Most of those Arsenal players should be leaving with Wenger

The cowards shaming the shirt should leave with Wenger. by Konstantin Mitov

Well, what else could’ve happened really? We played chicken and failed miserably. This was an embarrassment. Wenger may be going, but most of these players should be heading through the exit door with him.

This was an embarrassment. It wasn’t 5-1, but it was ugly to watch. Wenger should’ve been sacked mid season. Actually it should’ve been years ago, but mid-season was second best. But take nothing away from the players, who were utter garbage.

Let’s start with Bellerin, who I’d take every penny they give me for him. The guy can’t defend, nor cross if it meant saving his life! He cares more about his hair and should definitely be sold to raise some funds for players who would actually have an idea what playing for the Arsenal means!

Moving on Koscielny and Mustafi should be packing their bags. Sadly, Nacho who’s usually the only man I have sympathy for in this defense was just as bad. I mean did you see one proper cross?

Moving onto midfield, I’d spare Ramsey, who was the one player trying to do something, but he still has to play with Xhaka and Jack. And I hope Wilshere doesn’t sign a new deal as when I remember the people who wore the number 10 shirt I wanna puke when I see Wilshere on it. And he was captain after Kos left and we subbed him!

The armband means nothing under Wenger, but if you are the upcoming manager who do you give it to? Which player shows any character to deserve being captain? Those players need 1 goal and all they can do is walk around like they’ve been tortured when almost every one was spared against United.

Why was Mikhitaryan on the bench? And he had to wait till minute 70 to come on and produce more than most of the rest in the few minutes he had. The lack of spirit and character as well as ability is just shocking!

What are we paying 350k a week to Ozil for? He should be standing up in this game and he was hiding as usual. He didn’t bother at trying to press or defend which he never does anyway, and he was shocking on the ball too.

Danny Welbeck was another player with no real purpose on the pitch and I’d sell him too. We might as well have played the youngsters as at least some of them showed desire against United.

By far the worst experience from this game was our inability to put up a fight. We never looked like scoring despite some nervy crosses in their box. I look at Bayern going to the Bernabeu and they keep fighting against the odds while we just roll over and die.

We have a massive repair job, that will take a very long time as we’re unlikely to put the funds in to bring the quality player necessary. We are spineless and changing the mentality of a squad operated from any source of responsibility will be a mighty ask.

And who will come now? Forget Allegri and Enrique. We’ll be throwing a massive coin on a manager who’ll have to work on a budget similar to the one of Burnley with the ambition to get back to the top 4.

Strap your seatbelts people, it’s going to be a turbolent ride, and a long one too. Wenger said this is for the future of Arsenal. If it was that that’s important he should’ve left years ago.

Atletico had one of their coaches running down the touchline while we have 11 players out of position and a clueless man rooted to his chair. Not that standing up helped as the guy was clueless anyway. At least try by putting in Iwobi instead of Xhaka or Welbeck. What can you lose? Then again me placing hopes on Iwobi speaks for the desparity left in me.

I’m gutted, tired and angry. I can’t wait for the three pointless games to end, but the damage is already done. We have a very, very long road to recovery.



  1. enda says:

    I thought chambers did well when he came on and was good at Utd, hope he gets a run in the last few games of the season and steps up next year

    1. Anko says:

      I thought Wenger deserves what he got yesterday. One one of the most important days of his career, where his players who he has invested everything into should have showed grit, strength and character disappointment him. (1) he did not invest enough in good quality players, instead he was busy making money for the board. (2) he allowed these players to get away with underperformance and I don’t care attitude. (3) he refused to find a different way to playing the kind of ideal style of football in his head. I have read many comments yesterday and everyone is saying our players are not good enough and should be sold. But I disagree, we have good players but we also have a manger that sees an average performance as been alright, okay, fine, another game is coming…… ummm, so now that another game is not coming, it was difficult for them to play one last game that will lead to glory. The money making was more important to Arsene Wenger than buying good quality players and his rigid playing style will not let him get the necessary help. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE ONE LAST DANCE but instead I had a sleepless night.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Anko, I would add to your list the facts that Arsene Wenger has deviated from selecting from the transfer market physically and mentally strong players such as Sol Campbell, Emanual Petit, Patrick Viera and Gilberto Silva to add to the Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Ray Parlour and Dennis Bergkamp he inherited. These players as well as having strong leaders such as Adams and Viera, were self motivated and self policing.
        Too many of today’s Arsenal players are fragile flowers without physical and mental power and resilience. Arsenal have not had any player with leadership ability for many seasons. Leadership has been bred out of the Arsenal bloodlines by Arsene Wenger, who abhors displays of strong character, conflict and criticism.

