Most Arsenal fans think we should finish the season behind closed doors

There has been thousands of comments and quite a few articles on JustArsenal regarding this interrupted season, and whether it should be finished at any cost, or declared null and void, or other methods of fairly deciding the finishing positions.

It looks like the clubs and the governing bodies are very keen to finish the season (mostly for financial reasons, I believe), but others have argued about whether it would be ethical to resume playing while the virus rages on.

So, I was very interested to see the results of a poll carried out by the bookmaker PaddyPower, which shows some surprising results from Arsenal fans, as it appears over half of us think that finishing the season would be the fairest way out of this mess.

Here are the results..

Arsenal are amongst the keenest to get this season finished, whereas it is unsurprising that more Spuds fans want it declared null and void, but there is one other result I would like to share with you, and that is how many fans (ignoring the “fairness” situation) would be happy to void the season to make sure that Liverpool didn’t win the title.

The results were….

So there are not a lot of Liverpool fans in London then, lol.

So what do you make of these results? Should we be deciding on finishing the season fairly?


  1. Reggie says:

    Paddy Power, where all the gamblers who cant gamble at the moment on football because of covid, voted for it to start again behind closed doors. Thats not really a balanced view is it. Im sure all the people that matter in all this, will take note of all the itchy gamblers polls.

  2. Grandad says:

    To advocate a completion behind closed doors is a sad reflection on the intelligence and priorities of those who voted this way.

  3. Declan says:

    Yes Grandad, a ridiculous idea in my humble opinion.

  4. stevo says:

    Finishing the season will be great.
    2 games a day for 45 days.
    It will be like an extra season:)

  5. jon fox says:

    As a long term pro gambler and highly successful one, I have long learned to look far more deeply into all hyped headline figures and ask myelf “are they true and do they give the correct picture?”
    My instinct, which I consider highly developed, sniffs out an untruth in the overall picture this poll claims as truth.

    There is TOO WIDE A DISCREPANCY between fans of one club and another, not properly explainable by clubs current position in table either.
    Even if -and it’s a big IF -they are true, the sheer number of people asked needs to be given, as small numbers can and do distort true percentages.
    Ask your self too what type of person responds to a PADDY POWER poll? Answer, mainly, is a gambler and gamblers are generally addicted and need their fix , so are desperate more than most to get football back at any price and addicts are not the most reliable as representative examples of the general vote.
    For these sound reasons I take this “poll” with a large pinch of salt. More like a ton of salt in fact!

  6. ken1945 says:

    Want to bet on that Jon😁

    A gain, paddy Power and his followers will have no say on this, but it interesting how tribal instincts form a pattern.

    I feel certain the spuds management team must be dreading a halt to the season, in direct opposition to their fans.They need income desperately to pay off the toilet bowl and I assume the interest rates will be jacking up for every missed payment, if that scenario happens.

    1. jon fox says:

      Ken, you did not say whether or not you believe this poll is true. Do you or don’t you and why, either way?

      1. ken1945 says:

        Sorry Jon, I must accept the poll is true, but what a limited base to rely on!!.

        This only represents a group of people who use PP and just how many people of that select group participated is anyone’s guess.

        To base this as a reason to think that the majority of anyone wants football back and something our government would base it’s decisions on is, frankly, nonsense in my opinion.

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