenger would sign one..!!!

  10. Priceless muff

    Just thinking on to what Arsene called inter Milans miserly offer for podolski…
    Hate the thought of people trying to emulate us in transfer dealings..

  11. Piece of your own medicine Arsene… Maybe if you weren’t so ridiculously tight fisted over the years we might have signed certain players without any shenanigans.. Hope we don’t have one of those transfer windows..

  12. Ave been following arsenal for some time now and Usually we don’t sign players dat we are linked to. Even wenger’s dog knows we need Morgan. But wenger is probably considering a loan deal for kalstrom.

  13. Wenger has avoided buying
    a DM for ten years trying but
    ultimately failing to imitate Barca.
    Wenger is very poor in the transfer market
    and has wasted hundreds of millions of pounds
    in deadwood and wages over ten years.

  14. Wenger is so volatile in the window.
    One minute he is bringing in
    El Cheapo muck like Chamakh
    Kalstrom Ryo Flamini Sanogoals
    Campbell +Squilacci .Then he brings
    in over priced muck like Girvinho Santos
    Poldi Arshavin and Wellbeck while holding on to
    injury wrecks like Diaby and Wilshere.

  15. Varane to be sold by madrid for 20 m , he will choose UTD over Chels as he will be first choice, why can’t we sign him
    And Schniderlin is a no go
    So we need look elsewhere
    And the Cavani Rumour won’t go away but I think it’s more PSG want him out and he wants out

    1. varane is available?

      hes 21, french , a cb and experienced at the highest level

      *reaches for batphone

      1. Varane, one of the brightest defender prospects is available:

        Defender? CHECK
        Young? CHECK
        French? CHECK
        Experienced? CHECK
        Free? NO

        “Varane no free? Sacre bleu, no deal monsieur Perez” – Arsene Wenger

  16. Ozil at 42 mill is injury prone, and has missed
    4 months in both of his seasons.
    Vermaelen not replaced Mertz battling
    Kos has a debilitating Archilles.
    In truth Arsenal need 3 top CB’s yet 1-2
    cheapies or cheap loanies or cheap youngies
    are more likely. 25 mill for Schneiderlin?
    Again cheap loan or 1.6 mill Polish 16 yr olds and stick with
    cheap average Joes, Arteta Flamini and Coquelin.
    Surprise us Arsene.

  17. If we offer him enough coin he will definitely join us. We are also based in London, a big drawing card for players. Although there are pressing issues at hand, looking at the bigger picture things are going to get better for AFC, good enough reasons for him to join.

  18. Food for thought. If we do not make top 4 this season, do you really think much will change squad wise? Wenger will prob still buy one top player and 2 mediocre or no names. What bugs me is that United had one poor season and look at all the top players they brought in to make a difference and get them back to the top. I’m not saying they are world beaters right now, but at least they are showing ambition and guaranteed they are only 1 or 2 pieces short of creating a team capable of competing with Chelsea and City and beyond. Yet Arsenal just never seem to get there…

  19. Wenger to Southupton.

    Arsenal: Hello there, here take 12m gimme Schneiderlin.
    Southupton: hell no.
    Arsenal: common mayne.
    Southupton: No mayne, 20mil at least.
    Arsenal: Tis tough call but what about 2190588000.0000 Yen???
    Southpton: This is equal to 12mil god damned.
    Arsenal: Last call 12mil and 1 dollar, you can buy some icecream with that, Peanut Butter ‘N Banana ice cream.
    Southupton: No, F. off.

    Random other x team: Hey Southupton, here take 22mil, thx and goodbye.

    Wenger then : Its hard to find any players who are better then the ones we have, Diaby will be soon back so we are good, i have feith and a slight problem with diarrhea but i believe in this team. Dont judge me now bro, judge me in the end of season.

  20. He sure will balance our entire team a great deal so I’d say we go for him sooner rather than later…and as for Southampton finishing above us,NOT THIS SEASON!

  21. haha, shneiderlin will never be signed by Wenger, and its not that he wouldnt want to come, he would kill to come to AFC, Wenger just dont want him, if he wanted him he would be in our team, i belive Wenger has massive credit, which players cant resist, look at sanchez, ozil, i belive he could persuade messi to come here, but he just dont want to go easy way, kim kallstrom ffs, older managers want all glory, like players didnt do anything, look at SAF untd against van gaals, if SAF had this team he would destroy europe with it, same goes to wenger, but man wont change and we need to find someone who will do the job !!!

  22. Varane is a top defender but i fear he might not be physical enough for the epl…i guess its nothing a good 4 months at the gym can’t solve.
    He’s young,quick,versatile,french and very intelligent…him and Kos can make a mean combo.

    Then for DM i think we should consider Gustavo.
    He’s a hard tackler,good positional play,fast enough and also good with the ball, coquelin can be he’s understudy. We can play both of them in big games to give us stability.

    Petr Cech could also be a great signing but i doubt Chelsea will sell to us.

    F.Coentrao is also a signing i would consider to complete our defensive 6.


    Varane Kos
    Debuchy F.Coentrao

    Cazorla Rosicky

    Walcott Reus


    Then we should play the free flowing fast football that Liverpool played last season.
    On big games we can drop Rosicky for Coquelin and play a 4-2-3-1.
    Cazorla and Rosicky must be taught how to balance their attack and defense.
    Reason i picked Rosicky (before you attack me), i like he’s sudden change of pace.He has this sudden acceleration that creates space in midfield…look at how he created that chance for Sanchez last night.

    Obviously all these signings can’t happen in one transfer window but i think arsenal would be moving forward as a team.

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