        1. Sue says:

          Yes a fragile flower like a pansy ?

  2. Harry says:

    wenger should have been sacked long time ago, he is happy he has ruined arsenal and he knows it wont be easy for an upcoming manager. arsenal nowdays is a very average team.

  3. The Cabbie says:

    I said years ago forget about full backs being fast and being able to overlap ,let’s have defenders out and out .Defend first second and third don’t conside can’t lose
    The day Belerine put On an Arsenal was the day I thought another rubish defender and I have seen the best and worse
    Bring back Wally Barnes

    1. jon fox says:

      Is “young” Wally still playing, since he broke his leg in the 1952 Cup Final.

  4. Nayr says:

    Good riddance Arsene Wenger.
    Don’t bellerin and monreal practise how to cross in training?

    I hope massimiliano allegri can be convinced to take over.
    he will literally kill some useless players like bellerin,ozil,lacazette,wilshere

    Lacazette is such an idiot..had a great chance.
    just shoot.
    you are the effing striker.
    why do you have to get alot of touches and you are in the box?
    you are not messi my friend.

    1. Calm dow man. you are upset because Laca should had scored but an idiot? lol

  5. georgie b says:

    Agree Enda. I was hoping Maitland-Niles would have played.

  6. Remezo Boniface says:

    If i’m a new manager of Arsenal FC i would sell all keepers, Mustafi , Koschielyn, Hector, Welbeck, Kolasinac and Iobi

    1. Innit says:

      Kolsanic is a quality player

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        I agree; same with Chambers, Holding and Mavropanos under a new competent manager, who can coach defensive structure, tactics, techniques and discipline.

  7. arie82 says:

    No, just sell mustafi, wilshere, ospina and mybe welbeck
    The other was victim of out position of wenger formation.
    Let the new manager play the players in their natural position.

    1. RSH says:

      welbeck a maybe? Bambi is championship quality in my eyes. Remember last month when ppl got carried away about that hot piece of averageness?

  8. Durand says:

    Tired of seeing same mistakes repeated. How many flicks did Ramsey try that gave ball to opponents? Ramsey always looks to flick ball to nearest teammate, then makes mad dash to opponents goal, 99% of time.

    Bellerin needs competition for RB, perform or sit on the bench. Chambers showing he’s worth keeping, and with Holding and Mavro its not hopeless.

    Midfield needs overhaul; Wilshire only keeping AMN out of starting 11, and Ramsey plays like ST not like a box-to-box.

    Our defense is poor there’s no arguing that. I would also say how poor the midfield is also, and their inability to control momentum. Even transitioning to attack seems laborious for this midfield. The loss of Santi has shown how important he was to team and especially to midfield.

    Now we are left watching Xhaka, Wilshere, and Ramsey muddle their way through.

    Wilshire time to go, sell Ramsey, and sign someone calm and composed in midfield. Add a DM and AMN to rotate as box to box and thats a start.

    Gutted, tired, unsurprised, and only looking forward to naming new manager.

    1. Sony says:

      So true about Ramsey he is like striker. Not sure if we need 4 strikes Ramsey,Wellz,Laca and Auba haha

    2. Sue says:

      I’m gutted too Durand…. have to look to the future.. and hopefully the new manager will MAKE ARSENAL GREAT AGAIN!!! Although he has a hell of a job on his hands

  9. Will says:

    Not sure what game you saw giving Ramsey any kind of praise – he was dreadul!

    Bellerin was useless and should have been hooked at half time, give Maitland-Niles a run out at right back, at least he can beat a man and looks like he has some sort of end product as we were getting some success out wide.

    Massive Ozil fan but he is wasted outwide, needs to be behind the forward and was sacrificed to fir Ramsey and Wilshere in the team.

    Xhaka I didnt think too bad but did not offer much. Koscielny before the injury looked shakey and looks like he is finished at this level (which saddens me as a few seasons ago I would have said he was top 3 defenders in the country.) Mustafi is just awful.

    Nest season has me worried regardless of who we get in

    1. Maks says:

      Ramsey is always in a place of somebody who actually is more capable to score or pass a ball. He is here just cos of Wenger but not good enough for Arsenal we all need. Instead of him, if there was no Wenger when he should been sacked (selling rvp to ManUtd) we would have Fabregas or somebody even better instead of Ramsey.
      and it was very symbolic that Ramsey was a captain in this pure game in Madrid. Frak that! Wenger OUT Hell Yeaaah!

  10. hardave says:

    Mesut ozil needs to go with Wenger. Gutless, no desire, no hunger. For ages I’ve been accepting the notion that it’s just his playing style but yesterday was evident of his overall performance for this season. Played well for a while before renewing contract and then became a ghost. Look at liverpool, tot, utd and all. Every player has the hunger and fight in them. Those teams are miles better than us yet they dont have a luxury player like we do. We just cannot accommodate Ozil anymore. We need all 11 players to fight for 90 mins. 300k a week we can get two new players who will definitely perform better than what Ozil is offering. So disappointed with him. I know many will say if Ozil leaves then many oters should go too, Yess completely agree others should go but at least other try for 90 mins. Not get frustrated in the first half itself and go hiding. What a waste of money and space.

  11. Tat says:

    The sad truth is Arsenal project of developing young players proved to be a fail. Players from youth system are just not good enough. I know everyone is picking on ozil right now,but he actually did his job and created many good chances. Players like Welbeck, iwobi and wilshere just doesn’t know how to get into good area and creat space, and that’s something you can not teach. Great players they born with that instinct to react faster to get to the ball, it’s not a coincidence that costa and grezmann that they beat our defenders.

  12. Durand says:

    The result of keeping blind faith in underperforming players, coddling to their egos, and excusing and defending piss poor performances.

    Rotate Chambers, Holding, and Mavro for rest of season. Can’t hurt us defensively (already horrible) and new manager can see their potential.

    Wilshire should be gone, replace with AMN immediately for 90 min last few games.

    Drop Ramsey and Welbeck also, won’t be missed. Monreal drop too, Sead at least won’t get punked by Costa.

    I’d play 4-2-3-1 for rest of season. Ozil behind ST and drop Ramsey so Ozil has space to operate.

    Bellerin. Chambers. Mavroporas. Sead
    Xhaka. Maitland-Niles
    Mhki. Ozil. Aubamayang

    Not like we have much bite anyway

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Durand, I support your philosophy and player options for the remainder of the season. Ozil definitely needs to be played centrally to best use his skills and hopefully he starts to man up.
      There are two quality CAM’s, who are also capable of playing the Santi Cazola deep lying playmaker role, potentially available for next season Max Meyer from Shalke and Emil Forsberg from LB Leipzig. Should Arsenal be able to gain one of these, Ozil won’t need to drop deep in search of the ball, which would improve his effectiveness.

      1. Durand says:


        Well stated I agree completely. You have stated your point far more artfully than I.

        However, i expect Wenger to play his favorite sons rest of season.

  13. Innit says:

    What’s the point of paying Ozil £300k+ per week when he shows brilliance occasionally?

    Most of the time and in big matches he doesn’t. So he shouldn’t be starting. Either sell him or bench him and get a more reliable consistent CAM.

    Sounds like a waste of money to me.

    He also doesn’t defend or tries to get the ball back.

    I rate Ericksen, Fabregas, Mata, De Bruyne over Ozil.

  14. Mosco says:

    please wenger if you are going out of the Emirate pls go with all your squard execpt just telling you my mind asene wenger you never have a wining mentarlity by now should be in your home land playing GOLF with other ex-coaches. that why yose moringho will not stop calling you a falliure pls pack every thing you have and go away for next manager

  15. Ray says:

    I’ve said for a long time now that Arsenal’s (Arsene’s) “top 4 is enough” mind-set has proven to be a disease that has grown throughout the squad!

    For years the a mixture of experience with youth and averageness has been diluted into nothing more than a squad of spoilt individuals with no accountability for f**cking things up. Mentally and physically weak with a lack of drive to progress. The belief left a long while ago too as the rot set in. The ageing board and manager never really managed to convince any one that the team was “capable” of winning big and, that Wenger himself was “convinced” that this squad was good enough was comical! We all knew otherwise but, you have to give Wenger credit for being able to last for so long!

    Ultimately, yes. Allot of the squad should go. The individuals we know should follow Arsene will no doubt face questioning by a new manager but, will the board allow massive change in a short time? I doubt it. I think we will see most of this current squad next year!

  16. ThirdManJW says:

    The only players I would keep for the starting XI for next season would be: Monreal, Lacazette, Aubameyang. The rest need replacing asap!

  17. Sue says:

    Chambers did quite well when he came on. Never rated him… but he has done well recently, improved a lot..
    I thought Ramsey was poor… actually most of them were.. sigh…..
    I’d only keep Auba, Laca & Mkhi… rest are either too old or too disappointing… we need to spend some serious cash in the summer…

    1. jon fox says:

      Chambers recent improvement , together with AM-N and Mavropanos, are the ONLY bright spots about our future. Apart from the obvious fact that WENGER WILL BE GONE. I already highly rate the others you praised so those six, plus Ramsey are about all that is worth keeping – plus all the untried real youngsters who WENGER HAS NOT YET RUINED – for the long term.

  18. Franko says:

    Slow players playing one-touch football hahaha. When Alexander Hleb talked about the one-touch football when he was at Arsenal, there were quick, pacy players in the team who feet perfectly into that style of football and not these bunch of slow and sluggish players we have now especially in midfield which is the problem. We need heavy-metal players to come in….no more of Wengers’ slow, Oprah, symphony, and classical blues football. I AM SICK OF IT.

  19. Franko says:


  20. Shortboygooner says:

    For me we cannot see how giid the players are because the manager is poor. Forget the finances and other politics lets talk about the football. Arsenal play good football and if a team from mars come down to play we could most likeley beat them. However, we were found out a long time ago. The easiest way to beat arsenal is counter football. If you can nullify our attack the we will slip up at the back. We always try and walk the ball into the net. As a defender the hardest thing to do is decide to if you should tackle or cut out a pass. If I was olaying against arsenal I know which I would do every time. Amd thats all athleti did. Nothing special in their attack just good old fashioned counter and boom. I hooe the new manager is a coach. Like simeone pep and klop not manager like wenger. Those 3 only care about winning and know how to analyse each opponent. Every game is different and the Wenger fornular no longer works.

  21. Jeremy says:

    AW just managed to f*** himself with his make shift RB who was responsible for the goal.

    Identity crisis for those freak players who are neither here nor there.

    A message to the new manager: Sign some f***ing defenders.

  22. intfan says:

    After Wenger left, players will have no reason to come to Arsenal anymore. So at least you have to keep current squad. If Ramsey, Bellerin, Willshere, Mustafi all go, we will be 10t on the table next season.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Are you a pessimist or are you having a laugh, if you think players won’t come to Arsenal under a new competent manager?
      Which great players in the current squad were attracted to Arsenal by Arsene Wenger other than those looking for a free ride?

  23. GB says:

    Konstantin should be sacked!

    1. jon fox says:

      Sacked? For telling the truth? What have you got against the truth and why?

  24. AshburnGooner says:

    I also agree that both keepers, the entire back line that started yesterday, wilshire and welbeck should be shown the door. I would maybe cut Bellerin some slack overall, not for yesterday. I don’t care that he can’t cross. you know why? because we should not be relying on defenders to generate offense. Defenders should defend and stay back. The fact that Wenger has relied on Bellerin to provide crosses and Nacho is put in a position to shoot and miss all the time drives me nuts.

    With a 6th place finish, a largely hopeless roster of teammates, and no UCL, the only way some good players would join this band of misfits is if Kroenke and the board hire Allegri. We need a star coach who demands respect and will pull this sinking ship out of the water. And for God’s sake, please someone who will play his best 11 rather than constantly make excuses (not acclimated, flu, other bullshit). I want to see PEA, Laca, and mkhitaryan on the field together every league and europa game together unless injured.

  25. jon fox says:

    I AGREE WITH EVERY WORD OF KONSTANTINS ARTICLE, depressingly true though it certainly is! Ten long years of wilful neglect under a manager who has never had the least intention of even trying to put the defence right, has left us with a joke defence and NO captain material at the club. We should be known as the Arsenal Snowflakes, because clearly that is what the whole club is for all to see. Not being a bitter person by nature , I wish Arsene Wnger every success in his future life and career. BUT BE IN NO DOUBT that countless thousands of us know full well that the dismal state the club and squad is in lies 100% at his door. The road back to the top will be long and difficult, whoever takes over the reins.

  26. Ger says:

    An other that dose absoulity nothin only chewing gum on your way with wenger Steve Bold

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Ger, Steve Bould as a player for Arsenal a top shelf defender; as an assistant coach under Arsene Wenger an “oxygen thief”

  27. dutchy says:

    For the second time he played Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey and Xhaka all in one team. And then subbed wilshere. Like if he wanted to lose

  28. Aussie Jack says:

    Wenger is leaving a club in ruins and the embers will be smoldering for quite some time to come. The club will take years to rebuild and enormous amounts of money that Kroenke will never make available, he never built anything in his life, others build it and he skims off the cream. I can`t for the life of me seeing top quality managers clamoring for the job. Meanwhile, Wenger may not find employment all that easy to come by, not many clubs will be willing to pay out eight million a year for a loser going on seventy. Usmanov ???? who knows?

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